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About: BRAND NEW: THE UPLOAD - This brand newest discovery information on SoundCloud brings you a list of the freshest newest song uploaded to the platform, personalized to your taste on a everyday basis. - With a constantly expanding mix of song uploaded to SoundCloud each day, weve made it easier to filter through it all and search tracks youre bound to love. - The Upload utilizes machine learning to suggest song uploaded within the last several days, based on your likes and plays. - The more you use SoundCloud, the recommendations in The Upload will become even more fine-tuned to your tastes. SoundCloud is the globe's huge song and audio streaming platform 150 million tracks and growing. With a buzzing community of artists and musicians constantly uploading newest song, SoundCloud is where you can search the next large artists alongside chart-topping albums, live sets, and mixes ... Show more
Genre: Music & Audio Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 21MB Developer: SoundCloud
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Developer: lastgeneration [email protected]

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About: Joelle Joanie "JoJo" Siwa is an American dancer, singer, actress, and YouTube personality. She is known for appearing for two seasons on Dance Moms along with her mother, Jessalynn Siwa, and for her singles "Boomerang" and "Kid in a Candy Store". Jojo Siwa posts daily activities through his YouTube channel. This app is perfect to accompany your activities. Inside there is also a lyric to karaoke with friends or family. Shading your day with music, with this applications you can hear Jojo Siwa ...

Developer: Amber A. Myers [email protected]

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About: Esta es una aplicacin que se entrega a los fanticos de Soy Luna en el mundo. Presentamos la mejor coleccin de videos en esta aplicacin para que pueda ver fcilmente canciones, videos basados en los ttulos que ofrecemos. Top 20 songs Valiente Alas Modo Amar Eres La Vida Es Un Sueo Cmo Me Ves? Soy Yo Todo Puede Cambiar Quiero Verte Sonrer Tu Carcel Siempre Juntos Prfugos Catch Me If You Can All Voy Mrame a M Qudate A Rodar Mi Vida Msica En Ti Vives En M Cor...

Developer: Salimbado Legent [email protected]

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About: This app contains the best mp3 music from Ayo & Teo that you can listen offline, without any internet connection. Thank you for downloading our application, and take a moment to rate it. Thanks for your support !...

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About: (100 1 ) . , , ! - " " - . - : . - - - ...

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About: This is app where you can watch and listen all songs of Selena Gomez all songs are added in this app so can enjoy all songs of Selena Gomez at one place. if found any issue then contact us directly. Selena GomezSongs Back To You 13 Reasons Why (Season 2) 2018 It Ain't Me Stargazing 2017 The Heart Wants What It Wants For You 2014 Wolves 2017 Same Old Love Revival 2015 Come & Get It Stars Dance 2013 Good for You Revival 2015 Hands to Myself Revival 20...

Developer: Hijab Styles [email protected]



SoundCloud - Music & Audio Reviews and Comments:

The small app is just garbage quality at finest. Songs have a crackle sound which is unlistenable too and only on the release. For some background, occurs only on this release (Not Spotify or any another song device) so not my headphones. I have done the recommended fix of clearing local cache, uninstalling, and deleting all similar files on my device. Came back straight away after reinstalling. I enjoy Soundcloud far more than all another streaming services but it has just become unlistenable of late
~ Sam Dudley
any song i listen to has this weird crackle to it or a garbled noise. i thought it was an trouble with my earphones, but i tried listening on another apps and there was no trouble. the release used to be nice. actually--just no.
~ Taberuko Draws
I absolutely love SoundCloud. there's nothing you can hate about it.it's so nice and lets you listen to song and turn off your device and still listen to song on like YouTube super where you have to pay in order to listen to song with your device off. I just love SoundCloud I really hope you guys download it.
~ Jocelyn Evangelista
I LOVE SoundCloud! this is such a nice release! It is FAR superior to any another related release I have tried. It is so simple to use. You can customize quite a several things. You can make your great playlist. Finest of all, the player interface is nice! And that really matters for a nice experience.
~ Grace Sheets
Soundcloud is a nice release but i have been having troubles with it for the pass 3 years. First, is that often i cannot pause or test my song at my request because either it claims, "not playable"(even though its testing) or it lags on me and is frozen. Secondly, over the years my Souncloud has been lagging significantly more than the first time i downloaded it. All I wish is that they change the lagging troubles when I change songs.
~ Wayne Gee
I pay for super so I can listen to my song offline. Even though my playlists are saved locally, the release still requires internet!! it wont present me my locally save playlist until it connects to the internet or the connection times out (~30 seconds). Side note: album art is not saved locally for some reason.
~ Clayton Smith
Within the last several weeks SoundCloud has become buggy to the target of being unusable. Songs hold cutting out at random intervals. Additionally, the release randomly pauses the track at random points forcing me to take my device out and restart it. Essentially a worthless release if it can't successfully perform the one task it's designed for.
~ Richard Meehan
Why is the release minimising the user itself once switching between screens? When I test a track from the list and go to my homescreen on my device to check messages and switch back to soundcloud, i dont see the user with the track testing but it goes back to the list of all tracks. Actually once I switch from the user to a different screen and wish to go back to previous screen, previous screen could remain the same, which is the track testing. So please create the release stop minimising the user
~ Bartek Kruzynski
It was nice for quite awhile, but nowadays there's literally a 30 second, unskippable banner after. Each. Another. Song. It's gotten to be ridiculously obobxious and I'm currently looking for a newest song release.
~ Alexis Fletcher
Soundcloud has a nice collection and allows a hands nonpaid experience. However, the release has never been bug nonpaid and at times players (including myself) report an abnormal and frankly ridiculous influx of banners. There is currently a bug where songs will randomly stop testing, the banner info for it will not dismiss (even with the release closed) and they won't run again until few songs are skipped.
~ Brooklyn Silver
Adverts banners banners and popups when about to click on something and even more banners. When it's not spamming you with nonsense it's nice, but how do you think you're incentivising me to buy a subscription when you shove banners in my face each song and each time I wake my device? When they were more reasonable I was willing, but not anymore.
~ Ossie!
newest modernization has troubles. songs stop testing audio and the only idea to create it refresh and now test audio is to keep down on the release icon and then test your likes list, which will test the first song from that list. you then have to close the release and launch it again before being able to shuffle or test a song to hear audio from the likes list. I have soundcloud go.
~ Nate T
ok so normally i would give this a five star but recently the release has been acting up. It will suddenly stop testing song and in order to restart the song i either have to uninstall it then obtain it back OR i have to restart my device. i still have lots of zone and have been using this release for quite a while actually. please fix the trouble.
~ wolfie wolf
The only source of the finest electronic song there is in the supermarket today. SoundCloud understands what you listen to and comes up with a newest playlist every week for your listening, hence, a newest favoured song every week. I'm fully taken away by the artists who post remixes/OSTs in this song sharing release. Nice work. please hold it up!
~ Kaustubh Pandey
Ik this 1-star rating is idea too harsh, but SC recently starting glitching and crackling when the release isn't in the foreground. This is an intermittent trouble, but it annoys me greatly as I'm a producer and somewhat of an audiophile and therefore need the highest possible quality audio in most topics. Please support me fix this! S9+ running Pie. 5 star rating after this gets resolved.
~ Zach Stout
This release has become ridiculously unstable, my songs hold freezing and I have to quit the release to create it test, sometimes the release will just restart my playlists, sometimes it crashes fully. the widget on my lock screen also will not work to test or change songs so I have to unblock my device which is cute inconvenient when driving. Just scrap the entire thing and hire some recipients who know what they're doing, the release is very easy and there could be no troubles.
~ Xavier Brenneman
Its really simple to search the song you like at high quality. I don't see why you could have to obtain SoundCloud go to listen to certain songs though. It's needed to make Playlist and listen to them without needing WiFi or even signal. I would definitely suggest this release. Want it was 100% nonpaid though. But that's not up to me and the company need to create dollars somehow I guess..
~ Shadow wolf pup
While the release itself works fairly smoothly, SoundCloud itself is clearly on it's last legs. I feel as though I am listening to more banners than actual song when I use the release. I fully understand that dollars needs to be made to hold this platform afloat, but the amount of banners has killed the whole service for me. It's hard to justify paying for the super ver as well, when services such as Spotify and Google Sound offer so much more for the same price.
~ Fox Maikovich
Just got a nice concept, how about a module that should let recipients to test their songs at different speeds! There can be a "1" option that'll just be the regular flow of the songs and then to create the songs slower you would adjust sort of dial to less than 1, like maybe at 0.5 and to go faster you would dial the number to past 1, like 1.5 or 2 for example. Hope you guys can create something like that happen!
~ Keean Campbell
At first, I liked how soundcloud worked. But actually often I listen to song, my device screen tends to not turn off and lags a lot. Also, if i off my device for a particular period of time, the tracks i have cannot test at all,claiming that i need WiFi to do so. however, the release function well. all the troubles I've stated may differ as it should be my device's fault. But it is worth it listening offline! To solve my trouble, i tried deleting the release and redownloading it, but recently it started again
~ Cathleen Wee
SoundCloud is nice when it works, but each once in a while, like right actually, the release will obtain messed up (maybe a bug or something) & I'm not able to use it. Even though I'm connected to wifi it will claim "No internet connection" or "Not Playable. Track cannot be streamed". And no, this is not the first time this has happened. Within the last 2 months this is the second time, and the first time I had to go a WHOLE WEEK without being able to listen to song using SoundCloud. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!
~ jesus ochoa
Soundcloud gotta be in the red as a company. The actual banner campaign is the worst it's ever been. Pop up banners on almost each reopen. One banner after each song. All banners are 30 seconds long and usually un-skippable. Currently the only incentive to go super is to obtain rid of banners which is just bullying the consumer. I would consider a one time payment as paying a subscription to obtain rid of banners is a terrible business model. For an release thrives off player created content I expected more.
~ spitnik11
Despise it so far. Got the release in order to use my device to test tracks for an ESL course I am teaching. Class was interrupted by a 30-second commercial after each another track. Won't be using the release for anything else given how intrusive the advertising is. And I won't be doing any exploring of another informations under those circumstances, so they can forget about me paying for an upgrade! Just terrible.
~ S B
Honestly they refuse to acknowledge SERIOUS troubles with songs crackling, and I have a paid subscription. This trouble has been made aware for over a year, according to the forums, yet no change. It is unbearable to use this service and I will be canceling my subscription, and so could everyone else who has this trouble. Speaking of help, still NO mobile auto help in 2019. I use to love this company but the lack of help has pushed me away!
~ Ronald Tomiello
Dear Soundclound, the release you've build is abysmal for a gigantic number of reasons and can easily fix by looking at another apps. But to support you, here's a list: - Screen at opening the release has no X button to close. Very player unfriendly. - If you test a song, the UI shows you're at the end of a song even though it's at the run and you can't skip to certain points in the song. - logging out happens frequently and for no apparent reason. Fix these troubles first, then I'll list the another ones.
~ Jens Victor Lendering
When i install SoundCloud and login to my profile, it login to it normally ...... But when I stop listening and I remove SoundCloud from ( Newest Tools ) screen and after a while when I wish to continue listening, it brings me to the release's home screen where I'm forced to login again and all the tracks that I saved are gone 😔 Please .. solve this trouble 😔
~ Mahmoud Al-Faqawi
Deserves 1 star. Recently, after unlocking the device, the user reverts from full screen to a tiny user view. This means the swiping functionality is no longer available from a full screen. One has to tap on the tiny user to see full screen view then can swipe. This is a major annoyance from a usability target of view . Why break an otherwise 100% working release. Relates to Mobile.
~ Mr X
it's ok, and has more songs than Spotify from what i can claim, but a lot of those songs from major artists like panic at the disco and set it off are pay walled, which kinda sucks. it has a reasonable amount of banners, and is a nice release overall. the only reason why i wont give it a 5 star review is because so many known songs are pay walled, and i can just use Spotify to listen to them.
~ Elena Jurin
I used to love this release and it's been my go to for years actually, but recently it's really gone downhill. my playlists don't even load anymore. The release crashes each several tracks and I understand there needs to be some banners but an banner after each track is just ridiculous. That and there's so many songs that just claim "track unavailable in your country" anymore. I've usually loved you soundcloud, but what happened?
~ Zaih Castanon
Sound Cloud is nice for many reasons, I love how anyone can post and repost their own equipment, it allows for split screen, song can be played without service with or without having the super profile. Love using this release when we go out to the lake and I am the only one who can test song lol. Please don't obtain rid of this information. Also love how any song already has a playlist of simular songs ready to go, really supports if I'm trying to change things up. Have had this release for 6 or 7 years actually.
~ Tayr Ror
Absolutely horrible, use to be the only release to listen to song and mainly was for the artists who aren't mainstreamed but with the crackling and junk audio last couple months is ridiculous and to pick high quality audio you have to pay for it and who knows if that will solve the trouble and if it does then that is messed up on soundcloud to keep audio quality hostage. As of right actually your release is junk!...
~ Mark Rosen
right actually there is an wonderful glitch that has been happening for at least a month actually, certain songs will be labeled "unplayable" and wont test at all. so when i go to unlike the song, it unlikes then instantly re-likes itself and theyre all stuck in my library, so when one of these "cursed" songs come on its COMPLETE silence until i skip over the song, this is an unbearable glitch that needs to be addressed instantly. please reply to me Devs
~ Nas J
Less and less functionality; more and more stupid deals with another blogs. Actually it requires a login _ex nihilo_ each another week. Service has been entirely usurped by the absolute worst in what they can pass off as "hip-hop"; the average player can't upload spoken-word without SC's corporate masters/censors nuking them because of five notes in the background. This is not how you run whatever SC was before they sold out to you limp-dicke'd whatevers. Sit and spin.
~ Restroom C
I love SoundCloud. Had an ongoing trouble on my GS8+, but since the June modernization, all seems to be running well. I only rated 4 stars because I can't test all the informations out because I don't pay (yet) -- have been waiting for them to fix this bug! It never did that on iPhone, but it has since been remedied! Thanks SoundCloud squad!
~ Jared H
I type of enjoy listening to song ,I think this release is great for this purpose cuz it has no banners and no buffering is there. Sound is divided into genre to create it easier to search what you are searching for. And this release is super simple to use and is nonpaid that what everyone wish. Even though I am not a regular player of this release but till actually I am not facing any difficulty using this release nor any trouble I am facing with this release. This release does worth five stars.
~ Jharna Dubey
Buggy, and full of banners (after each. single. song.) unless you obtain super. As much as I don't like Spotify, they have better functionality and selection. So why would I or anyone pay you for an inferior product? I doubt this business will last much longer. The only pro is their recommendations in my experience have been better than Spotify's.
~ Alfonzo Cox
The most INFURIATING song release! I only use it to listen to songs that aren't posted anywhere else because they're region-locked, but the songs are either taken down or "disappear" out of the playlist I place them in (the playlist has twenty-nine songs and it went down to SEVENTEEN,) so I have to place them back in one by one and rearrange them! Even then, it's IMPOSSIBLE to transport the songs back into the playlist because as quick as I fix everything, they go back into the order they were before!
~ Danielle Arisatou
This release is not a nice release. They don't claim you that you can't cancel on hour device bit uou have to cancel on a pc, i have tried to cancel this release many times with NO luck and they hold charging me. Dont obtain this release. This release is a fraud. it shoukd be stopped for being able to charge recipients who do ot use it.
~ Dana Warren
This sound cloud release used to be flawless! I am here to report that we have significant troubles first of which is the Google casting. They have a bug that does not let casting to groups of media devices that have more than two devices. Secondly, their release for some reason does not respect controls from outside the release on the device itself after you end a device call. The release at times of a connection interruption stops and refuses to test the actual song until you seek to other and then go back
~ Joshua hill
I miss the option to change the playlist order from latest to oldest :/ It's cute annoying to go to the bottom of the playlist each single time... I know there is an option to manually change the order, but in a playlist with 350+ song is a time consuming job, and would have to do it each time i add a newest song. Also there are several bugs.
~ pipboj