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About: With Songsterr you can learn more than 500,000 high-quality guitar, bass and drum tabs & chords. If you buy the full access, you also will obtain all the power of tab user: test, slow down, loop, solo mode. Tabs & Chords Large catalogue of accurate tabs from Songsterr.com. Immediate access to 500,000 tabs & chords. High transcription quality. There is only one ver of tab per song. Legality. Sound originators obtain paid. Multiple Instruments. Most songs have tabs for every individual instrument (guitar, bass, drums, vocal, etc). Navigation History. Immediately access tabs you viewed recently. Favourites. Quickly access your favored tabs and sync them to the blog. PREMIUM FEATURES Tab User Realistic Guitar Engine. Learn and test along with Songsterr. Multi-speed Playback. Slow down tab playback to learn hard parts. Mute actual track. Just test along the backi ... Show more
Genre: Music & Audio Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 4MB Developer: Songsterr
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Songsterr Guitar Tabs & Chords Reviews and Comments:

No demo or nonpaid songs just to have a look at the release and see if its what I wish. Next.
~ Selina Ridings
Works nice, tabs seem accurate, and the super edition has some cool informations.
~ Josh Shields
Nice option for song tabs. Lots of songs and contains parts for multiple instruments for every song.
~ Shatrd Mirrors
nice release and simple to use but please have the option to view scores vertically too because its hard scrolling through left and right.
~ Muhd Isyraf
nice release, has a ton of song, haven't found a song yet that isn't available!
~ Scott Everhart
Purchased the super ver and......wow, I am floored at the informations and gigantic library of songs. I looked up a cute obscure band and lo and behold they had tabs for it. 5 outta 5!
~ Doubting Thomas
Songsterr is a nice software, a nice resource and source for musicians over the whole spectrum of expertise.
~ Shashank Sharma
Very useful, gigantic song selection, very simple to use. super ver very worth the upgrade.
~ Travis Schaefer
nice release. nice songs. i just want i should see more of the tabs without having to scroll the page.
~ Jamie Elder
I LOVE DIS APP!!!!! I have learned so many songs I will suggest dis release to anyone and everyone!!!!
~ Just Random Stuff
Really REALLY nice release to test tabs but It costs 5 dollars for the full experience on small when you should easily do the same thing for nonpaid on pc.
~ Emerald
nice release. has all my songs. love using it. quite needed for my cover band. basslines and more.
~ Joshua Connolly
very useful release.... thnk. but i think this release will be more needed when u can pick between 4,5 or 6 bass strings by yourself.
~ Rakhmat Chandra
It requires a super, to do literally any song on the enitre release. I installed the release to change speed, not obtain spammed by "BuY pReMiUm!"
~ Jack Dunne
I LOVE THIS APP!!! Dont bother with the nonpaid ver. Finest dollars that i have spent on an release.
~ charlie cooper
yeah this is the finest idea to learn songs, actual tabs are nice but hearing back what it's supposed to sound like, cant live without it
~ Eric Rogers
Great release, paid the €6 for it and really glad with it. I would like a send to print option for teaching but it's like all. The resources olga and the like together. I suggested it to two another users.
~ Stephen Hogan
Nice... but it should do with being able to switch on and off each element individually as well as an individual fader for every one too...
~ Roberto Plazas
it is a really nice release. im glad i buy it. HOWEVER, IM STILL WAITING FOR POLYPHIA TABs. but the rest are there...
~ Victor Valencia
Everything is locked behind a paywall. I actually can't test a song because I have to pay for it. Are you kidding me? Nice tabs, but if you're the kind to learn guitar tabs without paying, dont install this release.
~ Luna H.
It's nice I love it! my only trouble is when doing like clarinets or saxophones they aren't notes but follow the same line as guitar would love if you should fix this thanks! 😁
~ You Like Jazz? Bari Sax, Guitar and Trumpet Lessons
Tech help clinched the fumble...Lost my password...they emailed to multiple addresses I gave them....I only recieved the password restart in one profile...trouble solved...Back to Rockin Out
~ Brian Reddin
I like it! I do want you combine as many track as required in some topics to have the complete tab. As some parts are played by another instruments.
~ Kenneth R. Stringer
Excellent app for learning songs and using it as backing track. If you're a bassist, guitarist or drummer, this is great for you.
~ ElíAss
absolute scam. went on the blog and decided to download the release. wouldnt allow me test songs without paying for a subscription. really disappointed.
~ seantheprawn10
finest song release for the device. simple to use, navigate, and usually a several options for songs, if there are acoustic alternatives, and sometimes live performances.
~ Alec Lathim
if you can obtain past the 16 bit sound quality, the tabs are quite accurate, and the idea most songs are broken down in to their respective parts is very great.
~ NoName NoArt
It's almost as nice as the web ver for PC which I love, the only thing I don't like as much on this is that it has to be like one long line, there's no option for the tabs to appear like the idea they do in a browser. But that's fully subjective and I adjusted to the single line relatively quickly. Anyway nice release, fully suggest it.
~ Wobba Wob
Love this release! No matter if I wish to know the lyrics, chords or solos it makes it super simple. I especially like the speed control information when I'm trying to learn a newest solo. I highly suggest it!
~ Jim Peckenpaugh
An awesome release for learning songs on most instruments. Very nice design, very reliable; a very wide and satisfying library of song to learn. Only want there was an option for sheet song instead of tablature, just to create learning piano parts easier. Another than that, wonderful release! Would highly suggest it to anyone wanting to learn songs on guitar, bass, drums, etc.
~ Kurt Hopkins
This is an actual scam! You obtain mislead into getting this on the blog as the blog doesnt have all the informations. Im fine with that. I don't then expect the 'nonpaid' release to need £5 to now work as why would i bother with a tab release if i dont wish to test along? I obtain that the devs most likely have to pay to be able to have these tabs available - but really, you cant even use the test information in release without paying! Why is this a nonpaid release when it clearly isnt designed to be!?
~ BTGM25
makes you pay for informations the blog gives for nonpaid. no need to obtain the release when the blog also has a small ver (and again with the bells amd whistles included that the release charges for)
~ Davis Lundy
If your looking for something nonpaid, use their blog, it has many more informations available for nonpaid. Though this (nonpaid) release is just a preview of the super ver, you gotta buy premuim in order to use ANY informations on the release.
~ Blargaharg
I was able to finally learn the songs I wanted to see and test. I also love how the speed walkthroughs me through the hard or speedy-paced songs. And also thanks for including the line to walkthrough me through the song, unlike the another apps, they don't have that line that walkthroughs you through the song. I also purchased the super ver for this, and it was nice. To be honest, I think this is the finest bass release for me. Hold it up Songsterr.
~ Jacob Tan
The interactivity, and especially the ability to change the tuning of the tabs, is super convenient. Can't give a full 5 only because the selection of songs is sometimes iffy, sometimes there isn't a tab of a specific song I'm looking for (even if the song isn't uncommon or obscure), and sometimes there ARE tabs but they're incorrect/inaccurate, or incomplete. This is not often the topic however, and overall this release is a godsend for someone like me who just likes to cover their favoured songs
~ Th3Raz96
Such a nice release. I wanted to learn songs I grew up listening to and in doing so with this release I now got better on the guitar and the bass. I really can't claim enough about the usefulness of this release. Don't wait two years to subscribe like I did. Large regret for me.
~ Tad Yoke
I really enjoy this release. It supports me when I obtain stuck and the tabs support to locate the proper notes. Some songs are closer than others, but if you wish a speedy idea to obtain the song down, this is the release for you.
~ J Weetabix
This is the only release Ive ever rated, but I feel I have to claim how nice it is. The nonpaid ver is fully needed, but the tiny $5 payment is fully worth it. This release makes learning songs super fun and simple!
~ Tyler Church
I started out with the unpaid ver and I gotta claim even without sound it supports. Actually that I have the paid ver its even more useful. Unfortunately I like testing different categories and styles. Not all songs I would like to learn are unavailable. Also its getting to a target were theres more song trainer soft or built into some amps which means there might not be much time left for nice apps such as this. Otherwise nice for when I'm traveling or at work. A users travel come real
~ Leon K
No option to zoom in and out of tabs, auto scrolling isn't on the beat, and no option to view tabs in portrait mode. These are very primary things to implement, and have appeared in another tab apps. The only redeeming factor is that there are more obscure tabs here.