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About: SoloLearn has the huge collection of FREE code learning content, from beginner to pro! Select from thousands of programming subject to learn coding ideas, brush up your programming knowledge, or stay aligned with the newest coding trends. You will be greeted by the friendliest community of coders, where peer help is an essential part of learning and development. Newest learning content is created by the community everyday, facilitating efficient and effective coder skill improvement. Join millions of another coders for anytime anywhere access to countless coding subject and assignments. Write and run true code in our small code editor, obtain inspired through true-life code samples, and engage in interactive community conversations along the idea. Fb FbStarts Soft of the Year 2017 Featured on TechCrunch, Forbes, ProductHunt, Lifehacker, and more. FRESH, FREE CONTEN ... Show more
Genre: Education Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 8MB Developer: SoloLearn
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SoloLearn: Learn to Code for Free Reviews and Comments:

I am excited to utilize this release. So far in what I've learned, which hasn't been very far at all, the teaching way is needed. I'm using this for Ruby, but I'm thrilled about the possibility of more. The banners are very disruptive in the reading of the instructions on the unpaid ver. If I hold using it, I will likely pay for the paid ver.
~ Raye Bradford
I previously gave this release a 3 star rating, but on further use I realized how well made this release is. It doesn't just teach you coding languages, but also provides a community and coding environment to practice with. I suggest this release for newest coders to advanced.
~ Yeet Steak.
It's a nice release to learn newest programming languages, even evaluate your knowledge. I recommend this release to anyone who wants to learn programming languages such as: html, php, java and etc. I'm learning pc programming with using this release.😃
~ Mehrdad Farzamfar
This release has changed my life. This isn't an over-exageration it now has. I have been using the release for who knows how long, I have posted codes and I love the community and content. I have never claimed this is in a review before but thank you. Thank you for making Sololearn. My only 2 troubles in this whole release are the internet glitch (recipients are moaning so much you probably know about it) and the fact that I have to factory restart Google Test to modernization for some reason.
~ Lucid Central
It is not just the finest release to learn pc languages but also to hold in touch and revise the languages which you haven't used for a while. Also the newest upgrades are very frequent which makes it easier for one to learn newest upgrades and changes in the language. That too fully nonpaid.They don't even charge for certificates. Such nobel movement Sololearn has created. Thanks to the recipients behind this nobel movement.
~ Graficoc
Pros -Great community that's responsive -Lessons you can go back to to support. Large library to pick from -Codes and badges and achievements between versions -Achievments and challenges are motivating. Though they support you learn. It's a nice progress marker Cons -Web editor for languages IS versatile, but some of the code gets slash off when working in tuts and editors on device. Ex: getElementbyId gets slash off during some lessons. No Horizontal zone -Output/Run sometimes blanks out.
~ David White
Just started using it to learn Python. I've completed 3 of the 9 chapters and it's been nice. They explain ideas fairly well and have easy quizzes which aren't too challenging but support you learn. A nice information is the ability for you to test around with the code they've just showed you in an example. This has been most useful with my understanding
~ DT Fasedemi
Edit: there is a idea to mute the release sounds contrary to my previous comment but as I reach the more complicated parts of learning JavaScript some questions are too easy/arbitrary and the explanations are not that nice, I would claim the comments section is more useful at this target. (And you can see recipients complain about this from two-three years ago which means they don't test to improve).
~ Robin Blackmore
This is a very nice coding release. It's very well made and the functions are nice. The layout and design of the release is nice and the community is full of great recipients who wants to support. And there is no bonus soft for running your tools so it's all in the release. This is a gotta have if you wish to code on the go.
~ Rage mode
So far, the banners have been minimal, the learning experience has been exceptional and the overwhelming amount of courses are.. overwhelming. Looks like I still have a lot to learn through this platform. Overall, in the seven consequtive days I've used this release, I would definately suggest it to anyone willing to spare a several mins daily to learn something newest.
~ Fadlurahman Walid
This is one stop release for all the recipients who wants to learn programming and still couldn't search any release. I'm learning web development and I'm not from pc science background still managed to learn from this release. This release can be improved in style and UI rest nice release.
~ Manish Tripathi
Excellent for persons who wanna learn the programming from the beginning it is clear and needed. The finest sides of the app are implementations, comments( You can ask the others when couldn't do it. And you can gain a certificate when you completed the these courses.
~ Wisdom Passenger
solo learn is only release from which you can learn coding easily .I started my first language from solo learn .There are different quizzes tests and challanges from which you can create you more professional .The finest thing on it is that it also gives you a certificate after completing a course.
~ Irshad Ali
very nice to obtain you up to speed on primary ideas and having a general knowledge on coding subject. Community is very nice and engaged. There is a payed option that i have not tryed i don't know to what extent it adds to the learning experience. I would recommend, newest "coders ", to search harder exercises on the learned subject as the ones in the release are easy ,(as they could be for beguinners ), too easy sometimes.
~ Blue Greenish
Nice to obtain a very primary lvl of knowledge on syntax and clear up information that I didn't pick up yet. I also enjoyed some of the challenges I found in another players' questions. It's not 5 stars because it doesn't teach the most important general qualities I think programmers could have: knowledge of the finest ways to search out about what you don't know, or how to learn/understand something newest using only google and an IDE or text editor and persistence. Or I didn't search this yet in the release.
~ Krisztian Toth
So far so nice I guess. This release keeps asking me if I would like to rate it though, and I am still forming an opinion on it. Would rate it better if it gave me about 5 hours of use to rate it, instead of asking each time I launch it and finish a lesson. That sort of thing is becoming a pet peeve of mine.
~ David Rutherford
Finest release to learn any coding language. But I gave 4 stars because sometimes it claims to check my internet connection even if I am connected to a high speed Internet. And sometimes the code playground also doesn't work. Please fix it developers. Otherwise it's the finest release.
~ Gopal Pramanik
Having a prepared community is nice, This is the most usful release I've came across, using tablets to learn coding just takes coding to other lvl as i don't need to be on my PC to learn, the idea and concept were well executed and i want the finest for this release. Would be nice if the release had teaching video of the learner where confused by a task or code.
~ Sheriff 99
Well I finally struck gold. So far I am impressed with the overall informations. I mean the lessons are now nice - compared to the previous apps that were aiming at draining your pockets rather than enriching your knowledge. So from my end, I give this release a high five.
~ Masego Moeketsi Makgothi
this is absolutely unbelievable very intuitive and progressive. coding made simple and enjoyable. one more thing, the challenge module could be operated like scrabble (globe with dudes). the timing could be eradicated rather let challenges to be progressive or not depending on the answers to the challenge.
~ kingsley onuoha
Nice release to obtain support to learn coding. At first, when I learnt HTML on my school, then my passion for codes started to grow. I was unable to search a suitable zone to learn all the interesting codes for nonpaid. But suddenly, I saw this release in my Soft Market, and actually I feel cute lucky for that. This release helped me a lot. Thank you SoloLearn!
~ Pulama Talukder
This release is nice: simple to pick up lessons and also a useful and nice community. It allows anyone to make a code of their own without a PC using the in-release code playground. I also liked their quiz and challenge informations. My only concern here is everything is that the lessons are oversimplified and is focusing on just teaching the syntax and its primary functions. To understand a lesson fully, I had to either check the comments (like I claimed, very nice community) or to launch my web browser to find things. So far, I appreciate everyone's effort in making this release very player-friendly.
~ Ken Layug
this is a nice release but they need to work on the challenge system. sometimes sololearn challenges you in the language you are learning, but the questions arent playing what you learn! they are a higher lvl of the language and lessons that i havent got to yet, and after i did it just got worse. fix it
~ Yaniv Eidelnant
Very useful and simple to learn coding. I have never learn any programming language before. This up made everything so easy for me to understsand. There are a entire bunch of programmers and orher learners will to support walk you through sny difficulty you encounter. It's like a social media for professional programmers and beginners.
~ Paul Vinyor
It's really a nice release definitely. But the authorities of this release could modernization this release.Because globe and time never stop for anyone. So all things are continually upgrading. But the web development sector showss us Bootstrap 3. I'm attention the authorities of this release that modernization this section as quick as possible with Bootstrap 4. Thanks a lot
~ Md.Tanvir Parvej Badhon
The lectures are concise without being overwhelming. In truth, most of the questions/tests are too several/easy, but this allows you to cover more material and review past lessons quickly and effectively. For a language like C++ with so much to cover, the pacing is awesome. Would really appreciate more comprehensive Module Quizzes, since they seem to not usually cover 100% of material taught in the module. I also really enjoy the gamification of challenges/XP and the community aspect. Nice work!
~ Xoe Riphenburg
none of the ?s or quizzes have you code from scratch so it's not very challenging. I strongly suggest checking the comments after every section, even the simple ones. fellow programmers share much more needed practical stats. treat this release as a replacement for solitair while waiting in line for groceries, not a replacement for actual courses.
~ Roy
I'm impressed with how smoothly I'm progressing through the lessons. I've noticed a several things that seem to be minor typos, and I haven't encountered a information that explains the correct answers for every exercise between lessons. But I can see myself using this for a long time. I appreciate the bookmark information. And I'm impressed with the degree of instruction achieved in every short lesson.
~ Tiane Reid
definitely did not expect such nice effects when downloading this release! highly suggest this to anyone as it literally teaches you step by step how to code and they create it easy and simple. its not at all overwhelming and in ten mins i know and understand very well the content i learned as anyone can with this nice release. i didnt even wish to know how to code but i stumbled upon this release by accident and actually i dont wish to stop learning
~ Samantha Marek
I love this release and the idea behind it but some of the informations are annoying. I feel like I can never just launch the release and resume where I was without it wanting to present me newest informations and going to a newest screen? I don't see anything newest so I'm not sure what it's trying to do. Each time I respond a question I unblock some achievement or whatever. I don't need bonus motivation to learn this; I wish to learn it. I want I should turn off all the informations that are just distracting me.
~ C R
Python guide gets challenging but still fun and simple to analyze because of english like syntax. I suggest all beginners to run with python. You will not regret it. This is the idea to learn trouble solving. Also needs separate practice troubles with no fill in the blanks as an bonus thing to do. Definitely some full projects as a super information.
~ black Hat
Coding? no trouble. This is the finest release for coding. You can learn coding easily. For a example HTML, Python, Java script you can learn any coding way. If you're wanted to learn to how to build a robot your can obtain some support here. If you're wanted to learn web designing this is the zone. If there's a trouble ask it on our community (public chat). If you completed a lesson you got a serteficate from the Solo learn community. You gotta test this release. This is totaly nonpaid coding release.
~ Anura Pupulewela
This release so far, carry out several of the most fundamental courses. It teaches the very basics one need to know in order to understand the code and vice-versa, and is quite simple to use. The community is also very invested towards the coding globe, which you can also be a part of. It also teaches few off subject apart from the codes. For my personal review, this is one of the most needed and versatile release to use, if you wish to increase your knowledge in the globe of telecommunications.
~ Hide Xeltion
Finest code learning release of all time! I learned more than any another blog or release. Friendly community, Regular teaser, and the explaintion. Even if you really do not understand what does it mean, You can ask! There's comment section in each single lesson. Nice teacher is hidden in the comment. You can also challenge another learners to see if you are greater than others. Great release and FREE! 11/10 :)
~ 黑暗ender
I've had this release for nearly six months actually, and I genuinely trust this is the finest release for learning and writing code. If you know nothing about writing code and creating web pages, this will teach you the basics. Very several banners but all are relevant, the release saves your learning progress so you don't have to restart any lessons, nice content and a unbelievable, useful community! Would absolutely suggest you download!
~ [ SociallyAwkwardd ] - CRUISING
I very much enjoyed this release. easy lessons, which include questions that are very fun to respond, plus many another nice informations that this release contains create this one a gotta for anybody wanting to code. I've started coding when I was around ten, then stopped at around 12 or 13, and actually picked it up again at the age of 14 thanks to this release.
~ A Google user
This is a nice release to teach you programming languages. I started learning to create a release with unity and found that python (the language i started to learn at school) wouldn't work. This release made learning C# speedy and needed. I have also been able to use it to support me learn python for when I'm in school. If there's anything that I have forgotten then I can easily go back to the guides to relearn it.
~ James Liley
If you have time on your hands to obtain full use of then it's an awesome release. Sign up pay and enjoy. Unfortunately, for recipients with limited time (the occasional player) the monthly subscription does not create sense. I would like to see the in release ability to buy a course - buy of the first course would unblock the another informations. Both models should live side by side. So unfortunately I'm cancelling my subscription - I've purchased an book for what I wanted this for. Still a brilliant release!
~ Greg Pentz
I am currently reading two different ebooks on programming as well as taking some lessons from a dude, and I have to admit that between those three training ways, SoloLearn is by far the finest. It supplies you with a very primary lesson, it follows it up with a quiz question, and finest of all their is a community of another newest programmers just like you that ask questions and support respond them which is easily available on the same screen as the questions. 5/5? more like 10/5!
~ Christopher Carchia
WARNING: Do NOT sign up for the "Unpaid" 3 day trial of the PRO subscription. It is NOT a nonpaid trial and instead, they charge you the whole yearly subscription fee as quick as you sign up for the "trial". And they won't even give you a refund. They claimed me they "are responsible for payments or refunds". If you do sign up, go to your order history and click the 3 dots next to the subscription and click "report a trouble" and chose defective and explain the case. GOOGLE PLAY will refund you!
~ Tony Wilford