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About: Life's more fun when you live in the moment :) Satisfied Snapping! * * * Please note: Snapchatters can usually capture or save your messages, such as by taking a screenshot or using a camera. Be mindful of what you Snap!
Genre: Social Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Snap Inc
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Similar Apps Like ReportX Alternatives
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About: A great application developed for you to easily manage your Instagram account: ReportX! With this awesome application, you can easily discover who engages with your Instagram profile most! Find out about what you can do: - Discover who engages with your profile most. - Track the number of your followers. - Analyze the performance of your posts. - View the total number of likes you get, list your photos that get most likes/comments. - View users who you mutually follow eac...

Developer: Rero LTD [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Whatsapp sticker Malayalam Alternatives
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About: Our company believe Pictures speakes louder than text so enjoy adding stickers...

Developer: doLabs [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Get followers - Real Followers and likes  Alternatives
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About: Get followers and likes on photos in instagram swapping, quickly and simply without bots. Get your first 10,000 followers in one day, download and enjoy. We provide a whole range of tags for your profile to attract more instagram followers and to get you valueable likes on your photo. Real Followers for instagram Ganhar seguidores no instagram Ganhar curtidas no instagram Ganhar seguidores reais Hashtags for Real Followers & Likes Real Followers Pro Real Followers Fam...

Developer: EasyCodes [email protected]

Similar Apps Like I Am a Running Running Stickers for Whatsapp Alternatives
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About: Enjoy our collection of beautifully designed running emojis and stickers for runners, joggers and marathon runners! Share these with your running group or friends! Just download - open app to add to Whatsapp - and you're ready to text FEATURES: 34 awesome running emoji stickers! NO additional pay, NO In-app purchase! Easy to use! Tap the sticker you want, DRAG & DROP the sticker into your message. All images have been optimized for retina display and to perfectly fit into your ...

Developer: Luke Bowes [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Manisocial Alternatives
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About: Manisocial is an all-in-one social media that lets you manage all your favorite social media apps in one place. You can add Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Kik, and Tumblr to your manisocial profile. Use Manisocial to: - Get access to all your social media apps in one location. - Instantly post messages, pictures or videos to various social media apps with one click. - Schedule posts. Create social media posts when you have time, set the dat...

Developer: Manisocial [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Campaign Director  Alternatives
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About: Campaign Director is an app that allows you to add your friends and family to see their progress towards voting. Let's hold each other accountable and make sure all Americans can fully participate in our democracy. Using Campaign Director, you can empower your friends to vote with the following features: - See friends' voting registration status - Register to vote (if needed) - Invite friends and family to increase voting accountability - Send messages to users you have invited to enco...

Developer: Midwest Design Lab LLC [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Instant Followers For Your Streamings Alternatives
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About: Would you like to get more people to watch your streamings as quickly as possible? Find out all these details and more by using our app to Get New Followes For Free! More people following your Twitch channel means that you will be able to also earn more viewers for your streamings. With this followers booster app for Twitch, you can easily manage to get new followers and achieve this goal. Behind the scenes this app will make it all possible for you. - Free followe...

Developer: Desarrollador Infernal [email protected]


Similar Apps Like Boost Followers Musically Fans & Likes For TikTok Alternatives
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About: Do you want to become popular on Tik Tok? You want to get/increase few likes? So this app is for you! We have created a service to attract fans and fans of Tik Tok and increase the number of Likes in your short videos. Our Famous For tiktok musically Likes & Follower Application helps you increase auto likes and followers free. Increase followers for musically and free tiktok likes. The free TI Tok Toks followers TIk Tok app helps you get the first fans for your tik tok videos, you will ...

Developer: Free Likes Follw TikTk [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Helo Share Shayris,Status,Quotes,Clips,Videos Alternatives
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About: We can now Share clips,videos and chats through our helo coolest and warmest Social app.It helps to make a lot of new friends and enjoy with them.Its a great latest one which is used for share status,clips,videos,top trending contents,jokes,wishes,quotes,shayaris and also lot of trending news. The new latest helo status will helps to share heelo shayris,quotes etc..The cool hellloo share shayris quotes status tamil,shayris tamil,shayris telugu,shayris hindi,shayris malayalam.heelo share ...

Developer: TechAppie Inc [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Latest Status 2018  Alternatives
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About: Welcome To 2018 Best All status. Latest Status 2018 contain the latest status message. This Application Provides User all New And Latest Status. This App Is 100% offline, so no need of internet. User can share status and set status with this application. This application covered almost all import status message categories like - Valentines Status - New Year Status - Love Status - Sweet Status - Crazy Status - Break Up Status - Romantic Status - Sad Status - Fb Status - Status ...

Developer: MagneticStudio [email protected]

Similar Apps Like WeGather: Discussions that matter to you! Alternatives
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About: WeGather, your newest discussion and forum app, and the place for the best content on the things you care about - join a discussion with top discussion leaders on a limitless variety of subjects! WeGather is a place for conversations and discussions guided by community thought leaders who share their knowledge and opinions with others. Our active community app offers an abundant amount of conversations by real people making it easy to find people from all over the world who share the same i...

Developer: Gather Online [email protected]

Similar Apps Like BRC Connect Alternatives
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About: BRC Connect is a robust communication tool for your neighborhood and is exclusively provided to your community by Buck Reynolds Corporation, your associations management company. BRC Connect can deliver important news, reminders and other information via email, text, web and the BRC Connect mobile app so you are always in the know. Buck Reynolds Corporation has partnered with Nabr Network, the leading-edge communication platform for neighborhood associations, to provide the technology, sup...

Developer: Nabr Network [email protected]

Similar Apps Like AISLE 2018 Alternatives
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About: The official app for AISLE 2018 Conference! App Features: *Full Schedule* Browse the entire schedule for AISLE 2018 Conference. You can filter by color-coded types, venues or search for what you need. Get the full details of every event without having to crack open an event guide. *My Schedule* If you have already created a schedule online, you can login to view it on your phone and make on-the-go changes. If you are new, create an account and instantly save your favorites. *Offli...

Developer: Association of Illinois School Library Educators [email protected]

Similar Apps Like SquadUP Alternatives
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About: SquadUP - Event Planning on Your Mobile Phone - Free to Download - Group Messaging - Photo Sharing - Event Discovery - Social Media Gallery - Event Registration - Ticket Scanning SquadUP is the social way to plan the perfect event right from your mobile phone. Create and manage events with SquadUP including social sharing, content curation from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram via event hashtags, real-time messaging for event attendees, photo sharing, mobile check in and registration. SquadU...

Developer: SquadUP [email protected]


Similar Apps Like Vidigami Alternatives
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About: Vidigami is the best place for storing and sharing your school memories. This mobile app makes it easier than ever to see all the great things that are happening at your school; AND to share all those great moments you capture throughout the school year! The more photos you share, the richer the collection of school memories you help provide to every student. - Personalized account displaying photos most relevant to you - Browse all the photos that have been shared by your school, t...

Developer: Vidigami [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Shpot Alternatives
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About: Shpot....it's what all us shisha lovers have been missing!! It's the Google of shisha spots n lounges! Shpot allows you to find the best shisha lounges/ bars/ clubs anywhere you go in the world. You can read and write reviews, upload pictures and rate these places. Mark your favourites and share it with your friends. This app will change your entire shisha experience whether it be in different countries, cities or even just exploring your own area. Business owners are also able to expand their c...

Developer: STILLMAGS, LLC. [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Courier Hub  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: After contracting for many online delivery platforms, such as Caviar Inc, DoorDash Inc, Uber Eats, and GrubHub Inc. I realized that there is a lack of communication and organization among independent contractors that serve this $2 billion industry which is still expected to grow exponentially in the next few years. By default, Independent contractors are on their own and do not think as a group or a team. The main reason behind that; is the lack of a centralized platform that can allow them ...

Developer: Caviar Courier [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Followers Alternatives
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About: Followers for Instagram...

Developer: foxdevclub [email protected]

Similar Apps Like f.ounders  Alternatives
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About: Your passport to f.ounders Lisbon 2018...

Developer: Ci Labs [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Friend Search for Social Media Alternatives
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About: Friend Search for Social Media Friend Search for Social Media is Best & Simple Application To Generate Random Contacts Phone This App is simple application to generate random Contacts phone & find Friends Boys & Girls on Social Media And Other Chat Apps! Search Friends girl Friends Numbers Tools Friend Search for tool search Girl Friends the best app to search girl friends contact numbers contacts search and Friends Phone Number search search Girl Friends Features :- - Easy an...

Developer: Funny Video Tool [email protected]



Snapchat Reviews and Comments:

Snapchat is a nice social media release. It is fun and simple to use. I like its informations, especially the fact that we can send videos no matter the size. However, it consumes so much battery. I can't see friendship profiles on the Samsung S7 that I'm using. I also cannot edit text (italicize, bold, etc.), share pictures from my picture gallery, save stories, or send pictures in respond to stories. Basically, Snapchat sucks for Mobile players. Please fix bugs. I would change my review then. Thank you!
~ Rejoice Alibio
modernization - june 2019: oh cool so it just doesn't work actually. It somehow managed to obtain worse. I don't know how such a heavy company does such a terrible job on their mobile release, but it's so glitchy and so many informations have been removed that I want I didn't have to use it at all. all the sticker boxes I had saved for about a year are all gone actually, they just threw it away a several upgrades ago and really I'm so dissatisfied in Snapchat overall. I want I should give zero stars.
~ epikin
I don't know what has happened since this newest modernization, it seems that the release is really glitchy and sort of broken, since my snaps from others are not coming through for 30 minutes to a hour later, I thought it was my internet and restart it, but no change, I hope you can fix it, since I feel something is seriously wrong
~ AvengingBeast
love the release, use it each day. will change to 5 stars if they fix the trouble of the front facing camera on samsung galaxy s10s. it looks super zoomed in and it is weird to take front facing pictures. i was able to fix it in my own camera release by changing the setting to 2 recipients instead of one, but there isnt anything i can do in the snapchat release itself. plsase fix, thank you. also, can i turn off the typing info? thats super annoying.
~ Gabby Galati
Snapchat just remains irritating because it is constantly changing and they're repeatedly getting rid of informations. I don't like that I can no longer since tiny audio clips or video clips in the chat. It is also annoying that the information that shows "one year ago in memories" is no longer there, because that was really cool. I understand adding newest informations, but repeatedly removing ones is stupid. It all started back when they got rid of all the beautiful stickers that can actually only be used in chat.
~ Mia Zachas
UPDATED 15/04/2019 & ISSUE STILL NOT FIXED. SNAPCHAT PLEASE FIX THIS. After the newest modernization on my device, the front camera quality in snapchat has decreased drastically. Earlier it used to process the photo perfectly but actually it seems that it just captures the screen. The front camera photo looks grainy and worse as compared to photos before the modernization. The rear camera photo quality is the same but a drastic decrease in the quality of photos from the front camera. Please fix this Snapchat.
~ Purva Shah
GARBAGE. This release has so many bugs and connection troubles that it's fully inoperable. I've had to uninstall it and reinstall it 6 times because it runs destroying, uploading messages for an unlimite amount of time (that I can't cancel), acting as though I have no connection (despite nice network and wi-fi), and not letting me log in. I have come to despise using this release because of how buggy and thoroughly irritating it is. premium: the subreddit is garbage and doesn't allow you post about bugs
~ Benjamin Tan
a majority of your terrible reviews are for mobile and I have many troubles just like the rest why create an release that can be used on both iPhone and mobile if you can't pull through and create the mobile ver better I'm very disappointed in the lag, terrible quality, and more frequently I can't post on my storyline! If it weren't for all my dudes being centrally located on snap I'd be long gone.
~ Lawliet Ryuzaki
Won't clear convos. Hasn't been sending snaps. Hasn't been giving me info. Still shows each snap or chat as opened on my end even if I wasn't last one to send a Snap. Gets confusing if you can't remember who claimed what last. Also, why let someone to send chats to someone if the person blocked them? I liked it better when the chat disappeared.
~ Katherine Hotze
dear snapchat, this is ridiculous. im fed up with being not able to log into my profile for long periods at a time because of a snapchat trouble. i also don't enjoy not being able to post things on my storyline. i have time wiped my device, restart my wifi, uninstalled snap 3 times but yet no effects. if you are going to modernization your release please create sure it works because all of my another apps work perfectly fine. therefore it has nothing to do with my device or wifi. very disappointed.
~ // Dexvry //
Ermm the originators of Snapchat what's going on, I was talking to my dudes and all of a sudden it runs acting up. It claims they're claiming something but it doesn't present so I can see it just claiming that I delivered a message or it still shows something that already happened. Can u please fix this bcuz Every1 is claiming there's something wrong.
~ BestInTheWorld 24
Been using the newest modernization for awhile actually. Firstly, the informations that IOS has needs to be done for mobile sooner. Alot of the things they have, we dont. Secondly, why is it that often I go to take a pic the release freezes and closes. Thirdly, my snaps aren't posting. They all claim failed. been trying for awhile to post things either from my gallery or from just taking a snap and they all claim failed. FIX THIS ASAP!!!!
~ Nathaniel Charleau
Most of my dudes and my snapchat is messing up, the snaps won't come in and when they do it's an hour later or something near that. Normally my experience with Snapchat is usually slow and glitchy but it's gone to a newest weak. I reinstalled the release and logged in and out of my profile a several times but still no difference was made. Hope to see this fixed as quick as possible
~ darragh
Very terrible picture quality. I deleted this release two years ago because the picture quality was absolutely deplorable. I thought I would give it other shot but it seems your devs still don't know how to tool a decent Mobile release. Sad! I'll probably be deleting this again and hold using Ig, which takes MUCH better pictures. Why even have an Mobile release if you're going to create it this poorly.
~ Rylan Finzer
This release sucks so much on Mobile that I'm a day away from deleting it forever. Pictures or videos will never send, it claims there's no connection but I'm usually connected. Either fix it or I'm not using it again, this has been going on for months actually I'm just bored of it by actually. Not a fun release anymore if you can't chat with recipients.
~ Andres Galvez
right actually my experience sucks with this release. The fact that everyone is having an trouble with it could obtain your guys attention to fix it faster. I would love to be able to talk to recipients I usually talk to on here. please hurry it up and fix whatever troubles are going on. You could have never modernized it. it was fine just the idea it was. please fix it or I will hold giving you horrible reviews until you do.
~ shianne fisher
My profile isn't working correctly. Recipients's stories won't pop up and i can't see my storyline either. It's only my profile doing this. My dude logged in to my profile on her device to see if my device was the trouble but the same thing happened on my dude's device so the trouble is on my profile. PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO FIX THIS!!!!!!
~ Ersy Rubi
I'm not sure what's going on but I'm having problem with alot of things right actually. One example is like when I logged in today it claimed I had no streaks with anyone. also the snap map hasn't been working. And my storyline; it won't upload until like 2 hours later actually. I love snapchat but I would appreciate if this should be looked at because it's not just me having these troubles.
~ Hannah Langdon
I hold getting info from dudes claiming they sent me a snap but when I go into the release, it only shows the last time they opened one from me. The one they sent is nonexistent. When I look at the snap map, I only see my own tiny bitmoji. I tried restarting my device and nothing...actually I uninstalled the release and reinstalled but I can't even sign back in. I went to restart my password thinking that would support but it won't even let me to obtain past that step...fully screwed right actually 🙃
~ Mason Akvik
Never works right. As someone with an mobile, I use snapchat as my main messenger. There are countless bugs and glitches that occur all the time. Today alone, my snapmaps don't work, I am unable to obtain any messages or read receipts, and unable to upload anything to my storyline. I uninstalled/reinstalled the release and actually i can't even see any of my dudes stories or access any conversation I have had! I have been a snapchat player since the beginning of 2012 and run into troubles on a weekly basis
~ Aria Bolooki
I love snapchat but then something happend. None of my pictures I wish to post on my storyline are being posted! It claims it got posted but not even a minute later it claims "failed to send" I uninstalled it 2 times, I restarted my device, I even shut off my device for 30 mins but the trouble is still happening. I asked a dude if they should check my last post and they claimed almost a day ago.
~ emo kitty
It doesn't recognize device number in profile recovery.
~ Manzeel Ahmed
I would like it if I should see the charns on my Samsung. And the newest modernization looks better but actually all of my snaps are deleting even when i have the settings set for then to only delete after 24 hours. I would like to be able to see the snaps I have sent please. And my storyline ain't working, anything I post is deleted. I am upset, each modernization seems to bring other trouble. Otherwise the release is nice, but I am not raising the rating till the troubles r fixed.
~ Jason The Demigod
Modernization- Actually i'm getting info from old messages or nonexistant ones, stories hold popping up as unwatched, and posting is usually a struggle. Original review- love this release, but it crashes constantly, freezes up all the time and nothing ever sends anymore. It's only ever been happening since i got a Samsung device, and gets worse each modernization. the most newest modernization fixed some of the crashes, but still needs work. I'll hold usimg it though because it is a fun release besides the matter.
~ Hailey Neumann
Edit: I still love snapchat but I hate how it takes so long to obtain the newest upgrades. I have the button to Set a Status on the map but it doesn't allow me do it. They need to create upgrades available faster to all devices. I never thought I would obtain into Snapchat but actually that I have, I'm addicted! I love the SnapMap information.
~ Noah Zizian
After the latest modernization, I've been getting double messages and half of the time I won't obtain info. Snapchat used to be an simple to use means of communication, actually it is extremely flawed and used more as an banner marketing campaign to create a speedy buck from players. PLEASE FIX THIS SOON, otherwise I would recommend using a different means of communication.
~ Hermione Lofton
The camera freezes for 15 seconds after choosing a filter. Deleted filters obtain lost forever. You can't find for filters by name. Filters that test releases and loud song are annoying, and you usually have to exit the release before lowering the volume because someone thought that it would be a nice concept to create the volume keys take a picture instead. The first video recording can't be ever replayed on your screen before sending it, you usually have to record, discard and record again to create it work.
~ Paul
Enrolled in Alpha but am actually being forced to use v10.50.0.0 so I can retain informations of being able to create stories, etc. I've yet to search any option to opt out of the Snapchat Alpha tool. Tried going through the release and going through the online portion to opt out of beta. Nothing works. If I would've known you'd be forced to use Alpha on all newer versions with no idea to opt out, I wouldn't have went to Alpha to launch with. Please fix. Edit:Finally was fixed(somewhat)with the newest modernization.
~ Falsif13d
I can't delete or post anything newest on or from my storyline. Fix this NOW. I will not change my review and will continue to give one star. Fix this or this review stays the same no matter what. If you're able to do all these newest lenses, filters, banners, what have you but you can't fix troubles another players are having, then there's no reason for me to change my star vote. Edit: Actually I can't see a message from my mom when she texts me. Fix it NOW.
~ Izzy Lee
Was nice the another day, but actually often I test to post something on my storyline, it usually claims that it failed to post. Other trouble is that sometimes chats won't load. I was waiting for my dude to respond to me about something very important, but his respond didn't load until one hour after he sent it. After that incident, I couldn't even see chats my dudes would send me. Please fix these glitches and I will rate Snapchat five stars instead of one.
~ James Mehlek
Ok, much better with this newest modernization, but one more thing, why, why did you guys take away the homescreen widgets????
~ Joshua Greenwood
snapchat has been nice! but recently recipients will send me streaks, or text me in general, and I go to snapchat to look, and nothings there. I send something, and others won't obtain it. And its been doing this to quite a several recipients I know. PLEASE fix this trouble!! I talk to alot of dudes on snap. i don't wish to have to delete your release, but i might have too if this isn't fixed.
~ hannah Buhr
Nice release but crazy troubles all the sudden. Working nice then all the sudden made me watch a snap over and over again, giving me upgrades as if it was a newest one. When I uninstalled and reinstalled, it gave me a hard time to test and log in, giving me error messages, different every time I tried. Tested the blog for information, but was a fairly useless attempt. Actually I'm finally back in and it won't send or obtain anything
~ Eric Geoffroy
Should be better. Since the large terrible modernization it's gotten better but messages are slow and really need to be worked on. Even deleting chats...they just reappear when someone opens it. It's quite annoying. Often times it'll claim they opened a message when I haven't even responded yet. Want it would go back to black. It was a lot smoother. Also would be nice to add a idea to see if someone deleted you or has you as a dude.
~ Pizza Chick
Hello, I've just gotten a newest galaxy S10 5G, upgraded from the S10+, and Snapchat doesn't seem to be working. Usually I test to launch it, it instantly crashes and I obtain a "Snapchat keeps stopping" message. It was working fine on my S10+. I have tried reinstalling few times: the release works fine every time it is reinstalled, I can log in and use it as normal. But as quick as I close the release, it will instantly ruin upon the next use. Is there a compatibility trouble with the 5G model?
~ Noah Vernon
My profile is NOT working. This newest modernization is not allowing me to send or obtain messages. It will notify me claiming someone is typing but there will be no message. It will also notify when I am typing but the message will not be sent to the receiver. I physically watched this happen on mine and someone else's device. UPDATE: Thank you snapchat for fixing this. 5 stars. :)
~ Sam Dalman
The newest modernization is poor. It is incredibly glitchy. I have contacted help 6 times have heard nothing back. Anything I test to post to my storyline won't post. I'm sick of it. It's very PATHETIC that mobile players have to deal with this. I am sick and tired of it notfiying me that I have messages and then i go to look and i don't. I cannot see who has looked at my storyline either. FIX this or I will delete obtain with the tool and do a BETTER job with mobile players NOT just apple.
~ colmeka glass
The most infuriating thing is happening. I send a message and I shortly obtain a info that the person I'm talking to is typing a respond. However, if I go into the chat and refresh, there's no evidence that they even opened my message. I then obtain the message hours later and it claims it was sent hours before I now received it. This is INFURIATING. Fix this. UPDATE: I actually am getting info of receiving messages but I don't have them. It still claims they have yet to even launch mine.
~ RippleInThe Pond
Remember old Snapchat? When it was just for connecting with dudes? It's a shame they couldn't create that profitable. Why couldn't they just have place banners between dudes' stories and named it nice? Discovery used to be decent, but actually it's just toxic, clickbaity garbage. Not to mention that Ig copied stories and did it 10x better, with interactive content and feedback to another apps. I only use this release because I don't have any another alternatives, and that's a very, very terrible thing.
~ Caleb Kamrath
Since the modernization, the release has become terribly slow. Messages take forever to pop up, and even longer if I pick to save them. Sometimes when taking a picture with a filter, the release will freeze. Please fix quick, because I really do like this release. EDIT/UPDATE: The front facing camera is super zoomed in, and actually I can't post stories. Really disappointed.
~ Randa Lenz