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About: Love song? With Smule, you can sing and create song with dudes and lovers around the globe! Karaoke solo or duet with recipients across the world. Sing duets with major artists like Ed Sheeran and Luis Fonsi. Sing a cappella, solo or with a group. Dance or test along to top hits. Use audio results and video filters while singing your favoured karaoke songs. Check it nonpaid! Featured on Entertainment Tonight, Forbes, and Google Tests Finest Tools. FEATURES Sing karaoke nonpaid to millions of songs with song and lyrics. Karaoke anytime, anywhere. Sing solo or duet to songs, sing a cappella, dance, test along, or just enjoy the present! Sound like a pro! Add polish to your vocals with studio results. Use pitch correction for true-time tuning while you sing. Star in your own song video! Record your vocals first, then add any video that you make. Apply video ... Show more
Genre: Music & Audio Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 48MB Developer: Smule
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Smule - The #1 Singing App Reviews and Comments:

Since 2 years i m a subscriber of smule. Enjoying the melodious travel. The only trouble is the process of subscribing, as it doesn't approve most of the debit cards of indian banks. It bcms really baffling fr ppl who dont own a credit card. i want Smule makes the paymnt system easier to obtain more subscribers.
~ shubha rajole
I really love this release. I've never had any troubles with it. Right actually a recommendation just randomly popped into my head. Maybe it would be a nice concept to add a information where u see ur watch history to go back to something u recently watched. Mind. Blown. 😂😂
~ CrazyWeirdGabes
Nice experience. Met some really cool recipients on here. usually a nice time singing with or with out recipients. Thanks for this release being available. i suggest it for sure
~ Chad Todd
it was nice until the last modernization. I used to be able to listen to songs through and through but actually we hold cutting out. it is a nice release but they need to fix the songs from cutting out.
~ shyanna roper
Not a nonpaid release. They charge a subscription in a very sneaky idea, and I didn't realize it until after I'd been charged twice and had only used the release one time. I deleted it. They just wish your $$$$
~ Erin Dick
i love smule, it lets you connect with others from all parts of the globe through song! I haven't as of yet made a dude on smule where we've kept in touch through messenging but I'm sure in time I will meet lots of recipients here where our friendship will grow.
~ Norma Gibson
you need to have a powerful wifi connection in order to launch this release, otherwise spend lots of your dollars to buy small time or better yet, look for another release related to this...developer, this release is really nice but can you create it à tiny lighter for simple access? thanks!
~ mbanasar01
Absolutely nice release! It now took over my life. Warning: gives addiction 😊 It is nice for singing, making dudes, support you relax, and you might search help from others. Just test it, you won't obtain disappointed! I love it!
~ Mad Das
Usually i test the first song from my joiners in my collab is nice, but the next and the another song testing i usually encountered hang in from this app, and noticed me "smule is not responding" do you wish to close it? what's wrong guys?!!! Actually i really disappointed in your app.
~ Bhong Estandian
it is a very nice release,dont obtain me wrong. but it used to be much better.it had ideas for "non vips" to obtain newest songs and sing them freely but actually all songs are just for vips. but it is so enjoyable and fun.
~ kiana Kasiri
Modernization for newest ver... Info still suck! Hate info system. there is only one setting which is far from enough. I only wish info from recipients I follow; however, I obtain a lot of info with "song of the week", from artists I don't follow, and so on. A total policies invasion...!
~ Leo Lagos
i have tried everyway possible to cancel the subscription on this release and there is no option to cancel. i hold getting charged and wish my subscription cancelled! When i go to subscription s in google test i have to find for smule pick it then there is no option to cancel but dollars keeps coming out. i wish you to stop taking dollars out of my profile.
~ Gemma Price
can you guys at least create a delete accpunt function? i just got into this just to test it out to see if it was like the not sureal banner. and so i wanted to delete my profile but i dont know how. it seems that you have to just log out instead of a delete option which is horrible. you guys need to improve this release.
~ wierdkidme 123
$10 a week? that's insane. That's less than i pay for all my streaming services--netflix, hulu, amazon--COMBINED. Sure its cool that you can sing with artists and another players, but what you obtain on the nonpaid ver is peanuts, your "part" is so tiny, and theres loads of banners. Who has the dough to caugh up $520 dollars a yeat for this?
~ Shannon M
I love this release! I can sing my heart out singing duos or even singing by myself. Recipients who claim the subscibtion cost too much you dont even have to buy it! It's still a unbelievable release! I love all it's information! You reading this, if not already I highly recommend you obtain this release. Its unbelievable!
~ Kd3gamer
love it so many talented singers here :). But don't be discouraged everyone here just loves to have fun and with the same purpose! Which is to have fun and not leave any negative comments to anyone :) Whoever is reading this I hope you stay positive,usually speak your mind,and have a blessing life!
~ Patricia Robles
Ridiculous!! For almost 3 weeks I've been trying to cancel the subscription, however i have notified the company an only today have i been contacted, just for them to claim follow the cancel subscription release prompts Like I've been claiming it will not let me an its taking dollars constantly out of my bank when I'm not even using it. I've made numerous calls contacted the help squads an Fb. This is fully unprofessional an i am taking action with these troubles.
~ charlette Elizabeth
it's been 4 days that your release keeps on lagging. i can't test anything and can't load songs. it keeps on buffing. what seems to be the trouble? hope to hear from you. thanks. response : (June 1,2019) smule thank you. your squad has already resolve the trouble. thank you so much. cheers!!!
~ Jun Terso
I really loved Smule until my profile had a technical trouble only they should solve, and they have been giving me the run-around. I can no longer create any recordings or join any recordings. So I guess it's a gamble if you wish to join. I was a VIP member with over 500 recordings and they have thrown me under the bus.
~ Julie Gobbell
The finest release ever, i suggest this release to everyone who love song . You have to have a VIP pass to sing songs. But at first you obtain a vip nonpaid for some days and it will go so you have to pay dollars and obtain VIP👍🏻
~ A Google user
I really didnt like this release, first thing was that after your ONE nonpaid song, you can still sing, but either you obtain VIP or join someone elses song and thats NOT what I wish to do nor do I want to spend dollars on a MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION for such a easy release. They should at least allow us have single for nonpaid honestly if someone purchases VIP you still create dollars.
For the (wonderful!) price I expect PRISTINE quality. It would seem like the troubles mentioned by Mobile players YEARS ago still remain: singing with headphones causes SERIOUS lag, which unfortunately cannot be corrected even with the voice match functioned dragged to full. It would need to go down to maybe -700 ms in order to properly match my voice to the track the idea I recorded it. Also, the pitchbars are almost never displayed in sync with the tracks I sing either. Not gonna subscribe.
~ robin
why is it withdraw my dollars in subscription without notice and the date not come yet? I subscribed 1 year ago for full year access at 23rd May 2018, today at 00:19 22nd May 2019 it withdraw my dollars for newest subscription, which I don't wish to buy. I have just canceled subscription as your video walkthrough, but my dollars doesn't return. I need an explanation from your side.
~ Ngọc Anh Phan
Honestly, I don't mind the release, I now rather like it. My only trouble is that if I REALLY wish to sing a song, I have to wait for someone ELSE to record it and then duet with them. The option to create a recording for someone else to join is usually greyed out, even when it claims it's nonpaid. I'm not buying a subscription just to record one or two songs I really like, especially since I listen to songs that many recipients don't know.
~ Ethan Emmet
such a dumb release. you cant use sing anything by yourself unless you pay to do it. Dollary hungry idiots. Thought this was a cool release but I was wrong it's useless unless you pay🙄 I cant do anything without paying. idk if this is for everyone but incant do anything 👎
~ Izabella MeadowSong
This release is so much fun, I've been in my PJ's for two straight days just Signing and I'm not even a VIP yet! (Don't claim my boss!) I only use PayPal and they don't except it I guess?!? If it wasn't for that It would be.$39.99 per year at a discount. Full price is more than $100.00 and more than I should bear. I think their on to something here, and it's growing.There are still a several bugs to work out if their listening. But overall, Nice Times!
~ Bruce's Channel
Smule gives me the ability of singing with nice recipients all over the globe (celebs included) when ordinarily I'd never have that chance! It builds confidence, it's a blast & the friendships you create a long the idea are lifelong! If I had to critique one thing, it would be the glitches that arise from time to time (especially with multi-layer recordings &/or with live jam) but in the entire, I love it & as an Opera Singer, it allows me to showcase my talent worldwide & create dudes along the idea!
~ Alyssa Montana
Its really nice quality, and has lots of songs to pick from. But I tried to search a song me and one of my dudes liked so we can do a duet, but for nearly each song, you need to have a VIP to do a solo, group, or duet. And we dont wish to buy a VIP because we have better things to spend dollars on. So its really hard for us to sing a song that we like on this release as we are not VIP'S. It would be really great if you allow us 'non VIP players' to be able to do more solos, duets and groups. Thank you!
~ GaChA • CoOkIe
4stars because I have realized apparantly when using an mobile, you cannot hear your voice while you record live monitoring. Why is that? Why on mobile can you not hear yourself but apple you can. i dont understand why not create it the same for everyone?! also if there was a idea to download an mp3 ver of your song that would be nice too, especially for paying VIP members like myself. thanks! nice release!
~ David Bruno
i am just sick and tired of this release. the recording just gets stuck on "uploading recording" for days.... most of the time, it doesn't upload. very terrible from ur side. i had almost 400 recordings from previous upgrades and never faced such trouble before
~ Prak Err
This is by far the finest karaoke kind of singing release on the supermarket! It allows you to sing songs & it produces it in a professional manner allowing your singing voice to sound nice & it just is absolutely wonderful! I can't trust that I didn't come across this years ago, I've only just recently come across it! But I love it so much I'm singing heaps of songs everyday lol! I'm finding that I'm singing some old favorites as well as newest ones & all sorts of songs Christian songs & love songs etc! :))
~ Richard Newson
Overall, it was okay. It seems more like a moneymaking scheme to me, though, as you only obtain a 7 day nonpaid trial of VIP and then have to pay. I'd give a better rating maybe if some of the functions, solo singing in particular, weren't VIP-restricted, but that's just me. Another than that, most Mobile troubles brought up a while back seem to persist, mainly the lag trouble when using headphones. Another than those, however, the release is cute nice. I'd probably use it more if changes were made to match.
~ Jūshi X
honestly, i want it were a nonpaid release. i know you guys need to create dollars, but why dont you just create a certain kind of song cost dollars? instead of making all of them, and its now cute expensive. create the songs have smoola and if you dont have enough smoola, then you have to buy it for like 1.99 or something. if you wish to create it cost dollars, you shouldve made us buy the release instead of making the release nonpaid and making us buy it later. cmon, lad, we just wanna sing.
~ peter brantley
there's still no idea to unlove our accidental love on a recording. and your block information has reversed results. I am the one who blocked someone but the person can still watch everything on my channel silently while I can't see everything on hers anymore. I am the one blocking her, but she's still able to silently watch me. where is the security versus stalkers?
Over all fun but needs improvement We need to Sort followers from the target of view of activity , that will be a very nice software inactive members can go down in list and active can come up . Recipients who have not sung in last 2-3 months can be categorised as inactive No ideas to sort our own channel? Development of such filters is a gotta so that we can see with which singer which songs we have sung in past etc.
Today I feel that smule singing is better than another singing apps I gain more n more experience to sung with different finest singers television artist even with Bollywood singers. Really there are lot of options to be a finest singer. I would like to thanks to smule n finest wishes to all seniors n newly joined singers.
~ narayan wadhwani
With or without headphones its the word is fuzzy. Some of the song tobes are of. And who wants give anybody there personal stats. I think over all this release needs to create a lot of improvements. And only getting to pick for song categories is dune just have all of them on one page so that idea if someone wants to spice it up they can.
~ Calie Cogswell
Wants your information and only after you've given them Claims you it's a subscription based release, and it's really expensive too. Uninstalled at that target as I was already annoyed that I had to give my information just to test out the release. I'm displaying the lyrics through my song user instead, as that is nonpaid, unlike this.
~ Ryan King
I love this release! If you like singing, this is the right release for you! I want though that the developers would create some improvements. Lots of times my recorded video is not synchronized with the sound. I would also like a function where while recording I should go a several mins back if I create a mistake. In this idea I won't have to delete the recording and do it all over again. Plus I would really like if my language which is Greek would be more supported. Thank you!
~ Ελενη Μαλτεζου
I really do love this release, but the only trouble is my parents they would pay for my vip but sadly they have to use it for rent and buy equipment we need! so can you please search a idea for all non vip players to have a chance to sing songs by ourselves! 😑 we wish to present our real TALENT! 😍✌
~ A Google user