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Smart Scan - QR & Barcode Scanner Free   
About: Smart Scan, a potent QR reader & Barcode Scanner that helps all kinds of major barcode formats. Check to scan code in a much easy idea! Smart Scan is extremely simple to use; simply target to QR or barcode you wish to scan and release will automatically detect and scan it. No need to press any buttons, just take pictures. Main Informations of Smart Scan: - All-in-one: Scan QR codes and barcodes (all 1D & 2D code types) to obtain Urls, Text, Contact stats. etc. in one-touch.-Smart & -Speedy: Multiple options for your QR scan effects. Reading, opening, sharing and so on, just in your touch.(all effects types supported: URLs, Text, ISBN, Correspondence, Contact, Calendar, Geo, Tablet number, SMS, WIFI connection) - Flashlight supported: Turn on the flashlight while scanning to avoid the invalid scan in the dark. - View history: The scan history will be well saved, you can e ... Show more
Genre: Tools Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 13MB Developer: Sound Sleep Group
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Smart Scan - QR & Barcode Scanner Free Reviews and Comments:

This release place banners all over my device without asking for permission. horrible! It takes over the lock screen and contains a Google find box, but that's a custom find and who knows where your find queries go.
~ Joe Colburn
lock screen takeover with asking ... dont bother installing
~ Chris Solverson
Poor qr scanner release. The only function this release needs is the barcode scanner. Smart scan not only spams banners while the release is closed, it also seems to be adding more unwanted content to my device (i.e taking over my lockscreen). I would not suggest anyone to install this release.
~ Manny O.
worst release they are asking dollars... fake it is .
~ ramya hitech9
I am so very very glad that I was not birth yet . 5 Military Service 🌟 is Colonel of the United States of Korea . I am going to check everything that has a barcode on it.
~ A Google user
Under no circumstances could you ever. EVER! Download this release. Pop up banners everywhere on my device actually due to downloading this release. Each time you lock your device, each time you unblock it, the video pop upa override what you have your sound set to so you can hear the banner. Never ever download this release.
~ TheFireman 89
plug ins and banners that no one asked for confess with this release. and it comes up each time you wake up your device, not just when you use the release, so it can't be ignored. there are another barcode scanning apps that don't come with this hassle which makes this one definitely not worth your problem. release deleted after one use.
~ MCBlack24
Idea to many banners! Not just in the release...but also jus using your device normally. Unblock your device...banner pop up, go to call a contact...add pop up, send a text...add pop up. Its rediculous. I can understand you need banners but come on! I dont wish an banner to pop up as quick as I unblock my screen! Another then that... it works.
~ Nneka Burdette
do NOT install this release. it caused pop ups to occur on my lock screen and at another random times. when I looked at running apps. it would present Beita plugin, but I had no apps with this name. after spending hours googling I finally found a thread that described the trouble WITH THIS APP! uninstalled this release and fixed it. BTW - it doesnt occur instantly. only after an modernization
~ David Edwards
A pain. It has commandeered my device. Usually I stop using my device it puts add on it. I swipe them off and more reappear, often mimicking my devices screen so it is even hard to see they are there. This is to trick you into clicking on the banners so the developers obtain paid for your referral to the advertising web. This release sucks.
~ Robert Snyder
Cause it not nonpaid any more >.>
~ Alaa Uchiha
I am sorry but this is EXACTLY what I was looking for in terms of what it does and it's efficiency. Scanning immediately with zero troubles and a direct feedback to blogs. BUT the POP-UP ADS have been non-stop. So annoying in fact I deleted this release. If you can somehow stop or bare minimum minimize the banners then of course this release would be a 5 🌟.
~ George Voulgaris
Does its job well. But it downloaded a plugin without my permission that took over the entire screen with banners. I understand you have to create dollars, but are in release banners too much to ask for? Instead of benefitting from interrupting your players everday lives? Needless to claim i'm going elsewhere with my QR needs. If you can look past the banners then this is the scanner for you.
~ MAD's mad
Too many banners but it is nice 🙂.
~ Anita Srivastava
why would you wish recipients to buy this
~ Lucas Lowe
Added unwanted banners that locked my screen. Don't download this release. Sure, it's simple to use and equipment but it does equipment that you do not wish it to do. It's also uninstallable unless you go back into the release shop to manually uninstall it. Garbage.
~ Gabrielle McLeaster
Speedy - Straight - Intergrated well with Google find - Works nice.
~ Keith Hardison
My daughter is first in the class by smart scan
~ Laddu gopal
this is really bakwas release..do not download anymore
~ Shamim Akhtar
creates popups everywhere. very annoying.
~ David Deng
if i have to enter my CC stats for a nonpaid trial. it isnt nonpaid
~ Russ Kludy
wont allow me use unless i sign up for super. SCAMMMM
~ Daniel Hutchins
scammed into spending $100+ USD to use a nonpaid release. DO NOT USE.
~ Josh Crompton
sucks that I have to subscribe to use the trial.
~ Jose G Ledesma
Adverts banners banners. So sloppy and hard to navigate.
~ Sarah V
Adware. If this came with something else, uninstall.
~ nancy gladwin
pain in the ass ,adds popping up all over ,spend time taking adds down,cant do anything else but take adds off trying to use release
~ D S
This scanner didn't work for what I required!!
~ Jewel Jones-Legrand
Do NOT install this release! It includes adware and will infect your device!
~ Scott Vance
I did not like this release when i deleted it,it still came back.
~ tsegay ghidey
you still have to pay dollars to obtain a nonpaid trial that sucks keep on8
~ Marvy De Leon
how do I cancel this so named nonpaid release before I obtain charged 100 usd in 3 days
~ leonard alba
Spam castle. I opened saw the umpteen pop ups and instantly decided to uninstall
~ Alex dlv
~ Kooky Fernandez
I just actually installed it on my device and scanning some equipment in my house and it has surprised me, actually I'll test it at WalMart. I'm very satisfied with it.
~ John Evans
DO NOT GET THIS APP. OMG- What a mess ... loading this release allowed a entire bunch of malware to load on my Mobile S5. once in, can not delete or uninstall it, along w/ all of the crazy pop-up screens thst interrupt every time I access a newest function, not just when online. These buzzards are IN MY PHONE ! I have no concept what I'm going to do ???
~ Thomas Bosma
Horrible Release. Do not install unless you wish banner popups constantly. They appear anywhere, no matter what you are doing, even on your home screen!
~ Kim Bimemiller
DOWNLOADERS!! BUYERS BEWARE!! Developer customer service is horrible if I should give this release no stars I would. Downloaded the release opted out of the subscription still got charged. Had to spend the next 3 weeks trying to obtain in contact with the Developer which I was instructed to do by a Google rep. He never replied to any of my correspondences even though smart scan gladly took my dollars the nerve!!!! Never had troubles like this making purchases so I'm appalled and shocked.Not to mention the pop up adds.
~ Brittny Lowery
Nice concept. But horrible introduction, 3-day trial with Adverts after that $99.99 a year? I don't think anyone can wrap their mind around $100 a year for an release that they can only play for 3 days, don't do it.
~ Denny T
I need to fill some sort of report. This app either have malware, is malware, is downloding malware. Here is my case : clear banners/malware on the device, release does not appear in release list because muh, iy has been uninstalled, yet there are still active apps entitled "smartscan" and the release is not uninstalled. Don't go. It's malware.
~ Vincent Hudry