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About: Sleep Cycle introduces sound analysis - sleep tracking with no need to zone the device in bed. WAKING UP MADE EASY Sleep Cycle is an smart alarm clock that tracks your sleep patterns and wakes you up in light sleep - the natural idea to wake up, feeling rested and energised. HOW IT WORKS As you sleep, you go through different sleep phases, ranging from light to deep sleep and back again. The sleep phase you are in when your alarm goes off is critical for how tired or rested you will feel when you wake up. While you sleep, your movements vary depending on what sleep phase you are in. Sleep Cycles patented technology tracks your sleep patterns using sound or vibration analysis, monitoring your movements in bed throughout the different sleep phases. Sleep Cycle finds the optimal time when you are in light sleep to wake you up in the morning, during a predefined 30 minute ti ... Show more
Genre: Health & Fitness Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 31MB Developer: Sleep Cycle AB
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Sleep Cycle alarm clock Reviews and Comments:

I paid a one-time $0.99 for the iOS ver years ago and have found it an awesome alarm, but actually I'm on Mobile & multiple informations I'm used to are locked behind a paywall. I value the sleep aid and figured it's worth a several dollars to pay for that, so I went looking for the price to upgrade and it's a recurring $30/year?! Nice grief. Would be 5 stars if the fee were one-time and reasonable.
~ Nicki Hoffman
used to love this release, but it's stopped working since the last modernization. doesn't track sleep anymore and the alarm doesn't go off, info don't go away even after i wake up, and half the time the release freezes upon opening. really hope all of these troubles obtain fixed quick
~ Korziina
I claim all my dudes to use this release. It's made my wake up routine improve 100% I never feel groggy
My troubles are the same as many another reviewers. Used for over a year with no troubles but since the most newest modernization the alarm does not go off in it's designated time and no longer tracks sleep. Cosmetics were modernized at the cost of functionality. The developers would rather place the blame on its players despite it working just fine before the modernization.
~ Rithseiha Ke
WARNING! Dollary trap scam. Whatever the quality of the release may be, it is a scam. The nonpaid ver is limited. No clearly visible prices for the super ver indicated anywhere. Only once you sign up for the trial, one realises that you ended up in an expensive annual subscription scheme. Have not seen anything on time security or cancellation either. Another apps do the same thing for a fraction of the price - paid once!
~ A K
This is the only release that wakes me up on time, each time I turn it on and I've been using it since daily January. Snore recording is quite a fun information. Customer Service is wonderful, had a tiny trouble and was replied to within 2 hours via correspondence. Highly Suggested.
~ Eassa Ahmed
Has been a nice release for the most part. The latest modernization however broke a lot of functionality on my device. While it definitely looks nicer, once I run an alarm, until the predetermined time, I can't stop it either. It just hangs on a black screen. The button that shows what the alarm time is also only shows up some of the time. If I test to change the alarm time it won't take and resets itself to 0:00 which I assume just means it's off. I will be using my regular device alarm until this is fixed
~ Joey Simcox
I used to use the default alarm clock built in androids, but will ALWAYS have a hard time waking up. however i heard if clocks manage your natural sleeping hour and wake you up then, it's easier. I've been waking up SO MUCH easier after using this release and i was prettttty skeptical about it too. suggest it a lot.
~ Coco Caramel
A nice release that I've used for years, but the newest major modernization/redesign seems to have broken things. First it was getting days wrong, like displaying the day as Monday when it was Wednesday. Actually it's the hours. I went to bed at around 12:30am last night, release claims I went to bed at 4:55am. Hopefully the bugs can obtain sorted and place the release back on track.
~ Luke Hinsley
they charged me $29.99 without my permission!!! :-( I did NOT buy this! I am extremely outraged by this! It's a shady walkthrough when release developers rely on slipping the "end of nonpaid trial" date under the noses of the players without reminding them that they have the OPTION of buying the release IF they still wish to continue using it. Why assume the sale like this? Likely it is because most recipients will allow it slide and won't catch it. The developers know this and take full advantage of human nature. It is inherently dishonest and sketchy.
~ Carlos Casados - Hypnotherapy Breakthrough
What happened here guys? Been using it for over a year just fine. Actually with the newest modernization it's not only unreliable, alarm didn't go off past 3 days, it keeps running in the background even after "waking" it up & I have to force stop it. Then I go to launch the release at bedtime and it's stuck in the previous sleep cycle! If you sacrifice functionality for a newest design, what's the target???
~ Ryan Smith
Alright. It was working really well before that last needless modernization, and they are just not capable of fixing back. Such "fixed" option of the "random clock sound", or the "one day back" calender... Guys, stop it. Seriously. This transport is so stupid, no offense... Edit add: Who the hell did the modernization?
~ İbrahim Bilgingulluoglu
I bought Sleepcicycle in 2016 and since then it worked quite well. But in the last two weeks I nearly overslept three times because Sleepcycle-Soft sucked my S9+ battery dry (up to 30% of battery for under 6 hours of sleep). So it is useless to me. Btw. Snoozing function after wakeup-time and less troubles with the lockscreen are appreciated
~ Ein Google-Nutzer
I have used this release in the nonpaid and super versions and have been mostly glad with it. I think the super price is a tiny high actually though. I've never had any troubles until recently. For some unknown reason the release is no longer going off at the set time. Luckily for me I have a cute nice sleep rhythm and I wake up before it's too late. I'm going to continue working on this trouble because otherwise I LOVE this release. It has the finest alarm sounds so I dont obtain jolted out of my sleep.
~ Renee F
I got 1240 nights on this thing, backed up between devices, Even if your old backup system was failing, thanks to Titanium Backup. Anyways nice release, this came around with iOS first, more than four years of usage at least. I like the newest release and the fact that it can carry a burden of large time without destroying. Newest informations are also great, noticed a plenty of things in it like, how my sleep quality differs between moon phases.
~ Red Airila
Auto charges.. Hard to cancel or sort out how to obtain a refund . Tools set up with no idea to test them another than to be auto subscribed after a trial period lose me as a customer, there are far better ideas to obtain customers who now *pick* to pay for your release. Consider a customer centric business model is my recommendation.
~ Ashley Garlough
Only worked 2 of the first 4 nights so far. Gonna have to wait and see if there's truly any benefit but cute useless so far UPDATE: the release is providing consistent readings actually. Only trouble i have actually is that it sometimes disables Do Not Disturb mode and i obtain woken up by info each once in awhile. Reached out to help and they are aware of the trouble.
~ Anthony Liantonio
The release looks great and it might work for regular sleep to detect the cycles half decent, but if you have sleeping troubles and wake up often during night, the approximation of the curve is really terrible. It claimed me to have slept deep when I was rather awake. I guess it is just not possible to detect sleep really accurate with this technology. Please stop advertising it that idea. Also it is really akward to sell a pro ver with price per month without any type of service.
~ Simon Petrac
I love the idea this works as an alarm. It has helped me tremendously, that being claimed, it does not deliever an option for any automatic, repeating, alarms. I imagine this is bc of the sleep tracking element. I am using this solely for the alarm. I am going to experiment with another alarms and see if I can obtain the benefits of this one without the stress of worrying that I might forget to set the alarm and wake up 5 mins after my daughter's bus has left.
~ Elise and Philip Irminger
Been a super member for years. Definitely worth it for me though I really want that you should turn off the functionality of, "we didn't search the right time to wake you up this morning so 3 mins before your alarm we will send out an alarm once each minute. And quite honestly, the alarms going off once each minute or even two thing just drives me into a rage and I end up closing the release entirely and going back to sleep. As such, though, I've been trying out the 45 minute wake up period.
~ Melissa Morgan
Been using this release for near 7 years. It's a potent software to track the quality and length of your sleep. Records snoring too ;) It is one of the most needed apps on a tablet. It makes nice use of a tablet's capabilities by recording and displaying impressive sleep time. That's the type of time one would have had to go to an overnight research or clinic setting to search out.
~ Kirk Hirang
Can't detect accurate movement. I couldn't sleep the another night so I got out of bed, left my device behind, and slept on the couch. I went to delete the nights worth of readings because it was my device in bed without me and found that it had registered a full night of activity...my husband's activity... on a newest Boss size mattress. I can't justify using the audio recording setting because it's creepy and the release devs haven't bothered to address policies. Doesnt seem to be worth the upgrade.
~ Amy Schweppe
2019.04.01 Modernized review - This release is beyond nice! It allows you to track sleep notes (stretching, sleeping medication, anything). And I can see how much every affected mybquality of sleep. Nice! 2018.12.10 Review - I never knew an alarm should support me wake up feeling more rested. it's also very simple to use. I really appreciate that it can track my sleep without the device under the pillow.
~ Thao Tu
I really love this release. I'm so disappointed I will have to reinstall it for the second time as it closes each time I test to view the 'journal'. This morning the alarm would not turn off even with the release fully closed. It apears like I can still set the alarm but time in journal from last night is blank, then the release will force close within seconds. So sad!
~ LunyMoonychan
This review is for the release's Additional subscription service and for the help. On Additional the release backed up for one day, then stopped due to "network error'. There were no recommendations on what to do about a "network error" or even the option to restart it to back up to my device. Requests for help were met with silence; I never received an correspondence back. The release itself, without Additional, is needed.
~ J.K. Brown
Paid player for 3+ years. Pleased with the redesign. However I trust the alarm failed me for the first time today. It didn't ring. When I woke up and checked the screen, it showed as if the wake up time had not been reached yet. I double checked it was in "alarm" mode. Will test again tonight. edit: definitely a bug. Will file a bug report.
~ Youri Le Cottier
This is why I hate upgrades. By definition, it was to fix or create something better. Actually it just seems to be for cosmetics at the cost of functionality. Idea to turn an modernization into a downdate, from an release that measures one's sleep to an release that simply looks cute and doesn't work. Cool, nice job, but not really why I got the release. If you guys are doing this on purpose in order to lose customers/players - congratulations, awesome walkthrough.
~ Matty B
Cute graphics display a great record of your night's sleep but there seems to be some flaws in the metrics. "Sleep quality" is based on how long you're in bed, for example, rather than asleep. So if you spend 8 hours in bed, even if the release registers you as being awake, it will claim your sleep quality is 100%. It does give an accurate record of snoring and the another metrics are interesting to read too. Needs Google Fit integration.
~ Mark Daniels
Newest modernization is very buggy for me. Shows the previous day rather than the sleep I've just had. Like another players, if I leave the bed to sleep elsewhere it still registers movement. I was here in the old days of the release where you had to place it by your pillow, but that worked perfectly and I loved it. Considering giving up altogether actually. (and no, I don't wish to correspondence you about these troubles, just fix the bugs already!)
~ Kate Tuck
I thought it was quite nice, and love the gentle alarm information, but one night I lay wide awake for over an hour, unable to obtain to sleep, and thought 'I'll stop the release to obtain up and create a drink'. According to the release I had finished two entire sleep cycles in that time! Then this morning I woke at 5am and couldnt obtain back to sleep for an hour. I know it was 5am because I moved to turn my kindle on to check the time, but according to the release I was in deep sleep the entire time! Unreliable.
~ pink gem
I have been a paid subscriber on both the iOS and Mobile ver for about 6 years. Why two stars? Because they turned an exceptional release with a functional interface into something with a useless GUI. After asking them about how to revert back to the old, USEFUL, interface, I was claimed "....we will not change it back so if you wish to continue using it our not is up to you." So release is deleted and auto-subscription is disabled. I don't know why they insist on "fixing" things that aren't broken.
~ A Google user
I used to use this release with motion detector being microphone and it was really nice. But actually that I got a newest device and have room colleagues, I had to change to Accelerometer. I am actually facing some troubles like: the alarm sound of the release became very weak, it won't wake me up even when the volume is the highest . This wasn't the topic with the old small. Also the alarm many times went on after the time period had already ended. Please fix!
~ Reyo Reno
Unbelievable idea to wake up and monitor sleep quality. I only want the sleep sounds were a tiny better quality sound, but they are there as a premium and not the purpose behind the Soft. But they do the trick to support you fall asleep. I highly suggest the Soft!
~ kelly muhl
One night I got over 8 hours sleep but woke up feeling very tired. The release rated my sleep quality that night at just 58%. Amazingly accurate.
~ Renee Parker
i love it, really wakes you up in the finest moments, great design, great glock ringtones? (I'm sure that that wasnt proper english, but you obtain the concept), but what I hate about that release is the snooze option. After pressing snooze for 2 times, the release simply stops and there wont be an alarm anymore.
~ Felix Weiß
Great release but disappointed that compared to iOS the alarm volume is unpredictable and tends to be too loud. On iPhone the alarm runs so softly you can barely hear it, which is enough to wake me up! On Mobile it keeps shocking me awake - along with my wife ☹️
~ Mike Evans
Nice release. Supports me wake up recent and is very accurate. Sleep is so important and this makes tracking it simple!
~ Sam Tomkins
I now love this release, but lately it hasn't been able to track my sleep! it knows when I fell asleep and when I woke up, but the middle looks like I was in a deep sleep all night. Brand newest device, so I know it isn't a dirty microphone. It has worked a several nights and not worked a couple, but is getting more frustrating.
~ Rae Hedlund
The core functions of the release work well. The sleep score was typically a fair rejection in how I slept.The UI is simple to use after a bit of struggling to obtain used to it, related to most apps. I really liked viewing the graphs and trends of my sleep and was disappointed that those informations were moved from the primary tier to the super tier. As is, the release is cute primary without a subscription. It's frustrating to see a software become less usable over time and I think it's time to replace this one.
~ Shane
the finest alarm release i have used. the analysis is very spot-on. the release is very simple to navigate, and i like the newest look of it even more than the previous one. been using this for a several years actually as a nonpaid player, and i love it. the 30 minute time window for the release to wake you works absolutely amazingly, my mornings run idea easier thanks to it. the release has also really helped me to obtain my sleeping schedule healthier. all in all a very nice alarm and sleep analyzing release.
~ amiam