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About: Unlocks the "Sleep as Mobile" app - the alarm clock with sleep cycle tracker. This is not a subscription but a lifetime license. Install this "Unblock" and enjoy all informations. Sleep as Mobile is a smart alarm clock with sleep cycle tracking. Wakes you gently in optimal moment for pleasant mornings. Informations: - Sleep cycle tracking with smart wake up - Sleep graph history - Google Fit, S Health - Pebble, Mobile Wear, Galaxy Gear - Sleep deficit, deep sleep and snoring details - Social sharing (FaceBook, Twitter) - Gentle volume nature sound alarms (birds, sea, storm...) - Sound playlists from alarm - Nature sound lullabies with binaural tones for speedy fall asleep - Never over sleep again with CAPTCHA wake up verification (Math, Sheep counting, Tablet shaking, Bathroom QR code or NFC mark scanning...) - Sleep talk recording, snoring detection and anti-snoring ... Show more
Genre: Lifestyle Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 431MB Developer: Urbandroid Team
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Sleep as Android Unlock Reviews and Comments:

Loving all the different types of targets and motivation to hold us at least moving and stretching!
~ John Stringer
Takes a tiny effort at first to become familiar with the different and numerous settings, but worth it.
~ servio medina
love this release, for alarm, for sleep monitor, for details, nice release, even paid for it.
~ Alejandro Hernandez
The newest UI needs time to obtain used to, but still an nice release. It helped me work on my sleeping, thank you!
~ Gregory J. Horvath
Sleep, a pretty thing. Sleep as Mobile Unblock took something pretty and analysed it so we can really appreciate it.
~ Conrad Parker
This is, hands down, the finest release in the test shop. I've been a proud player for years. You won't regret getting this release.
~ Marco Martinelli
Lots of nice informations and constant improvements. Compatible with variety of wearables. It should convert you from iPhone.
~ Tony Schmidt
Essential release if you wish to improve your sleep. Developer is responsive and useful, release is under continuous development.
~ T L
this is the finest sleep tracker and smart alarm. its suggestions for when you need to go to bed and how long to sleep are usually on target for a pleasant sleep.
~ Savion Lee
This release is nice, frequent upgrades and works well. There are minor bugs that the developer is very speedy to reply and fix.
~ Andrei Savu
Long time player, with sleep tracking and all. No hickups, no failures, allways on target. And regular upgrades keeps this on my daily use for a long time still.
~ Timo Raunio
How do you set up Alarms as the default run up page when you load the release? All that another stats serves no purpose for me; therfore is worthless.
~ iWill
I've used this release to track my sleep patterns. Along with my wearable and this release's nice and potent options I can obtain some nice night's sleep and wake up refreshed.
~ Filip Petrovski
One of the only apps I've paid for an am 100% pleased. This is an wonderful release and keeps getting better with each modernization.
~ Vadim Korolik
I've been tracking my sleep for years. interesting time and analytics, but a nice example of converting to true insights which are needed.
~ Sam Carson
It supports me wake up with having the alarm locked behind a math trouble. solve math trouble, alarm stops. Makes sure I don't just turn it off.
~ Travis Nuss
Finest Sleep Soft!! I have used this release for many years actually, by far the finest! I have tried all of the sleep apps and none come close.
~ Carl Mann
Had this in constant use for years actually, both stand alone and with a Wear OS device. Reliable and easy to use. You need look no further.
~ Steven Thomsen-Jones
Terrible sleep phase detection. Difficult to read graphs. Horrible player interface. It has nice informations, but really could obtain the basics right before adding secondary informations. Sleep cycle has not so many informations, but they are idea better built with nice UX/UI.
~ Eduardo Simioni
This is a nice release. I love that it works with my smart watch so I can obtain bonus information like heart rate and movement tracking to more accurately track sleep q quality and even allow's the release pick a better time to wake me.
~ Dale Flamm
this release works perfectly fine it monitors your sleep pattern and it wakes you up as an alarm clock You can pick multiple different things to pick and pick from for waking up from natural sounds to your favoured song you can download.
~ Kristine Copeland
i use this all the time. one of the several apps id pay more for. Thank you for all the nights of nice sleep and all the nights youve helped me learn to sleep better.
~ Brandon Dahl
Finest sleep release I've used, and I've used a lot. Also, nice help. Developers create upgrades regularly and are openly available to support with any troubles.
~ Heather French
Great release, greatly appreciate tracking my sleep patterns. I obtain plenty of time l. the wake alarms and Philip's hue integration is nice using it as a wake up light. the sleep sounds is also a very pretty information.
~ Brandon Denis
does the job. nice with Philip's hue for sunrise and smart watch for sleep tracking. it connects with so many services and devices. really well done. obtain pro. worth each penny.
~ Dave Vaughan
I've been using this since Jan 2016. It has been very reliable as an alarm clock, plus all the informations described. The time seems reasonable but is not the same as my Garmin Vivo plus.
~ Stephan DiBiase
My go to sleep alarm, i have been using it for years. i love the information that lets me setup NFC tags that i need to bump with my device to stop the alarm. Usually gets me out of bed.
~ Benjamin Huey
been using this release for a while actually and I really quite like it. I use it together with a Mi Band to track my sleep and Phillips Hue bulbs to wake me gradually. it works cute well and i feel much better most mornings!
~ Kishan Pattni
Excellent! Never fails! I work 12 hour shifts that switch from nights to days 4 times in a 3 week cycle, crazy. I set repeatable weekly schedules. The alarm sounds with a predetermined volume you set in release, and the alarm sounds as desired regardless is your device is on weak volume or mute. Plenty of lullaby and sleep tracking informations (desired amount of sleep, sound monitor while sleeping, go to bed reminders) but I don't wish my release claiming me I need more than 4 hours of sleep. Finest Ever!
~ John Olis
This release is one of the finest. I have been using it for a several years actually. I paid for the full ver and have been able to improve sleep quality and can focus on personal targets. This supports in a several ideas like my attitude for everyday interactions with recipients and activities.
~ brett byrum
finest alarm to wake up refreshed and on time! plus supports you monitor quality and duration of sleep, can even record you talking in your sleep and detect snoring.
~ Matt Sloper
This release has helped me regulate my sleep and recognize a lot of things I didn't realize had been disrupting my sleep schedule. I really enjoy the lullaby information and the different alarms, as well as the customization of the release.
~ Gillian Ritter
I love this release. I have been using it each day for few years! I did buy the add on but it has been well worth it. The release tracks your sleep patterns and gives you tricks on how to sleep better. I use the thunderstorm lullaby each night and it supports me sleep.
~ jenny stewart
This release is one of the truly "smart" luxuries that modern life has given us. I think it has been around that long actually that almost everything gotta have been thought of in relation to sleep by actually. this release has been nice for that 1/3 of my life that I spend in bed
~ Shane Browne
nice sleep tracking alarm release. I love being able to wake up and feel rested finally, and I love being able to see how I slept, and if i had any troubles during the night. also track my heart and breathing, nice for everything, and I just love this release.
~ Joel Kloda
The most full featured alarm and sleep tracking release available. Infinite customization. Impressive help for 3rd party add-ons. Some informations are buggy, but the release is regularly modernized.
~ Colby Moxham
it's a nice release once you figure out how to use it, and works exactly as promised. overall, I love it! the only major trouble is that the release is too confusing and intimidating, so it takes quite a lot of exploring to figure out where everything is and how to use it.
~ Jesse Matherly
I've been usisng this release for years actually. It's nice to give you an insight into why you may not be getting a nice nights sleep, as well as training you onto a better sleep pattern. Gives you prompts for when to sleep, monitors your sleep and has a nice alarm system that keeps my maths sharp. The options in the alarm like turnkng it off by scanning a barcode, shaking the device or in my topic answering maths questions, really supports boot you into the day.
~ Gary Farr
The finest alarm and sleep tracking release ever. Love the different Captcha options as well, that I have to do the turn the alarm off. (option of course able to be turned on if you wish it) My favoured is clicking on the awake sheep. So many another informations packed into this release that I love and use often. Thank you to the Developers, and also for actively bringing us upgrades and improvements
~ Dave Oberlander
I have been using this release to track my sleeping habits for almost five years. First with Pebble smartwatch and actually with Galaxy Gear S3. I suggest to check this release out, it will give you nice concept about the quality of your sleep. The release is modernized constantly and devs are listening the players.
~ Tomi Simola