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About: Smart alarm clock with sleep cycle tracking. Wakes you gently in optimal moment for pleasant mornings. Informations: - Sleep cycle tracking with smart wake up uses your device\'s or wearable sensors (2 weeks trial) - Sonar: revolutionary contact-less ultrasonic sleep tracking (no need for device in bed) - Wearable tracking, helps Pebble, Wear OS, Galaxy Gear, Garmin, Mi Band, FitBit Ionic - Health services: Google Fit, S Health integration - Smart bulb control with Philips HUE or others over IFTTT - Sleep Score: your sleep quality is made up of duration, deficit, deep sleep %, snoring, efficiency, irregularity - Gentle nature sound alarms (birds, sea, storm...) and playlists - Nature sound lullabies (whales, storm, sea, chants..) with binaural tones for speedy fall asleep - Spotify and Test Sound integration or online radio alarms or lullabies - Never oversleep again with ... Show more
Genre: Lifestyle Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Urbandroid Team
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Sleep as Android: Sleep cycle tracker, smart alarm Reviews and Comments:

Yes it does what it claims. The finest thing i like is capturing noises still not overloading my device. I realised how terrible i snore sometimes. I use the sleep analysis, total time calculating, slowly increasing alarm sounds, soothing lullaby and manymore informations of the release and they really cool. The finest part is the tons of wake up and alarm techniques, captcha is finest one. Many informations are still nonpaid so Thank you for that. 1 recommendation:The address I deliever for captcha,it would be nice to see content
~ Rohit Patel
I really like this release and use it regularly but I've been getting a bug lately. The sleep as Mobile release is usually a black/grey colour, which is great for my system as the majority of my apps are in dark mode, but lately the sleep as mobile release has been randomly turning white! It's really been hurting my eyes, should you please claim me a fix or a idea to permenantly set it to dark mode? Cheers!
~ Kai Muller
The release looks very nice on paper. However, my main use of this release is to pair it with my amazfit stratos so that it can wake me up with gentle vibrations. I pick the huami amazfit (notify & fitness for amazfit) in wearables, it seems to be paired but I can't seem to obtain the alarm to go off in the watch, only in the device. Devs, please advise on this and I'm very much willing to bump my rating if this is solved.
~ Mateusz Malcherek
I don't use all of the informations, but it's a nice release for an alarm and sleep details. I like being able to look back and see how much sleep I have (or haven't) been getting lately and whether my bedtime has been straying too much. I haven't used the smart wakeup in a long time simply because I'd rather obtain the bonus half hour of sleep, but it's a cute decent information as well.
~ Hannah
release should use some tweaks: black screen would be better at night than a white interface, the activity graphs are hard to read - it would be great to be able to toggle through the graph (and sound recordings) and see specific time of night certain things happened (like snoring or if i was awake in the middle of the night). still better release than the rest of the others and I like the alarm tone options!
~ Andrea Henriquez
sleep as mobile is a wonderful launch source release that really tracks sleep a lot better than some of the another things Ive tried. Its nonpaid to use (however I did pay for the bonus informations cuz I wish to help further development of the release) and has so far shown me that I both sleepwalk and talk in the night which is equal parts funny and scary to listen to the things i claim.
~ Ben Stanziyoyo
What is going on with this release? They use some phenomenal scientific time to help the newest REM estimate algorithm, but the release don't work? A note 8 paired with an s3. It runs tracking sleep each three hours for the hell of it. can't run tracking from the watch when the device is locked, random drop outs through out the night (blame samsung), the watch Claims me this release is running and gives me an option to fix it which closes it, but the next hour it's running again. I'm available to hire.
~ Sean Bishop
nice release, purchased it with 6 days left on the trial because it is doing exactly what I thought it would based on the marketing. got onto It through Google test editors choice reccomendation. I was getting up at 7:30am. Actually I'm up at 5:30am each weekday. life-changing to claim the least. highly suggest.
~ Harrison Conboy
I have used all the informations of this release. I suffer from sleep anxiety due to being woken suddenly and regularly by my babes. This release hasn't exactly helped with this aspect but it has allowed me to track why I haven't had a nice nights sleep and note when I have. I use it together with my Samsung Gear S3 and I seem to obtain more accurate time. It does drain my watch battery doing this and it sometimes activates on my watch during the day when it shouldn't... however it does what it claims.
~ Jen Crane
Very disappointed in the stability of this release. I've been using it for years and it is failing more and more. 2x this week it has failed to go off. Luckily today I set a backup alarm...but really what's the target of an alarm release if I need a backup.
~ Nicholas James
This release was suggested to me and I absolutely love it! My favoured part is that the alarm volume gradually increases as opposed to regular alarms that yell at you and freak you out in the morning. If you like a constant volume alarm, I'm sure this option is available within this release too - it's cute simple and straightforward to navigate.
~ Lyuba Tartova
Nice Soft for Everyone! Sleep as Mobile provides easy alarms AND : the ability to pick your Natural Wake-up Time to work with your own Circadian Rhythm as Close as Possible to your Alarm Settings. TONS of Valuable Detailed Description (if you wish) or just pick the Straight Time Description. Brilliantly Designed combined with ALL the INFO you should wish. Allow it automatically add the Description to a Google Spreadsheet for your use OR to present to your doctor !!! ALSO , Sleep as Mobile Also Helps WEAR OS !
~ Terry
I used this release many many years ago so long i forget. So i recently am trying to fix my sleep troubles and reconnected with it but cannot test a nonpaid trial no matter what bc i guess i tried it a several times before?? Want I should test it again actually that I am serious about my sleep and finding the right release to walkthrough me. Seems nice but the add on informations seem expensive and require buying premium gear, which would be great to test out, too. Any idea to do a true trial again?
~ Andrea Schiefer
Don't like having to have my device so close, especially as trackers that have used breathing have been more accurate. "snoring" is regularly just deep breathing. The alarm constantly just goes off at the run of the "smart period" and has so far managed to wake me in the middle of nice dreams most of the time and it's been terrible trying to obtain up. I don't think it has anywhere to note things... Though it might do as its a weird setup and hardly anything is explained. Captcha is nice though!
~ Effy Shaw
I dont know how accurate the sleep tracking is. but I really enjoy this release and has been the only alarm I've used for over 2 years. I love that I can set 1 alarm and have to solve a math trouble (or something) in order to shut off my alarm! (its optional) it makes me be completely awake instead of accidentally turning my alarm off and go back to sleep.
~ Ryan Byers
I've done few experiments to see the efficacy of this release. I have insomnia, so I've had time. The effects: the details are bogus. No matter what I do, including leaving it in an empty, silent room, it records a normal night's sleep. Even when the audio recording (the only effective part of the release) shows me plainly snoring, the release claims I didn't snore all night. I even moved about the room talking to the thing and it claimed I was in a deep sleep (which isn't possible even if sleepwalking).
~ H. R.
Alarms cannot be trusted to go off during sleep tracking. edit: This is not the fault of Sleep as Mobile Devs but a 'information' of my device. protecting Sleep from being closed automatically at night fixed my trouble! Great and very detailed release allows you to learn more about your sleep patterns and habits and how to improve your quality of sleep. highly suggested!
~ Kevin Horobin
I like the release, tracking is mostly needed for the smart waking up period. Also rating your sleep every day is cute needed, to notice patterns when you sleep terrible. But hold into profile that it is still just an release and therefore limited in the type of things it can measure so if you look for very accurate sleep measurements you need something else
~ Raymond Koopmanschap
absolutely useless so far, I usually struggle to wake myself up no matter the time so hoped that this would solve it, fully slept through the alarm even though it was on one of the smarter settings and when I finally awoke at 11:30 instead of 6:00, it seemed to think it had woke me up and I had been awake since 5:50. Have actually missed out on at least 5 hours of the day and missed a personal meeting. Useless alarm however the sleep tracker does deliever interesting stats.
~ Yasmin Hassall
Perhaps the most sophisticated sleep and alarm release there is with nice value for dollars. Given the complexity of the release however, the developers can work on improving the explanations of how every individual function works perhaps through mini demonstrations as it does take some time to figure out everything and experiment to maximise its value.
~ Seth Nelson
Love this release. I'm a habitual snooze button hitter but with the tiny wake up release of locating the one"awake" sheep my mind has to function just to turn off the alarm. Use it each night. There are so many beneficial things this release can do that I haven't even scratched the surface of, definitely suggest.
~ William Henley
Nice alarm release, I like to think the smart wake-up does work and supports for easier mornings. There are some pet peeves that have been introduced over the years. Like you can no longer disable the alarm clock icon in the info and choosing own tracks for the alarms is just straight bothersome without a idea to listen before setting the sound but the main function is solid and I haven't overslept in years.
~ Bibi Rosenberg
I have been using this Soft for a several months actually. It took me awhile to obtain the adjustments right, because I'm very picky when it comes to sounds, I 💖the fact it's got natural, nature sounds not digitally fake ones. I do suggest the bonus equipment, Lullabye the Baby Napping, etc. what suits your needs. My pulmonologist is going to be extremely glad to see my sleep report outside my CPAP machine, I can upload to the cloud. Thank you Sleep for triling the Pro & extend the days to buy later 5🌛
~ Anna Farmer
its a nice release and has helped me hold track of my sleep,but lately ive had over 85 recordings in one night and its testing and recording nothing. its silent. maybe 1/85 are now me talking in my sleep. also the volume is SO weak when recorded, i can barely hear it. sound needs to be fixed. if those two were fixed then it would be 5 stars
~ Helena Flanders
i suggested this release to so many dudes but you added ads?! not just normal banners, but video banners you have to watch for five seconds before closing?! video banners that present up right after dismissing an alarm?! what were you thinking?! I'm uninstalling this unless you take that out. that's inexcusable.
~ Andrew Oh
If sleeping well and waking up powerful is important to you, then this release is indispensable. It is finest of breed, mature, well developed, and will deliever you with all the informations you need to gather sleep stats effectively, see trends and time clearly, and integrates easily with wearables. The alarm system is wonderful and effective. Another apps don't really compare. Very much worth a test, and very effective overall.
~ Jose Sierra
Has a lot of informations, which are nice, but needs two things. One is the alarm needs to go off at the set time even if the sleep tracking gets disabled. And two, the sleep tracking could continue until it is turned off, not just when the alarm goes off. There's a setting in the release that is supposed to fix that, but I haven't had any luck with it.
~ Catherine Priestley
I was looking for a Gentle Alarm release because the one I was using for years stopped being supported. This release has a lot more informations than I had. Usually that's a nice thing, but in this topic, the release feels idea more involved and complex than I was expecting. It requires time and effort to learn it completely and understand its time and effects, and that's not something I have required to do with apps. One day, when I have the time, I'll learn it and will probably completely appreciate its comprehensiveness.
~ Pedro Mata
Not simple to navigate through the release, cluttered and annoying looking. usually hard to search what you're trying to obtain to. Lullaby sounds continue testing after the release is closed out which is just SO SO SO obnoxious. At first I was curious and interested in learning more about the science behind this release but actually I dont even care. Not worth the frustration to use when you're sleepy and grumpy.
~ c s
loved this release for so long. used it for years. have the full ver. I have the same alarms set weekly for the last 6 months. the last 2 nights the alarm has been set, but has yet to wake me up. I work at 2a. I'm lucky I live so close to work, otherwise I would've been late. It seems as though im going to have to have a back alarm actually.
~ Lara Christensen
I am having nice success with this sleep release. Prior to using this release, I had sleep difficulties in which sometimes medicine was the only idea I eventually feel asleep. Yet that has changed. The first night I downloaded this release I listened to the "thunderstorm" sound and was oh so surprised that I sleep so sound. Thus night upon night, I began using the Sleep as Mobile, which have me nice sleep quick nice sleep. I don't know the how's or why's, but this sleep release really works. Thank you!
~ Roman Gardner
I can't claim enough nice about this release. My boyfriend is blown away by the intelligence behind the functionality - there's not much it can't do. Actually, just waiting on the upgrade so it can create me breakfast. 😜 Just kidding, but I do love the lullabies and being able to track my sleeping. I have insomnia and have problem getting restful sleep. This has helped me in multiple ideas hold track of where I am. I love the "obtain to bed" reminder so i have time for at least plenty of down time.
~ Kate B
nice release. customer service was nice. I had the release on my s10+ and yesterday, added the release to my galaxy frontier. i tightened the watch on my wrist for sleeping. I have to admit, it seemed the tracker was spot on. I'm an insomniac. finally, I can see my stages of sleep. this release is worth the price and it keeps getting better.
~ mike canon
Nice release, paid ver is worth each dollar. I love that it can track from my watch so that I don't have to sleep with my device in the same room, that it has Tasker integration so I don't have to run it manually I can just add it to my Google assistant bedtime routine, and the smart alarm really does create me feel like I slept better. Highly suggested!
~ Matthew
Nice: Shortcut to sleep as much as you need - Lots of stats and details - Wakes me up during light sleep mostly - Very customizable - Automatically puts the device in "Do not disturb" mode. Terrible: UI/UX is a mess, terrible usability, not very intuitive, too much stats. It seems that there are no UX experts at all working on this release. Or they need to improve. A lot. - Shortcut to sleep without alarm on top of everything, as if it was the most desirable action!!! No idea to remove it. - Doesn't correctly detects when I'm awake and for how long, sometimes I'm awake for 30 mins or 1h straight and all I see are tiny spikes here and there in the graph. Sometimes I'm sure I was awake for short period (go to restroom for example) and the graph shows as if I was sleeping the entire time. - Difficult to read graphs - I'm not sure if it is the sonar sensor or the soft, but it certainly gets wrong the sleep phases each single night. I'm on my second S9 since my first one was stolen. Same trouble on both, so I wouldn't blame a defective hardware. Sleep Cycle using mic is idea, idea better in detecting sleep phases, and the UX just can't be compared.
~ Eduardo Simioni
Used this release for years and really loved it, but it is so full of self imposed bloatware it is fully unusable actually. First I was annoyed at it constantly judging my sleep, actually, the alarm function, the entire target of this release, never works correctly anymore. It cancels itself out, it somehow claims I've used my full snoozes for today, even though I hadn't even touched my device yet. If it doesn't work as an alarm anymore, than it is worthless. Really sad that they destroyed their own product.
~ Kayla Cakes
I had type of falling off the wagon on using this release, but recently it has started to place up a info each morning asking what hours I slept, having worked out an approximate number based on my device usage. This is absolutely wonderful! Sure, I'm not getting the full reading that turning tracking on each night would obtain, but I am still more aware of my sleep habits and have been working to improve them without needing to remember to use the release. Nice work, please hold it up!
~ Pia Salter
I've been using this for a several days. Often thinks I'm sleeping when I'm awake. Would like a information that allows one to highlight times and alter them to present as awake instead of light sleep (yes, I can literally verify I was completely awake AND doing things). It would also be a dream come real for the "smart alarm" to now be smart, that is, to be monitoring how long you're now asleep and to go off when you've reached your ideal sleep length, instead of just during a specified timeframe.
~ Mortimer M.
Sleep as Mobile has been waking me up for a long long time, with well over a 99% success rate. I can't use the sleep tracking any more as I share a bed and don't sleep near my device anyway, but when I did it was very cool. What I appreciate most is being able to set variety of alarms for different days, repeating everyday or weekly, and then if required, the night before I can 'skip next' or delay those alarms just for one occurrence, without worrying that I'll forget to undo when the routine resumes.
~ James Heslin
Nice release, I would give it 5* if wasn't for the valume being so weak that I can not hear my snoring feedback. Another than that it is a nice release. I will give it a 5* as quick as they fix the increase on the valume. I have to plug my device in to a speaker in order to hear how terrible Im snoring. Soft has lots of options I can do with out. Very nice GREAT release. Thank you Petr. You got my 5* actually. Trouble solved. Thank you....
~ Oig Res