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About: Shazam is one of the globes most known apps, used by hundreds of millions of recipients every month to immediately identify song thats testing and see what others are discovering. All for nonpaid. And thats just the beginning: One-tap access to video clips, song lyrics, similar tracks and streaming services, where you can listen to your Shazams in full or buy them. Top artists like Adele, Kendrick Lamar, Demi Lovato, are using Shazam to search newest song, and you can follow them to share in the thrill of discovery. Think you can Beat Shazam? To search out, test along with the Shazam release while you watch the present! MUSIC DISCOVERY Identify song with one tap Sing along to songs with song lyrics, or watch their videos Preview songs and add them to Spotify playlists** Shazam Offline: Identify song even when youre not connected!* Check out suggested tracks to ... Show more
Genre: Music & Audio Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Shazam Entertainment Limited
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About: Create your favourite playlist of songs using this music player in a single touch Set your pleasing song as your ringtone contact wise, ringtone cutter helps you to make new ringtones The style of this music app is simply elegant & this music player is free Enjoy this audio player with 3D sound effect & feel the experience of audio players with the high equaliser Music and playlists are definitely an important part of your life. And modern smartphones, such as ...

Developer: Galaxy Mobile Global

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About: The angklung is a musical instrument from Indonesia made of a varying number of bamboo tubes attached to a bamboo frame. The tubes are carved to have a resonant pitch when struck and are tuned to octaves, similar to Western handbells. The base of the frame is held in one hand, whilst the other hand shakes the instrument, causing a repeating note to sound. Each of three or more performers in an angklung ensemble play just one note or more, but altogether complete melodies are produced. The ang...

Developer: AmmarZidaneDEV

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About: Rev. Fr. S.J. Berchmans is a very famous gospel singer and preacher. He released many spiritual songs in the name Jebathotta Jeyageethangal. But this collections are not available in playstore. So This app got rose. It has all volumes of his songs. It will you to get into spiritual mood while doing your work....

Developer: OctoGen Tech World

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Developer: Awesome Ringtones

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About: Free Music Player Equalizer & Bass Booster is easy-to-use free mp3 music player with powerful equalizer, bass booster, volume booster and virtualizer effects, can improve the sound quality of your Android device, fulfill your musical needs! Free Music Player Equalizer & Bass Booster can quick to show your tracks by songs, artists, album and folder. Access to your music library directly from this music app. Free Music Player Equalizer & Bass Booster can improve your music listening ex...

Developer: AppsUneed

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Developer: appshit1


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Developer: ELEX

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Developer: free music download ����

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Developer: Haiti Broadcasting

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About: Radio Fe Universal de Chicago, IL, es la mejor opcin y la mayor oportunidad para que usted este conectado con Dios las 24 horas del da. Aqu va a poder escuchar testimonios de cambio de vida, msica que alimenta el alma. Este app sera disponible para todas las personas que desean estar mas conectadas a Dios y necesitan de una palabra de FE y motivacin. Comparta con su familia y sus amigos....

Developer: Ricardo Fernandes/The Universal Church

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Developer: Mini Me Game

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Developer: Rdio HD

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About: Music Plus - Online & Offline Music Player is a powerful free music player app which allows to play your favorite free music and music videos. Listening to your favorite music and trending songs has never been easier. Enjoy your favorite music anytime and anywhere! Download Music Plus - Online & Offline Music Player NOW and enjoy endless free music! Free music player with free trending music, powerful equalizer & bass booster, and beautiful background themes. Free to get this perfect audi...

Developer: EZ MUSIC INC.


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About: Escuch Radio La Red en vivo en tu smartphone Android! -- Esta aplicacin fue diseada para ejecutarse en telfonos nicamente --...

Developer: Grupo América

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About: Smart, free, simple application for your gadget. It allows you to boost the sound of music, video, audiobooks in dynamics and headphones. But be careful! Playing music at high volumes, especially for a long period of time, can destroy speakers and/or damage hearing! Use it on your risk. What will you get, if you download "Speeker Booster Full Pro": - simple-to-use interface; - free application; - ability to make the sound louder, that is useful for video, music and audiobooks; - abil...

Developer: FeniKsenia

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Developer: InstantEncore.com

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About: YouMp3 is the best way to play in background,Search and manage free youtube music YouMp3 integrate a powerful youtube music player let you listen & enjoy free youtube music in floating mode. Hight quality player support moving the floating youtube window wherever you want on the screen while you're using other applications. YouMp3 background player let you listen in background while you're doing other things on your phone FEATURE Collection of favorite videos Watch YouTube vide...

Developer: YOUMP3.Lab

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About: Only for Poweramp v2 This is skin pack for Poweramp 2.0.9-build-532+. Skins for Poweramp don't work on most devices from Huawei running Android 6. New skin for Poweramp bring you the real kind Android 4 interface. Almost all of the graphical elements were changed to give your Poweramp Holo interface. This theme is almost fully same to Poweramp ICS Skin, but accent color is official ICS red. In Poweramp settings you will see 6 skins: 1. Red ICS original Ice Cream Sandwich (Androi...

Developer: ikorolkov

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About: Sound Booster Equalizer Do you always listen to your favorite music tracks on your Android smartphone or tablet? Do you need a powerful music equalizer, sounds equalizer and volume booster that can give you a very high quality and clean sound? Are you looking for a powerful 5 band equalizer to enhance music quality? Do you want to boost volume of music using a powerful sound booster? If your answer is yes, then you will have to download and install Sound Booster Equalizer on your Android smar...

Developer: Useful Application Media & Tools



Shazam Reviews and Comments:

it was usually shazamming until the early May modernization. eversince then, no songs are shazammed and it shows as if I'm offline or the release is disconnected to the server. please fix this trouble.
~ Abskhairoun Mamdouh
i dont know why its not working for me (its a week that its not working), it sais "something went wrong" or "we will send you the effects for you when you back online. i really hate this sttuation😕 please support me with this😕😔
~ Dead Line
Now its a really nice release but for a while actually, I can't test all songs anymore :( It would be very nice if I should connect Amazon Sound and Shazam. It would be wonderful if there was a Playlist on Amazon Sound with all my Shazams!!😍
~ Anna-Maria
Used to be able to listen to the shazamed songs directly on YouTube and/or Spotify and another song streaming platforms but actually you HAVE to use Apple Sound which I don't have and don't like. So this is goodbye Shazam. So sad, was a nice release for years.
~ Barb B
this is nice. it found the song I was looking for even though there was a lot of background noise and a voiceover aswell. 10/10 would definitely reccomend using.
~ ThatchthepicGuy 123
I love this Soft nice for identifying song that you enjoy but cannot remember the artist or indeed the actual track title, with the added premium of then streaming the identified song via your streaming service - nice equipment...
~ Glen Harvey
love how it works and works each time. however I have a trouble with it and no one seams to know how to support me with it cause they can't duplicate the effects. The release's icon keeps getting removed from my homescreen, and my "all apps" tab. infact I cant search it anywhere without the use of "ES File Search" from es file explorer I can run the release just fine. but when I test to transport it back to homescreen nothing happens. I'm using a s7 edge that I just purchased a month ago. if that supports
~ Quchi Liu
The main trouble is it’s only for i-device.Normal players,like us,we cannot test musics directly.We have to find on youtube.Why they obtain back it’s facility..?Is their business is so important..??don’t know.I think it’s a identity of very rude and selfish mentality.Anyway,others facilities are so nice I'd ever seen.I want you’ll consider about it.
~ Abdullah Shafil
Hided Google song option if I wanted to use apple I would obtain an iPhone. this release was nice when after it identified a song I gave you the option on which song service you wish to pull it up. actually that Apple purchased Shazam they removed the all another song services from the main screen to create you to launch it only on Apple song. well guess what I'm an Mobile player and dont use apple song.
~ Izzy Benoliel
I cant log in to my profile and when I'm online it claims "we saved your shazam " doesn't work for some reason I loved this release , WHY?!
~ shermine tafakorian
One of the several gotta have apps that could be on each devices and that everyone could know about. Has improved since Apple purchased the company. It's actually very fluid and smooth, but actually it only have button to test on Apple Sound opposed to tons of services we had before - including Spotify. I can still remember when you can change your default "Test On" button.
~ Barn Camonthanakun
1 star for Apple. the release is for sure nice but the feedback are only for apple song or i could lose my time copying and pasting if i have other song service. Thanx apple for saving the globe resources. this policies is related to your devices industry, wasting a punch of entire resources for a device with storage of 8 gb. only to force the recipients to change thier devices. In the time where the another companies were producing 64gb.
~ Hayyo Hi
Would be nice if it now worked. Each song I shazam comes up with no effects, each time, checked and changed settings, uninstalled, reinstalled, even did songs already shazamed. Doesnt work. Fix it.
~ C
Earlier was nice, But actually not. I don't know why claimed me that U R Not Connected While My Device is connected. i hope that Shazam group solve this bug as quick as possible. tnx
~ Milad paris
i love Shazam its a nice release you can save song you scanned and it provides song that you may like, and also I absolutely love this release, plus there is no banners because in another apps there is usually banners. And in this release haves offline listening, and you can karoake with this release if you wish.
~ Melissa Mayor
Find doesn't work at all. This error appears: (Something isn't working here. Check again.) Connection error's still remaining.😞
~ E Jahani
I did not read release before I download this release so I did not know after 45 or 60 days or whatever i read it about 2 hrs ago and if apple.sends a bill i must pay ( MY fault I usually read policies and faq's before I download anything!! 😥 so I messed up! I am disabled but I can't afford some of the things i love like song. I sure this release would have been nice but I will not buy an Apple product!
~ Mary Eagle
Nice if you wish to indentify a common song that you'd hear on the radio. But as quick as it's a remix, mashup or the least bit foreign or less known it'll never search it. In my opinion, the largest trouble with this release is that it'll never listen for more than a several seconds so if a part of the song is related to other it'll indentify the wrong one. There could be an option to listen to a larger piece of the song in order to correctly identify it.
~ Kyriel Lupien
whats wrong with the newest ver? shazem was one of the most needed apps for me but since i modernization it, wherever i shazem sth, even when i'm online, it claims "present you the effects when you are online" please check out and repair the trouble
~ Nad1a V.I.P
So i have been a a dudes all day today and all day long I have been trying to ID songs since I arrived this morning. Its actually 5pm and this release has claimed "No Score" each single time! This release much be a joke release! This release is complete and usless GARBAGE!
~ Miyakutsune
Periodically stops working, it will just hold showing no effects, you have to clean the time and login again to create it work and if that does not support uninstalling and reinstalling supports. Also it shows different titles for same song sometimes, which is quite irritating and unacceptable. Maybe the devs can look into it if they are not busy with apple's own apps.
~ Hrishikesh Shukla
I only use the release with the release present and sometimes part of the 3rd & all of the 4th respond choices are slash off. I changed the settings on my Galaxy Note 9 to hide the navigation bar; however this continued to happen. This never happened on the previous 2 seasons when I had a Galaxy Note 5. Please fix or advise me on how to correct this! Thanks!
~ Natalie
Doesn't even work anymore. It just claims you're offline. My connection is perfectly fine and normal. I even tried connecting with a vpn but it doesn't work. Please fix this trouble and I'll give it 5 stars. It's an nice release. It finds the songs super speedy (even 2 seconds sometimes). But sadly I can't use it anymore because of this stupid trouble.
~ shayan moosavi
i love this release i can run it in split screen with youtube and duhh i know what song they are testing in background then i can just download it if i wish . It's a life mod . and guess what i just tried it pop up information its nice. dont even have to use split screen.
~ Uttam Singh
Does not work..... newest ver is very terrible. I can not login to my profile and track is recognized, but not shown. Where is my trouble? I'm connected to multiple servers and the Internet is a trouble with the tool. This bug has destroyed the release😧😠
~ amir hosein niknam
Poor release implementation. I can only use alongside with apple song. I know that to Apple having choices is a taboo but to us Mobile players, options are expected. Want I should give it one star.
~ MR Dragon
Shazam"was"the finest release for finding song's information and lyrics.I used this release so many times and it properly worked,But last day when i was trying to shazam a song I noticed that it doesn't work.The error claimed "something isn't working here"I tried all the solutions that the release claimed itself, But it still dosen't working.However if you wish to use Shazam,You can test Shazam lite(download the no region restriction ver)it worked for me.Also you can use Musixmatch release(the source that Shazam use it)
~ Ali motahari
Pathetic. struggles to search the right song even if you have volume turned up you obtain noise complaints (have tried with 3 different devices), Thankfully there are blogs you search the right songs on. When it does search a song it only suggests Apple song to buy and no longer Google Test etc etc. Once again pathetic.
~ Toll Meyer
the verification via correspondence doesn't work. the app has stopped working! just claiming " we'll claim you the name of the track after you go online" despite of being online & not having any trouble with my connection!!! with or without vpn IT DOESN'T WORK ANYMORE! PLEASE CHECK WHERE THE PROBLEM IS. I used to love this release & theses troubles made me really nervous!
~ Samaneh Masoominezhad
The shazam release won't work on my device anymore. When I wish to search a song an error apears claiming" we saved yor shazam, we'll give you the effects when you are back online"however my device is connected to the internet.
~ Alireza Mohamadian
Soft is on the higher end of song detection out of all apps available on Google Test (at least the nonpaid ones), note that it does include adware however. Largest gripe is the release has been throwing the "Shazam is having problem with Google Test services..." any time I run it up or after upgrades (the release auto-runs itself after upgrades, making it simple to claim when it's auto-modernized & running in the background), the only idea to obtain rid of this error is to force stop it from your apps list...
~ Shane Stevens
I've been using shazam for many years and it's been very needed for me. I love the release and can't imagine living without it. But it's been more than 2 weeks actually that it doesn't work and I have pending shazams and can't even view my previously shazamed songs. Im connected to internet and tried everything they claimed on their blog, but still the release acts like im offline. I emailed them and claimed them my trouble more than a week ago, still unanswered. Hope they fix the troubles quick.
~ Emad Haghdel
The Shazam release won't work neither on my device nor on my dudes device since yesterday afternoon.It's really disappointing.When I wish to search a song through Shazam an error appears on the release claiming "We saved your Shazam,we'll give you the effects when you are back online.",however my device is fully connected to the Internet. Please fix this trouble asap.
~ nz exol
the release is quite useful. however, since the last modernization, it's not working anymore and keeps claiming that it'll search the song when I'm back online though i AM online. plz fix it as quick as possible. btw, if you add a part where we can listen to the song we have shazamed or even download it, then it'll be fully special.
~ Amin Khoshbin
I've used Shazam for some many years (+/- 7 to 5 years). I've loved it some much, helpping me out with tracks I wish to know the names of that I'm listening to. If I don't have time connection at the time I'm Shazaming, it finds the track once I'm terrible on a nice network connection. Allowing me to share my favoured Shazams with dudes. I understand the developers are making Shazam a smaller size but please place a translater option too in the lyrics option. Thank you.
~ Tiisetso Tsotetsi
this release is extremely moody, you should be in a video theater with the volume all the idea up and sometimes it still wouldn't pick up the song some how, which makes no sense. another than that it's a needed release. also don't really appreciate how it only feedback apple song, I personally dislike most apple products and their supermarket walkthroughs.
~ Andy
apps nice but you need a "yes" & "no" poll after a song pops up so players can claim you if the release is now bringing up the right song and video, and if not, then they can pull up some feedback thing and claim the actual song title/video feedback so it can be changed to the right thing for future players release gets things right 97% time for known song, actually/has been radio song, or song that can be found in online/physical shops. If your song is not that "no effects" but I expected that overall👍
~ Lyric Comments
Officially uninstalling this release. Have had it for years and loved it. Used to be a wonderful song ID release. Then Apple purchased it. I deliberately don't own Apple tech because I *DON'T WANT* to install ALL their soft etc. across my devices and that's what they force you to do. Well, this is no different. Used to be able to use YouTube and Spotify etc. to look up and watch videos of the tracks I identified. Actually I'm "Forced" to download the Apple release? NO THANK YOU.
~ Rebecca Kilner
Autoshazam (enabling from info icons) isn't faster like the main release can. by opening the release, the song name will appear with in 5 seconds. but by enabling autoshazam from info icon, it shows effects sometimes, and takes too much time to present the effects. hey, im disappointed, auto shazam never worked on my device.
~ Abhishek M
When I wish to use it & see the song's name, the release claims we found your song's name, we will present the name to U when U back online, but I use this release while I'm online, I use Shazam with VPN too, but it didn't solve my trouble, please fix it, it was very very nice in past, but not today.
~ amirhossein ao