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ScanSnap Connect Application.   
About: [About ScanSnap Connect Release] This app easily allows your Mobile OS tablet or device device to handle photos scanned with the personal document scanner ScanSnap. [What you need] To use ScanSnap Connect Release, you need to have Wi-Fi connection (via direct connection or your router) and the following devices. When using ScanSnap iX series ScanSnap (pc may be needed for initial setup) [Main informations of ScanSnap Connect Release] -Obtain and view PDF/JPEG photos scanned with ScanSnap in a seamless manner. -Obtain ready-to-use files already corrected with different informations (automatic paper size detection/auto color detection/blank page removal/deskew). -View photos offline. -Launch the photos with another apps on your tablet or device device that help PDF/JPEG files. Also, send photos to e-correspondence soft or an app such as Evernote that helps PDF/JPEG files. ... Show more
Genre: Productivity Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 52MB Developer: PFU Limited. [email protected]
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ScanSnap Connect Application. Reviews and Comments:

I'm still in the honeymoon phase with my iX500 scanner, but I think this release is nice, but missing one thing - help for multiple profiles.
~ Michael Quinlan
It would be exponentially better if it had better autonaming options. Functionality modernization required: The option checkboxes for duplex and "save together" could not be buried under profile > Format. These checkboxes could be directly under the list of files next to the settings icons (main screen) for speedy access when doing a lot of scanning. Well go figure .. after posting this don't I run into the exact trouble. I thought it was in duplex, scanned a gigantic document and shreaded the paper. Then realized ..
~ A Google user
I thought this would be the great thing for my work, since I travel and don't usually have the options of plugging in a pc to scan a document and taking a picture really isn't the same, but this release is garbage and does not work. I have uninstalled it 12 times and the wifi will not work. it did work the firs 6-7 time I used it, but actually it will do nothing unless I am connected to my laptop which defeats the entire purpose of having a "small scanner" EPIC FAIL and a waste of my dollars and I would not suggest this to anyone that needs a small scanner that you can use via your device (mobile/Iphone) because you will be in for a rude awakening. So I regrettably have to spend more time trying to search a portable scanner that is an actual "portable" scanner.
~ dbmnfinity
Doesn't seem to work with iX500. Soft configuration does not match steps provided by manufacturer in setup screens. Soft never finds scanner WiFi. So I am unable to use this. Customer experience should definitely be improved, huh?
~ Declan Zimmerman
I am trying to obtain this release to work with i500 but do disappointment! It is a nice scanner Fujitsu needs to catch up to the 21st Century without use from a handheld device Mobile, iPhone it is just not keeping up with the cutting edge. Is it?
~ K. Mujib Haque
Need a batch upload information. You have to transport one file at a time when completed scanning. Otherwise it's a nice release.
~ Dustin Clelen
Nice technology.
~ Venus Newson
Won't connect to my ix500
~ Kellie Donald
At first I had a trouble connecting to my home wi-fi so I can scan wireless into my smart device witch is mobile or to my PC but you have to follow these step exactly the idea they are on the set up screen boxes in the Scan Snap Wireless Set Up on your PC,so assuming you have your wi-fi set up after you install Scan Snap Connect,,FOLLOW THOSE STEPS THERE NOT NUMBERED,,but in your Scan Snap Connect small release create sure auto upgrades and auto connect are checked in preferences, some are equipment you have to chose from,,and some of those you will have to unplug your USB TO PC FOR IT TO WORK AND SOME WILL GIVE YOU BOTH OPTION AND ALLOW YOU TO LEAVE USB Plugged in and connect wireless as well...at some target I down loaded Scan Snap Cloud and some how that helped the connection of the Scan Snap Connect Soft work.better in picking up the IP AND OTHER INFORMATION as it kept picking up wrong IP with just the Scan Snap Connect Soft
~ A Google user
Cannot obtain it to connect to ix500 scanner
~ Rik Patel
Doesn't work with ChromeOS. Who uses Windows anymore anyway?
~ Sherry Genauer
Soft freezes on galaxy s9 and won't connect to xi100
~ Monty Lennie
Is Misleading to claim that if I scan to cloud, this release will be connected to scanner
~ A Google user
It is meant to hold track of documents that if lost should be catastrophic. It scans both sides of paper. Making it ideal for protected guarding paperwork that is irreplaceable.
~ Joanna A. Bruno
Unfortunately I too place my vote in for 1 Star. This Mobile release is useless on my Chrome OS Pixelbook. As others have claimed, it runs once, does not connect, and then the next attempted run it crashes. Chrome OS has made nice advances, and the newest Google Pixelbook is a workhorse of a laptop. I have a Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i that is an absolutely wonderful! portable scanner. But I cant travel with it because it cannot communicate with my Chrome OS laptop. It's very disappointing. All I'm looking for is a primary scan-to-PDF function. Please.
~ Al Darn
In ChromeOS on my two different Chromebook models this release will only run once and if you ever close it then it just crashes when you test to reopen. Also it doesn't have a great device/fullscreen interface. I"ve contacted help but at this target it's unusable due to the destroying. Really was hoping for a more complete scanning solution outside of using Scansnap Cloud.
~ Jeremy Birch
Nice scanner hardware and release used to work decently. Since last several months or so, release doesn't connect to the scanner anymore. Uninstall, restart device and reinstall, it might connect to iX-500 for once. After that first run, if you were lucky first time, it won't search your scanner again. In fact the release freezes when searching for scanner and eventually crashes. Modernization claims it helps Mobile 9, looks like they forgot about Mobile 8 first
~ Ehsan Elahi Malik
Works nice on note 8 but not on my newest note 9. Please fix newest version still doesn't work with note 9 after last modernization works nice with note9 thanks
~ Gregory St.Pierre
Crashes with my GS9.
~ Kennedy Licuanan
Freezes on note 9 Useless Release
Execellent release, I´ll suggest
~ Fer Medina
Doesn't work on Note 9 waste of dollars
~ Italo Bernardi
Won't work on Note9. Works on all my another Androids fine.
~ Edgard Bermudez
I use samsung a7 2018 and its hard to even connect when you need it
~ anton anggita
Doesn't work with Note 9, but iOS fine. Pls fix this asap.
~ Jerome Lo
Why on world would this modernization need access to my device's territory?!
~ Matthew Poe
Just wasted hours trying to obtain this working. Done with it. Goodby cruel ScanSnap ix500. Nice riddance!
~ Mekkaandreid Williams
Soft used to work nice. Actually it freezes and will not load documents or allow me connect to scanner. Need modernized ver ASAP!
~ A Google user
Why, pray claim, does the release for a rather expensive portable scanner I bought actually demand access to my territory stats?
~ Waldschatten
I am disgusted to see that the newest release permissions wants to look at all your bookmarks and browsing history has nothing to do with using this release to scan your media or documents! I want recipients would run paying attention to what rights and stats that you guys are given these companies they'll know more about you then your family knows about you disgusting!
~ Dino Sangiuliano
Demands inappropriate permissions. Why would a easy scan to PDF utility require my territory, or need to know what another apps are running on my device. Also forgets the connection between uses. 1 * for over-reaching on permissions
~ A Google user
Ok, can't search out online either so -1 * - Ok first, I really like the system overall including the Mobile release. Really impressed with my iX500. One pain is the pop-up that has to be cleared when scanning at the 500 since it's not next to the PC. However, of you wish that 5th star explain why you need my territory? Since it's all on the same LAN it's type of dumb IMO. Maybe I'll modernization then and go 5
~ Carl Browning
it is almost impossible to obtain this release to work
~ Damien Terronez
it's an simple release. I was able to scan for my first time without assistant and I have no technology background
~ Anny Vainstein
worked nice for years with Samsung Note series synch up with OneDrive. not sure why all of a sudden release won't synch.
~ Francis Franco
Soft will not 'search' ix100 scanner when used on Google Pixel Slate. Scanner on same network and working with Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon running Win7.
~ Howard Smith
Soft is poor and buggy, consistently drops connection. upgrading review since trouble with connecting to device was resolved. however the release is still buggy and does not sync with cloud services.
~ ashpa824n
This product should have been very nice. The Mobile release requires you to setup the scanner on a PC. Only then can you use the Mobile Release. Quick in the field, when you wish to use the scanner again, you may search that the scanner needs to be reconnected to a PC in order to use the Mobile release again. What? Why? Im confused! Forcing the use of a PC makes this scanner NOT PORTABLE!! In two words, this release is: Gar Bage.
~ Wes Chester
install sucks spending hours. see no reason to have access and control over my drive.
~ Jeanette Heide
This release constantly refuses to connect to the scanner. Super irritating and a complete fail. When the release worked i really loved it, but it never works when you go tonuse it. Fail!
~ Arlana Green