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About: Claim Hi can support you search newest recipients nearby! It supports you search love by chat, meet and date newest dudes! You're going to fall in love with SayHi by using the following informations: 1. Meet and chat with nearby recipients. Locate fellow players on the map and engage them in exciting conversations. 2. Interact with others using * Video Chat * Text messages with fun emojis * Voice messages * Pictures taken from camera or gallery * Exquisite presents * Upload your video, share your moments and obtain rewards 3. Check out and see * Message status, know when your message has been sent successfully or read by others. * Another player's profiles, including distance from you, what they would like to do, what they wish. 4. Enjoy a tons of fun ideas to interact with recipients by installing different plugins * Change re ... Show more
Genre: Social Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: UNEARBY
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SayHi Chat, Meet New People Reviews and Comments:

~ Chase bacon
lad you must pay to talk to recipients?? i got no job. this is ridiculous
~ David
Literally this is an online prostitution app. I don't know why its on test shop..... Google could abandon this release
~ Sarath Raj
Not desperate enough for paying to chat with strangers, most recipients are scammers too
~ Label Berg
great release, but i don't like the idea that i need to have points to be able to chat with others
~ Mishari Fahad
this release is full of enjoyment , great ,nice ,simple and speedy to use , am alway online because i feel very glad, i love this release very much ,and i cant stop using it ,because is a nice amony all the apps ,i like enjoying this release
~ A Google user
Ladies, DONT install this release. This company is likely to use ladies to gain dollars, they DON'T PROTECT US AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! No matter how you report for the sexual harassment via their system, it DOESN'T WORK.
~ Honey Moon
please fix the troubles with the player availability status. The status remains online even after logging out from the release. Please fix the trouble
~ Shafeen Islam
claim hi to scammers . seems like a nice platform for scammers , this release is basically hoarded by them.
~ A Google user
I paid an amount to buy points through the visa .. but unfortunately deducted the amount from the visa and did not obtain any target in return. I wish to recover my dollars.. So terrible Please review
~ Hussein Barsiq
there is some trouble from two days i am not able to see the accounts of recipients near me
~ Md Razvi Quadri
i don't like the fact you have to be '18 or older'. i used this release at 13 years old and liked it. never knew what it was now for. but its alright.
~ lilah leopard
goo rs 1st id Ch b dry un CNNvvjy gf 1st Ghar very grateful g view very funny g for Christmas v can visit Canada very Xmas view of the topic with a several weeks back and forth between us
~ Laxman Dalal
very interesting release i love this release so much is very simple to connect to another recipients lovely is it very simple to see your post history and is nice to recording video and is very nice for connecting to social network and it's very simple to launch and since when am using this release no trouble about it no scams is my finest dating release ever smoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooch
~ Uthman Hameed
I think it's okay but there is a lot of nice and terrible no matter where you go this release seems to be okay now really nice there's a lot of cute girls here cute cool now I thought if you wish to go claim hi hi I'll give it that
~ Carl G
calls end randomly. lots of scammers. lots of sex blogs. fake recipients. and I don't wish to pay points to talk to someone. DOESN'T DESERVE 1 STAR.
~ Derick Macy
after I deleted my profile I can neither log in nor sign up again. it doesnt approve my e.correspondence. what could I do?
~ Elham Sabahi
There are GROWN lads soliciting sex from minors as young as 12 on this release!! are the makers perverts and pedophiles to let this foolishness???????? NO STARS!!!!!!!
~ Gabbie gachaplayzxxx
why i am getting usually 10 points? or purposely might guys doing all this things to use your apps? test to change your points plans so for that I m giving u less stars..thanks
~ Kareem Gourani
Fake Fake Peoples. Fake peoples chat with Guy took small number and number post on Women Fake profile. Peoples are Fool too. They believe on numbers and text & calls. "Peoples are Brainless?" Why women post their personal number in public? Think Once.
~ swapnil mane
cant talk to anyone . all I obtain are robots and sex banners. there's alot of sex banners . please fix this. And how do I message recipients? this is annoying.
~ Andre Rogers
First of all, they expect you to pay to talk to anyone. There are far too many nonpaid apps out there, I'm not paying for dudes. Secondly, its been taken over by bots that are trying to scam you. Stay away from it.
~ Adam Crawford
too many ramdom face send sex banners feedback and repeat from day to day that force me to leave this chat release. your release is never clean from all these sex web spam. how do you ensure your release is clean ? its not even worth 1 star
~ wee hiong ng
the release is a joke. most girls are interested in what you do for a living and what is in your wallet lot of fake profiles the target system is a joke. they take you to Hangouts like you're really interested in you then they asked all those questions.
~ Ken Ehrie
Worst chat release ever, why would i need target to continue a conversation I've already started? The apps keeps asking for points even even if you're already chatting with someone, how's that fair?
Its a Fun release,however the women are young on here and some wish you to buy them steam cards or ITUNES, a several another women advertising sex dating blogs to hook up, Otherwise its cute nice and hopefully you meet a great woman and have fun
~ Tim Manning
Don't download this release you can't talk to anyone unless you pay for points or obtain some for nonpaid each 24. plus you chats are not backed up with your profile so if you delete the release and reinstalled it everything will be deleted.
~ Ahmad Alsaqer
ditch the points thingy so frustrating cannot obtain enough to talk to girls out there.This is supposed to be chat sute yet I search it hard to chat.
~ Chris Blackler
dollars hungry release..... this could not be on the apps shop. please remove it....after i install this i required to use my passwords again for the another apps... so please be carefull with this release.....
~ Dilshan samaranayake
better not install it, this is a prostitution app. almost 90% woman in this app do a prostitution bonus. and developer doesn't take much action about it. if they claim, i gotta report. it's better to do anything else than report each one.
~ Disha rahmady
It a nice app, but they, and don't message or respond on time, and a web don't need to claim someone to verify a avatar, I have been texting I don't see a respond yet, then even I wish to send message it don't allow me, a lot of scam over there too
~ Monica Annabella
This apps made me so glad. Witch I never made love dudes like another apps. Thanks a lot' i cant at all miss this apps.also sharing with dudes with nice b heart 😅😍🤩allow the joy continue s. this apps means, as having a woman dude to me. nice, wonderful apps for all, if once tried.thank you all
~ A Google user
i can only pick male or female as my gender, and only obtain recommended females. Not everyone is cis, and not everyone is straight.
~ Kaleb Elizabeth
be careful with this release.. they will ask your true password of gmail and others. and this apps really boring need points to continue chat. BS. careful guys better uninstall.
~ Random Me
It's a complete fraud! You aren't talking to the person in the picture (they've been stolen) and they're not really where they claim they're from. Isn't it a coincidence how all the females are all looking for a serious relationship?? 10 points last for an hour and then you're expected to buy more to talk to fake recipients who send you messages. Contacting help is a waste of time infact they should be the ones behind it all! Just stay well clear of this release! Avoid!!!
~ Simon Dupree
With this release you really can't create dudes. There's hundreds of women selling pics for dollars like wth is this release for. I reported a dozen of players and only 1 got banned Like seriously is like a prostitutes release...
~ Deadly Gaming
Guys I see ya need support with the spamming and the fake accounts if ya allow me support you and create me admin I can create your life easier I can identify these fakes with ease and have reported more then 200. I can go undercover for you because I'm very nice at protecting players from these exploiters
~ Raul Vializ
well this release is nice but its kinda waste of dollars. 10p for an hour chatting and its hard to obtain it after ypu finished the quest thingg or whatever. if you buy VIP, you could ready to bring around $99 or $199 maybe. dude this release just for rich recipients tho
~ Satria Bagas
Hello I hope you increase the points of every person because I usually do not search enough points to talk and acquaintance with dudes around the globe as well as the development of newest apps and gigantic points also I have trouble I forgot my password support
~ gb gamer