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About: - Galaxy S7/S8/Note8/S9/Note9 owners: Tap [Settings] > [Cloud and accounts] > [Smart Switch] to launch Smart Switch App. * Smart Switch App is already preloaded on Galaxy S7/S8/Note8/S9/Note9 device. Smart Switch gives you the freedom to transport your contacts, song, pictures, calendar, text messages, device settings and more to your newest Galaxy device. Plus, Smart Switch supports you search your favoured apps or recommend related ones on Google Test. Who can transfer? Mobile owners - Wireless transfer: Mobile 4.0 or higher - Wireless transfers from a compatible Mobile device to Galaxy device: Mobile 4.0 or higher (Note that non-Samsung devices with Mobile versions lower than 6.0 can only connect with Galaxy devices that help a small AP.) - Wired transfer: Mobile 4.3 or higher, charger cable, and a USB connector iOS owners - use the option thats finest for you ... Show more
Genre: Tools Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 25MB Developer: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
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About: Meme generator is best application for generating or creating funny and trending posts for any social media. This meme generator allows you to send message or to ask any question with fun approach. Nowadays meme creator is the need for social media platforms. Actually it is simple and easy method to make funny posts and to share with others or on social media. so this application is full of fun and joy. This meme generator is easy and simple to use because it has different built in pictures and...

Developer: We Soft [email protected]

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About: Here, you can tell, you can listen, you can pass the blessing. Here, you can release your other side as much as you can. Throw it away if you are not interested in it. You can tell your truth at will....

Developer: YangYang [email protected]

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Developer: RM-DIV [email protected]

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About: Com o Novo App 99 Para Motoristas voc consegue corridas ainda mais prximas, recebe alertas aprimorados de zonas de risco e consulta os seus ganhos em tempo real! Baixe agora para se conectar a passageiros e tenha a oportunidade de ter autonomia profissional, chances de aumentar sua renda e horrio flexvel. Aproveite o seu carro particular ou txi para ganhar dinheiro! Dirigir para a 99 vai te trazer independncia financeira e muitos outros benefcios. O processo de cadastro simples e...

Developer: 99 Tecnologia LTDA [email protected]

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About: APUS Message Center is one of the best free unified messenger app for android. It helps unify and manage all messages from SMS, WhatsApp, Gmail and 3rd party apps. It includes message management, notification mamagement, contact manager, dialer and call log. It will completely bring you a fuss-free experience. You can not only manage all kinds of messages (SMS, WhatsApp, Gmail, Yahoo mail, and 3rd party apps), but also find your contacts easily and make a phone call or view your call log in ...

Developer: APUS Group [email protected]

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About: Extreme fast battery saver is a Free Fast Battery Charging application which helps you to maintain battery life much longer and boost your battery charging speed up to 50% faster. When your plugging device Super Fast Charger automatically open. When enabling fast battery charging mode it kills all background running application, services and it also disable Wi-Fi, blue tooth, 3G, location reduces brightness up to minimum which helps to boost your battery charging speed. When your close applic...

Developer: zeeworkers [email protected]

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About: Photo Hider is a greate app to help people to keep their privacy. It is designed by App Hider Team and originally be a build-in module in App Hider. App Hider is a big app. If you only want to hide your Photos / Videos / Pictures Photo Hider is the best option. Features: Hide Photos / Videos - Just tap + button in Photo hider to import private photos / videos from your Gallery Super Secure - All Photos and Videos imported into Photo hider are encrypted by Photo Hider. And they can not be di...

Developer: Hide Apps (NO ROOT) [email protected]


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Developer: ParallelAxiom [email protected]

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About: Paladin Card Protection is made by people who play games and make games. That gives us a unique perspective, and combined with our sleeve production experience, that allowed us to set a new industry standard for sleeve packs! Our app will help you to find exact type and number of packs needed to sleeve all your favourite games!...

Developer: NSKN Paladin [email protected]

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About: Super Magnifier Zoom Camera - LED Flashlight app helps you to enlarged view of any small object and take a picture. It is a magnifying glass with light using the zoom and the flash of the camera and the screen zoom. The screen zoom permits the use of the camera image/ photo/ picture Magnifier in devices with camera that does not implement zoom. In devices it gives extra zoom to image and improves its quality. This magnifier zoom with flashlight app used to magnifying the objects with focus ma...

Developer: Welcome Apps Studio [email protected]

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About: Are you looking for Amazing Santa Claus live Wallpapers to spice up your device? Now enjoy winter snowfall season on your home screen. This beautiful Santa claus live Wallpapers HD app has an amazing collection of "free christmas santa wallpapers HD" for your android mobile phone or tablet, so hurry to Android app market and get it now! Beautiful background wallpaper of winter snow, Xmas gifts and lights, frozen fountains and playful little snowflakes all around your phone display! Choose you...

Developer: Cuddy [email protected]

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About: This is the best app lock apps with pin and pattern password for the phone. It works as a gallery locker video and photos, which helps you lock gallery picture and video, prevent unauthorized access to your library. In particular, you can set up the app locker fingerprint and password or PIN. App security lock will guarantee 100% privacy for you. Key benefits of application lock app Fingerprint lock app hide pictures and videos apps 100% Confidentiality of your social network...

Developer: Rene Edonley [email protected]

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About: Ultra Super Fast Charging is a FREE battery saving app that helps extend your battery life up to 50% by finding apps and settings that drain power on your device. Professional, easy to use, Battery Saver keeps your Android phone going longer, provides you with detailed battery information, and uses our unique 3 Stage Charging System to keep your battery healthy. Enjoy the incredible power boosting experience and never worry about your phone battery again! Features of Ultra Super Fa...

Developer: AitMedia [email protected]


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About: Why All Social media & Networks in one app 2019? If you are actively using 5 or 10 social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest etc, then you need to install individual apps for each social media in your mobile device. And obviously each social media app will consume your space, battery and internet through back end services, to avoid all these problems we introduce "All Social media & Networks in one app 2019". You just need to install only one app "All Social m...

Developer: Venus Star [email protected]

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About: F-droid for android...

Developer: 3D2Y RD [email protected]

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Developer: Joy U Apps [email protected]

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Developer: Alain Fontaine [email protected]

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About: AndFTP Pro unlocks advanced features for AndFTP application. AndFTP is a FTP, FTPS, SCP and SFTP client. It provides commands to rename, delete, set permissions on remote files and folders. It can upload or download files and folders recursively. It supports RSA and DSA keys for SSH. You need AndFTP free installed. Features in Pro version are SCP support, folder synchronization, custom commands and import settings from file. Pro version acts as an unlock key, it does not have any icon and you...

Developer: LYSESOFT [email protected]

Similar Apps Like LLDM Himnario Lite Alternatives
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About: Himnario Lite. Interfaz amigable y facilidad navegacin. No necesita conexin a internet para funcionar. Agrega himnos a seccin favoritos. Configura tamao y tipo de letra. Descarga y reproduccin de himnos. Prximamente se aadirn ms funcionalidades. Esperamos que esta aplicacin le sea de mucha utilidad, es una herramienta ms para alabar y glorificar el nombre de Dios....

Developer: JCHT [email protected]



Samsung Smart Switch Mobile Reviews and Comments:

Disappointed launch box experience. With a newest Samsung device buy and spent over an hour tried to use cable (tried 4 of them!) and wireless (just hearing hissing sound) and not able to create connection with other Mobile 6.0 device. They seems to have reply with every another (screen changes) but never able to create full connection. Nice attempt by Samsung with high expectation. But failed to execute and gives terrible experience.
~ Derek Kwan
This release never fails me. It usually transfers everything I need from my old device to a newest one. I actually dont have to lose old pictures and memories that I love to look back on...thank you!
~ Kimberly Napolitano
just got 2 newest Samsung devices and used this release to pull in the picture gallery. it missed hundreds of them. Fortunately they all are on Google pictures.
~ Toni Loving
This made a 3-idea Tablet swap simple. It was speedy from a S9+ to S10+ but I was blown away by how speedy it was from a a S4 to S9+. I understand that the capacity of the S4 is nothing to the S9+ but the timer stated 4 hours and then quickly went to 1 hour and completed in 35mins. Everything was there and settings were close enough given the different versions of Mobile. Sticking with Samsung because of this release. Besides 5stars it gets an A+.
~ Robert Santiago
The transfer from my CorePrime4 to my J3 was amazingly speedy and simple and really took the stress out of my day! Even wireless, the process took less than 5 mins and I even got to hold my wallpapers and contact pictures!
~ Eden Prince
fab release.all my song.4000+ songs and playlists.all my pictures and contacts .call history etc.and installed apps moved to my newest device in less than 30 minutes. wonderful release.just what I required to obtain everything on my newest device.
~ steve buckingham
it just plain wouldn't work. I was just trying to switch my device over to other one and the wireless switch didn't work, and i didn't have the equipment to do the wired. i would have used the provided code option, but i didn't have any where to imput it.
~ AnnaBelle Ericsson
simple to use for mobile players, click sync and wait, about twenty mins for it to process all the time transfer but convenient enough to use, instead of bluetoothing everything one by one. I have suggested this release to everyone I know that has an mobile device.
~ Cody Watts
Nice usually use it , be great if you can add night mode on this release since all the newer Samsung devices have night mode.
~ Ruben
easy, automatic. some overlap with things that already switch with google but this works with iPhones too!
~ John Watson
I do not know what happened to this release but it used to be one of the finest utensils on my PC for my device. But with the newest modernization, I can no longer transfer time to my PC because I continuously obtain errors. Keeps claiming me that there's an modernization failure on my device's part yet no indication of such modernization. I have tried each technique I should about 10 times before giving up. I'm running on 8.0 so Samsung you need to fix your release cause it's a pile of dog sheet right actually.
~ AsapKarma
I've usually used this release when I got a newest device and usually it takes less than an hour. but I got a galaxy s10 yesterday because my s9 got wrecked terrible and would cost more to repair than upgrade (I drove off with it on the hood of my car) and it has so far taken 12 hours and it's only 48% done. There is no idea i have this much on my old device that it could take this long. maybe it's because my old device is super damaged? but I also dont see why that could be a trouble either.
~ Kayla Cochran
After some failed attempts to install on old device, some failed attempts to obtain devices to connect well (wireless worked, where cabled failed numerous times) all my "equipment" got switched over. Overall, less hassle than manually doing it all. Check, test again.
~ Lincoln G
The connection between a Huawei P8 lite(mobile 6) and S9 wasn't possible. Not by time transfer cable(tried 2 different ones) not by wireles. It claimed use the pin below..there was no pin below that I should use. I have worked in a device shop and succesfully done smartswiches easily but this one was impossible. Two dudes suggested that I test Tablet Clone Soft, wich I will.
~ Raluca Hentiu
I lost a substantial amount of my contacts but using this release. I am actually trying to figure out if I can restore them. I am baffled by this transfer considering it was supposed to be a mirror ver of my previous device.
~ Erica Davenport
doesn't work at all. modernization. I downloaded this to transfer or backup to my pc. a Macbook. but it never finds the device. I tried all the tricks on the internet and nothing worked. I have to self send my pics or upload them and then dowload them...
~ Eleana B.
doesnt allow me tranfer time. it claims to insert the pin, but it doesnt allow me pick to recieve/give time. how the hell do i do it manually if it doesnt give me the choice to??
~ FrostyDragonSlayer 132
-5 stars! I have a nexus 6p and wanted to transfer the time into a newest device. my brother had used the device before me so i just created a newest player for me to use it because that would've been the easiest option. turns out you can't transfer the time of other player in samsung switch, it has to be the admin player. this annoys me for many reasons and I really hope Samsung fix this because i need to actually save all pictures to drive and transport them with drive(makes a large mess)and restart all releases.
~ Green
Used it twice for transferring old device to my newest device, it was simple and caused me no headaches. I stay with Samsung mainly because of the ease of transfer when I upgrade its seamless and I would suggest over any back up and restore soft.
~ Sandra Howe
Smart switch is a disaster. Dont use. Transfering time from a device it managed to create a mess of the device. Deleted many apps from home page, bizarely including samsung apps and shop !!! I picked to copy pictures but it only copied a several in one obscure folder.
~ Peter S
DO NOT USE. Purchased 2 newest devices, downloaded release on every device to convert things over. Soft messed up converting settings, network stats internally and had major troubles trying to modernization apps, kept getting messages download pending, waiting for wifi etc. 6 days since I purchased my devices and I'm still trying to modernization tools on every device. apps obtain hung up downloading. Usually I modernization an release, device has to be restarted to complete process. This release is a nightmare.
~ Maureen Johnson
I just wanted to transfer stats from my SD card to my newest device but it wouldn't allow me transfer them by their folders which meant I would have to spend hours organizing them into folders again. no thank you, I will do it on the pc. another than that, it was simple to connect and simple to use. why can't we transfer the stats by folders instead of individual documents? if we should do that I would use it but instead I am uninstalling.
~ Yvonne Shannon
A problem-nonpaid delight in transferring from old to newest, avoiding hours of frustration.
~ Tom Turner
I've usually used smartswitch and even back when it was Samsung Kies. nice release, nice functionality.
~ Clyde Barrow
Worst release i have ever use. Constantly getting reports on an unknown error. Stopped syncing my contacts about a year ago and still unable to fix. Constantly getting errors that it cannot search my Outlook time, but it has never bee moved. Time to give up on Samsung and obtain a newest device from a quality company.
~ Stephen Kwiatkowski
Did not backup important release time. I did the backup before upgrading my os. I found out it only kept the apps but not the valuable time from them. I am sick as I required the time from the apps which is forever gone actually. This was time consuming and misleading to a large mess.
~ 김 C. 金에리카 Erica 艾丽卡
I have been using Samsung device and Mobile devices. I have a newest bank profile with Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Smart profile . I am a very much appreciate if they can support me to obtain the right direction to obtain the finest for me to use this Smart Acc of Commonwealth Bank of mine
~ Carmelita Goutzoulas
SAMSUNG! THERE IS NO "UNCHECK" CAPABILITY. VOICE/VIDEO HISTORY & CONTACTS CANNOT BE SEPARATED IN THIS VERSION. The release FORCES players to transfer CONTACTS along with CALLS. The option alluded to, to separate them does not exist. Consider the customer who wants to transfer the contact list to a device that doesnt have device capability. Think beta play! "Send Anywhere" transfers in 15sec what you need 4hrs to do! CUDOS for maintaining "Groups".
~ marc krigel
A several settings and apps were missed, but about 90-95% of the content on my old device was successfully transferred. The home screen layout I had was even preserved along with the wallpaper! While not PERFECT this release is so fluid at migrating to a newest device compared to any another solution I've used before, and I've used quite a several of them😉
~ Christine Lyles
Revising. Repeated troubles with multiple contacts, missing pics from my Samsung J7 to a Samsung Galaxy S8+. (Don't like the S8+ device. Screen size & color next to my J7 is sad, device simple to hurt & hard to fit). Still this was an easier transfer of "my equipment"as the Smart Switch calls it. Works esp. if used within the Samsung family. Mine contains Notenook9 laptop so things moving around easier is very GOOD! It brought my wall papers from Gallery picture collections right over too!
~ A Google user
I had an LG X Charge. I did the wireless transfer. it was speedy and simple. it transferred and installed all the apps from my another device. I was impressed with how simple it was. (the only thing to do actually is remember/ restart my passwords as I can't remember them all 😂)
~ Melissa Hoff
I can't trust I didn't know this release existed. I just purchased the S10 Plus and figured I would test using Smart Switch, not really knowing how well it would work. In a matter of mins, everything transferred from my S9 Plus to my newest one. When I turned my newest one on, everything was set up exactly the idea it was on my old one. Including the lock screen and home screen wallpaper, my apps were all in the same order they were on the old one. I didn't have to do a thing. 👍🏻👏🏼
~ Kelly Anne Martel
Extremely satisfied with this release. It's one of those apps you don't use daily but the day you need to out pays off in large. I transfer devices when they need a insurance swap, or numerous series upgrade later. Today was one of those days. I'm so glad the asp was in there from last swap. All my Google backed apps reinstalled intact; those that weren't were backed in drive our drop box. Those another backed up appsI at least had the sheet or docs file. Thanks designers large round of applause to you
~ Pedro PAC Collazo
I have previously used this release many times to transfer time between devices. It used to be speedy and simple. The newest modernization has left it fully nonfunctional. Even spending time with Samsung help was useless. I had to transfer time to my PC and from the to my newest device, which was neither speedy nor simple. I want I should give it negative stars.
~ Julia Katzke
You have fully destroyed a perfectly nice release and compromised my personal stats. I wanted to transfer 6 pictures from my s4 to my coworker's tabs2, which we have done many times in the past. I picked the 6 equipment to be transfered, pressed done and then send. By the time we realized what was going on smart switch transfered all my contacts, correspondences and personal videos to his device. I would not suggest this release to anyone. This has been a gigantic trouble and it breached my policies.
~ Ron Hiebert
EPIC FAIL! I tried to use this release to transfer the time from my old Galaxy J3(2016) to my newest Galaxy A40. Four attempts to feedback the two failed. At the fifth attempt a connection was finally made. The screen showed that the transfer would take 11 mins. After 2 mins a message came up "connection lost" and after that each attempt to connect failed. I finally gave up and successfully transferred my apps using my Google profile. To be clear, there was no trouble at all with my wifi connection
~ William Skinner
i am not glad with sumsang!!😠😠 i don't know what on World is wrong it!! i may sound like a hater but i am not, i am fed up!! The device have zone trouble and i've turn off auto-modernization but to my surprise it still modernization apps nevertheless!!😠😠 I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO NOW CAUSE IT GIVES ME PROBLEMS AND I'VE JUST BOUGHT THIS PHONE 1 MONTH AGO!! and to fix the mess i tried to uninstall some of the uselessapp on my device like Fb but i can not
~ H M
This release is great! I have used it many many times with no troubles. The recipients who are having a trouble with it gotta either be too dumb to use it properly, or they're using an old outdated devices with perhaps an old incompatible Mobile firmware versions or even release soft versions! There are many another "dumb proof" ways you can use to transfer your files instead. Samsung cloud, Google cloud, onedrive, drop box.......etc are just several examples!
~ Noneof Yourbusiness
Most of the time, artists don't load the songs I've saved. If it decides to work, I'll test a song and then the list of saved songs disappears again. Ever since modernization I've also been unable to unsave songs in my library.
~ Eric Hilfiger
the release is wonderful. I've used it to support recipients transfer stats multiple times. it's simple use, you just have to read the instructions, or look at what is picked. if you don't wish it deselect it in the icon. even can do it over cable
~ christopher Trappett