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About: Ready to run your running training & fitness activities? Lace up your running shoes and track distance, time, speed, elevation, calories burned and another details with the Runtastic running release. Run by tracking your runs in the nonpaid ver & benefit from numerous needed informations: * Receive audio feedback from the Voice Coach in the running release. * Monitor your running details to analyze your training patterns. * Set your Yearly Running Target & well support you to reach it with your run tracker. * Track miles for your running shoes & well allow you know when its time to obtain a newest pair. * Join a group & run with dudes. * Engage in a tiny friendly contest & check the Leaderboard to see which of your dudes has run the farthest * Run a Runtastic activity directly from your wrist. Runtastic is completely optimized for Mobile Wear 2.0, integrated with Garmin Con ... Show more
Genre: Health & Fitness Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Runtastic
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Runtastic Running App & Mile Tracker Reviews and Comments:

Modernization sucks. Thought upgrading it would fix my GPS troubles but it didn't. I can't expand the map and there's no elevation metric another than loss or gain. Actually I need other release for that.
~ Name Less
The release keeps stoping during my running session when I run it at background. It makes me lose my true distance and maybe the calories burned. Please fix the bugs
~ Dodo Gonzaga
Worked nice the 1st time I used it, but mileage was more than .5 miles weak. Then it upgraded, actually as quick as I started it it shuts off GPS and only intermittently runs. While it trys to reconnect time runs twice as speedy. I gave up after a mile, it reports .14 miles at 12 mins. I give up.
~ AJ Suter
Runtastic is a wonderful release, accurate . Never forget to read their blog as well, it covers everything on fitness enthusiasts can crave.
~ A Google user
used to be nice. on my most newest run it wouldn't claim me what distance i was currently tracking. it only gave time, pace, and calories. Incredibly frustrating since i was mid run when it started glitching.
~ Erick Grant
The release is nice and I normally love using the voice coach especially for the run to run plan, but in the second to third minute it malfunctions and just claims anything and everything on a loop and then I fail the target of the workout which is quite annoying considering I just started.
~ Bianca Schnetler
i love the voice interaction where the Soft upgrades you on distance travelled time taken and calories burned. Runtastic is wonderful! The Gps mapping is very accurate to a meter or so. live tracking is awesome! I have tried so many apps which have usually failed. I had Runtastic some years back but lost my device. When i got other device i downloaded so many Tools that looked like Runtastic but are not (I had forgotten the name) It took me long to obtain it by trial and error. When i did loved it!
~ john njeru
I am using this release in launch zone, suddenly it claimed GPS signal lost? My small signal is full and able to launch youtube but your release can not obtain GPS signal.. really poor.. not accurate in calculating the distance.
~ Ethan Hunt
this release really got me going. At 48, and having stopped exercising for almost 5 yrs, I thought Id never do any sports again, just too hard to stay motivated and obtain off the chair, but thanks to this release and my body weight refusing to go below 100kg, I can hold close track of my improvements. its a true driver!
~ Kasodapp Zeewant
I have been using the release for a while actually. It is an awesome recorder with all the essential time. Only 4 stars as the information of sharing your run annoys me. A bit patronising but should be just me otherwise enjoy! !
~ Marian Serban
After trying many apps, Runtastic has become my go-to release to track all my sports activities, whether I use the map & GPS to go running outside or to log my gym activities. May I recommend to add one gym activity which has made a gigantic return in all the clubs I use and is not present in your list: the stairmaster or climbmill. I would love to be able to differentiate this from treadmill or elliptical or another. Any chance of seeing it added quick? Thanks anyway ofr a wonderful release!
~ Catherine Laugel
I used this release last year and it was so and so. Couldn't lock my device because it would pause the activity. I should work with that, kept the device unlocked. Reinstalled it recently for a 10k run and had to restart it 3 times as it kept pausing again and again. Gave up in the end and completed the run without it.
~ Annamaria Nyaradi
Fully disrespects Customer Policies. It wants to know my birthday and register me. Why? Why can't I track my sport activities privately? Are they policies haters? The only option which can be disabled - flooding my actual route into web for "nonpaid cheers". Quite unsafe equipment. And it offers spamming me in different ideas (you can turn it off later). Annoying amount of different informations, many useless. And lack of some obvious things. I can make route photo but I can't export it as a picture easily. No many ideas of export.
~ Alumashka Rodionova
Soft loses GPS signal easily and what's the most disturbing — silently. So I often miss the entire track just because of the woods at the run of the session. That's a pity, 'cause I've liked UI a lot, but as the main function doesn't work properly I have to uninstall the release and switch back to other.
~ Oleksii Malovanyi
finest workout tracking release. includes all the needed stats such as distance covered, time taken, calories Burt, live territory tracking etc together
~ Prarthana Dutta
Its been a while since I used this release. What a disappointment, trying to upsell me to super to obtain informations you should previously obtain for nonpaid is terrible. Knowing that doesn't improve the proposition.
~ Thomas Clark
I really love the app has all the informations im looking for, the inly hiccup is that the sync between watch release and device release happens in intervals would be nice to have the same stats on watch even when I star workout from device release.
~ Gerson Sosa
Did my first run today on a paid subscription. The voice coach got stuck and was rambeling random commands in my ear like a stuck record. Not great for a first time run.
~ brendon hoy
It can't accurately hold track of the correct distance, it overestimates your time and underestimates the km you've done, making your run quite frustrating.
~ Ottavia Epifania
very nice Soft hold track of your activities along with long term history. showing important details of mins per km, comparison with previous months and tracking your target effectively.
~ Nishant Shah
I only use the nonpaid ver and its reallt nice for tracking distance, time and elevation. i also like how it Claims you when you hit a mile.
~ Michael O'Malley
Nice release as ever
~ Christian Bissacco
I love the integration of all the super apps. however, I the strength workouts in my plan are usually too hard. and it seems a random plan, instead of an adapted one, according to my lvl, or feedback.
~ Diana Buitrago
When I bought the release some years ago, the pause when stop was standard. Actually after an modernization it suddenly disappeared and I have to pay a monthly fee to obtain it.
~ Mandis Hatzistilis
I love how I can customize multiple interval training sessions. I'm currently returning to running after an injury and am following a run/walk tool that changes everyday. I can set up days and days of training sessions ahead of time then just pick the one I need as I'm on my idea out the door. Another apps I have used would only save one training session and I would have to change it each time I ran.
~ erin boles
The informations on this release are needed, but it's really slow. Would also be much better if there were a idea to turn off the locking information or create it easier to unblock. It usually takes me few attempts to unblock it at the end of a run, which throws off the time effects.
~ Anya Noble
it is observed that release stops tracking mid of run. and also observed release it getting minimized even though we haven't done any operation after starting the run except locking screen using side button. once we unblock the screen we won't see runtastic. if i launch release once again it will present recent workout run..while trying to exit it will ask whether to resume earlier workout which will not have full run stats
~ harish Tiruvile
There are no options to make a custom workout, just to set distance or duration. Also the GPS tracking is not correct, it is now showing less than true, I have checked it by a car or another apps...
~ Dalibor Stamenkovic
Mostly nice, however a several improvements are: 1) History - Add a 'day' distance total option to existing options of week, month, year & all. My everyday distance target is 10km; sometimes this is over 6 or more walks, so I have to add them manually. 2) Details - Average & full speed written to 2 decimal territories, rather than 1. Eg 7.89km/h rather than 7.8km/h 3) ERROR: Details - Sometimes full speed is less than average speed. I have many examples. Others to follow if developer is interested.
~ John Bradley
Its a nice release to hold tracking your training and your local community activities, has a lot of challenges during the year, keeps you learning posting blogs about nutrition, how to prevent injuries, how to improve your run, how to obtain stronger, and much more :)
~ Ana Paula Mendoza Urrutia
It was nice once. Actually it has lots of bugs and troubles. Sometimes voice couch run to read each possible text it has in a never ending loop during interval training. Cancelling subscription is very flustrating. you need to make service request then launch correspondence then launch feedback and then kind your password. why? and what if you are logged in via facebook or google? Restart password correspondence is containing wrong feedback to restart password. going back to Endomondo
~ Mateusz Mańka
Really cool release, even the nonpaid ver has all you need for your running sessions, lots of options, you can even register your shoes to hold the track of the km and claim you when to change them. The only downside for me is the pay ver, I think it's a tiny too expensive for what it offers, I happily stay with the nonpaid ver 😁
~ Armando Rosales Machado
So many options. Starting as a nonpaid player it was very needed. Tracking my progress and keeping my details for nonpaid, mapping my routes and giving upgrades along the route. As my workouts increased and i wanted more information and details super provided for a minumal cost. biking, running or walking you'll love it.
~ Jed Densman
It's a nice release at its core. So why 1 star? Because it's so BLOATED. It shows an banner for super on nearly each step, and when you wish to stop or run an activity, it throws a full screen window urging you to share the release on fb, and that makes recording your activity accurately impossible. I really wanted to like it, because it's nice at the core function - recording activity. But the amount of banners and bloat makes it impossible to use.
~ Hōtarō Oreki
Still has banners in the super ver, disgusting. Doesn't calculate miles for a time period or elevation correctly. So incredibly frustrating. Mostly using Garmin connect with my watch actually. Once I figure out how to extract the time from this release will never use it again. Also emailed help a several times never heard back from them.
~ Ahmad Badr
They modernized the release to present an banner for super often I go to run an activity. Oddly enough, at the same time they broke the sync to MyFitnessPal. None of my activities create it to MyFitnessPal, and this last time it didn't run logging my run until I was half a mile past where I started it. So there's absolutely no idea I'm paying for super or using this release anymore. I'll just use Strava from actually on.
~ Ryan Russell
I use this release for years, and it generally satisfies my needs. One thing that is really annoying though: when I run recording a newest run just off my door, it gives me a warning "GPS signal is low". I can happily ignore this, as after claim 10 seconds in the launch, it picks up the signal. Sometimes however, I run a run, pocket my small and do my usual round. Once at home I look at the release, and instead of having recorded my run, it is stuck at this stupid "GPS signal low" warning which apparently just popped up after I have started recording. Meaning no run was recorded... I would like to either being able to fully disabling this warning or at least it doesn't stop the release from recording (once a signal was picked up). This is a really annoying information.
~ Oliver Stoll
Mostly positive experience. Everything works as it could. The only trouble I've experienced is GPS distance tracked seems to be slightly less than actual. I run a 4.2km track most days and it usually logs 4.17km. If there's one information I'd want for, it's the ability to run and stop an activity using either voice or headphone remote button. Edit: HRM connects smoothly. No troubles. I want I can make a workout to goal a certain heart rate.
~ Azad Rahim
I just downloaded the release but when I test and log in with Fb it sends me back to the home screen, support would be appreciated??
~ Joe Penrose
it used to be a nice release. but for last several months its not functioning properly. activity gets paused anytime between the run and end up giving inaccurate measures. ive litterly stopped using this release actually.
~ mayank dubey