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Runtastic Results Strength Training & Bodyweight   
About: Ready for a change? Receive your dream body! Tailor your strength training & muscle workout to your schedule and fitness lvl. Run your first home workout without equipment today! * 7-45 min bodyweight workout. * Workout without equipment anywhere & anytime. * 180+ HD bodyweight workout videos including detailed instructions and a demo by a fitness trainer. * Muscle workouts with varying lvls of intensity tailored to your fitness lvl. * Home workout on the large screen using the release on your device or Chromecast. * Follow along with your muscle workout from your wrist on your Wear OS device. To do so, please create sure that you have the small release installed. Run with a standalone body weight workout (push ups, pull ups, sit ups and more) in the nonpaid ver or unblock all informations including the 12-week training plan with the Runtastic Additional Membership: * D ... Show more
Genre: Health & Fitness Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Runtastic
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About: Meditation for people who cant meditate! Take just a few minutes out of each day to bring yourself to a state of calm and wellness and balance your life using a combination of guided meditations and mindfulness techniques. The techniques are a simple, practical relaxation method for anyone. You will learn to manage the stress in your life and improve your overall health using a tool you always carry with you: your breathing. The deep breathing exercises we present in our app stem from the P...

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About: Maximize your Workout with this All-New Fitness App Featuring Jesus!! The Makers Fitness, powered by Always Evolve, features historys most inspiring person, combined with motion-capture and 3D modeling technology. Always Evolve believes that the body is a temple, so take care of it while standing alongside Jesus. Jesus Christ, is the ultimate workout partner during this rigorous program suitable for fitness enthusiasts of all shapes, sizes and workout experience! Does Jesus love yo...

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About: 2019 . () "2019 " 2019 ? , , , 2019 . !! . ^____________^...

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Runtastic Results Strength Training & Bodyweight Reviews and Comments:

This Soft combined with the YouTube videos has been nice to use at least for me.
~ Robert Wagner
Nice I was stuck in a rut. paid for this release and have been using it for 2 weeks. Down 6 pounds. I also love to be able to take the after workout pictures as well as the progress pictures. Thank you.
~ Nicole Wilson
Regret buying this release. The videos don't download and getting in touch with the developers is hard. Don't buy this, you got better apps elsewhere. Want there was an option to give them a negative star!!
~ A Google user
Great Release for better tracking
~ Morarji Desai
one of the finest fitness release....love to use it
~ Rohit Das
Quality release, easy to use. As the workouts progress they obtain really challenging so obtain ready to sweat! Few unfamiliar movements but the instructional videos create everything simple to wrap your head around. Very glad I chose this release and will be using it for a long time.
~ Ryan Pero
started using the release and it is unbelievable hope to see the effects in a couple of weeks.
~ Gustavo Saravia
So far so nice. I like that I can download exercises and customize a plan. I want I can pause workouts or rewind them once theyve started. It would also be great to remove certain ones that you may not like or search more hard to do at your exercise lvl otherwise Id give it a 5 star rating
~ Qiana M Davis
Really nice release!!! Nice exercise routines 😎
~ Jay Barbhaiya
Incredible release with training videos and customised plans. A gotta have for fitness enthusiasts.
~ Arun Sharma
in a month of doing this a got an 8 box
~ Sahvanna Ank
The run button in the workouts is greyed out. please fix this. waste of super
~ Akhil Panduga
I really dislike this release. Basically you pay a bunch of dollars each month to be claimed you are a failure. It gets idea to hard too speedy. Not the push yourself just a several more kind hard. The "you were glad because you should do a several of x exercises last week? ok actually this week you have to do 10 times that. lets see how you feel about yourself actually. you are pathetic." The Idea too Difficult button is broken and you have to fake through the whole session to even obtain a chance to press it.
~ Morgan Roney
this is a nice Soft. The tons and selection of exercises in a plan really work the specified zones of focus. On top of that, your plan is completely customizable. You would need an actual personal trainer to do better than this.
~ J Davis
Lost 3 kgs in 15 days!! Strongly suggest!
~ Yash Deep
i usually learn a newest exercise and obtain a nice workout!
~ Cheryl Washington
Nice release. Supports and walkthrough you from the bottom up!
~ Matt Erville Mendoza
My favored training programmes. I don't have enough vocabulary to explain how nice it is :)
nice release, nice workouts. I want for a fitbit integration! Also for muscle group focus exercises or track the weights you can lift.
~ Helena Martín
so far I have been using nonpaid ver of the release and the informations seem to be nice but I couldn't see any result as I am not regular with the workout
~ Navdeep Agarwal
It's a nice release. Would like some minor changes, but it really works for me.
~ Juan Pablo Schneider
I love the proposed workout plans. The web is so player friendly. The videos are simple to follow.
~ Kheri Spence
I'll see how it goes I know it not nonpaid maybe if it's nice in the preview I'll buy it...
~ Anthony Carter
Been using this release for a couple of years actually, and it's nice.
~ Sun Tzu
this release has motivated me to workout and lower my blood pressure and loose weight
~ Joe Daly
on my idea to my finest me ever in just 15 mins a day
~ Shae La Vie
very nice release for your workouts also covers a entire range of exercises.
~ Suyog Joshi
Its okay, but costs a fortune for their year-long plan.
~ Ady Sharma
Excellent release to hold you motivated while challenging you at same time. 100% recomended.
~ Faisal Manzoor
My partner has this on iPhone and has MUCH more access to work out plans. I'm going to download a different release - one that's about promoting health and fitness, rather than rinsing recipients of their dollars.
~ Craig Bailey
Not terrible but quite limiting. It's not usually saving the workout I've done for my training plan, so I have to skip through it again, and then I can't go onto the next one because you're limited to 1 a day. Allow down by bugs
~ Dafydd Miller
Editing the review actually after my subscription trouble has been resolved by the tech help squad. Earlier I was not able to access super informations even though I had purchased the yearly plan. But actually the trouble is resolved. Thanks for the support
~ Dipendra Rathore
i really like the amount of exercises that are available and the fact that it combines them per zone of your body you wish to goal. However it's a shame that you can't repeat previous sets that were made in the workout originator
~ Miguel Policarpo
I received an correspondence that all workouts in the workout collection are nonpaid. That is not real! There are some workouts launch but everything beyond Charlie is super. The videos for the moves are also not nonpaid. What's the target?
~ DrQTiE
i use the release as alternative during days I cannot run. I haven't explored it much yet but I hope we should save the work outs from the workout originator. not sure how it assigns the routine. anyway, I didn't know I should sweat a lot in just 15 minutes.
~ ferdie cortez
tried a couple workouts at different lvls. kicked my butt! nice variations for whatever you wish.
~ Pastor Robert Kaczmarek
To my knowledge I have never used this release before but it claims that my correspondence is already in use. So I test to use my correspondence and all my usual passwords but nothing works. I tried to retrieve my password twice and it never sent an correspondence. Please support me fix this, I have sent an correspondence. Edit: The "customer service" sent some standard correspondence with a feedback to the blog. There was nothing on the blog to support my login troubles and I had the same troubles as when I tried to login to the blog itself.
~ Crystal Gregg
paid for the 1 year membership and then cancel the subscription due to i wish to remove my credit card stats from google shop. it appeared that my membership was lost and very very very hard to contact the help squad. 4 days actually and my trouble is not be helped and fixed
~ Nattaphong Meesap
It wasn't a fit for me. signed up for super for a 12 week personalized plan. There is idea too much going on during the tool workouts. a timer at the top counting down, as well as a timer on every exercise counting up. the person in the video shows you the exercise a couple times then stops. its distracting. its also confusing as to when you could be doing reps and when you could be completing the time if you have voice coach off. plus separate release for cardio, too complicated.
~ Allison Neusch
It is a really nice release,the finest is the 12 weeks plan. The upgrades have been nice, you have all the how-to videos and the workout collection actually in its own page and another nice option is the workout originator, just would be nice to add that the player can also decide the workouts to do, just pick up some excercise from the list choice quantity or time and make the own workout. Anyway, thank you for the nice release!
~ Ivan Alexis Esparza Juarez