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About: Everyone. Each run. Join the community that supports recipients obtain out the door and stick with running forever! Track exercise, set targets, sweat, and see progress along the idea. Whether youre working your idea up to tracking a 5K target or deep into marathon training, use the GPS release trusted by 50 million players and counting. OVERVIEW Track Workouts - Go for a run, walk, jog, cycle, or any activity really. With GPS, youll obtain a clear view of your training in true time. Set Targets - Have a race, weight, or pace in mind? We can coach you to obtain there. Follow a Plan - We have personalized routines to fit into your busy schedule. And useful reminders, just in topic. Stay Motivated - Join challenges, snag exercise rewards, and share achievements with your dudes. See Progress - This entire running thing works. Youll see the sweat and well present you the numbe ... Show more
Genre: Health & Fitness Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: ASICS Digital, Inc.
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Runkeeper - GPS Track Run Walk Reviews and Comments:

Prior to this last modernization it has been nice. Actually its shuts off and does not track my progress. I've been Tryon to run a faster mile but it's impossible without a reliable release. Please fix.
~ miguel rodriguez
Read some of the reviews and i am having the same troubles with some of the players . It does not recognize the route i am running even with the gps signal being very nice . Tried two times , both is a failure . Fix it please as this is the only running release i used.
~ Tay Johan
(modernized,below my orig review) I just switched from a small iphone to a large mobile. I want the screen were scaled smaller so more would fit on the screen rather than everything just being bigger. I have to scroll as much as I used to on the iphone. UPDATE: It makes no sense that we can't record shoes for walking, only for runs. I often use the same shoes! Also, while I like and use Fix GPS, it cuts too many corners. Please consider allowing players to edit the route points like Map My Run does.
~ A Google user
3 weeks before my first half marathon, my subscription timed out so they got rid of my training plan. im trying to research how i could finish my training, but im reading a lot of mixed recommendations. i thought that was an annoying thing that they did without warning. also the tracking is not reliable.
~ Deanna Apap
Recipients who claim its trash are staright up lying. It's nice running, it's a nice support!!! i really love how you can change the voce that announces your splits, super needed!! The challenges are a nice workout, mentally and physically. I suggested downloading this release than any another release out there.
~ Vanilla Spice
Have been using for a week actually. Cute accurate. But automatically shuts down and stops (doesn't even pause) at activity when the camera is opened while an activity is ongoing. Need to address this to earn that bonus star.
~ Parth Shah
HELP! recently RunKeeper keeps ending my activity no matter how many times I restart it. I have logged over 1700 activities and have never had this trouble. I modernized the tool, restarted my device and the trouble continues! I have Samsung Galaxy S9. Is this a known trouble and are you working on correcting it?
~ mary savage
I switched MapMyRun a several years ago but recently it was not accurately plotting my courses as it only appears to mark coordinates too far apart. I've tried different suggested options to no avail. when I use Runkeeper concurrently it works nice while Mapmyrun continues to fail. I'm switching back to Runkeeper.
~ Ron Merrell
There was a time when this was a nice release. Actually it stops tracking my run between a half lap and a lap into my run. It will notify me some hours later that I have a run in progress. My average speed it claims is 0.00 miles/hour, which is disappointing, but on the flip side I'm satisfied that I'm actually running for 6+ hours. I intend to use a stopwatch, or possibly other release going forward. Thank you for the nice runs. Definitely deserves a second star for old times' sake.
~ Adam R
Initialiy I was very excited when I downloaded it. But when I run the release during my activity , it gets closed within mins & I only come to know when I look at my device to know my distance / time , I am fed up and thinking of deleting this release ..
Is 2019 and this release still doesn't have a volume control inside the release. I use it for running and like when the audio cues are triggered by time or distance but the volume is too loud. Louder than the song I am listening and it hurts my ears each time. Will change rating to 5 stars when a volume slider is added. modernization: It is documented in the Runkeeper blog that audio volume can be adjusted in ios but not in Mobile.
~ A Google user
I never write release reviews but this deserves a 5 star review. I have struggled to be consistent with running previously and this release provides accountability and set guided runs which truly leave me with an itch to come back for the next one! lve learnt the importance of active recovery and as a beginner i just wanted to run as speedy and far as I should, but the guided run teaches you the importance of building endurance and using proper form. Absolutely love this release and worth each penny!!
~ Elise Jenkins
Straight and clean interface. Want I should customize the frequency of every audio stat so that only heart rate is given each one minute and only distance is given each mile. Right actually all of the details are given each time a time/distance trigger occurs. This is annoying because I wish to know my heart rate each minute but I don't wish to hear my distance each minute (each 1/8 of a mile).
~ Jimmie Allison
This release allows you to change to hundreds of different activities. You can add notes and pictures. Once you have dudes on the release you can see when they complete a workout and they can see when you do too. It keeps you accountable and motivated!
~ Jennifer Runyon
I really like the release! It works nice inside and outside! and the voice encouragement is nice and makes me laugh! Only want it uploaded or exported to Smashrun as I use that to track all my runs and I have to manually add runs from here. Otherwise a nice release!
~ Sheryl Roy
I used this release (nonpaid ver) for a long time as it allowed GPS tracking for nonpaid. Actually that's changed and it sucks as you can't do anything with it. Better to fix it guys - you are not the only release in the supermarket that had this nonpaid function!
~ Ruzica Jacimovic
Tracked activity from garmin watch can't linked with a training plan. I have to manually mark it as complete and then delete the"true" tracked activity. Very annoying when you subscribe for 1 year and pay 40 euros. Fix it and it will be a 5-stars release.
~ Costas Κ.
I got a newest device and installed this release on it. With my last one I was able to have it record the path I ran using my gps and actually it looks like you have to BUY something in order for it to do that. Unless I'm missing something (and I don't know how I should be) I am not completely pleased with whatever modernization changed that. I just wish it to use the gps to record where I ran so I can see it on the map and so the release can claim me the distance I've gone, but apparently I can't obtain that nonpaid anymore.
~ Destiny Collins
I have a Samsung Note 9 and I've used this release for years. Had my device sine last year, had no troubles but lately when I take a run, the release stops within the 1st minute or less. This is very frustrating cause it worked so well for many years!!!😡
~ Chris Wright
Love this release. Do have a several concepts on how to create it better. No zone to create recommendations....a 'where am I?'... information so trail entrances are simple to search...a mi-km switch for better choices...a zone where pictures taken can be labelled.
~ Barbara Tougas
Love all the tracking informations! Time, Distance, footsteps, elevation, how you felt on the run, weather, shoes, whether you ran w/a dude! Love the tiny progress achievements too! it Claims you each time a run was your fastest, your longest, or if you've been running more often! The notes information is also nice b/c I can write down exactly why a run felt the idea it did. Also letting me compare all my runs really motivates me to do better!
~ Lee Miller
I love Runkeeper. Very simple to use and has all the informations I wish. You can make custom workout timings and intervals and it'll prompt you when its time to switch. You can set it to give you pace or distance upgrades while running. You can even run your song from the release. Even the primary nonpaid ver gives graphs/charts of your pace after every run (broken down by distance and interval), and you can save notes too. Never going back to my old run trackers again!
~ Erin Dyson
Works very well on my Mobile device. Nice motivational software. Can not obtain my Garmin or Cardio Sport chest heart rate monitor to present up in devices. But it maybe because the HR monitors are not bluetooth. Does not harm to test it.. Think a serious or recreational runner would enjoy using this Soft.
~ Sailesh Patel
Have been using for years... Lately getting more and more unresponsive very sorry to claim. Actually hangs when I stop and it takes forever to save my activities. I can no longer use this release and am switching to mapmyrun and or fitbit, both of which are much more responsive in my device.
~ Robert Kraml
Nice idea, terrible execution. Everything on the release looks nice. The informations look wonderful. They would be if they worked. I've used this release three times actually in three days to track my runs. Two out of three times the thing stopped logging less than a mile down the way and I didn't know until I noticed it had definitely been more than 2 miles and didn't obtain any info. This is SUPER annoying.
~ Lauren Maverick
Modernized rating from 1 star to 3 star after response from development squad. It has not continued to stop my activities so far, hopefully it stays ok. Still, could not be required to adjust settings like this to obtain it working. ------------------------ Used to be a nice release. However, for some reason it actually stops an activity after approximately 1-1,5km
~ Van Do
it's a nice release. I obtain nothing is nonpaid, but everything beyond tracking costs dollars and they test to obtain you to buy in after each activity. it's just a bit much. still a nice release, just minorly annoyed about being reminded that I can't have all the informations.
~ S. DK
I have been using this Soft for 4 years actually. I am addictive for this during my running . Because of this Soft I improved my stamina and actually at the age of 55 years finished 5 half marathons (21 km).and time improved from 3 hrs to 2 hrs 30 min.Have already suggested this release to atl east two dozen recipients.
~ sudeep Goa
nice, as far as it goes... can't change activity kind (set walking, but now cycled)...nice for tracking running, walking & cycling, but another fitness activity input is onerous...gotta find dude list each time to add companion to activity... don't trust the supposed bonus benefit of membership is a nice value for the monthly fee
~ Stephanie Beard
this is the finest release ever. Its so motivating to now see your details and the zone you ran or walked or biked or whatever activity you did all mapped out. Its so simple to use and has a lot of cool tiny informations and notes to add to your activities. This release is a gotta for any amateur or professional athlete. Just using it improves my workouts. Love It !!!!!!
~ Tyler Pederson
awesome release not just for running. it tracks my weight too. wonderful help too. recently i had troubles with distance not recorded correctly in the release. the help staff from runkeeper didn't give up on supporting me resolve my trouble. turns out its due to my Mobile device default configuration for all apps to use gps in power saving mode. once i disabled it for Runkeeper all my runs were recorded correctly. hold up the nice work Runkeeper!!! i have been using it since 2012!
~ YH Mark
I've used this release for years and it's been nice up until the last modernization, actually it's useless. I see few another reviews where players are having the same trouble, it shuts down after a several mins and you are unaware until you look at your device or you realize that you haven't heard a progress report. I see the response is to check for power saver settings then contact customer help, I'll just change to other release.
~ Ramona Woods
I am training for my first half-marathon at age 59 and Runkeeper has been nice. I like how it gives me vocal upgrades each 5 mins with total time ran, actual distance and pace. The idea all runs are compiled makes it simple to see my training details; nice morale booster. I tried other release previously and only used it once, couldn't compare with Runkeeper.
~ Craig Sheely
So far so nice. First, I like the fact that you are able to track your everyday activities and the content would be, but not limited, from the distance, the speed and total calories burned. Second is the targets that was set for you. I think for beginners and for those who are resuming on beinf active they're really useful since you obtain to see effects which you can achieve and still pushes you but does not overwhelm you to the target of calling it quits and just stop altogether.
~ Captain Hook
Not worth paying for. I was a long time player of My Asics and loved it. I signed up for a year of Runkeeper so I should access the training plans for my upcoming half marathon. As it's owned by Asics I assumed it would be at least the quality of the nonpaid ver. Majorly disappointed! The plans seem fully random. I entered my last half time of 1hr50 and my goal of 1hr45 with 3 days training and was shown with a 8k 8k 8k of cute speedy times and the distance increased quickly. I'd had a lay off of 2 months due to injury so decided to place my most newest run in of 10k @ 5min30 pace. The predicted finish time was then 2hr10mins?? In addition I don't obtain any training reminders even though all info settings are turned on and I do obtain my training partner's run completion info. The worst though is that you can't see or change your plan on the web. This is a major omission and there have been no responses to this trouble on their help web over the last 9 months. None! I'm sure the nonpaid ver is nice for just tracking your runs but anything more than that, don't bother, it's not needed.
~ Mark Lalor
I have been addicted to this for many years, especially the audio cues with the informative Kat voice. Actually it is replaced by this unnatural and very disruptive british accent. Where is the old Kat? I halted in the middle of a steep climb and almost threw my device into the woods. Does it have something to do with my language options on the device? This is so terrible I have to switch release unless there is someway to have a decent voice back!
~ Robin Kristoffer Stang
Used this release a couple years ago and loved it. Just started using it again and its terrible. Never had GPS troubles the frist time, but this time it would not pick up my territory at all (runing the same route as before), and then it would randomly shut down whenever it felt like it. I'm going to have to search a newest release if it doesn't starting working quick.
~ tricia mcleod
I've used this release for a long time to track my runs and overall it has been nice. Recently, however, it will stop recording my runs if my device screen is in sleep mode/locked or if I run other release claim for song and leave runkeeper in the background. Never used to have a trouble with this and I'm not sure what happened. hopefully it gets fixed. May check out some another tracker apps to see if they experience the same trouble
~ Tyler Stephens
I like this release and use it to track my work outs. Very convenient to use. I like the ability to connect with dudes and help every another. Modernization: I really don't like the removal of notes displaying on the feed. A large reason I use it is to communicate with dudes and having to click into each activity to see whether they had a nice run or a terrible one is super annoying. Subtracted a star because this is a gigantic ding in useability for me.
~ Jennifer Seltenright
the release is nice but the subscription fee is not realistic. almost $10/month. forget about the yearly one.I mean reduce your fee if you wish to obtain more members, instead of getting barely several members a year. you guys wish to create large dollars very quickly thus forgetting that there are variety of apps like this one. I mean if you create it $2/month, I trust a lot of recipients all over the globe will subscribe. do the math.... dont obtain me wrong, I like you guys but do something about your fees. cheers
~ Frank Asseko