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About: Track and map each run with MapMyRun and obtain feedback and details to improve your performance. Find the finest running routes, save and share your favorites, and obtain inspired to reach newest running targets with a community of over 40 million runners. Whether youre a beginner looking to log your first mile or a seasoned runner, youll search the informations and softwares you need to stay on track and motivated along the idea. - Called one of the 25 finest lifestyle Mobile apps of 2016 by PCMag. - Featured in the NY Times, TechCrunch, Wired, & TIME. - Voted Finest Running Soft Readers' Choice on About.com. TRACK AND MAP YOUR WORKOUTS - Log over 600+ activities with the huge selection of activity types, including: running, cycling, walking, gym workouts, cross training, yoga, and more. - Receive audio feedback on each GPS-tracked run, with customizable voice feedback for d ... Show more
Genre: Health & Fitness Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 57MB Developer: MapMyFitness, Inc.
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Run with Map My Run Reviews and Comments:

Territory tracking is terrible. Come back from a 5k or 10k run to be shown you have travelled. 0.2km. Another Tools have tracked fine so it's not the device.
~ Liam Aitken
so far so nice. better than another apps I have tried. if only I should figure out how to obtain the map to work when cycling.
~ Gina Malone
like to claim it makes running fun but nothing can do that. nice release. simple to use and works.
~ darren madigan
Overall I like this release a lot, it does what you'd expect: tracks your run, and your calories burned. I love that this syncs with the MyFitnessPal release so all of my calorie stats is in one zone. Sometimes there's a delay on the voice feedback, so it Claims me my "workout started" after I've already been running for 20 metres, or it Claims me I've hit a kilometer marker a bit late. The GPS isn't usually 100% accurate either - each once in a while it jumps around on a run, but that's cute rare.
~ Amy Fransen
I use this release on my Samsung gear Sport. Great informations. But why does the time (captured in this release) not sync with Samsung Health? Was claimed time would sync across to S Health :(
~ Philip Ong
I just love running using this release. it is just like having a personal trainer, providing immediate feedback after my run. Nice!!
~ Doreen Georgestone
The release doesn't work well or consistently. it's not player-friendly either. I've contacted help many times with no respond. May 19: release is even worse actually. destroying all the time and won't present me my past workouts.
~ Karen Is
nice release - but you broke something in the newest modernization! The release actually crashes when I test to launch the Activity Feed. please fix so I can cheer on my dudes! AND...importing workouts on blog works nice EXCEPT something is off because it shows my avg pace at less than 5 min/mile when it's really 12 min/mile.
~ Carolinne Shaffer
the release doesnt present mile markers unless youre logged in on a pc. mileage summaries are hard to search for anything but a week at a time. im thinking aboit switching to nike.
~ Jesse Sharrard
love it!! especially with the connected shoes. tracks each run regardless if you launch the release or not, treadmill or way, it doesnt matter
~ Ryan Mann
set it and forget it...this release does everything--creates routes, times them, records notes, upgrades you on millage, pace and splits. Want I'd found it earlier!
~ Sandy Wolf
I from Ukraine. Please change in your drop-down countries, where your wrote Ukraine (non-Crimea) to Ukraine. You are breaking the law because Crimea is a part of Ukraine! You are violating the laws of both Ukrainian and American! Yours company gotta change this name.
~ Vlad Honchenko
after an upgrade, gps no longer works until halfway into my run. the distance and pace are no longer accurate.
~ Alice H
Not sure how accurate it tracks my runs, but I haven't really compared it to another apps simultaneously. For actually, I'm pleased. Doesn't work as well on my Galaxy watch.
~ Sonya Elaine
This release won't track distance as it used it. I have followed all instructions available online, as well as uninstalling and reinstalling the release.
~ Eileen O'Donnell
Essy to use, I like the focus on distance. Would be nice if you should find for routes for an zone you are going to rather than having to wait to arrive.
~ Judi Thompson
first run today, it lost gps signal about 10 min into an hour run and never picked the signal back up. the device was in the same pocket the entire time, I shouldn't have to stop to check the release is now doing what it's meant to.
~ Katie Brown
Nice release to use across multiple devices. There are also a ton of different tracking informations available. However most of the informations sit behind a subscription pay wall. but it is nice for tracking easy everyday runs, walks, and another workouts.
~ Kyle Tice
It's possible I haven't found it yet, but i was hoping to plot my run (like you used to be able to do) prior to my run. I want that was still a function of Map My Run.
~ Alan Charles
Current service works brilliantly, but one thing I'd like to target out is that it is never specified that territory is needed during the pairing process. I usually don't turn territory on until it's required, so I wasn't able to connect the shoes until I'd looked at the troubleshooting page on the blog, where it was hidden in one of the later steps.
~ Thomas Day
the release crashes all the time, I am constantly having to uninstall and re-install the release. This goes for the Mao My Hike release as well. Also, each time the release asks for my territory, United States, it never saves the stats The original release was nice and the flaws with these modernized apps is not impressive, or else I would have rated it with more stars
~ Wm. Casey Cox
Until recently, I've never had an trouble in fact, I love it. But actually its not logging the right distance. It seems to be only doing half of the distance I'm now doing. Please fix it!
~ Krystal Aker
The release was once nice but is actually full of bugs that will never be fixed. Audio info change the volume randomly from barely audible to painfully loud. The release was even fully broken for two weeks because they never play anything before shipping. Don't rely on it ever working.
~ Scott Larson
This used to be a nice software Actually, it's constantly pausing on its own, pace is off, Claims me I'm not moving when I am hauling ass. Ridiculous. Looking for something else.
~ Angie Jakubowski
first time to use the release the first time ...it would be great if the voice claiming you how far you had gone was a tiny bit louder... another than that a reasonable release for running...
~ Alex Wheatley
I love this release. I trust it is the finest nonpaid release for outdoor runs compared to the others out there. I'll give it 4.5 stars if I should. My only concern is sometimes when the weather is cloudy the release records the 1 mile mark at a shorter distance than on clearer days on the same route. Either than that this release is prefect and I will highly suggest it. It offers coupons sometimes too. Under Armour seem to have place a lot of research into developing and maintaining this release. Thank you.
Been using this release for years actually but in the last week, the release has not been saving my workouts. I have manually logged workouts and tracked workouts this week and none have saved. Very frustrating. Had to use laptop to re-enter time so hopefully it will save this time.
~ A B
I use to love this release but actually it's not saving my workouts and the activity feed won't load. Will be looking for something else and requesting a refund since I upgraded to the super profile.
~ Elizabeth Parrotta
Loses contact constantly. For example, I just went for a cycle ride and my odometer claimed eight miles and the release claimed five miles. So, it's basically fully useless to me if it can't track the entire time.
~ J. J. Swick
Great. The only trouble is that it consumes too much power, so my device runs out of battery before the end of a long run. Just been for a 23 km run. I plugged my device into a power bank, so it still had 100% charge when I got home. Rather massive to carry.
~ Timothy Cooper
I run or walk daily. because I'm older sometimes I run and walk in the same workout. if I wish to check that accurately I have to stop and switch my release from walking to running. it would be great if it recognized by the speed or the bouncing of your body that you had switched what you were doing. it's not a gigantic flaw or anything just would be a great convenience.
~ Rose Richmond
This release is one of my favoured running apps out there! It sets clear, challenging targets that you strive to achieve. The weekly scheduling makes planning your week almost effortless! I can easily see how much I improve over time and I love going back to see how much faster I am becoming!
~ Alex Enz
This release used to be really nice but since the last modernization the release pauses by itself constantly when im running, literally each second! its useless actually and i paid for the super just before the modernization too! not glad about this. unless they fix it its not worth getting the release as it will happen to others after a time.
~ Sally Mendonca
Nice idea to track your progress. I've been using the release for a year and a half actually and it only gave me an error a couple of times. I like the details and I regularly analyse my performance. Strongly suggested especially if you are following a training plan and need to hold track of your kilometers and pace.
~ Ilina Slavova
Realised when connected to other small using hotspot, half idea through, map is not running, distance stay still till u have to hold relaunching the release. The test and pause button found at the top right side which if you were testing a song, and usually accidentally click on wrong release resulted distance not calculated. Very disappointing ended I have to run 2 running apps for each run. Alot of service improvements to be done. pls rectify instantly. thanks.
~ Melvin Goh
have been using this release for years and it used to be nice but recently it has begun to glitch constantly, and last week it deleted my whole workout history (of nearly 3years) extremely dissapointing and am currently searching for a newest release. I have contacted help and have had no response... do not use this release!!
~ Dan Dyzlexic
This release works absolutely fine. I timed my first meeting and played a mix while running. I completed before the song. stopped. the time on my mix matched the time recorded by the release with the exception of the distance. will continue to use and time until it fails me or something better appears. Check It, yule like it.
~ Gene Phillips
I've been using the release as a tracking device when doing letterbox drops, so I obtain the added premium of this, plus training while walking, so can't complain. Overall a really nice release with multiple functions.
~ Mike O'Reilly
nice release MOSTLY accurate. I've ran about 500 miles with the release thus far and it's been about 90% accurate. you obviously need to use time the whole time, and if you have spotty connection in your zone it will guess your path, which is really really inaccurate. this release also drains the snot out of my battery with a galaxy s8+, so usually have your device charged up before you run!
~ Marcos O
The release is now very nice when it works it's 5 Stars, but when the screen is off it just stops logging and digging in your pocket for your device while running each 2 mins is very distracting, hence the 1 star because it's useless when it does that. I found an release named 'Caffeine' which keeps the screen on by running in the background. It drains the battery like crazy but at least makes it work!
~ Stefan Astley