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About: If you like roleplaying then you need to obtain Roleplay Chat; a zone for like minded roleplayers who love to make, whether solo or collaboratively on the most constructive RP stories. Enter a travel like no another, into a globe where you write the script. Search newest dudes that are also into roleplaying, so you can collaborate on stories you are interested in. Roleplay chat is a chat community prepared to roleplaying, writing, and another constructive arts. Feel nonpaid to engage your imagination and roleplay in Fantasy, Superhero, Medieval, Sci-Fi, Anime, Realistic, survival, or crime. We encourage detailed collaborative writing in the chat room, but also respect if you wish to personal message someone and roleplay privately. Roleplay chat is for all recipients ages 13, and up. RP chat is a prepared to creating a protected roleplayer community. We have active profanity f ... Show more
Genre: Social Rotten Tomatoesยฎ score: 5.0 Size: 7MB Developer: Anime Chat [email protected] undefined
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Roleplay Chat Reviews and Comments:

I mean I like it but you're asking for a tiny too much just for me to use my own PFP
~ yeehaw seesaws
this release is nice except its not upgrading for me and i cant delete or edit my own comment like wth please fix this asap there are some tiles id like to remove of my own
~ A Google user
im going to claim the truth......this doesnt even deserve one star it is childish and unorganized it is hard to use and is a waste of time and time
~ CuteNekoGirl
Well their is alot of creeps on there but I want u can create your own room.
~ A Google user
Its a nice release but far too easy. I want there were voice chats and personal chats
~ Nathan Weber
Horrible. No one roleplays and most of the recipients there are rude.
~ Dxnny Cozzetto
It gives me the chance to RP with someone an it's a very beautiful release lov3 it~its kinda futuristic in a idea๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‡
~ Twin Deanwood
to many adds for 1 and just full of tiny babes trying to sound sofisticated because they watched 1 episode of my superhero acadamia
~ henti is good
release is cute nice from what I'm experiencing i don't know why where everyone is claiming it's terrible
~ Tah-Vier Perez
I tried to register, and it just gave me a notice that claimed "permission lvl: ban"
~ The Queen
if i give you five stars will you allow me now chat? no one can see my messages including myself ๐Ÿ˜”โœŠ๐Ÿพ
~ F Squad
This release is so poor! It doesn't explain how to use it, and nobody is even roleplaying!
~ Jackie does stuff
I really like this release but i hate how this release bleeps out small words like it or that or jerk or go its really anoing as well as that you have to upgrade just to gey a profile pick you like.....really
~ Jacob UMS
i like it.. ALOT Because i acually met alot of my finest dudes and i met them in person since my fam is okay with it!!So THANKS FOR THIS <3
~ Kit
i like it but there isnt much roleplayers just a bunch of recipients wanting to talk which in om with
~ ya boi blazerod123
This release is nice..but I want you should kind the type of RP you wish.
~ A Google user
I hate it I'm literate but almost everyone is illiterate I want there was a lit chat...
~ I dont even know
Very hard to navigate. Too many colours, and the buttons are too large
~ Connie Neko
i dont really obtain it played afew rp blogs and apps before this but they seemed a lot more structured maybe its just that the demo tends to skew more toward the younger side
~ benny quinn
Too many Adverts. The release glitches out with double messages and the banners cover up content from the release.
~ Ivan JR. Najera
I'm 10 years old and this is just the worst! the roleplay's aren't serious nobodys grammar is right as they roleplay, to me this isn't roleplaying it's like a entire bunch of another babes that haven't even roleplayed before, or have had the experience.
~ A Google user
Why, create setting up a profile so tedious I claim do that one thing and not have to download other release to change your pfp and it might look better. The Ui is so spaced out and tiny it is not great to look at either..
~ InsinTy Ghost
It's easy and simple to use. But you could be able to pick what pic you wish as your profile withoit having to use your FB or download other release.
~ A Google user
It's a great release I enjoy talking to poeple but maybe place some sceneces because there are some poeple talking about sex and yeah...
~ Gacha Jane
Very fun and it emphasizes the target. Just its hard to obtain into since u dont know exactly what ur doing at first.
~ Qiqi B
this is now a really cool release!! I got to talk to recipients and become dudes!!
~ Shadow Girl {18.shy.shadow powers}
nice times. moderate RPrs. overall cute nice. should be better. but I won't complain
~ mari Castro
Roleplaying is kinda fun on here,Im just having troubles changing my profile picture which really annoying because im kinda newest and when it was done reviewing it wouldn't allow me change my profile picture or background.
~ A Google user
Boring as all hell. No true interaction and was a very terrible experience. I am uninstalling this release and will never be using it again.
~ A Google user
This release isn't very nice. For one, it's not very nice at orginizing genres therefore I can't search many roleplayers who share interests or are in my league. Also the hero limit is very stupid for roleplayers who Acctually add detail into their writing instend of just going "* she sat down on the chair*" but most of all its not simple to search and create group chats that suit you. Over all this isn't a very nice release and I would suggest maybe amino or discord but not this.
~ Sly Cooper Vault Master
it's a nice release I really like it. but i joined confused because there wasn't much of a guide.
~ The Modid Guy
Based off my tiny amount of interaction in-release(meaning going through out the release) the release is unorganized and its more of a chatroom then a roleplay release.
~ A Google user
Everyone who uses this release wants dirty roleplay instead of expanding roleplay to being more. Roleplay can be magical, supernatural, or a chance for someone to be someone or something they arent for an escape from reality and none of the players see that.
~ A Google user
i cant rate it if ive only been on it for 10 seconds, its type pf idiotic to create some rate an release based on nothing just so they can access some of the informations
~ Linken Lasly
the layout is gross,cramped and unappealing to look at in general,the limited zone to write is dumb af whoever made this most definetly gave up the moment they started,rest in peace geeking,you was nice while you lasted.
~ pastel Highway
I want I didn't have to log into a fb to change my pic, I don't have fb. Modernization: Still working on the profile pic thing.
~ A Google user
It is so messy. It is better to rp in FB profile. It is easy and idea more better. They claimed its an rp chat but mostly recipients there use it for a easy chatroom with no intention to rp
~ Levi Ackerman
This claimed that I should edit my frofile tommorow, But it didn't. I've been waiting and I can't it keeps claiming the same thing! But I like the another equipment
~ A Google user
it's a cute nice release, I just seem to have a trouble with not being able to post messages in a chat room at all for like 20 mins then when I respond to a pm it allow's me kind and send it but it never shows up in the chat?? I don't understand
~ Psionic Saiyan
There isn't really a walkthrough on what to do. I do not like how you cannot find rooms, and I also do not like that you cannot change your profile pic unless you upgrade your chat which makes you install other freaking release to buy an upgrade, A waste of time don't install. In all honesty Geeking was better than this
~ Ashley Potter