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About: Ready for a next-lvl release that opens newest possibilities for customization? Find the most wanted release that will change the look of your device and give it a newest voice! Even the largest tunes freak can search something premium in our gigantic collection of nonpaid ringtones. The sounds are organized into genres smartly and conveniently and the collection is regularly modernized to ensure that you obtain a continuous flow of special ringtones content. Be expressive with our large library of ringtones info. Don't pick up your device, allow it ring and create your dudes jealous! Our loud ringtones wont stay unnoticed. Complement your screen with imaginative covers! A collection of true masterpieces that can't be found anywhere else - simply swipe your screen to see more. With our release your device becomes a real source of self-expression, joy, and inspiration! Rin ... Show more
Genre: Personalization Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 29MB Developer: Apalon Apps
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About: This is not stand alone app, please download KWGT WIDGETS on play store ***need pro key! KWGT KWGT pro Enjoy! ...

Developer: ppick CH.

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About: The horrible 3D Grim Reaper Theme with incredible 3D animation will be one of the supreme awful skull bone themes, which will bring your phone screen a brand posh new look. The awful skull bone theme launcher shows the macabre grim reaper stands behind the tombstone in the darkside, his mouth keep open and closed, which looks very cool and fabulous . It is impressive when you touch the screen, the darkside skull will emit out gloomy blue lights, sparkling blue light particles will spread out ...

Developer: 3D Theme & HD Live Wallpaper

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About: - Cool Fonts. - Stylish text for Instagram bio, caption, stories. - Rare Symbols. - Decorations. - Encode messages with ciphers and encryption. - Generator of the most used links in Facebook Graph Search. - Text Direction: Change the text direction to up or down or left or right, or add spaces between letters. - Text Organizer: Good for anyone who makes text for Amino blogs and need to paste text multiple times. Text Fields 1-4 can be used to paste something to send to the Left or Right o...

Developer: Dricodes

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About: Live Neon Red Heart keyboard theme personalized your keyboard and make your phone cool and stylish! Your keyboard will look unique by using Live Neon Red Heart keyboard theme. Download and decorate your keyboard with Cool Keyboard Theme now! We provide thousands of cute Emojis, beautiful keyboard themes and funny stickers. Live Neon Red Heart Keyboard Theme will make your phone look amazing on keyboard and you will have a wonderful sight every time you are typing a message and sending fun e...

Developer: Free Cool Keyboard Themes

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About: POCO Launcher is a full-featured customizable launcher for Android phones. Its beautifully designed, super fast and secure. And super lightweight as well! Key features Clean Home screen - POCO puts all apps in the App drawer, so your Home screen looks neat and clean. Convenient search - App recommendations, icon color categories, and lots of other customizable features allow you to find what you need much faster. Manage apps - Group apps by category automatically or create custom...

Developer: Xiaomi Inc.

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About: Do you want a new phone? No need to buy one now! Just get Vivid Wolf theme and you will have a brand new Android phone with Vivid Wolf for free. No matter you love cartoon, business, or luxury themes, you will love this wild animal theme for your Android phone. This Green theme is a fantastic choice for your phones decoration ! Would you want to have a try? Take Green wolf theme to DIY Android themes for FREE! Do you love Green? Vivid Wolf is so extraordinary feeling that we like. Now ...

Developer: Pumpkin Theme Garden

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About: Change your Android device with a nice clock design. "Digital Clock - LED Watch" is a new style digital clock for your screen. This is free and highly customized live wallpaper. Have you ever wanted to have a perfectly designed modern "digital clock" which displays accurate time and date? You're at the right place! We have created an amazing digital clock app which will take all your worries away! Download "Digital Clock - LED Watch" and get something special for your Android device! Ma...

Developer: Appmakerzz


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About: Bored with the plain android launcher? Black Business Launcher is cool and black launcher in 2018. Install this Black Business launcher to make your phone special and express your style with our themes. Personalize and decorate your device to make it unique. This Black Business Launcher is specially designed for you guys who like business. The Black Business Launcher will bring you fashion styles and show everyone of your good taste with such a black theme. Protects your privacy, q...

Developer: Launcher & themes lab

Similar Apps Like Purple Peacock APUS Launcher theme Alternatives
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About: Purple Peacock theme has simple wallpaper and icon to decorate variety of apps, such as Facebook, Instagram, APUS Boost, theme and wallpapers store. APUS hopes you enjoy the theme and faster launcher. Apply Purple Peacock theme can make phone fantasy and enjoy the fun of theme. Please download Purple Peacock theme personalize your Samsung galaxy, Huawei mate 8, Sony, Lenovo, HTC and any other brands of Android mobile phone stylish and funny. How to use Purple Peacock theme & wallpaper ...

Developer: pop DEV

Similar Apps Like Amharic Keyboard theme for PM.DR ABIY Alternatives
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About: Amharic Keyboard theme for PM.DR ABIY THIS APP ONLY WORKS IF YOU INSTALL FYNGEEZ KEYBOARD! To install fyn Geez use this link. ?id=com.fynsystems.fyngeez About FynGeez FynGeez Amharic keyboard ( / )developed by fyn systems for Amharic, Tigrigna and Afaan Oromoo speakers living in Ethiopia or abroad. Which helps you to type in Amharic, Tigrigna and Afaan Oromoo (, Oromiffa) languages Features Four languages (Amharic, Tigrigna, Oromiffa & English) Word ...

Developer: GGD

Similar Apps Like Beautiful Blue Rose Petal Keyboard  Alternatives
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About: ~~~~ Hey all ROSE Lovers this" Beautiful Blue Rose Petal Keyboard " especially for you! Perfect keyboard design is waiting for you! This keyboard color changer app for free offers you awesome "flower keyboard themes" which are cute and adorable! Choose your favorite "flower keyboard" and start texting like you're on fire! If you like floral patterns, you're going to adore this app for girls! Amazing " Beautiful Blue Rose Petal Keyboard " for girls of all ages please download, share, and enj...

Developer: Maddy MVM themes

Similar Apps Like Color Phone Theme - Neon Night Alternatives
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About: The classic Neon Night Theme is finally here! Get a home screen in Neon night style right now! Neon Night Air Launcher theme, delicately designed themes for Android FREE. Enjoy Neon night theme with Neon night icon pack & Neon Life wallpaper! Neon Life Theme provides Neon Life app icons; Neon Life wallpaper; Cool 3D transition effects. You will be using Air Launcher for androidone of the best launchers for android, trusted by users all over the world. An a...

Developer: Yee Themes

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About: Throw the most fabulous party thanks to the Glitter Invitation Maker! Invite your friends with shiny unicorn birthday invitations! Check out the greeting card gallery featuring lovely invitation templates free! You will find everything you need in this e card making app: wedding invitations kawaii birthday invitations baby boy baby shower invitations graduation party invitations glitter invitations retirement invitation card hindu wedding ...

Developer: My Girly Space

Similar Apps Like Blue Moon Wolf Live Wallpaper  Alternatives
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About: Snow Mountains in front of the blue Full Moon with Werewolf Wolf on Top of the Hill as your Android Smartphones Homescreen Background Live Wallpaper. Set the falling Snow's - Size - Size Variation - Velocity in the Settings of your Live Wallpaper. If your device do not support the moving background by swiping to the sides you can download Google or Nova Launcher which definitly supports it. Thakn you for good comments and have much fun with Blue Full Moon Werewolf Wolf Parallax Snow...

Developer: Candy Jausner Apps


Similar Apps Like Dj Music Skull Theme  Alternatives
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About: Lets give your phone anew look! Download one of the best themes today and enjoy a free full version launcher. It will transform the way your phone or tablet looks. This Dj Music Skull theme will provide vivid icons and an awesome experience for you! Personalize your phone with fun! The richest collection of free themes for Android! There are HD wallpapers, various icons, and tons of free themes and skins. No matter what kind of themes you are looking for, e.g. pink, cartoon, neon, tech ...

Developer: Backgrounds and Anime Launcher

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About: Eclectic Icons are premium crafted icons. Each icon is made by combining eclectic elements from a variety of styles, to make them look exclusive. FEATURES Icon Pack with 3300+ icons iOS-shaped Icons made with a personal color scheme 35+ Wallpapers for your screen Several exclusively made wallpapers, including KLWP KGWT and Zooper widgets included to match your icons and wallpaper All icons are category-based Dynamic calendars, supporting 10 different calendar apps Sp...

Developer: ThemesOnFire

Similar Apps Like Ultra Watch Face Alternatives
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About: Interactive Watch Face for Android Wear. A nice, clean and interactive real watch face with Premium upgrade option. You can always use it for free and it has core options, but Premium version comes with lot more features and options. Free version: Weather Watch and phone battery indicator Watch hands color 24 hour format Screen time Premium version: Background texture option Interactive menu Google Fit data (graphics) Music playe...

Developer: RichFace

Similar Apps Like Grand Launcher Alternatives
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About: "Grand Launcher" app amending any smartphone in a simple, fast and useful mobile phone. The application is designed especially for seniors who have problems with smartphones. "Grand Launcher" may also be useful for people with low vision and for people with disabilities. Main features: 1. Big fonts and buttons 2. Built-in contacts (use action "long click" to manage contacts) 3. Innovative and fast search contacts 4. Built-in SMS ((use action "long click" to manage messages) 5. The k...

Developer: CUPLESOFT

Similar Apps Like 3D Halloween Pumpkin Glass Theme Alternatives
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About: Halloween makes your phone night! Welcome to Halloween 3D theme! Halloween 3D theme provides you with personalized wallpapers, characteristic lock screen and exquisite icon packs! It includes dozens of uniform icons and wallpapers, with which you can easily stylize your device. All artistic app icons will present a distinctively fashionable phone for you for free. Get this Halloween theme with Halloween screen wallpaper! Install this Halloween theme right away and enjoy your new Halloween l...

Developer: smart launcher

Similar Apps Like Black Blue Crystal Keyboard Alternatives
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About: Black Blue Crystal keyboard is a brand new smart and free simple keyboard Download Black Blue Crystal keyboard and make your phone special and cool! Stay personalized with Black Blue Crystal theme! -What is Black Blue Crystal keyboard? Black Blue Crystal keyboard is a high-tech keyboard for Android phones. With simple and cool styles, Black Blue Crystal keyboard provides you with unique and fun typing experience. Besides, Black Blue Crystal keyboard keeps you up with the la...

Developer: VR and 3D theme STUDIO



Ringtones & Wallpapers for Me Reviews and Comments:

Nice experience with you..!!! Love it.. Gonna give u 5 stars
~ A Google user
It has the same wallpapers on most of them and you can't use the ringtones.
~ A Google user
i thought it would work. but.I guess I thought wrong
~ A Google user
I do not want to reply to this release please close it
~ A Google user
Not enough choices. .didn't like the options of ringtones.
~ Faith J
R E A L L Y? A review PRIOR to having used the app?
~ Kris toffer
They are dirty and trying to obtain my credit card number
~ A Google user
I do not like the fact that it fully changed my screens
~ Rochelle Spencer
ringtone seem to be unstable more off then on wallpaper is fine clint.
~ A Google user
the Ringtones don't Even test some do but i wish to here what's on on here but ant nothing testing i am so sad on this
~ Michelle Overton
It's OK for a flipphone . Ringtones sounded mono in my headset...
~ Calvin Blackwood
connection troubles. it doesn't load photos.
~ Mohammed Ali
want it were easier to assign ring tones to contacts. Applying the same ring tone to messages would be great.
~ Monica Roy-White
If short tones for info were available it would be better. Thank you for nice collection of wallpapers.
~ Yogesh Kumar
very disappointing because the wallpaper changes are not made automatically,what the release claimed.
~ Ashit Kumar Nanda
Launch the release after installing and obtain an banner. Delete and transport on......
~ Michael Hovan
I just love these releases that require a tiny luck, that create one think, and a nice set of eyeballs!!
~ A Google user
its ok the wallpapers are vibrant no cars though not for a gear head like myself. the ringtones are just tones not what i was looking for... release works nice though
~ Angal Rushing
Was an interesting experience. I had downloaded camera zoom and on crappy device I had nice pictures.The shots were as if I had used a device
~ A Google user
wallpaper is not automatically uploading I've tried so many times but when I tired in release that time it's uploaded and I m tired of that ringtones r nice but trouble is in uploading claim me what to do
~ Pooja Ray
When I saved it was so nice but it was tiny bit on right side and I couldn't see it
~ A Google user
very extremely wack release there's so many apps for ringtones and wallpaper that create this release look like something for preschoolers or some cheap boring theme don't waste your time and memory obtain rid of it if it's in your featured apps waste of time deserves no stars sadly you have to push someone * just to place your review
~ Jennifer Mendoza
I entered a ringtone in the alarm, it place it in the wrong time frame. Actually I can't search a idea to obtain it out of there. Not change, not delete (any/all) parts. I'm going to uninstall and search other one. I wasted enough time with this one
~ Rosemary Vayda
trash and trash and trash terrible job create this release better and not trying to be mean but ik you person or recipients that made this release it just needs a bit more work ok ok
~ A Google user
I love it it gives me all of the choices of each ringtone wallpaper that I would ever need.
~ A Google user
Haven't loaded anything yet,had device over a year and this is the first time I've done anything like this before.
~ A Google user
Nice wallpapers, but searching through them is time consuming. Save to favorites would be great.
~ A Google user
I love this but the question air I've filled out hundards of time's an haven't heard anything from you guys so how ya know if you Won if you don't respond
~ Angelia Clayton
Not glad with the release. You cannot find photos using a find bar. You cannot exclusively download them without having to set them as your wallpaper.
~ A Google user
I just need a easy info but all I can search are 7 sec to 30 or more seconds. I don't need a song when getting a info.
~ Adrinna Campanelli
Nice screen savers but can't obtain them centered on my screen. Even with one screen of apps, saver is running off the right side of the screen.
~ Barb Kutil
I gave it a two because this release will not let me to individualize the ringtones to different contacts. as well, I need more ringtones that are quieter and more tones with bells, rain drops, bird songs.....
~ Monique Czaja-Mann
I do not like upgrades that changes my settings, I can't use my on song anymore and having hard times removing upgrades
~ Le'Andre Oden
This app is not nice. this release have many section. and, this wallpaper & ringtones are very terrible.
~ Thishan max
Adverts everywhere, have to pay dollars to have them removed from a "nonpaid" web. Unnecessary requirements. Why does a ringtones need access to my time and pictures?
~ John Dorian
Don't work i have at&t 5g wifi + small time test 2 use message claimed no internet but they have no trouble useing my correspondence so i obviously have connection paid xyra for no add but waste of time &$ but when I ask 4 s help was sent 2 sound USA got item if theirs xmas & they don't stand behind what they claim or their product
~ A Google user
Thanks for your speedy response. I wanted to re-iterate . I wish a different lock screen picture . My own from my pictures...Not same as homescreen i.e. I request to download Homescreen picture. It still changes lock screen. Hope you obtain me the rest is fine. Pictures are nice!! Thanks again.
~ Maria Serruto
disapointed! though the ringtones are ok, you can't do a find for specific titles and they are generic, not original artist! a shame too, because i payed for add nonpaid!
~ Dorothy Hardy
it was working perfectly fine until i started to see error message stating that my internet isnt connected. my internet is connected to the device and have tried to use time its still showing the same message. I need to knkw what is going on? This is happening when I am trying to change ringtones. Is there something going on with the release modernization because I like using this release. Thank You for your support.
~ Irene Kim
This could be named Advertisement Tones since it literally refuses to allow you listen to a time without presenting an banner first. You know it defeats the target of making an release if its more an banner platform than a decent release. You could be embarrased that you obtain weak ratings and wasted your time building the release only to have virtually all your customers uninstall your release because you wont allow the release do what it's meant for. Of course if it's dollars you wish just obtain a job and stop wasting our time.
~ Tyre Lee