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About: Ringtone Maker is nonpaid release creates ringtones, alarms, and info from MP3, FLAC, OGG, WAV,AAC(M4A)/MP4, 3GPP/AMR files. Slash the finest part of your audio song and save it as your Ringtone/Alarm/Sound File/Info Tone. Create your own special nonpaid ringtones is speedy and simple. You can set the starting and ending notes by sliding arrows along the timeline, by pressing Run and End to record the target, or by typing in time stamps. This release is also a song editor/alarm tone maker/ ringtone cutter and info tone originator. Informations: Copy, slash and paste. (So you can merge different song files together very easily.) Fade in/out for mp3. Adjust volume for mp3. Preview the Ringtone files and assign to contact. View a scrollable waveform representation of the audio file at 6 zoom lvls. Set starting and ending points for a clip within the audio file, using an optional ... Show more
Genre: Personalization Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Big Bang Inc.
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Developer: Amazing Studio Designer 2019 [email protected]

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Developer: Launcher Me 3D 4K Themes Wallpapers Personalizing [email protected]

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Developer: Vázquez Moran [email protected]



Ringtone Maker Reviews and Comments:

Dopest release, you can take the great parts out of a song, send them to the ones you wanna share them with, and claim the things you can't search the right words to claim
~ Drew Maness
Very needed, simple and player-friendly. I have never had an trouble with it. Has pop-up banners but you can just skip/close them. It's nonpaid, so who cares? I have used it for years, would definitely suggest.
~ Sebiath
i've tried most of the another related apps but this release is the only release that works nice..unbelievable release,love it...lol
~ Burgelin Mosese
Is this even American? Because it sure feels like it! THIS AP STOLE my virginity and for some reason I don't feel terrible about it.
~ Radius Impact
Solid release so far; even considering the banners as they aren't super invasive. Straight layout with player friendly menus|setting options. Time will claim more in regards to glitches but I'm pleased so far.
~ Bridgidigital
Magnificent release it's nice I created my own ringtone from one video songs, it's have an option of slash paste that is magnificent, u can slash some section of a song either from front, middle or back no trouble and paste it.
~ A Google user
Really cool release! Only thing is when I edit a ringtone, I can't just save changes, I have to save, then delete the old ver.
~ A Google user
i think this is the first ringtine maker there is. easy to use and banner nonpaid as far as i know it. been using this for different purposes since samsung galaxy s2 came out.
~ Matti Palola
gigantic plus I can create my own ringtone that don't have to be posted to any internet! it's got some chill informations and ok ring rones as well. only reason for the four stars instead of five is the graphics but it's easy the simplicity I love it
~ Dominic Castro
This release did not have the informations it described when I downloaded it. after using it, about 30 of my songs got deleted from my device, including the one I was trying to edit.
~ Amina Jansz
I've been using this release for a several years I've never had troubles and definitely believe it. I recently downloaded it and found it has newest informations making it even better I would suggest. *Edit: The more I test with it I see it has nice potential but it's really missing an bonus menu while editing the song with premium options. There's not much of a players manual on here
~ Alan McHugh
i tried uploading files onto it but it wouldn't work! and there were no songs. there is no guide to run you with to teach you at all. do not obtain this release
~ kira march
li been using this release since I was like 15 . Its the finest release for this on the supermarket. It allow's you chose your own run and end target of the ringtone. you create ringtones based off what song is on your device . Works flawlessly , there's no banners at all . Each actually and then it asks you to rate the release but that's nothing compared to another apps. Just throw em 5⭐s and be on your idea . It doesn't ask for adsitional feedback or anything either. If you're looking for a ringtone release this is the one .🎶
~ Queen of The Contest
Super simple to use! Automatically pulls song you've downloaded and lets you edit exactly where you wish for how long you wish with a easy touch and drag. I've used this release for a long time and I love it!
~ Diana Mishler
This release does not do what it claims it will do - Ican't stand oblique apps - this is one of the most oblique apps I've ever encountered or purchased. You watch the demo on YouTube and then enter your device and none of the buttons for creating a newest ring tone are present on your screen - nothing another than your list of ringtones you downloaded from other release. Extremely pathetic.
~ Mike Alexander
Within mins of downloading the release I had created a newest alarm. The banners at the bottom of the screen are discrete and tiny, not overwhelming and so far it's worked perfectly for me. Very glad with it! nice work!
~ John Milos
I think it's on off the finest I've used. you can copy and paste and repeat whatever section of the song you wish as many times that you wish it to repeat, and really create it your own ring tone, or info, and assign them to default or a particular contact straight from the release. It's great, and simple to use.
~ Acid filled candy
Absolutely one that works well
~ Paula Spangler
So far this has been a useful software to forcibly create recipients hear my taste in song and fully remove blame from me since it only activates when recipients call me. Also it can let you to pick certain parts of songs and isolate them I guess. 5/7
~ Casey Johnson
does this not work on pixel 3 / mobile Pie anymore??? sounds saved to Info or Ringtone folders do not present up in Mobile settings sound options! support -- the folder structure for Pie uses /media/alarms, /media/info, /media/ringtones actually?? (worked when i did that and modernized Ringtone Maker default folders)
~ Chris Architect
Why doesn't ALL my downloaded Amazon song appear on the list in the release? The "scan" found 500 tracks on my device but nowhere near that many are listed in the release.
~ John Van Alstine
Very nice for easy editing! The only reason it's not getting 5 stars is because I would like to be able to add a fade in and fade out to the ringtone I've produced. Otherwise, speedy, simple, player friendly, and overall easy release!
~ Sheena Jones
I love this ringtone maker. It is very simple to use and the newest upgrades create it even better. It is very simple to pick the run and stop sections. It gives the option to name your ringtones anything you wish, and works well to edit digital voice files. This is a nice release!!
~ Rodzilla 134
I had one of these kinds of apps on my LG device but never got around to adding one for this newest Motorola. Want I had done it earlier because the default tones they stiff you with are garbage. Welcome back to my cell device, Robot Chicken Closing Theme!! =)
~ James Anthony
this release is very versatile and simple to use. i have been able to create ringtones and info from recordings, song and just about anything to contain voice correspondence. i am an old wav file geek from idea back and this release reminds me of the nice tools of yesteryear. nice job on this release guys👍
~ Fred Nostrand
LOVE THIS APP!!! I really appreciate being able to apply tailor made ringtones and info based on dudes' and family's favored songs. I know exactly who's calling or texting me and it brings a lot a peace of mind. During one Samsung modernization I lost all my personalized info and wasn't able to use them for months! I hadn't realized until then just how much I'd come to rely on that lvl of customizing and I missed it like crazy! I highly suggest this release! ☆☆☆☆☆
~ Lynn Cameron
I absolutely ❤ this release! In 2016 my Father was dying...Cancer...😥! Over the yrs I had been randomly saving v-correspondence msges he left for me, but then I started saving em all. Each time we hung up he wud claim me that he loves me, then he wud claim "B protected & pay attention" & blow a kiss over the device! I created his messages N2 ring tones. So 2day I still obtain to hear my Daddy claim me that he loves me, to B protected & pay attention.....all the time like he did B4 he died! Absolutely "PRICELESS"! 🤜 ✌ 🤛
~ Idon't ThinkSo
So simple to use! Just downloaded tonight and was able to create ringtones from my song library. was able to pick a custom run and end target for the ringtones. The finest part, I didn't have to download anything to my PC like I did when I had a lame iPhone. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 ROCKS! 😊
~ A Google user
used it for years, actually i can't understand it. trying to slash the middle of a song and no matter which option i pick it alwayes deleting it and leaving the run and the end. give 5 stars for an older ver.
~ eran asaf levin
This has been my "go to" release to personalize my ringtones for a long time; you will not be disappointed. But don't take my word for it, test it out yourself and you'll never use other ringtone maker release again! I was wondering if there was also a paid ver and if so, what that contains that the nonpaid ver doesn't?
~ Ray Trotta
love this release super love this release can create custom ringtones love it! thank ringtone maker you guys rock!!! As a musician I love taking my song concepts and using them for ringtones you guys are nice! everyone nice release! a gotta download! five stars is not enough want I should give 10 stars!!! that's how much I love this release!! one of my favoured apps to have discovered!
~ Tim Johnson
BEST IN THE APP STORE Tried other one in the shop but this is 100% better with its player friendly tool. Many recipients ask how do you obtain your ringtones. Simple, Ringmaker I claim from the release shop. What it also has is an unreal instruction page which any age group should follow. Great work developers. I am a keeper. ❤🧡💛💚
~ L B
Using it since 2017 and this release comes in handy like no another does. Really friendly interface whether you're familiar with soundwaves & sound editing or not. Nice, simple and speedy, direct connection with your contacts that allows you to set a ringtone for each contact in your list. Nice gain/trim option suitable for each device. Seriously, if i have to claim something negative, that would only be the lack of smoothness in fade ins/outs. Hold it up, hold it steady. Thank you.
~ Absent Minded
I love this release ..it makes my ringtones so great to hear ..its not like those boring ringtones ur device already comes with, this release allow's u pick from your very own song download playlist and you obtain to edit how u wish it. I've been using for years and wouldn't change for nothing.
~ Yelitza Colon
So far, so nice. I just downloaded this for Mobile and made one ringtone. It works with songs that you have dowloaded or saved on your device. It finds the songs and lists them. You pick a song and "Edit" it to create a ringtone, then Save it. I had no songs saved on my device, but installed an release to download songs from the internet (the YouTube Additional "downloads" don't work). The song then appeared in Ringtone Maker and was easily turned into a ringtone.
~ Sharon Taylor
I love this release! I love androids for the customizations like this. Any part of any song I can download to my device and create the great ringtone, alarm or info. All my dudes with iPhones are jealous that their devices cant do this. Any time I upgrade and obtain a newest device, this release usually comes with me!!
~ Hannah Lou
Very nice. If an imbecile like me can create a easy tiny message in a matter of mins, then it gotta be nice. As for the adds, I never even noticed them ! I have not downloaded song but instead dictated a message, I strongly recommend NOT doing this in the bathroom. I found the editor very great and simple to grasp and the fact that there are no bells and whistles to confuse you is pleasing. As I claimed, even for a simpleton like me it was simple to handle. Suggest, most definitely !
~ Peter Charlton
Works nice. I've been using this release for years to create my own ringtones and info. I like being able to fade in and out of the cuts I create. I do want there was a several more things to customize the cuts though like filters or layering cuts together. Nice release I 100% suggest downloading if you wish to create your own ringtones/alarms/info.
~ Draven Rios
Love this release! It's very easy to create audio/song clips to share with others or to just simply set them as ringtones!!!
~ Linda Simpson
As an professional videographer I have struggled to search an release that will let to do exactly what Ringtone Maker is offering. Thank you for this nonpaid release !!!! hold it up.
~ Michaela O'Leary