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About: Remind is a communication platform that supports each student succeed. Whether you're in the classroom, at home, or anywhere in between, Remind makes it simple to stay connected to your school community. * Send true-time messages to any device. * Message a class, a person, or just a tiny group. * Translate messages into more than 85 languages. * Share pictures, handouts, and another files. More than 27 million educators, students, and parents use Remind in over 95% of U.S. public school districts. Hop over to our web to learn more: ()
Genre: Education Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Remind101
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Remind: School Communication Reviews and Comments:

I have used Remind regularily for almost a year in the educational field and it has been nice! I love the ability to talk to a group (only want that zone would let more characters), and I love the individual chat information). Also appreciate the use of the "monkey" for taking surveys, to search out who will be at meetings.
~ Karen Wasylyshen
As an educator I LOVE this release/blog and have used it for quite a several years. I have even used it as a coach with my husband's sports squads. I am having a lot of difficulty with attaching pictures as of late which makes it very frustrating. The release just claims "timeout" and won't continue. I end up just giving up, which is NOT what I wish to do as this is my primary form of parent communication. I have uninstalled the release and reinstalled few times and obtain the same message. I tried 2 devices!
~ Jill Wygonik
I love the release and the experience I can give my parents and the communication I obtain to have with them... However, each time I click a parents name it takes me to other parent and I send that parent a message not knowing and have to explain later why I sent them a message about other babe.
~ Ariel Gurley
when ever I forget an meeting remind supports me to remember. also teachers send me texts on remind to allow me know what's going on with my babes in class and their grades. I love remind each parent could have it.
~ Patricia Farrington
It is simple to use. I want all the teachers, in the school that is using Remind, would sign up with it. I can obtain missing homework assignments and allow them know if my son or daughter will be absent. really nice ap.
~ Rebecca Titone
i love that i can speak to the teachers everyday and know whats going on with my babe i have one teacher thats nice with it actually i have other that dont even look at it and that it dissapointing and may i add the pto news could be also there !!!
~ Johanna Torres
This release has been so beneficial when it comes to parent communication. The only downside is that your messages are limited in characters when sending a group message. This makes it a bit harder to send longer messages. A nice development would be an auto split of the message you kind into the appropriate sizes, rather than having to test and split the message yourself.
~ Grace Blair
A gotta have!!! If you are busy, have school aged babes, sports, church, associations...this release will support you support your students, and equally important, support their teachers. Do your babe(ren) a favor and obtain plugged in. You will appreciate it.
~ Fred Sweeney
Remind has been an nice release for connecting myself & my math class to our teacher 24/7 for homework support, and any sort of communication required! I can message any of my class colleagues with questions, and search out if I've missed any homework on the days I cannot attend class. love this release.
~ Katie Russell
The release is great and works well, but it kills my battery and slows my device idea down (Galaxy S7). Even if I close out of the release, run maintenance, and place it to sleep. I have to physically turn my device off, wait a several mins and turn it back on. I am not sure what it is doing in the background, but I want it would stop.
~ Brad Nelson
I love this release! It has never gone down on me and we are usually able to communicate quickly with our daughters teacher. I also love how I am able to copy my husband in everything her teacher n I talk about so he is in the loop at all times and I dont have to re-explain everything to him.
~ Mrs. Liz Nava
It's been nice. All teachers could use it so parents should know what there babe is doing. There's so many parents that are not involved with there babe but if they have this release there would be no excuses.
~ Cynthia Hacker
I love using this release. There is one trouble though, remind has announced they will be capping nonpaid accounts at 10 classes and 150 recipients per class next year. If you need more than this you are needed to buy a building or district-wide plan there are no individual updates.
~ Wesley Machiela
Really like this release! It makes communicating with the teachers much simpler! I dont like that I can't remove conversations, especially from past teachers where the stats and communication strings are no longer relevant, but maybe upgrades have changed that. Otherwise, this is a nice release.
~ Jennifer Williams
my son was in a personal Pre-K so this release we did not have but starting kindergarten and first grade this has been the finest release I'm getting in contact with both of his teachers and both grades every year was both speedy to respond about to me I really love being able to have such close contact with his teacher <3
~ Amanda Dean
The release gets stuck sending messages. I often can't obtain the reaction information to work. Just actually as I was doing the review the page destroyed twice. I can only find I up to 100 recipients via device but can all when on my pc, which means you cannot send a mass message to everyone in groups.
~ Pamela Murrell
I love the concept of it, having the ability to hold in touch with my daughter's teacher at anytime. Unfortunately it only works half the time. A lot of times if I send a message for the day it doesn't send it until later in the day or I have to test and send it multiple times. That can be an trouble when I am attempting to communicate any troubles my daughter maybe having that day.
~ Anna Ramirez
It's very needed because usually when I obtain home from a hard day at school, I would forget anything similar to school. Mostly homework, so this release is needed. If your like me who forgets homework from any class, you could obtain this release.
~ Rene Izaguirre
It's a nice software to hold in contact with parents and hold your number personal. the downside is its glitchy. a lot of the time I have to leave the release and go back in to see if messages were sent or not. Alerts from parents dont usually come through. I will just have a message and my device makes no sound.
~ travis porter
It's a nice release for school groups to stay organized. If you have the text number, you obtain double info, which is nice but annoying. It's also a player trouble, so the release deserves 4.7 stars for sure. Overall, nice release for keeping to date with classes or extracurriculars.
~ Daren Guerrero
Nice for parent communication as a teacher. I would just request a tiny more text zone for group messages, and I'd like to be able to easily see and edit all device numbers and correspondence addresses for changes throughout the year.
~ Cynthia Troxler
I like this release a lot especially because it gives me a chance to communicate with my students parents without compromising my personal stats or cell device number or correspondence address. My only frustration is that I only have 149 characters to kind when sending a group announcement, which is usually hardly a entire sentence.🙄
~ Olivia Chikezie
I think it is useful, but as a student over the weekends it is hard to contact my teacher about things if the message will only go out to them on weekdays and work hours. Another wise, I think it is a really nice release.
~ Anna Trillet
The app works well receiving messages. But it's absolutely poor for sending messages. Constantly stuck in "sending" 1/14/19 Modernization: Why are group messages limited to nine recipients? Its very restrictive. The average elementary class size is over 20 students. Wouldn't it create more sense to let group chats of at least 20 recipients? Preferably more. modernization: still terrible at sending messages.
~ A Google user
I love having a idea to directly message my babe's teacher. It's nice that the teacher can send out a message to all of the parents at one time. It's so convenient, especially if there is something going on at school that the parents need to know about. (E.g. in the winter time if it runs snowing while the babes are at school and school closes early. The teacher can easily send a message out to all of the parents of those students and allow them know.)
~ Julia Payne
It seems geared towards those who run profile. They can send a message whenever they wish but you can only reach them during predetermined office hours. I think allowing them to schedule a message ahead of time is finest option.
~ Ana Manning
since the changeover for my cell device provider not allowing push info the help that I got from the remind staff has been awesome. they were able to integrate my services into their newest system and I actually obtain push info to the remind release. it was speedy and simple. sometimes still don't obtain info
~ Mike Rempel
I use this release to contact my driver's education class of teen students. With tge release i can message individual students as well as send announcement's to the class as a entire. They can respond back to me also, all without seeing my cell number or me zeeing theirs! It took me only about 5 mins to set it up! It's nice! 😊😁
~ Maggie Herbord
I am giving this release only a 4 star. It is such a nice software to constantly communicate with families. The only thing I do not like is thay i can only share so many letters in an announcement and can only share one picture at a time. It also wont allow me send videos. It does create it hard. Another then that it is a nice release.
~ Aubrey Hollister
Kinda buggy. I search that if sending long messages they won't go thru in the release, but if I respond to the texts I obtain the entire message goes thru without a trouble. In the release the messages never send and I can't delete them... they just sit there. Not sure if it's because they're too long or what... No reason is given.
~ Holly Ann Smith
This release is for EVERY PARENT whose babes are in school! Heres an example... My 6th grader is going on an over night out of state field trip, unfortunately I was unable to go😞... BUT this release allows the teachers to text me occasional upgrades and pictures through out the trip (one of my most FAVORITE things about this release)!! ThE Remind release also allows me to stay connected with both of my lads teachers! I can send them messages and they will reply in a very timely manner! GREAT APP!MUST HAVE!💗IT
~ Ashley Black
I appreciate this release as both a teacher as well as a parent. It has proved extremely beneficial this year. I was satisfied when Verizon announced that they would remain in partnership with Remind; as many of my parents use that wireless service. The only flaw is that messages cannot be deleted if you create a mistake. Much like a typical cellphone service
~ Ratasha Benton-Manley
My carrier dropped help for this over SMS, but it still works in the release... except, for NEW classes, if you subscribe from an SMS invite, it doesn't appear in the release! You have to obtain the class code so you can add it manually, and that is BONKERS. Either idea, (unlike each decent release,) you can't drag the info taller to read more of the message within the info, you have to launch the release each time to see more than the first several words of it. Needlessly frustrating!!!!
~ Grant Bowering
THIS APP IS LIKE USING MYSPACE AFTER USING FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM!! Although I do like being able to connect with my babe's teacher and another parents so I do appreciate the time effort to make this release and thats only reason i gave it 2 stars. With that claimed Class Dojo is just as effective but their is nothing as effective as being "old fashioned" as babes would claim and simply going to the school regularly to not just be aware but to be involved in the day to day and know what's going on.
~ A Google user
I'm a teacher, and it's been nice, but I have some frustration with the release side. Frequently, when I go to message an individual parent, after searching for their name and clicking on it, it takes me to the wrong parent. This is very frustrating because it lends itself to me sending a confidential message to the wrong parent. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the release with no success. It's just not very convenient to have an release that doesn't work properly.
~ Sarah Wessel
This release is nice! As a student teacher, I have used this first hand in a classroom and it has proven very effective as I can hold in constant communication with parents and students. It also allows students to hold in contact to complete student projects or hold every another modernized on assignments, quizzes, and exams. Remind also supports the students be held accountable for their own assignments. Furthermore, I like that it can be linked to google drive and Quizlet.
~ iliana medel
This release continuously gives me troubles no matter how many times I've contacted tech help. I have missed info, newest messages that do not load, and read messages that continue to appear unread after having read them. The only reason I place up with this release is because my babes's school insists on using it to communicate with parents. If I should have given it less than one star, I would have.
~ Monica Pastrana
I'm not overly thrilled with this release. All it does is messaging. I prefer others like ClassDojo or Seesaw because they have more informations that support me stay on top of my babe's progress. This is yet other messaging release eating up zone on my devices for a tiny amount of stats. If it supports the teachers more, I guess it's satisfactory, but I'm not excited about it.
~ Jennifer Nigh
It was nice before but actually it's not giving me the info! I tried everything to fix it and it's not working. I'm not getting all the messages that I need. please give me them back! (modernization: they helped me soooooo much! my info are back and I couldn't be happier)
~ Becca Pheonix
I truly appreciate this release. It makes it simple to search out what is going on in classes and with athletic squads with two idea communication. Not only with one school, but can communicate with teachers from another schools too. I can see if teachers are having a play or babes need to study or bring something that they might forget. Want all classes and teachers had this release. Info are nice. Love that booster clubs or clubs can also obtain remind. Thanks for this nice release!
~ A Google user