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Relax Music - Meditation& Sleep Music, White Noise   
About: Relax Sound is a nonpaid sleep song release which should support you take a relax, its not only a sleep Soft which offer you soothing sleep sounds or song to sleep, also provides white noise, nature tune, meditate song, you can experience different song by picking a stage. (Including but not limited to night, work, bedtime, nap, stress-relieve, morning wake up) Relax Sound brings vivid sleeping sounds & high-quality mediation sounds that can be customized and mixed into the great relaxing soft song for you own style, obtain relaxation as well as search inner peace and calmness. Highlight Informations for Relax Sound: High quality soothing sounds There are many nonpaid relaxing sounds including: Nature sounds (forest, ocean, wind, birds, fire-crackling) Meditation Sound Anti-Stress Sound More sounds waiting for you to search. Better uninterrupted your deep sleep and r ... Show more
Genre: Health & Fitness Rotten Tomatoesยฎ score: 5.0 Size: 12MB Developer: Sound Sleep Group
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Relax Music - Meditation& Sleep Music, White Noise Reviews and Comments:

I love this release cause when I place it on the one i like finest it's just place me out to li li land test it ,its unbelievable also u can use it for the hole family i did and its work!!!
~ A Google user
Changed my mind. This release has taken over my device with banners. Uninstalling. No stars, if I should.
~ Donna D
This song is exactly what I need to unwind & disconnect during stressful moments during the day!!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿง˜๐Ÿฟโ€โ™€๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿพ I search that I can focus with more regularity & I'm not as tense & emotionally keyed up at the end of the day โ—โ—โ—
~ A Google user
love the release if only it din't have that much banners, how much banners do you need for a easy aplicacion,but exepte all that the release is really nice and that's why im rating it a 5/5 if only it had 10/10
~ A Google user
this is a mind blowing relaxing release of body by my experience it deserve 5+ stars but it cannot possible at this time i like this release so much one time i forget that this is a release under 20 mb i test 50 apps on test shop but this release is gone No.1 of all of them
~ rahul verma
idea too many banners. Each time I clicked on anything or went back an banner pops up. I obtain it apps need banners but holy hell. The nonpaid songs are also ok. Nothing made me go wow this is nice. I wemt through them all and just decided to pick the one i liked the most and it was dofficult because nothing was nice enough. Kind of like eh ok ill test this one
~ Mikki Malone
I don't see how anybody can claim they love this thing it won't allow you even test it unless you pay for it and it claims it's nonpaid all it does is send you to I pay page it's worthless
~ A Google user
love love love listening to the thunderstorm when i fall asleep. my mind just drifts away. this is a unbelievable release.
~ Kyle Cooper
Just a come on for the super release which you have to pay for.
~ Donald Thomas
Usually I test a song or sound I like the release ends up locking it so that I have to pay monthly just to hear it. :/ NOT COOL!!!
~ Naomi Concha
I love it when I sleep I sleep like died
~ Kenmitch Cartinio
I love this release , I just want it have more song with FLUTE instruments, not too much Indian song but more oriental song ...my name I'd Dina from fort Myers Florida. USA.
~ Dina Shriner
I'm bummed that I have to uninstall this release, but taking over a device with banners shouldn't be permitted. I'm fine with in-release banners.
~ Rich Lodi
This is an olmost great release, just enjoy it much, i'm usually take an hour to obtain sleep, but yesterday i slept in 7 mins ๐Ÿ˜ƒ ๐Ÿ˜ Wooow, you fix it in the same day ๐Ÿ˜ฏ๐Ÿ˜ฏ i download the apdate. if i had a credit card i will definitely pay for super ver ๐Ÿ‘
~ Abdul Rahman Mahdi
You have the finest release I've ever installed. I'm just beginning to sample the many generous offerings of song I've ever knew about. Thank you so much.
~ anne lawler
I love listening to the rain, thunderstorms, creek, cicadas and so much more that i relax immediately. I've been trying to improve my meditation skills so I can relax at bedtime but this usually does the trick.
~ Jen Garren
supports in so many ideas for myself and for my babes they love it... on a average in 1 day they ask cute much each hour... thankyou for the invintion of this release. so yes to me 5 stars.
~ Kayla Snyder
you can't obtain it to shut off. Each time I think I've got it turned off...a different one comes on. If not for that...I should like like it. I don't wish anything I CAN'T SHUT off.
~ Mama suZ Rogers
song is unbelievable, I understand the need for banners but YOUR banners take control of my device and thats DAMN annoying; for this reason Im rating the ap a "1" if I should rate it lower I would!!!!!
~ Davis Miles
Nice Experience... Most useful for mental peace!
~ Vipul Parmar
Nice release but One time buy is the idea to go and not the subscription. Just an addon to the life and there are many alike nice apps in one time buy. Why one require subscription ? and pay each month! ๐Ÿค
~ MaxEffect
The sound I listened to nonpaid, is actually a monthly charge. Choices for nonpaid are actually quite limited and not suitable for me to use when going to sleep. I will be looking around for other release.
~ Raewyn Brennan
this release is useful and have many nice informations that i like...but the only thing i didn't like are too many disturbing ads!!!
~ Ragib Mrb
Nice release many choices! My favoured is birdsong. Additional profile is nice! I use it for stress and anxiety. Test it all the time. I use the no time limit. Additional is highly suggested.
~ Sandi Cheslak
I really enjoy this. I does support me to relax ๐Ÿ˜ and obtain some sleep.
~ Rhonda Mallard
The only trouble I have is that if you chose a specific theme, per claim a thunderstorm, it will test a song for three mins and hold replaying until you turn it off. I was listening to the piano theme and the same song kept testing over and over.
~ Tailani
the pop up adds are insane!!! idea too many. I obtain that I can pay 5.99 a month but that is also incredibly high for an release imo. specially since I'm not downloading song. I just wish to listen to a thunderstorm and rain when I go to sleep for white noise. not gonna pay 5.99 a month for that. they amount of pop ups on thos release has made me consider deleting it.
~ Jessica Piontek
Finest meditation and relaxation sounds and compilations of song and/or nature that I've used. And, I'm a yogi that has tried alot of mix bag apps. This is by far my absolute favoured! Plus, I enjoy the bonus informations with timing according to my needs and the picture quality shown for every scenery! โ™ง
~ Charmaine Sanders
it automatically runs to playeven if i didnt launch the release very terrible
~ manju dahale
Decided to turn the TV off and crochet on my husbands blanket. I usually listen to song on the television or radio, but I thought I'd test this instead. All seven (yes, I claimed 7! 4 cats and 3 dogs) furkids are sound asleep right actually. They are all very relaxed which is a refreshing change! I'm so glad I decided to turn the TV off ๐Ÿ’œ!
~ Carli Brown
I wanted to love this release, but unfortunately the terrible outweighed the nice. There were some sounds that I did like alot but most were locked without a paid subscription (Soft description states that it is fully nonpaid of locked content but this is untrue). The main reason I am going to uninstall is that random sleep sounds/song are constantly turning on with no option to turn them off. This is very annoying, not to mention battery draining also. If this trouble gets resolved I would reinstall.
~ Mandi Ellis
I liked this a lot, and I understand having banners in a nonpaid release. But it suddenly got crazy. When an release runs forcing banners when I'm not even using it, that's where I draw the line. Suddenly there was a lock screen installed on my device that has an banner on the bottom. I figured out that it was from this release. I went to the release too test to shut it off, and actually it has banners that pop up constantly as you're using it, making it horribly irritating to use. Nice idea to lose customers and destroy your rating
~ Jeremy Welch
Everyone could listen to the relaxing meditation...
~ Marianne W
I know when I use this release, I'll be able to sleep and wake up the next day well rested.
~ Hannah Yarbrough
at first i liked it very much but actually it needs debit card equipment ... . n not opening the song
~ Lucky Khan
banners are the worst a several songs we can now test on unpaid. battery seem to be usually draining because i cant do anything without banners popping up.
~ Ntombi Mkosi
This was an nice release but, inspite of what the description claims, there are no nonpaid/banner containing options anymore; it's $20/mo. ir nothing. No.
~ Alicia Kekic
very useful from my house thank you very much hold sending me freshness though very useful for my health and my well-being to work every day
~ Brian Hendrickson
It was the finest release previously but actually all the song have been super . Hey developer, my question to you is why did you develop this release if you don't leave any song without super (paid ver) ?????????
~ A Google user
Glitching sounds. and It have to download the audio before testing. Also they hold asking for payment. There is another better apps.
~ Opridai 206