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Quizlet: Learn Languages & Vocab with Flashcards   
About: Quizlet is the easiest idea to practice and master what youre learning. Make your own flashcards and study sets or pick from millions created by another students its up to you. More than 30 million students study with Quizlet every month because its the leading education and flashcard release that makes studying languages, history, vocab and science easy and effective. And it's nonpaid! With Quizlet you can: - Receive play-day ready with Learn - Place your memory to the play with Write - Race versus the clock in a release of Match - Share flashcards with classmates (if you're a student) or your students (if you're a teacher) - Listen to your material pronounced correctly in 18 languages - Enhance your studying with custom photos and audio Whether you're doing standardized play prep for large exams like the SAT or ACT, studying for an upcoming midterm or play in school or ... Show more
Genre: Education Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Quizlet Inc.
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Quizlet: Learn Languages & Vocab with Flashcards Similar Apps

Quizlet: Learn Languages & Vocab with Flashcards similar apps recommendations, suggestions and related titles.

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Apps Like Quizlet: Learn Languages & Vocab with Flashcards:
Similar Apps Like Arizona State University Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: With the ASU Mobile App you hold the pulse of ASU in the palm of your hands. New tools and functionality allow you to navigate student life at ASU both physically and virtually. We got you. Key benefits: Wayfinding from your location to any building on campus Virtual tickets for the student football season Schedules of your classes and events with check-in and wayfinding abilities Real-time transit information around campus Customized news and event...

Developer: Arizona State University

Similar Apps Like micro:bit Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: The best bits Create games on your phone then flash them on to your micro:bit to get playing no wires or cables needed! Snap a selfie by connecting your phone or tablet, and use your micro:bit as a remote control Never miss your mates again now you can code your micro:bit to wake up and tell you when youre getting a call or text Whats in the app? There are four areas to explore: Discover takes you to the official website where you can find code ideas from other micro:...

Developer: Samsung Electronics UK

Similar Apps Like Blackboard Collaborate™ Mobile Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Blackboard Collaborate Mobile Collaborate on your mobile device! With Blackboard Collaborate Mobile, you can join web conferencing sessions right from your Android device. NOTE: This app must be enabled by your institution to function and is free for you to download. To find out if Blackboard Collaborate Mobile is available at your institution check in with your helpdesk or IT department. With Blackboard Collaborate Mobile, participants can join a live web conference for online c...

Developer: Blackboard Collaborate, Inc.

Similar Apps Like Sangha Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Sangha is the way of the future: one parent interaction platform, instead of having multiple tools Jim Kallieris, Principal, Oak Terrace Elementary School Sangha is a simple yet powerful smartphone calendar that empowers schools, parents and out-of-school program providers to centralize and automate essential communications and vital interactions. I not only get to plan and manage my calendar weeks in advance, but I also get to give my parents the same courtesy on their mobile phones. ...

Developer: Sangha

Similar Apps Like PACC Recommendations on Intrathecal Drug Delivery Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Welcome to the International Neuromodulation Society Guidelines for Intrathecal Drug Delivery from the Polyanalgesic Consensus Conference (PACC) App. Intrathecal pain management continues to evolve. The 2017 Polyanalgesic Consensus Conference (PACC) Guidelines were developed to meet a growing need for updated guidance to keep pace with emerging evidence, changes in patient care, and to fill current gaps in clinical practice. The goal of the updated guidance is to continue to improve safety and ...

Developer: CME Outfitters and Int’l. Neuromodulation Society

Similar Apps Like TalkingPoints Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: TalkingPoints connects teachers and educators with all parents and families via text messages and in multiple languages with two-way translation. TalkingPoints mission is to help build relationships and make parent-teacher communication easier so that parents and teachers can be real partners in their childrens education. *TalkingPoints helps teachers to* Quickly and easily send announcements or messages that get received in text messages to all parents or any group of parents or indivi...

Developer: TalkingPoints

Similar Apps Like eventScribe  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: ***FOR ATTENDEES ONLY*** This container app provides conference apps that allow you to view the schedule, presentations, exhibitors and speaker details from the conferences. Users can take notes adjacent available presentation slides and draw directly on slides inside the app. Note-taking is also available in the posters and exhibitors modules. Additionally, users can share information with attendees and colleagues with in app messaging, tweeting and emailing....

Developer: cadmiumCD


Similar Apps Like ParentVUE Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: The ParentVUE Mobile application helps parents stay informed and connected by providing day-to-day insight into their childs academic experience. ParentVUE Mobile for the Android phones works with the Synergy student information system in much the same way as the ParentVUE web portal, allowing parents to access near real-time information on assignments and scores, attendance, and demographic information. ParentVUE offers parents a single sign-on to view all of their childrens information rega...

Developer: Edupoint Education Systems

Similar Apps Like DMV Practice Test Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: FREE DMV Driving Practice Test You'll be surprised how close the app is to the real thing. DMV Driving Test Prep Exam - Practicality: Our test offers 350 of the most common multiple-choice questions based on the official DMVs drivers manual for your state so you might want to keep that within arms reach for reference. Both road signs and road rules are covered. It will help you prepare for the DMV Test and Drivers License Exam. - Detailed explanations: if you choose the wrong answer,...

Developer: E-Learning Co.

Similar Apps Like Learn Languages - English, Spanish, French - LingQ Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Learn languages by immersing yourself in a world of interesting, authentic content! Start with easy beginner (A1) lessons but quickly progress into learning languages from interesting, authentic content. Our accelerated reader for language learners contains 1000s of hours of lessons, podcasts, books, interviews and more, all with transcript. LingQ even lets you import and learn languages from any content you find on the web! Use LingQ as an audiobook player and read along. Listen to podcas...

Developer: LingQ.com

Similar Apps Like American Sign language for Beginners  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: This is a simple interactive app to aid in the learning of American sign language. There are on board photos for the signs as well as online photos for multiple views. I have included a quiz so that you can assess your progress. Best of all. IT'S FREE......

Developer: USEFUL APPS

Similar Apps Like EEE FORMULA Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: You can find all the basic electrical formulas with examples (more chapter will be added after update). All the basic concepts which is vital for any competitive job exam are highlighted. You can easily read and understand those concepts with lot of examples and figures. This list of electrical and electronics formulas and basic concepts will help you to solve mathematical problem and refresh your memory. (Mathematical problem will be added in the later version) Join Our FACEBOOK Community ...


Similar Apps Like IAHSP Conference  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Download the official IAHSP Conference App! This app provides the conference schedule and also assistance to contacting the IAHSP team. Current version does the following: - Share IAHSP experience on the official IAHSP Facebook page. - IAHSP conference schedule all in one page to keep you informed of scheduled sessions. - Contact links and information when you're at the conference. - View the IAHSP conference sponsors. About The 2018 Educational Conference and Expo The International ...

Developer: StagedHomes.com

Similar Apps Like Bootable SDCard  USB Lite Pro  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Bootable SDCard USB Lite Pro is Choose and ISO or IMG File, Insert you SD Card into your phone, And write the Image to the SD Card. Boot your Linux, FreeBSD, Windows or any other ISO on your computer. Bootable SDCard USB Lite Pro is Needs root access, USB OTG adapter Make sure your SD Card or USB Stick is properly recognized by Android. Note that large SD Cards/USB won't work due the limitations of FAT32 file systems. Prepare bootable SD cards for your Raspberry Bootable SDCard USB Lite Pro...

Developer: Giki Top VPN Apps Developer


Similar Apps Like Behavior Coach Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Behavior Coach is a parenting App providing education, discussion and coaching assistance for parents who deal with challenging behavior. Utilising parenting techniques that prioritise connection and collaboration instead of power and control, parents can quickly see a change in the relationship they have with their children. By learning about and responding to the underlying factors driving the behavior they are faced with, whether that be an unmet need or lagging cognitive skill, parents ca...

Developer: Child Safe Training

Similar Apps Like IsEqualTo - Made for Children  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: The following features have been released on the present version of Is Equal To App and more are being developed for children: DAILY EDITION Feel confident of what your child reads - Curated news for children of all ages. - Fascinating content delivered daily to your phone - Short content snippets in an easy-to-read format - Hear and learn new words - Content designed according to Bloom's Taxonomy SCHOOL CONNECT Connect reliably with parents & students - Notification platform for ...

Developer: IsEqualTo Learning Systems Private Limited

Similar Apps Like Painting for kids Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Painting for kids is a painting app for kids. It is very easy to paint with thick outlines...

Developer: zoilu

Similar Apps Like Solar System Encyclopedia : 3D Universe Astronomy  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Explore our Solar System and get all the information about our planets. Solar System Encyclopedia : 3D Universe Astronomy is an informative application. Solar System Encyclopedia : 3D Universe Astronomy planets system simulator is well suited for all audiences and ages. Solar System Encyclopedia : 3D Universe Astronomy Scope is a nice way of Exploring, Discovering and Playing with the planets System and Outer Space. Navigate through planets and their moons in 3D mode. The size and orbits of plan...

Developer: Brood Tech

Similar Apps Like Stay Connected Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Receiving information about your K-12 school district has just gotten a lot easier with SchoolPointe's Stay Connected App. Now you can now stay up-to-date with the most important news affecting your school district with just a swipe of your finger. SchoolPointe's Stay Connected App features: - Headline news and information: Find out what is happening in your district with a swipe and a touch with your finger. - Calendar of events: Search all of your district's upcoming events and add the...

Developer: SchoolPointe, Inc

Similar Apps Like Chicken breeding Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: You are interested in breeding chickens or you are already experienced. You are looking for a reliable, complete and satisfactory source of information."Chicken breeding", is an off-line guide to helping people learn and master simple chicken farming techniques, promote sustainable family farming in a period of climate change, and help fight Poverty reduction and the creation of sustainable jobs. All aspects of poultry farming are discussed, including: Feeding, Prophylaxis (Chicken disease), Ch...

Developer: Osiaz LLC.



Quizlet: Learn Languages & Vocab with Flashcards Reviews and Comments:

Using Quizlet has made it easier to understand and remember the material. I have suggested this release to others that are studying.
~ Marcella Mejia
had it since middle school actually in nursing school its just a staple you just can't live without quizlet I remember when it first started and the flashcards were just getting started actually you can search everything avaliable already made.
~ Mia Schofield
So much to offer. I use it to make quizzes, study walkthroughs for my students AND use it's softwares for studying for my Master's tool! Nice from both sides!
~ LeRonica Moses
So useful in many ideas- I've used it when learning the menu at a restaurant for a serving job, classes in university, training newest employees, and teaching ESL.
~ Dooper Gaming
nonpaid ver works cute well. a tiny buggy on occasion, (sometimes doesn't save all terms in file until you go to blog then back to release...) otherwise greata
~ trisa jones
Nice, supports so much with history and if you respond incorrectly it will give you the same question in different formats to support retain hard to remember ideas.
~ Annalisse
Finest release for studying! Depending on how you like to learn, you can pick to write out the terms you are studying, math them together, listen and kind and more!
~ Maria Dragonbreath
This release has been very useful in making my students enthusiastic about learning vocabulary, especially when we go live.. nice release!
~ Srie Hastuti
the nonpaid ver meets just all my needs. of course, I can think of some needed bells and whistles, but these are not essential). the banners are non-intrusive to the target of being almost invisible.
~ David Sidney
My experience with quizlet has been exceptional. -From 2014, my high school days, it has helped me effectively prepare for many tests -to actually when I have rediscovered it (2019) to support me in the completion of my career preparation. It is an exceptional software that makes study fun and memorable thus increasing your chances of success.
~ Tabitha Love
a cute cool learning software - for when your on the go. Especially when its not feasible for you to lug around your ebook nor notebook. 4 stars because I'm still feeling it out.
~ Heather O'Brien-Martin
I am impressed by how effective is their learning way. the only true caveat is having to obtain the punctuation correct when entering an respond. I now suggest this product.
~ Michael J. Bird
This release is very useful for remembering words you do joy know in such a n simple and fun idea!! I think this is a very useful release towards my learning and I will continue to use it very much!! 💖😅
~ Daniel Park
i'm rating this 3 stars. Although it's a nice release, it's flawed in that it mixes the wrong groupings of answers with questions at times.
~ Zack Goldman
This is a nice software for learners and teachers alike. It can really create learning a lot easier, particularly for more hard things like the phonemes.
~ Dave Binchy
Can't add newest cards to a set. I left off at 3 cards and saved the set. Actually I wish to go back and add more to the same set but I don't see any button that lets me add to it. how do I do that?
~ Lily Pinks
Nice Soft to learn vocabulary but all informations not available for nonpaid. some informations have to buy for dollars which is disappointed me. However, It's a nice release to learn meanings in your native language or English language
~ Harish hari
I love this release! The appreciate that it gives different ideas to study the same material. I also like that you can place in your exam date & it will give you prompts to study. It is great to be able to study on the go!
~ Ta Wallace
It's very convenient. At first I thought there was only a web app for it. I discovered this and actually my full potential of being a japanese pan is actually possible. ありがとうございます!
~ Nicole Hernandez
Quizlet is a very useful release. There's different walkthroughs on the release for your play. There also a reminder of the day the remind you that you need to study. I will suggest this release for recipients that has problem studying
~ Candice Strong
It really supports me remember terms in a "release-like" manner and it certainly beats just cramming a ton of words in my brain over and over again.
~ Baby ChaeCasso
Excellent software for studying. The learn software is great for acquiring newest stats, while the write software is great for solidifying stats and playing yourself. Very player friendly release that is simple for speedy studying at home or on the go!
~ Troy Gilliland
Love definition choices that appear when a word is entered, which makes entering lists of words an simple and speedy process. Occasionally, the release will not reply when I touch on the definition line, so I have to close the set then reopen for it to work. Minor inconvenience that will hopefully be fixed in the next iteration.
~ Jill Kageyama
One of the finest apps which deserves 5 stars, but with 2 serious flaws: there is no timer to slow down the voice in autoplay, and one cannot edit mistakes while scanning through flashcards. Please, I beg you to fix these troubles. Thanks in advance.
~ mos khojaste
Nice content and really enjoyable whilst being educational. Incredibly rewarding once you obtain 100. 🐏🐸👽 I had a play today and I used the flashcardy things on it, and I'm confident I've learned more
~ H o n e y
i really like this release. nice for practising languages. Allows you to pick the language you are using to support create sure you input the correct spelling of the word initially. can pick how you are assessing yourself and also can hear the pronounciation! Have already suggested to few recipients and invited them to look at my study sets.
~ Susan H
Thank God for this release/software! Flashcard-style review and guided study/learning release checks knowledge with mix of multiple choice & write-in. (TBH, sometimes write-in = annoying; if you miss one letter, it counts versus you, ugh!) Repetition is key: Q's algorithm strengthens your low spots. Nice concept 👍 to add encouragement emojis along the idea. 💗 'Take Play' (w/ options): first one 95%, second one 100%. Quizlet is *such* a confidence builder! 😁 TYVM
~ Tanya Clark
It's speedy, it's simple & as you are creating your index cards it gives you recommendations of content that another students have written on the same material so you can compare and adjust for clearer understanding. It would be who of everyone studying to capitalize on this specific software for school . . . .
~ Kaiyn Static
Soft constantly deletes the pictures I take, which aren't save to my device and only in the release, so having sets with pictures are pointless. Can't access offline sets, even though I clearly have internet. I really shouldn't have paid for plus because it really feels like I'm not getting it.
~ Caitlin Dull
This is a really nice release and it has helped me study a lot. The two terrible things about it that you have to pay to obtain super ( though the nonpaid ver works fine) and that I can't search any idea to delete a single card from a deck, which is driving me crazy. Another than thst it is a nice software :)
~ Didiri1337
Simple and Effective. I use the flash card information most often. Largest drawback everything has to be typed out. I want there was a idea for me to hand write notes into the flash cards I'm building by touchscreen. I suscribed which eliminates any banner disruptions, I think it is a nice value.
~ Joseph Martinez
PROS: 1)can copy lists that you search needed 2)works cute well offline 3) reliable audio function 4) autofill function is a great time saver CONS: 1)doesn't alphabetize lists when wish to add them to specific folders, so you have to scroll through each list you've ever made by date to search the one you wish (not very efficient when you have 200+ lists) 2)takes a long time to load if you have a lot of lists 3) release sometimes randomly unstars and stars flashcards when you're studying.
~ Valerie Hunt
ahhhhh, this is a nice study hint, if you have no one to study with you for a vocab quiz or something, I would definitely suggest, I share often I use this release, I obtain an A on a play/quiz :)
~ Pheobe dancer
I was struggling with my grades until someone refered me to quizlet. I changed my study ways and turned my grades around.I listened to an audio lecture from my class 9 TIMES...(thats 9 hours of my life I'm never getting back) and got a 64 on the quiz😵! I literally went from getting D's on my tests to A's and B's with Quizlet. I love the flash cards and learning/play informations. Very player friendly! Highly suggest!
~ Danielle Hinds
I think this release is nice and would've given a 5, but it's a easy thing that can be fixed. If you misspell an respond by one letter, punctuation or abbreviations, it'll claim you you're incorrect. Ex: Mount versus Mt. , General versus General's, or Title 8 versus Title VIII or title viii. Straight, but frustrating, bc it causes on to run doubting one's self. Even though, I'd still suggest it. Satisfied studying and nice luck with whatever play.
~ Roberto Cartagena II
I've found this release brilliant BUT PLEASE DEVELOPERS!! should you limit the number of terms that you can become 'familiar' with when learning? when there's a gigantic set it gets impossible to learn when the number of terms you're looking at keeps increasing! it's really off putting and I've had to split up sets into smaller groups to stop this happening. perhaps this should be an adjustable information? THANK YOU!
~ Sophie Duckworth
Very needed! The nonpaid ver does include banners but they are not intrusive. It is very simple to make newest sets, even has recommendations to complete definitions for you. Very simple to search already existing sets to study from.
~ Nikayla Shaw
This is the finest study software! I started back to college this summer and my first class is a 12 week biology class condensed to 8 wks. It's so speedy pacd and this is my go to software. With every chapter I create my own study sets and practice til I really know stats. There are different formats and I use all of them. You can also find for sets by subject and use another recipients's to practice too. This is the finest release and it's helped me create an A so far. I'm so satisfied with it
~ Megan Miller
Quizlet is a nice tool to support you study just about anything. You can browse another quizzes and flashcards or make your own. It is a nice study software. But be wary about using another recipients's quizzes as some stats can be wrong, directing, or have misspelled words. Works well.on my Samsubf S8
~ Jonathan Moritz
Absolutely unbelievable, exceptionally useful! Thought I would briefly use this to study Anatomy, and make all flash cards required otherwise, but I have found all things required to support study everything here. A tremendous amount of time saved this idea, stored digitally on device rather than hauling flashcards all over campus, plus the visuals really support a lot! Eternally grateful a fellow student recommended using this, will reccomend it to each another student I speak to.
~ Jesse Morrison