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Quidd - Collect Stickers, Cards, GIFs, & MORE!   
About: Accumulate, trade and present off officially licensed, limited edition stickers, GIFs, trading cards and 3D figures of your favoured characters, including from fandoms like Disney, Rick & Morty, Product of Thrones, MARVEL, Transformers, My Tiny Pony, Bob's Burgers, Star Trek, Breaking Terrible, and Michael Jackson (see more below). Dont forget to: - Drag and drop your stickers in iMessage and use them anywhere you use your keyboard! - Launch mystery boxes containing Hasbro Toys, Funko Pop! figures and Kidrobot digital minis! - Come back daily to obtain newest content for nonpaid! With over 2 BILLION limited edition digital equipment sold to-date, there is no better time than actually to join Quidd and run building your collection. ********** Heres what you can do: - Use your nonpaid coins to buy limited-edition collectible stickers, cards and 3D figures. - Meet mi ... Show more
Genre: Entertainment Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 33MB Developer: Quidd Inc.
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Quidd - Collect Stickers, Cards, GIFs, & MORE! Similar Apps

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Quidd - Collect Stickers, Cards, GIFs, & MORE! Reviews and Comments:

its fun, but i cant buy certian boxes even when they are supposed to be still available, and it crashes a bit
~ Jeanine Attard
The release is nice and all but they could place trading back in it because it used to be idea better because once you wanted something but couldn't obtain it you should have just traded something for it.
~ Chris E
I would have given it a 5-star rating but after one use and then I deleted it on accident then it won't allow go is that a can't that use a different password and it's not letting me obtain in so 3 stars⭐⭐⭐
~ A Google user
Error. Unfortunately, Quidd has stopped. now just curious since MrBeast and another so bragging about it, and im such a collector kind. so i think the release, need some small fix yeah? gonna raise more star if so. and why dont change the logo to something more iconic? if i dont know what it was and doesnt read the description, i would have thought it was a basketball release xP
~ Isa Miharjo
nice release but it crashes so much it's super slow and they took out trading the release is built around you spending dollars.
~ Jacob Dight
Username: RuffRabbit I still have fun on the release. Its harder to sell actually since many recipients left because they got rid of trading and displays. otherwise i still love collecting
~ LaTay Lagore
nice release but I think it could have a several more fandoms like; doctor who, maybe some bands like the rolling stones or slayer ( I know they are fully different) but another than that nice release
~ Wyland Tinsley
i really like quidd. the stickers are adorable and you obtain nonpaid coins which is cool. My only complaint would be it usually crashes. also if you should add a list of all the fandoms that you can scroll through that would be cool
~ Cut Kitten
Iffy on Google Pixel 2 XL - Constant timeout messages, collections do not present correctly and when gaining coins, the balance does not usually modernization. Otherwise this release is wonderful for collectors of merch, stickers etc.
~ Chris Matthews
it used to be fun, like a babe again collecting cards, expressing yourself with art covered with stickers, trading what you didnt wish for what you required. connecting to another recipients who had an immediate spark with you because you both loved the same category, finding yourselves immediately dudes. collecting beautiful things or giving someone a sticker! thats what testing quidd used to be like. actually its a shop to buy and sell virtual nothings. our family used to test quidd together. actually no one does.
~ A Google user
Messenger NOT compatible. The only reason that i downloaded this was to be able to send the stickers to ppl on Fb messenger. But once you test it claims Messenger can't send stickers. 0* for false advertising.
~ Crystaline Kitt
If you really "listen to all your players", why arent displays back? Recipients are leaving because of it. Actually listen to ME AND WHAT I HAVE TO SAY. Displays made up Quidd and removing them only makes it terrible. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP UNTIL THEY BRING BACK DISPLAYS AND STOP EMAILING BOTS.
~ A Google user
Lots of equipment but kinda dumb. Claimed i had 16,000 credits but often i tried to buy i weak cost box a pop up appeared and wanted me to spend dollars to obtain more couns from there offer even though i had plenty to buy some boxes. So after doing that for a bit and getting nowhere a large DELETE
~ Ben Ten
i love the release and that you can accumulate different stickers on different subject like steven universe but one trouble i had is that when i required more coins so then i went to the list of releases you can download to obtain more coins it claimed do an action on this gane and then when i did it then got on the release there was no coins added and the release was gone from the list
~ Unicorn sista
This is so fun! I got all my favoured Heroes in my collection! Great job working on this, Developers. Create it more addictive by adding more Power Rangers in 1996-2019 and more!
~ BlueLeader Games aka Neal
it's very fun and calming... it supports zone my mind on something else which supports me to reduce my stress lvls.
~ Mekeda Williams
nice but.... its great but I dont think it deserves 5 stars it used to but since they removed trading it went down me and 1000s of recipients wish trading back actually I got to post something in the supermarket for my dudes and hope nowone gets to it first because it just happened and it's super annoying please banner trading back
~ Behind the arch basketball fan club
~ MrSaltyPotato101
when I go to my collection it claims unfortunately quidd has stopped please fix I wish it to work and I'm using a Samsung if that supports in any idea
~ nope fool
Since last modernization, the release doesn't launch anymore. It just keeps autologging in and spinning. Please fix!
~ Elie al Lakkis
extremely slow, whatever the box opening animation is - it never loads and I can't view the equipment in my collection either, because the full size pictures don't load. plus the coin counter doesn't modernization when buying, even after refreshing, only restarting the release upgrades the coin count. lack of option to sell in bulk makes it really tedious to obtain rid of duplicates. I'm sure there's more to be fixed.
~ Płomienny Jacuś
I downloaded this release just actually and my parent set the age restriction to 9+ and all the another settings to available , it did not work and the stickers box still claims age restrictions. I came from MrBeast so I wanted to buy the MrBeast box but it still claims age restrictions . So please fix it or I will delete this release forever . (And I also wish to use this release but if you dont fix it ya)
~ A Google user
It was fun at first, but actually you can't even place displays. It just became boring. And all you can do actually is accumulate stickers and figures.. It's just boring Please bring displays back. Back then the release was an actual social platform. Where you can comment or praise the persons post. But actually it just feels like an offline small release.
~ A Google user
Can someone pls support me. I can't log back into my profile, it just loads and loads until it claims connection times out and I am connected to the wifi which is cute nice and I also have nice signal. Pls support I really wish to use this release more often
I haven't tried it yet or opened it yet but MrBeast keeps claiming to download it in his videos and seems like it supports him to support others, I love seeing these acts of kindness. I had to download and hopefully it keeps supporting to support. I know this seems very irrelevant sorry. Edit: Love it although I just started. already collected some MrBeast cards yay!
~ Brenda Balzan
Nice concept but it crashes each 5 mins and then logs me out after the ruin. Fix this NOW!!!
~ BeastCoreYT
i love the idea of this release and would spend hours and hours on it BUT honestly, it is the worst release I've ever used. It crashes on a 5 minute basis, freezes during transactions and takes your coins but doesn't give you the item, freezes and loses connections frequently, it is almost unusable
~ Brit Grovenor
Love the collecting of things but there are many fixes required. Coin counter could modernization with every buy. Selling shouldn't be so tedious and could let bulk listing. The release crashes A LOT when listing for sale or just checking your collection. Also weird that some boxes include cards for another sets. I have opened multiple boxes for one set and ONLY got cards for a different set. once these troubles obtain fixed this release will be nice. A lot of potential here.
~ Jamison Smith
I can't launch it. It's stuck in the loading screen. No matter how long you, it just doesn't go further. Please fix this! I want to enjoy this release, but it cannot be done.
~ Artis Tomsons
I restart my device and address and redownload quidd but when I test to log in It claims my correspondence adress is already in use on an identical device. So basically I'm locked out of quidd for using this device and correspondence before. needs to be fixed. Want I should give 0 stars
~ David Loewen
No more applications for certain fandoms after more than one month. Since trade has been removed, everything is dependent on in-release dollars. I think only marvel has a continous version of newest sets because it has a gigantic fandom on the release. But most recipients end up using all their dollars on certain fandom and another fandoms are abandonned. And quidd now wait for a set to be sold out to version newest sets. Odds are getting worse so recipients don't spend their dollars on them = no newest set = abandonned fandom.
~ ck jaze
I really like the concept behind this release and I think it's really great and I had this release on my device for a long time actually but actually I am using this on a Galaxy Android and when I test to go to my collection it destroyed on me and not only when I went to my collection but It destroyed on me when I wanted to go to the Funko market . Can you guys fix it in the next modernization please . I really like this release
~ Amy _xoxo
newest modernization has made it impossible to do anything. trying to list dupes effects in a timeout.. same when trying to buy boxes. server upgrade is required or a modernization to fix these bugs!!
~ Johnathon Tuke
device based accounts are stupid and don't even work properly. had to factory restart my device then when I tried to log back in it Claims me my profile is linked to a identical device 😂 it's the exact same device??? I'm so confused.
~ Nonstop Motorsports
Great stickers, but without the ability to trade, which was what prompted me to test it out in the first zone, a lot of its appeal is unfortunately lost. Cards and Funko figs are neat, but stickers is truly where it's at.
~ TentaiTakara
Well it has an nice concept on it, but when I press valuable when I test to sell something it shuts down. I also want there even more collections. But it is nice nonetheless.
~ Brandon Flores
I used to really enjoy this release, before it was all dollars based. Actually i can't even check the odds of the boxes i buy, and they got rid of the posting aspect of this. We can no longer exchange with another users, we have to buy. And over all, not a fan of any of the changes. sad to claim i won't be testing this anymore.
~ Kyoko Min
I love the release, simple 4 star, but it crashes so much and there are just tiny things that are annoying. On the another hand though it is very fun to accumulate, sell and meet newest recipients. The more constructive you are the more fun it is.
~ tristan primus
This release is a complete joke actually. They took away trading and implemented a half baked aftermarket system that forces you to buy coins with dollars, snd actually they are upping the "service fee" to steal even more from their players. This release is hot garbage actually and is run by incompetent morons.
~ Pat pletcher
You can't trade these trading cards. I am amazed how quickly I lost interest in Quidd. I used to set alarms for newest applications but since the removal of trading I am disenchanted with the hourly dollars grabs. I have automated logging in to accumulate what tiny coins they still give out. I have no instant plans to rejoin the community.
~ A Google user