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About: Project Fi is a newest wireless experience from Google designed to support you obtain the highest-quality connection, enable simple communication across networks and devices, and create the service experience as easy as possible. For more stats about Project Fi and how to sign up, visit fi.google.com. If you're a player of Project Fi, use this release to: Activate your Project Fi service Manage your profile and settings Check your time usage See your monthly statements Receive in touch with help 24/7 Note: You'll need to sign up for Project Fi at fi.google.com before this release can be used.
Genre: Tools Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Google LLC
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Project Fi by Google Reviews and Comments:

All the stats you would need without the hassle of remembering the login credentials for something I check a several times per year. Straight design packed with a lot of stats to respond all the questions that I had. Hats off to the dev squad!
~ Biggie Smiles
unhappy with the misleading stats i was given, and the long wait times and inadequate customer service. after switching over with a "compatible" device, i am claimed by customer service that i will need to buy a google fi device to obtain decent network coverage. (galaxy only uses T small satelites)I was not been able to send or obtain calls for two weeks after my number was transfered to google fi. I should only use time and txt while waiting for the experts to address my trouble.
~ Travis White
terrible coverage. calls often go straight to voicemail when recipients call me. device help is outsourced it seems, tech had to hold putting me on long holds to obtain answers and permissions from higher ups. service is becoming a headache.
~ Damien Milburn
device service is not comparable to another prepaid services.you can never obtain a fixed monthly bill. I started getting charges i should not hold up with and double payments. you cannot earn a customer's believe having an automatic system run a device company as I have experienced errors and no incentive or compensation for your machines errors or lies from sketchy employees AND YOU CANNOT GET A REFUND FOR THERE SYSTEM ERRORS
~ bestmusic filter
Ridiculously terrible customer service right out the gate. When I signed up for service, I opted to send back my old device for credit. I remember very clearly being asked if the device still turns on and if it has screen hurt. When I asked customer service how to send back the device, they named me a liar and claimed me I never opted to do so. They claimed me my window of opportunity had passed to do so and that I was SOL.
~ Tim S
I search that when it's using Sprint, time is VERY slow. I can usually force it over to T-App, and it's much better. The VPN is a great information, but I tend to obtain weird intermittent network troubles when it's on.
~ Scott Strohmeyer
i purchased a newest device and the LTE time keeps cutting out. then they lowered my trade in price cause i kept my old device to long. maybe if i wasnt having troubles with my newest device i coulda sent in my old one... really disappointed in fi. looking for newest service.
~ Joel Maxwell
About half the time I zone a device call, I'll hear the person pick up, but he can't hear me. A couple of seconds later I ALSO hear an automated message claiming I can't complete my call and hang up and test again (it should have been a slightly different message, can't recall). It has been happening randomly for a couple of months (since the last modernization). The Google Fi help page was no support. Trying to search a idea to now contact someone, but they test so hard to respond your questions via the FAQ that it's hard to now search a idea to contact a person. Very discouraged with Google Fi right actually.
~ TreesOnTheBeach
So far, I'm glad with the service and price. HOWEVER.... I have a Galaxy S9. I can't access/hear my voice correspondences. I obtain text transcripts which is the only reason I'm sticking with the service. This is a known trouble with another Galaxy 9 & 10 players (I found a forum online) with no resolution.
~ Lisa Muetzel
worst internet and device service I've ever had to date. I've had Cingular, AT&T, Verizon, ect. I hold getting dropped internet and cellphone service constantly. I hope it does better in Japan because that is my only reason I haven't canceled the service after these past 3 days. TERRIBLE!!!
~ Joseph Toomey
I've had the service since December 2018 and I'm glad with it. My highest bill was $76 because I went over 6GB. Never a dropped call, usually a clear voice, I even drove for Uber with no troubles. I am using the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 which I transferred from T-App where I had $200 device bills, actually I'm under $100.
~ Sara Vega
This review is for the service not the release. I was really looking forward to trying Google FI. Sadly, after just a several days, I have to return to Verizon. The signal quality/strength is abysmal. Even more sad yet it's how absolutely terrible there customer service is. They have no concept what they are talking about when it comes to troubleshooting and/or answering questions. Hopefully someday this will be the service to have. Today is not that day
~ Mark Libretto
Avoid Fi at all costs. Here is my newest experience with their customer service. I'll hold it short. I call customer help and am claimed I am eligible for two pixel bonus ($799 credit). I buy two devices, while on the device with customer help. Bonus is later denied after 4 months of arguing. Here is the correspondence they sent me. "Hi Joe, Thank you for the response back, we did pull the call logs now and listened to them. We heard what was claimed in regards to the representative stating you should have the two bonuses. However even with that claimed you did not now qualify for the bonus in the first zone so as I stated before we can only offer you a 50 dollar credit and this has been stated to you multiple times. Without now meeting claimed terms in the bonus there is no idea we can offer you $800.00 dollars in credits. Thanks, Andrew Google Fi Help" Google Fi admits they offered me the bonus, then refuses to honor it. Globe class customer service, lol
~ Joseph Piscitelli
This was nice until i had to deal with their help. I can read what it claims online. the solution to my trouble is not obvious or else i would not be calling to resolve it. it took over a week to recover a lost device number. with my device out of commission, i had to use their chat help which was absolutely atrocious. Reception is flakey. can't create smart decisions on switching turrets or networks. i have to buy a specific device for lackluster performance?
~ Matthew Jacobus
If your a massive date player this is NOT for you! im running over 20gb of time from easy song testing and waze. Service is worse for me in Queens NY where i live and work. wifi calling is the worst, 9 out of 10 times recipients dont hear me. text messages take forever to go out! even with wifi on
~ A Google user
ever since fi expanded their service, their call quality and capacity for time have gone down the drain. i was on the service for 18 months. they expand to non Google devices and suddenly calls are getting dropped (like, job interviews or medical emergency-lvl important calls). i was mostly connected to 3g by that time, too. no more. I've switched.
~ Tegan Deeney
Finest mobil device release and service. We dumped a 20 year + Sprint agreement that constantly extorted fees. raused rates. login to our Sprint release and online got so complicated and restictive they would not present us our own profile number. plus impossible to log on or use the release and web web. thank you Sprint for getting us pissed to go search Google Fi.
~ Joe Traveler
Google Fi kills Google Voice I'm not sure it's a nice trade. I now decided to cancel and received nice customer service through the cancellation. If they should search a idea to create Fi test nicely with Voice, I would consider coming back.
~ John Fritchey
Solid service and awesome release - but with catches. Time is cute expensive compared to another MVNOs.I can obtain 2GB of 4G LTE time with Walmart for only $25, whereas here that costs $40. Google needs to rethink pricing. Actually for the nice equipment. The release itself is awesome and informative. Only information missing is an ability to hard limit time usage for Fi only to save dollars. Time is expensive. Mobile can do it, but not on a per SIM basis. Maybe that's an concept for the Mobile squad.
~ Mike L
Cant create calls. Yes the plan is cheap, but if you buy their device solely so that you can use the discount price device service and then each time you attempt to create a call, you have to spend an hour + with customer service are you really saving dollars? I want I hadnt switched.
~ Zack ZaKrooster
If you have hardware troubles, Google Fi sends you to escalation where they request large reports and never resolve the trouble. After 12 days of calling, I am giving up and taking my business else where. Not having small services for this long is ridiculous, especially on a $1000 device (Pixel 3 XL).
~ Jason Smith
Okay for the recipients butthurt or thinking about this service. You have to remember Google Fi uses 3 different networks Sprint, T-App and US Cellular. Actually if you had any of these companies and coverage wasnt nice. Well Google Fi isnt going to be so nice. Google is launch about this matter, so stop your crying. Go to VZW or AT&T. Ive used them for almost 2 years, it has its troubles still. I cant complain because i love the business model. I miss VZW coverage, but dont miss being raped by them.
~ Frank Andrzejewski
At 1st it seemed like a nice concept to switch from Verizon to Google Fi... a several gb of time later it wasn't that smart of an concept to switch. You'd literally pay the same thing you would pay with Verizon just to hold your time moving speedy, but general service still won't be as nice as Verizon.
~ 1440 Productions
Google is unwilling to honor its commitment of Fi credit of $450 made on 4-22 after I bought a Pixel 3 from Google Market. When I met the final requirements place forth a Fi credit offer of only $10 was then made. Initially the higher lvl help person I was transferred to stated that he adopted this $10 value was an unacceptable substitution and then also reneged on even coming closer to the initial offering. Finally though I was assured I would be able to leave feedback the call dropped.
~ Nicholas Ralston
I love the idea of this service but it has been "Very" problematic for me. I tried contacting a major company today and they should not even hear me. This has been an ongoing trouble with Project Fi. Another times the call quality is so muffled that the person is basically inaudible. There have been numerous another troubles as well. I'm probably going to be dropping the service in the next two weeks as it is just not working for me.
~ Steve
possibly the worst customer service I have dealt with. i ordered a device online, they lost my box during transportation (FedEx either did not check signature or forged my signature). it's been seven days and I had to call multiple times just to obtain an uninformative template correspondence. Nice lucking using this service.
~ yuechuan chen
This review is for the service and not the release. The release is nice. The service on the another hand not so much. Had Google Fi for 2 months on Oneplus 5t. Was very disappointed with the time connection. Very patchy. Call quality was ok. but time connection was terrible. Google customer service was useful and speedy but they didnt have a solution. Finally went back to AT&T. The price difference was very minimal on FI.
~ Rohit Joshi
A mild emergency came up. I pick up my device to create a call. It claims LTE. I call and the signal drops. I stop the call and LTE appears again. I call and the signal drops again and again. I had to walk a half mile down the way to obtain a signal in my own neighborhood. They aren't upfront about this and could be. What if a major emergency happened and I couldn't call to save my life? It's unacceptable service, or lack thereof.
~ Josh M
Doesn't test well with time sims. Needs fixing. I will be glad to support but currently is not on par to a junior high project.
~ Sherwin Kaplan
Im having a serious time getting a time signal. Google Test hasnt worked since switching. I really want I should've kept my Google Voice number especially since I opted for a newest number. Not super glad I switched. Modernization: I have a switch to turn my card on or off to prevent unauthorized charges. Well, I had to buy a ticket to go see my heart doctor to have a play run but couldnt obtain a signal IN THE MIDDLE OF PHOENIX! This is the fifth huge castle in the nation and I cant obtain time? I need to search a carrier that is going to give me a reliable connection. They install like four access points but no matter where I am, it is usually on one certain one. I spend more time trying to stay connected than I spend using my device. Recipients who have heath contitions (like heart failure) could not rely on this as your only source of communication. Im sure, like Google Voice, once the bugs are worked out it'll be fine. My heart just cant wait gor that day to come. I dont know what freaky globe these another reviews came from, but I didnt obtain the service they are talking about.
~ Ozzie Love
I can't trust this is a Google product. It is horrendous. We switched from Sprint. Since Fi uses Spirint as well as T-Mole (and US Cellular), we figured service should only obtain better. We were wrong. Calls were constantly dropped or not connected at all. There were known troubles with our newest Motorola devices that remained unresolved for nearly 6 months, and remain unresolved to this day, but we finally cancelled. Customer service was poor. They claimed they would call us, and never did. Weeks later, I'd obtain a form correspondence. I received two or three $50 credits from them, which didn't even run to create up for all of the troubles and complete lack of service. Our devices would incessantly present "invalid SIM card" info and noises which should not be turned off. All together, it was a horrible experience, that I kept hoping would obtain better considering it was Google. Last weekend, we finally switched. We decided to switch to MetroPCS which is owned by T-App and uses T-App turrets. We've only had it for a several days, but it is remarkable how much better our entire experience is. It's also cheaper at 4 lines for $100 with infinite time!
~ Nick Kertz
simple setup with S9+ ,previously with verizon, thought it was working nice,went back to Verizon within a month due to missing numerous calls
~ Lee Vincent
I have been using a device with a severely cracked topic for the past week because customer help is dragging their feet correcting an error they made regarding my replacement plan (they opened a duplicate claim for a past trouble). Spent an hour this past Sunday on keep and getting shuffled between three different departments and the trouble remains unresolved. My family was initially very pleased with Project Fi, but ever since becoming Google Fi, the quality of help has taken a nose-dive. Probably worth it to pay a tiny more out of pocket each month for better customer help with a different provider.
~ Michael Meyer
Google Fi isnt worth having unless you're someone who barely uses their device, then it might be beneficial for you. Using Google Fi, whatever network it's connected to, you're place on the back end of that network. Time speeds aren't that speedy and once you exceed your time limit, they slow your speeds down so much that your device is practically useless. In the long run you're really not saving any dollars or benefitting yourself getting or switching to Google Fi unless you barely use your device.
~ Les Looper
All incoming calls either go straight to voicemail or ring once. Also, I just tried using the support chat information, but it keeps claiming my messages are failing to send. This sums up my entire experience with Google Fi... I want I never switched
~ Sun Kim
I been using this service, for about 4 months i started out well, but recently easy texts sometimes take up to 4 mins send or obtain and call quality has deminished. It still works okay while on WiFi, just useless outside the house. I'm also bummed that its missing the voicemail options I had with google voice.
~ Geoff Mollinet
we got the devices from here with the insurance to cover device in topic it gets damaged, one of our devices was damaged last year November and they hold acting dumb on why it hasent been replaced yet and suggest taking it to a third party fixer like??? whats the target of buying the coverage if you cant hold your end of the deal? i wish them to hold there promise is all
~ Alexis Valle
DO NOT USE GOOGLE FI!!!! i switched over from verizon and have had nothing but slow sergic and choppy calls ever since. as of today i cannot even create outbound device calls and i am not receiving in bound device calls either. im done with this network!!!!
~ Zack Williamson
Using LG G7. Had Fi for 6 months actually. Had to restart my device a lot at first because wasn't recieving text messages and pictures weren't seen by recipients with iphones. My bill comes up $27 a month just with using 200MB of time. State and Federal tax bumps my bill $5. Google Fi uses Google Wallet for monthly payments, if that service is down you cannot pay your monthly bill. Google gave Fi customers a nonpaid picture ebook as a christmas gift. Usually using Tmobile turrets. Calls fine. I do not like Fi.
~ Jeritza Goris
Upgrading 5/29. Change from 2 to 1 star. it occurs to me I cannot remember the last time I was satisfied with a call. Doesn't usually use Wi-Fi, which makes already substandard reception unbearable when it comes to having a conversation. 5/22: Lately Fi can't decide which network is finest. Often chooses the wrong one. Help cannot solve thus far and after switching myself and family over from Verizon I'm disappointed. Kind some codes into the dialer to manually switch networks? Seriously?
~ J V