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About: Fitness tracking made easy, and pretty. Seamlessly integrated with Google Drive to backup and sync your workout sessions and tools to all your devices. Progression supporting you transport forward in the gym, and in life. This is how it works Pick one of the many built in tools to follow. Build your own tool from scratch. Workout on the fly. Adding exercises as you go and feel. Track weights lifted throughout your workout sessions with your device or watch. As quick as youve done an exercise once, its last used weights will be automatically inputted for you in future workouts. Tap complete workout when youre done and voila, after leaving a comment youre taken to the history view where you can search your newly completed workout and all earlier workouts youve accomplished. Head on over to the details page to view a throughout overview of your progress for every exer ... Show more
Genre: Health & Fitness Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 6MB Developer: Zoltan Demant
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Progression Workout Tracker Reviews and Comments:

Nice and easy release for constructing and adhering to a workout plan. Really hope work continues here to create informations more robust.
~ J. M.
Absolutely love this release I think is the finest release for training in the release shop Im using actually for 2 or 3 weeks The only think that is missing is Taps as muscle group ore is in the back group
~ Niki Atanasov
The release was nice but unfortunately it no longer syncs to Google fit. No workouts have synced to Google fit in 2 weeks. Very unfortunate considering I bought release because of this. If you don't wish to sync to Google fit then this release is nice. 2 stars because the developer reduced functionality after I bought it
~ Brian Mcclintock
The sync with Google fit seems to be cute limited. It fully messed up my time on a treadmill run. This was the main reason I'm trying the release.
~ Matt Thoman
Nice release. Used it for 18month at least. Do have an odd request for the devs though. Can we obtain more/more varied colours on the muscle groupings? Another than that the release is topnotch.
~ matthew stuart
Ive been a faithful player for over 2 years. I love the history tracking to compare my progress.
~ Chris Blackham
I love this fitness tracker. It allow's me set a tons clear workouts and manages my time while I'm doing them. I hope the developer will continue work on this.
~ Robert Allan
loving it so far, I like that it has many known tools present, built my own in about a minute
~ dallas lamb
Everything was working until I got my pixel 1 device. Actually the workout photos won't download. Either from the settings or the exercise view.
~ Alex Fournier
I'm liking this release... a lot! Just one thing is a bit unclear: if I accidentally complete the workout in the release, how can I resume the workout to obtain an bonus exercise in?
~ Haroon Chowdhary
Hi, nice release. Can you add Custom Info so that the rest timer doesn't sound the same as text messages, correspondences, etc? Should add in "obtain some", "light weight baby", "im fawkin zeez bru", etc.
~ Calvin Cranor
nice release. I was wondering if u can add a information where it would clearly present something like your finest 1rm, 2rm ,3rm, 4rm etc etc. for every exercise
~ soob91
It has a rest timer; it Claims you how much weight to place on every side of the bar; and workouts are speedy and simple to set up - supersets, custom rest periods for every exercise, etc. Nice!
~ Frederik Pretorius
I use it each time I go to the gym. Works nice, haven't ever experienced any bugs, and while it hasn't been modernized in a while, the developer seems busy behind the scenes. Worth paying for.
~ Taylor Boyd
The release hasn't been modernized in a year and a half. Suddenly my lifts are not logging despite submitting. Fully disrupted my workout. Time to search a newest release
~ Will T
Nice release. workouts are simple to access and well displayed. But I have a several recommendations for future informations. 1) Allow us add newest exercise types, especially for combination exercises 2) Sync with bodytrax which is a known tracking soft for fat percentage etc used by gyms
~ MikVision
By far the finest workout release I've ever used. Straight, well designed, super simple to run with a tons of default workouts if you're a beginner or to create your own if you know what you're doing.
~ A Google user
I've been using this release ever since I started working and is great to go back and check how I started, I started almost 4 years ago. You can make your own workouts if the release doesn't have it.
~ Jesus Sanchez
Nice release! Functionality & UX ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐, related to StrongLifts 5x5 by StrongLifts, but it allows you to make custom sequential workouts, add supersets to sequential workouts, make custom exercises (allowing you to do an exercise for time or for reps) and gives you details. I often search myself adding instructions in a workout's description such as "add 2 reps to final set, if all reps finished, increase weight next time. if 1 addt'l rep finished, maintain weight." which seems like a clumsy idea of doing things that i haven't usually remembered to check next time i do that workout, it would great to have a idea to automate something like that, even if it was just "pick next starting set weight" as an option at the end of a set NOTE: This review originally was reduced two stars for the release unexpectedly not saving and tracking workouts. the developer and I found a workaround and he will be looking into the cause, nice of the dev to obtain in touch with his players.
~ B Galiko
I can't even claim you how many workout apps I've tried and this is my favoured ever! It's like the release was made for me. (so glad to search a replacement for my sideloaded Gymprovise app that keeps destroying mid-workout!) I will be updating for sure. Simple to use and enter your time and wonderfully customizable. The only information I want was available is a month view calendar with workout days highlighted.
~ Caroline Jones
Top-notch!! I have a several recommendation which can improve it more!! Would like to share if the developers are ready for it!!
~ Rishabh SHARMA
hard to use. how can i change kg to pounds? it is so hard trying to be converting everything. we are un usa everything is listed in stupid pounds.
~ Alejandro Martinez
I want it was possible to obtain the pro upgrade for the weight tracker and workout tracker together at a discount. Aside from this, its a wonderful and fluid release. Extremely player friendly.
~ Leaving Into Tomorrow
Really nice release. By far the most informations and finest functionality of anything in its typr, but it does one thing I really hate. The timer automatically opens the release when it's completed, which is functionality I would love to turn off. The timer is needed, but the number of times I've accidentally entered something into the release when I didn't wish to because the window popped up without warning while I was typing on messenger or related is unreal.
~ Eden Sainty
i would love to have the ability to switch between kg and lbs. Oftentimes i use olympic barbell and bumpers (kg) but switch to dumbbells (lbs) in the same workout. so far this release is cute nice and I'm considering updating to the pro ver.
~ Crystal Lee
Nice for a while actually it is not saving changes to the schedule half the time . Really annoyed to spend ages adding a newest schedule, saving it and then getting to the gym to search it didn't save despite clicking all the right buttons and ticks.
~ Philip S
I purchased the full ver because I like how clean and intuitive the interface is. But it's twice fully restart and forgotten all my workouts and history. Incredibly frustrating.
~ T Ainsley
There are slight tweaks required but otherwise a solid release. 1. allow me make newest comments that pre pick on the next time I perform the exercise, for example using bands (with a bench press) 2. test to let sync with myfitness pal so that the calories burned can be included. I love creating my own workout tools though.
~ Clifford Mackay
Clean design, intuitive functionality, nice developer help ... well worth the price of a cup of coffee for the upgrade. This workout tracker is by far the finest of the many I have tried over the years. Very satisfied.
~ don wagner
An awesome, intuitive and simple to use workout tracker that's great for setting up custom training tools and helps things like supersets in a nice idea. Also provides some great details and historic performance. We'll worth the price!
~ Philip Skogsberg
This is the finest workout tracker I've found for weights-based activity. The fact that the focus is on your own workout (rather than trying to foist routines and videos on you) and the ability to add your own exercises is nice. The tied-in body measurement release is also easy and flexible. My only tiny request would be the ability to add bluetooth trackers like heart-rate monitors to track your workout as well - I use Google Fit and have to have this release as well as something like Strava running during my workout to obtain a complete picture. If Progression should place that tracker time straight into google fit it would be all I'd ever need!
~ Ross Luker
Nice release. Really supports me organize my workouts. I'm spending less time in the gym, but I leave feeling like I got a better workout than before. Highly reccomend.
~ david imhoff
I absolutely love this release, and it has been a major reason for me staying with my schedule. However, sometimes after completing a set, the rest timer won't run automatically, and I'll be left wondering when my next set will run, until I look at my device again. It rarely happens, and with no recognisable pattern, so I guess it's hard to debug, and it's just a minor trouble. Also, the exercise photos aren't being downloaded, and the policies policies page is broken. Thank you so much for this release!
~ J
Nice release but it's been years since the last modernization, what happened to the developer? How about a newest information where exercises that are added midway during a workout will obtain saved so that next time i dont have to add it in again? [modernization] Improved rating to 4 stars due to dev's speedy response, looking forward to newest modernization, will give 5 stars when that happens
~ Luke
Incredible value for the price compared to another subscription based apps (JEFIT, BodyBuilding, etc). The simplicity and intuitiveness of the release are spot on. A several information requests: - Picture/gif functionality for custom exercises - Tempo timer (2 second lift, 0 second rest at top, 1 second lower, etc) - Expand Exercise Library (both number of exercises and stats per exercise)
~ Brian O.
Really nice UI and easy to use. I had been looking for an release like this for so long. The preset tools are interesting to look at as well. It supports me obtain pumped when I'm in the gym and hold a nice track of my progress. It has been a true lifebloom and kept me in wild shape.
~ A Google user
Nice primary functionality. Here are a recommendations 1) Add precentage 1rm and RPE goals for tool design. 2) Add RPE to set annotation. 3) Add an option to use RPE to calculate maxes. 4) Let player created custom genres for muscle groups and movement patterns. 5) Add analysis for weekly volume and sets by genre.
~ Gerard Wallace
love the release. So simple and customizable. To the developer, should you add a idea to use percentages of a weight for sets? I'd like to build NSuns within the release as it's the most player-friendly I've come across but there is no idea to do this currently, without breaking out a calculator
~ Patrick Doherty
This is the most straightforward workout tracker I've used for Mobile. The only thing I want it had is the ability to use a desktop tool or release to make workouts and sync those with the small release. It can be a tiny tedious adding a long term tool that varies from week to week (percentages, variable reps and sets, etc.), but that's the only thing I can think of that would create this thing absolutely great for me.
~ Jeb Howell
Really easy release, and by that i mean straight forward. No gimmicks or fancy graphics, just straight up workout tracking. No subscription either which is a gigantic premium. it's impossible to search fitness apps actually that don't have some sort of sub model. There's a nice range of individual workouts in the engine and a several predefined routines to work from. Tracking is easy and settng up your own custom routines is dead simple. Haven't had any performance troubles either.
~ Patrick Esson