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About: Sound moves recipients; it unites us, it allows us to relax, and sometimes, when done right, it can even motivate us to do nice things. Poweramp does nice things. The #1 paid song user in the Google Test Market 6 years runningPoweramp is the most potent song user available on the Mobile OS. Informations like gapless test, an unmatched equalization system, nice crossfade, and help for most known song file format might all create Poweramp the finest $3.99 you have ever spent in your life2+ million players would adopt to that. If you have not already, test out the nonpaid full trial ver. The trial ver will give you 15 days of the full, uninterrupted, Poweramp experience. That means you obtain to experience your song like only Poweramp can offer. If you need a several reasons why to buy the full ver of Poweramp, here are two nice reasons: - Receive all the future upgrades for non ... Show more
Genre: Music & Audio Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 73MB Developer: Max MP
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Poweramp Full Version Unlocker Reviews and Comments:

Modernization: Straight Seek Bar was useful. UI is still too busy and cluttered for my taste. Hate the newest (11/30/18) modernization and newest UI. How do you shut off this moronic signal visualization thing?!?!! I can't stand it! Create it stop!!!!
~ Mark P
Mind boggling. This release has all the possible option available in universe for the song release. These options makes it the finest release on terms of personalization. Loved it. Highly suggest it to buy this. Yiu will more return than your dollars.
~ Sourabh Namdeo
I've usually loved Poweramp, however when the modernization with newest Ul kicked in, I kicked back. After eventually coming around, I was astounded by the gigantic sound difference with HI-Res help!(and the rest as I plan on getting a DAC) OMW volume and quality upto around 40% more. I am so grateful and appreciative for what you guys have crafted and delivered. One bug : randomly closes or closes upon sometimes opening an release. Battery optimisation off, task aggressor off. Another than that: PERFECTION!
~ sarika sukdeo
I'm prepared to poweramp. If you download your song to build a library collection, this is the song user for you... Receive more sound from your stereo then you thought possible... This is truly a nice release... They need to finalize the beta. YOU CAN'T GO WRONG IF YOU DOWNLOAD MUSIC RATHER THAN STREAM.
~ Markus Eagan
This was and I claim was (not is), the bewt song user release. Straight, simple to use and slick high quality interface... and then.... well then the developers obviously got bored with helping a nice release and decided to modernization it so create it slicker looking with fluffy (yet unintuitive - and non-standard) icons. They also obviously thought it would be nice to create it inconsistent and hard to use.... this modernization is a sad disappointment. Please revert it back to a well fuctioning release
~ A Google user
I used to pirate this release since I started using it a several months ago but upon seeing the sale, I purchased it instantly. It may be expensive, but it's worth the buy. Poweramp is exceptionally nice but if you won't buy it, you will have a hard time configuring equipment in each modernization due to the topkek safety!
~ Kutsuro
is there a "lock" / a idea to prevent overwriting "playlist" when rescanning microSD card? I wish to add about 70GB of song? - - - - - Turns out I was hopelessly: trying to export settings, not playlists (Settings / Export settings - exports just settings). I was intending to: Export playlists via Settings / Library / Playlists / Export Poweramp Playlists (or Settings / Library / Export Poweramp Playlists - depending on your Poweramp build). Thank you!
~ SoothingTouch WellnessCenter
last modernization -the v3 - totaly destroyed the user. 🤮 bye Poweramp edit: Full MP thx, but it's still wonderful terrible. I would like just SIMPLE and CLEARLY ARRANGED user and I have no trouble to pay 20€ for it. But omg nobody create that. Everybody makes things like "rating stars" and so on aaaaa noooo we don't wish to, n o b o d y will that
~ Jaroslav Klima
So I was a full fledged Jet Audio fan and religiously used it for my song. I replaced my device and at the time, Jet Audio was taken off the shop so I should not download the full ver. I purchased poweramp as a temp replacement and once my preferred release was back, I moved back. A several days ago, I figured I would play out poweramp again and bloody hell its now nice. Its winamp for your device. I will actually be sticking to this song release. The visualizations is something I have wanted for my device for sooo long and I am so glad to see it implemented here. Well done. I adore it.
~ Wynand Grobler
Loved but long forgotten release since switching to Spotify. Actually that I'm listening to some nice old fashioned mp3s, this apps interface is charming in each regard. It's smooth, allow's you easily skip back & forth, has smart controls placement. It was the finest, slim, easy to use song user back then, and has only gotten better.
~ Mike Mok
i am using paid ver, while testing in Bluetooth getting radiation disturbance for incoming messages or internet browsing time. its irritating. i tried with another user and other small also getting same trouble.. after changing the recommended settings also am getting same trouble. i am facing this trouble for poweramp user only. i have changed Bluetooth device and tried. same trouble..
~ Naveen Shivanadhuni
Still suck, Would like a refund or old ver back. Albums is still broken up into individual albums for different artist on same album. In older ver was all artist in same album(one album with many artist) and I should listen from track 1 right throu till the last song in numerology order. Since newest ver actually I have many albums with same title and but different artist.
~ Francois Groenewald
This Soft is a Receive Rich speedy scam by the developer..guys don't dwonload the Soft keeps wanting to verify the license but it still can't verify ...i purchased the Soft twice and lost my dollars into it...it will just stop testing and wants you to verify your license while it doesn't give you the options to verify...this release was nice back in 2014 actually its trash
~ Boitumelo Tumelo
I had Poweramp for years then it was "upgraded" without my permission. Actually painstaking hours & days of work over few months have gone down the drain. Songs were deleted from my playlists. I like nothing of the newest format. Not player friendly nor a player intuitive release AT ALL!! HATE IT!! Place back the original I paid for or I will NEVER download nor refer others to buy it again!!
~ S. Knighton
WOW finest release ever!! I never leave reviews, but this song user is simply nice! In an attempt to organize all of my song and audiobooks I tried variety of song/folder user apps but they usually lacked something either sleeper timer, folder hierarchy, simple navigation, etc. this user has it all! I love how smooth it flows and the newest navigation is a release changer! I like the fades when you pause and test and the overall speedy forward/rewind. I would've payed $10 for this!!
~ Edgar Cabrera
Licensing Poweramp was reasonably priced and worth it. I have a combination of self ripped CDs and Amazon and iTunes song. Poweramp scans and finds them all (except the nonpaid Prime song downloads) and plays them consistently better than iTunes, Amazon Sound, and Google Test. The Eq, preamp, and reverb functions give me the control I grew used to having as a babe from the 60s and 70s. No, it's not quite the same as a true Marantz pre amp and 200W amp, but it sure is more portable. ; ) Thanks!
~ Roy W.
hey, I am currently using Huawei GR5 2017 (BLL-L22) which is on mobile 7.0. as you have claimed the skin troubles are fixed on Huawei colleague 20, you could also consider with fixing the trouble with older device like the Huawei GR5 2017. it is my everyday driver and I use it full time for media consumption. last edit- alright you victory developer, I really wanted to rate 5 stars, but as trouble is unsolved I can't. so I am rating 4 stars and you have earned it for your supportive response. thank u somuch
~ Al Montasir Ramim
I go to territories that have no device or internet service, sometimes overseas and I am unable to test my song because this service cant verify the license I bought in 2015. I shouldn't have to verify a product whose license I have bought. I have checked the suggested settings and still have troubles. works and sounds nice another than that.
~ Tom Tindall
I really like this song user. First off the sound is very nice. I like the fact that it has an equalizer that now works like an equalizer so I can tweak as I need. Also some of the presets are cute nice as well too. my one and largest gripe about the release is that if I custom create ringtones for some of my contacts using ringdroid for example. They are included in my song list and often test as if it were song. If I delete it off the list the r-tone gets deleted fully. need options
~ John Hoskins
I like Poweramp so paid for the full ver unlocker. It works well if I have an internet connection but invariably mid idea through a long haul flight it stops working giving me a message it can't validate my buy. Then I have to switch to other media user. I thought the entire target of the full ver unlocker was to avoid this... but alas no. So a nice media user if you have internet but incredibly frustrating if you like to listen to song on an aeroplane.
~ David Peckham
I come here from using Blackplayer EX. I really liked that release, but I saw this. Used the trial for maybe 10 mins and I had to buy the full ver. Nice UI, easy but potent customisation and a potent song testing software. Love this release. Want I used it sooner.
~ Michael Burke
I've been a Poweramp full ver player for a long time, and love the release for it's informations. But the newest change in the look and feel is horrible. Please just change it back to the idea it's supposed to be, or at least offer a skin/theme/whatever to revert this horror. The newest visuals add nothing of value to the release and create it very annoying to use. I've started looking into alternatives.
~ Pepijn Stulemeijer
I have to claim that this release is worth EVERY penny spent on it. You have done an wonderful job, developers, i wish you to know that. Congrats! The finest song payer in all PlayStore!!! Edit (Information Request) One thing I'd like to have is the "Test Next" information. It is very needed. This is the only thing i feel is missing on the release.
~ Erick César
just purchased the full ver. 10 stars! wow! Before i was sketpital, they had this on sale for 99 cents. I gotta claim even at full price this is worth it. It has repeat segment for segment for techno. nice equalizer, ajustable , bass boost, Nice work on the part of the developers!! Lenova tab 4
~ dirrtnap boogieman
V3 Nice Sound, Rubbish Customer Interface. This used to be really nice and player friendly. The newest ver is childish, very player unfriendly, over complicated and hard to set up to the target of being very frustrating. I would avoid it as there is no benefit above the another apps on the supermarket. If you can obtain the early ver, you will have a nice release.
~ A Google user
Incredible sound quality with my device and iem's! I tried all the audiophile users, and this one sounds finest with my set-up. Nice informations, too. Especially the information that lets you add steps to the volume control on some devices. Actually I can obtain the volume I wish. No more 'too loud or too soft'. Everything is very customizable, as well. The UI isn't the prettiest out there, but you can create it quite livable in the settings. The sound quality is what's most important, and this release delivers.
~ Hare deLune
Disappointed with this newest ver. It is very hard to navigate between libraries and playlists while the release is running. all the visuals killed the release's ease of use. it is not impressive if you can not navigate it. I just wish to test songs and be able to pick from different playlists or jump to a different song or artist at will, which I should easily do with the previous ver. the bottom navigation bar disappears while song is testing. very annoying. I am using Mobile 9.
~ Rebecca M-O
Finest song release out there, although ever since picking up the S10+, everything that I test out of Poweramp is quieter. I can full out the volume with headphones or in my car without hurting myself at all, which is odd. Anyone know what this might be? I've used Poweramp for years with multiple devices and haven't had this trouble until actually. YouTube and Google Test both sound normal and I don't have to crank the volume. What's going on?
~ Kyler Morgan
The newest modernization sadly removes the key functionality for me, the newest UI no longer has the ability to change the default action when touch a song to something another than test which avoided accidentally skipping to that song while rearranging lists, rearranging lists has in itself got trickier. Developer response looks like it will fix the trouble i had - unfortunately it doesn't, there is no idea to stop a queued item testing immediately so it just makes things worse - old ver was much better
~ Michael Cass
Thanks for you support👍 I'll play if the setting works. Previous review: Newest modernization introduced a bug 🐛 in the queue. Actually playlist controls for repeat playlist are not working. ( Repeat List and Shuffle) To replicate bug make queue with 3 songs and click shuffle and repeat list. The expected effects is to hear same songs none stop. The effects due to bug is that songs will test for a bit and then jumps to all the songs available on the device and selects a random song.
~ Apha Ann
Horrible licensing scheme. I was impressed with Poweramp, purchased the Pro ver for my Mobile head unit. So I'm listening to song in my car, go to settings to test around, and I obtain a message claiming "can't verify license." Actually nothing works... I can see the songs but none of them will test. After I obtain home from my drive and obtain back on wifi, I have an option to "restore license." I had to run the unblock app again at this target to obtain my user working again. What a hassle! Looks like I threw away my $4. Developer, thanks a lot. Next ver, think about recipients who might use your mp3 user OFFLINE.
~ TreesOnTheBeach
For years I've listened to song a lot each day, using this release along with a tons of Sony devices, a Fiio Kunlun and Sennheiser HD580s. Not much should create me happier. You need a nice equalizer or std tone control. This one offers both, plus much more. In the past I've tried others, but this one is the finest. Anyone who doesn't like it needs support. I admit, the heavy upgrade freaked me at 1st, but after a tiny use I saw how much more they added. Too nice. Minor bugs don't matter. 10stars+.
~ Gk Exp
Modernization was at first a disappointment--seemed to have changes the design just to change the design and was often actually baffled to perform the simplest tasks, such as cue to the next song. Developers responded how I can change settings to obtain this capability and actually I like it again. A robust and capable user of song and another audio.
~ Daniel Pschaida
Firstly, dev gave a super speedy respond. Use those instructions If you have a trouble with constant release kills. (unless you are on an s10 like me and now need to do something else because Samsung is dumb) This release is a wonderful high end song user. The full ver is worth each penny and NOW it has chromecast which is wonderful. The ui is simple to use, and when changes come, they are for the better. Nice release. A++
~ Colin Beatty
I didnt really like the look of the newest modernization but I've finally grown used to it. To me, the previous user was much better but that doesnt mean that this isnt one of the finest song users on the test shop. Although it sucks that we cant chamge it back to the old skin, this user does have a lot of great perks to it. Especially the speed at which you can test it or the visualizations, those are cute dope:)
~ Brenda Morales
Great release. Really nice UI. Many settings, and ideas to organize your library. I like that I can export and import my playlists. Create sure that Chromecast is turned off though, or else it kills your battery very very quickly. I'm not even sure exactly what that information does, but it will drain my battery faster than the device can charge.
~ Patrick Dailey
I really enjoy using this as a song user. It's presentation is great and I love that it will test songs in track order, instead of alphabetical. The only thing is the release will randomly stop testing a song after a long listening period. The song will still be running but the audio will slash out and I have to fully change songs to fix it. Otherwise, this is an nice release. Would love to see more customisation options as well, particularly to further customise visual aspects and design.
~ Caitlin Rose
I can't turn off the visualisations or rather I can toggle the switch but it does nothing. Edit: thanks, yeah the visualizations, it was on by default.. I understand you wish to present it off but that could really be turned off by default. or at least create it so the toggle switch now works in the settings, I would've had no concept that you should turn it off with the button under the cover. I don't have the time to be looking for buttons I don't know exist outside the settings if you obtain me.
~ Mikibish
This used to be one of the finest audio users on Mobile platform, but since last UI modernization it has turned into other pile of flashy rubbish... Idea to go!!! For these who're in the same boat, after playing a really gigantic number of another users, the one which was the closest in informations and functionality to what PA used to be - is Pulsar+, also not great, but close enough for me. Even the finest audio engine is worthless if it comes with an unusable UI.
~ Alexey G
Shut off one hour into a flight because it couldn't verify the license. Large waste of dollars. Do not suggest. Luckily I had nonpaid Winamp. The Developer left a response but failed to understand the trouble so allow me spell it out: I was on a flight. That means "airplane" which means "airplane mode." I was not connected to time or device service while in "airplane mode." The target is your release acts like DRM and shuts off the moment it can't validate and I've had a verified license for years.
~ Alex Manavi