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Polaris Office - Word, Docs, Sheets, Slide, PDF   
About: Already 80 Million Customers Across The Globe, Receive the Newest Mobile Office Soft For Unpaid. Experience Newest All-in-One Complete Office Suite compatible with MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe PDF. "Editors' Choice", "2015 Finest Soft", and "Top Developer"awarded by Google Test. Informations Supported File Formats : DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX, TXT, HWP, ODT and PDF. Helping 18 global languages including English, French, Arabic, Japanese, Russian, German, Italian, Spanish, etc Polaris Drive is a default cloud but also available another cloud service such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive. Compact - Only 50 MB Size. Just one app enough for all different kind of documents. You can launch, edit and save all kind of office files such as word, excel and powerpoint by one mobile office release installed. Experience your first small presentatio ... Show more
Genre: Productivity Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 60MB Developer: Infraware Inc.
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Polaris Office - Word, Docs, Sheets, Slide, PDF Reviews and Comments:

unbelievable release ,all this possible in single release, only thing that actually too much adds shown while using. due to this expectation not obtain 100% so I request to reduce adds.
~ rajendra pachare
The newest modernization made me wish to uninstall this release. if this is not corrected I will. after typing a word it forced you to change other word or add other word. very inconvenient.
~ E__O N____R
extremely unreliable and IRRITATING.. keeps inserting random word fragments when I press return key to run other paragraph, or when I press the zone bar a never ending race to correct/retype what this piece of junk release has changed/typed over
~ E Leo
Okay, what gives?! I wish to use the release! I bought the pro ver about an hour ago and im still showing adds. Each time I tap it is claims the order is in process, though my dollars is gone. How freaking long does this take?
~ Freddie Tate
AndrOpen Office helps showing and opening MS Excel Macro-enabled files (.xlsm). Please add help for those files. Otherwise, this is a nice release.
~ Souradeep Panda
i upgraded to this ver and I want that I hadn't. I'll save a file and upon reopening i have to go find for that same file! It doesn't present up in the recents folder...the file cabinet...nothing! Rebooted...Twice... thinking that would support. Nothing!
~ Mark Gordon Creamer
I installed this release to launch some lecture materials on my tab, which I downloaded from onedrive by the idea and I can't launch any... neither pdf, word nor power target. It keeps asking for password. Meanwhile I never passworded the files in my onedrive, I didn't log in to Polaris office talkless of passwording my materials and when I used other office, all my lecture materials opened. Polaris could really work on this.
~ Kemi Akinyemi
This release is full of junk. When you run writing it runs writing with you. I mean correcting. What am I writing or the release is writing for me? It makes me really mad.
~ KM Hedayetul Islam Shahan
took forever to run ,failed twice so I couldn't be bothered waiting so uninstalling
~ Nigel
Modernization: I tried your recommendation to contact & there's no nice idea to obtain in touch with anyone there! Original Post: I've used this for a couple of years & generally had nice effects, but actually it constantly crashes on my S9 Plus to the target it's not usable. Please fix!
~ Keith Raines
It's all right, like the fact you can read and launch all kinds of files, but you can't save as different formats on the small ver and that was the largest drawback.
~ Jessica Stumpff
As I do clearly remember I bought the release but it still shows me banners and treats fully like an unpurchased release. So i wish to eighter have my dollars back or have the correct ver.
~ ali momen
The finest thing about this release is that it compacts everything. Typing is OK no troubles. Adverts can be removed for 1 hour by watching a video so it's OK I guess.
~ 44 44
charges 2 times in the same month. going to be looking into all my months to see just how you claim 50% off but charge twice so you obtain your full price. took screenshots and have the bank stats to back up your over charging of customers
~ Silverwolf Hedel
Polaris is the finest option I found for nonpaid integration with dropbox and has a smooth UI for editing office documents. I'm only giving it 2 stars because I like to use .ods filetypes for spreadsheets as they are most easily compatible accross many platforms, but they arent compatible with Polaris at this time.
~ Andrew Pfeil
"EVERY" time you launch a document with this release you obtain few banners that pop up. You spend more time closing a seemingly infinite group of banners. It create me actively hate this release.
~ Jim Yates
After the modernization, when I read/review my document, it crack, and/or stop reply when I test to slide down the document. Please fix this! I enjoy using Polaris, but actually it crack when I read the document. It makes me sad!
~ Thu Duong
Too many banners.... I thought of keeping this release.... But its useless........ Usually you tap on the release....... Its launch with banners and junks.... And at the time of usage also.... Sooo many banners and junk.. Pls Don't Install this.... If you really wanna work.
~ Srikant yuvaraj
Nice… and nonpaid! I'm not a power player, but this does everything I need for a word processor. mostly use it for writing letters or getting inspired thoughts out of my head, and archived, so I can sleep better.
~ James Lovrek
The release with its functionality is nice except it is not copied/ opened in pc or I may not know how. Please search solution because we could be able to create use of our work not restricted to the mible.
~ Ashna549
Very slow to launch and load documents and slides... and the amount of banners is unbearable! Really disappointed. didnt used to be like this!
~ Kevin Singh
This is the finest release after WPS. But, can you create informations like tab & allowed to save the document in SD Card for KitKat mobile? It would be the number one document release and WPS was nothing. Thx
~ Charlotte Butcher
I like the word processing tool in your suite, but when I exported my file to pdf, the edges of pictures I place in my doment were slash off on the right side and there were gray lines on certain photos where they weren't before.
~ Joslyn Carter
Very usefull at times. Can edit documents of almost all common known types(with some limitations). Nice for working offline. Also help major of cloud storages. Have great information where if an banner is seen once, you will obtain next 60 minutes banner nonpaid.
~ Abhijeet Chaudhari
I write a long text and it sometimes just copies a several lines to the bottom of the text or something is missing where it belongs. I just run playing actually the newest modernization and see if it improved. Overall I am glad enough and will run buying some of the extras. Very fair deal that you obtain nonpaid easy ver. If the copy of lines is my mistake than it is to simple to do so without noticing what I do wrong. Where do I search an explanation on how to use it better?
~ S Buechter
Polaris Office is fine, mostly, but its type of glitchy. At some target it started double spacing my files and no matter what i do it doesn't fix it so actually my file is half normal spaced and half double spaced and i can't fix it even by changing the spacing options. my spell check doesn't work either after i turned it off and then back on, so i dont know how to fix that but my soft on my pc catches those at least. also you cant save and edit odt files with it. its just read only.
~ nonentity001
Fully useless. Tried to edit files from /Documents on OneDrive. Nope - not going to happen. Read built-in support; lots of stats on PDF files, steps to run on Mobile were useless. Nail in the coffin: banners everywhere. I had to turn down becoming a Lyft driver at least ten times.
~ Randolph Carter
It's nonpaid, has the same functionalities as office, it's cute nice! Although banners coming up each time you pause the release are a bit annoying but not that annoying as to change my review to less than 5 stars!
~ Adrian16 2001M
Doesn't work, formulas that work fine in MS spreadsheets do NOT work in this release. POS. Uninstalling.
~ Frank G
I am in love with this Office suit. Actually I can relax and use every and each super functions that were not available to use freely on Microsoft Word. Thank You Polaris Office Developers for making such a unbelievable release. Actually Uninstalling Microsoft Word... 😍
~ Kishore Das
After modernization, themes information is gone. Actually the text is only in black over white background. It was so annoying for me as I usually read in white text over black background. Nowadays, dark theme or dark modes are all the rage. Review upDate - Soft developer quickly reply and theme information return in next ver. Actually 5 stars.
~ Ne Toot
I thought it was a decent office release and purchased banner removal thinking it would be my main office producitivity release on my chromebook. It turned out to be a large disappointment unfortunately. It has limited access to one drive and google drive. Whenever I modernization files in my cloud based drives on a different device, there is no instant access to them in polaris office.
~ futeisenjin
Absolute hell to use on an Mobile device. Check to kind a single sentence and it force changes words and to a garbled mess. test to go back to edit the words and the second you press the spacebar it goes back to the garbled mess. Also absolutely hated that this product tries to obtain me to login with an profile and feedback my Gmail and Fb together. I downloaded your product to kind some easy sentences... not to allow you marry into my family.
~ D M
I paid for this release years ago and actually all of a sudden they wish to throw banners in often you test to use it. like so many others have done I will be uninstalling this release and when anyone ask about a nice productivity release I will claim them to stay away from this one. Google Docs and the Microsoft mobile apps are much better.
~ James Petty
i never leave reviews but this is so annoying i have to. randomly adds text and changes the format of the entire document at its own whim. test to kind a hero? it moves where it is choosing and then adds words you didnt kind in the wrong spot. test to delete it? it just keeps adding the same words over and over again. the word document creation literally is so buggy youre better off looking for a pen and paper and sending a picture of that to your teacher. truly useless
~ Dakota Draheim
Editing in Excel has gotten worse for me. The font in the solid edit box is HUGE while the font in the text box that you kind in above is ok. When completed editing the font returns to its original state. Also, when re-opening a file after editing and closing, the file opens in some random territory in the file instead of the same territory when it closed. I've been using Polaris for 6yrs actually and this is the first time this has happened. Please correct. Thanks.
~ Gary Young
It's a pain in the neck. Adverts are out of control. I would pay for the release if it now worked but the document editor is so buggy.
~ Anne Grimmer
I payed , and it won't allow me in it keeps claiming me to upgrade or disconnect. I want somebody would obtain back with me or give me my dollars back!!
~ Katherine Purvis
what has happened to this release ? , since the last modernization , 18 june 2019 ,figures I enter in my spread sheet do not register , deductions or additions ?
~ thomas drinkwater
Decently annoying, but still works. Each time I'm typing something and with an apostophe, it adds an bonus ENTIRE word, and each time I delete and run typing again, it sometimes errors out the words and duplicates them from whatever reserve of words I have recently typed out. These functionality troubles are causing me to look into another products for my needs. This product still isn't the worst out there. Not by far; but if these don't obtain fixed, I'm out.
~ Sheldon Morrison