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Pill Reminder and Medication Tracker by Medisafe   
About: Join the millions of Medisafers who are staying protected and in control of their meds with the #1 rated "MUST HAVE" release in 25 languages and more than 200 countries and spaces worldwide. Don't hesitate -- improper medication use and tracking in the United States leads to: -- 50% of patients not taking medications as prescribed -- 125,000 deaths a year, one each 4 mins -- 700,000 hospital visits a year -- 44 out of 100 prescriptions never picked up at the pharmacy. We're committed to you never missing a dosage -- or double-dosing by accident, which is the storyline behind why Medisafe began. 10 Unpaid Medisafe Informations Receive reminders for all your meds, times and displays your notes such as "take with meal" Handle very complicated dosing schedules, benefitting from years of tricks from another Medisafers Send your dudes and family info if you wish support s ... Show more
Genre: Health & Fitness Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Medisafe®
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Pill Reminder and Medication Tracker by Medisafe Reviews and Comments:

I don't use this release for reminding, but more to hold track of when I need to order more meds. And I absolutely love this release. I've used it for years and it's indispensable! Hold up the nice work!
~ Cecilia Balschmidt
The release doesn't shop your medication schedule between upgrades. This has resulted in me missing doses of infrequent meds. Apperars to be stability troubles across devices. Worked fine until newest upgrades.
~ David S.
This is a useful release. Does exactly what I need. I've been using it for months and it has never allow me down or glitched. Very simple to customize for your meds and schedule. Give it a chance, I think you'll search it needed!
~ Jessica Bishop
The entire purpose of this release is to NOTIFY you of pill times. At finest it only works one out of three times on Samsung S9+. Also, unlike related apps it won't send info to Galaxy watch. Shame.
~ John Westwood
i really like the release, it's simple to use and I have gotten so much better at taking my meds than i was. My only criticism is i want it had a hospital mode, where the release stops reminding me because the doctors and nurses are handling my meds and it knows that.
~ Faye Flower
i really love this release. It has been a tremendous support in keeping ttack of my medications and making sure I take them on time. Nice release. You all out did yourself. Thank you.
~ Juergen Joseph Schmidt
When I view my med history, it claims I haven't taken my meds when I already marked them as taken the day or just hours before, which is incredibly frustrating and confusing as I have to constantly check it. The number of refills shown is also inaccurate no matter how much I modernization it, so I don't rely on it to hold track of how many meds I have left. The info also goes away on its own when I didn't even clear it from the info bar. It worked so well before, actually it's just unreliable.
~ Nicole Peña
Almost great. Needs a dose timing calculator. I had to take my meds five times a day and had to calculate the timing all on my own. A calculator for tracking while awake or around the clock doses would be extremely useful for those who need that type of timing.
~ Joanna Williams
Hi, I've been having problem with the release. before, often I take a med, the number of the med I have inputted in the release decreases. But actually the number stays the same so it doesn't track the remaining number of pills I have per med. Is this a bug?
~ thespqrguy
so far so nice. but should be improved. more interval customization would be ideal. I'm a chemo patient and take some meds for 3 or 4 days after treatment. adding that flexibility would be nice. otherwise I like the alerts and the idea the release keeps me modernized.
~ orest mandzy
This release is very needed. It takes some getting used to at first, and I found it hard to edit medications once they were added. But overall, I rarely missed doses with the built in reminders.
~ Emily McCormick
Very nice release for keeping track of what meds you're on, and when to take them. Would be great when notified of refills required, to be able to click on claimed info bubble and have the Px refilled automatically at your pharmacy.
~ C F
your app was so much better in the past. the schedule of morning afternoon evening makes no sense. medications are taken everyday, each 4, 6 or 12 hours. not morning, evening or afternoon. i missed a lot doses this time. it used to be very reliable last time i used it, actually it's unusable.
~ Ee Aa
Inaccurate Pill Counts and Refill Description. Very hard to use. Download information seems to work one time only. Did not download all of my meds. It's alerting me to refill 2 meds (too early) but these meds don't appear on the refill tab. Instead, other "mystery medication" appears on the refill tab - never even hear of the drug. Had to delete everything from the release and reinstall it and run over from scratch.
~ Christopher Ford
Love this release. Really has made keeping track of my meds a breeze. I love the ease of marking a med as taken, that I can set it for specific days of the week without cluttering my alarms, that I have appointment reminders and reminders for when to refill my meds. All round a wonderful software for anyone taking regular medication or living with a chronic disease.
~ Nina van den Berg
This release is better than a human... i claim that because it pause your device activity until you enter your stats pill had been taken and it keeps reminding me until I take the pill. My bp is down becuase i actually take my pills as prescribed. Thanks!!!
~ Family First
I have ADHD, which means my meds need refilling either actually or not-actually and it's usually not-actually until i have like one pill left. Medisafe reminds me to refill when I have multiple pills left (I set it to ten for the one I take twice a day) which means I haven't had a panicked trip to the pharmacy in a while. Only complaint is it hasn't been vibrating lately,. I've got info turned on, I've got vibrations turned on, but I don't now notice it's med-time unless I'm on my device.
~ Emma Lynn
It does feel like this release harasses me because it repeatedly takes over my screen, only for me to dismiss it. I do end up irritated enough with the release that my medication gets taken. I love the customisability of the medication icons and the general aesthetics of the release are nice. There's a wide range of functionality such as keeping track of appointments, a diary, stats about medications (not all of mine are listed) and a refill tracker. So really, the release ticks all the boxes!
~ Megan Cherry
I'm using the release to track one medication that I have to take 12 hours apart , in morning and evening. for some reason my calendar is not usually dinging. this has been very useful as it repeatedly will notify you until you reply. I turn my device off at night. My only gripe is that if I turn on my device after the morning medication time the reminder does not notify me
~ Karen Thompson
I like this release a lot as it is persistent with reminders until you tick that you've taken the scheduled medication. The reason I've given 3 stars is that it sometimes gives me info at random times of the day. I only have 1 medicine scheduled for 7pm each night. Sometimes it will notify me at 5pm. Today it has been notifying me since 14.30pm. Please fix this trouble. It is worrying that it's notifying me at a random time. I don't wish it to then skip notifying me at 7pm.
~ Maria Hristeva
I was disappointed there was no log information. I take aspirin as required for traumatic arthritis (one of the many types not listed in their narrow range of conditions). I don't take it at regular times, nor do I take it all the time. But over the years I have taken it so many times, I simply have worn out the ability to remember when I've taken them. I write down the times on a sheet of paper -- but I'd been hoping to create that more convenient. I'm sorry this otherwise great release is missing that (to me) important information.
~ TK Major
Nice release. Straight and does the job. Knocking off one star though as it interferes with the alarm. If they both go off at the same time I'm unable to quickly mute my device with the volume buttons. Bit annoying when you need to quickly mute it and it takes an bonus 20 seconds as you need to unblock, go to the info, tap the bottom part of it and tap dismiss. When I used to be able to just blindly squese the device in my pocket to obtain one of the volume buttons to quickly snooze the alarm.
~ Andrew Brown
I have just started using the pill reminder release. I'm very encouraged at how flexible it is. I have a number of different types of meds to take at unconventional type of times of the day and it is really working for me. I really like it I think it's nice release.
~ Missy Buckley
I've had multiple unhelpful exchanges with the support dept. I tried to sign up under my another correspondence address. It didn't work, no error msg claiming why. I asked for support, they claimed I already had an profile, & would I like them to delete it so I can run over? I claimed yes. 3 days later nothing was fixed, emailed again asking to delete. They replied asking if I wanted to delete, claimed yes. They still didn't delete. They sent an correspondence yesterday asking if I was pleased with the support I got. No, I'm not.
~ Sandhya Bean
My gratitude to the Medisafe release squad. This release has been crucial to maintaining my health—dare I claim, life-saving. Prominent reminders on my tablet to support create sure that I am consistent with my medication. Plus, it shops the history of my intakes so that I can share it with my Health Provider. Even more, they have informative videos and literature on the medications that I enter. This is a prime example of the useful side of technology. HMOs, take note!
~ Kirk Hirang
We had a trouble with an modernization not working properly. Customer service was nice and promptly fixed the trouble. I thought Medisafe was nice before. Actually it's even better. Thanks for providing an release that we use multiple times daily.
Its so nice its annoying. This is exactly the thing i was looking for. If you need something to remind you to do anything at the expense of anything else you may be doing, this is the release for you. I now don't use it for meds, but all another everyday reminders and its exceptional.
~ Oleg Balter
Taking meds is a newest thing for me, also I am forgetful at the finest of times. This is a nice reminder release that can also remind me to drink water. Once you setup your meds, the release feedback you to a video that lists what the drug is used for and another stats.
~ Audrey Beaudry
Since the newest Mobile Q beta modernization there is no sound with info. I have to set regular alarms on my device for my pill times. Edit: I have returned to 4 stars because of speedy developer response to the trouble... It will go back to 5 stars when they obtain it working at the official version of Mobile Q.
~ Sean R.
This release is just nice. I went from not being sure if ive even taken my meds the last several days to taking them daily, as perscribed at consistent times. The release is pretty and behaves as you would expect it to. This release goes above and beyond my expectations. Thanks Medisafe
~ Aiden Thompson-Woods
Nice release, take some time to look thru the settings because it is nice as is, or you can adjust many settings if you wish. I had problem with Alarms (reminders) not working as did many, the support files address this on most devices, but what ended up finally working on my StraightTalk (Tracfone) Mobile Samsung was to uninstall, then re-install the release, then I went to the devices Settings>Accessibility>Info Reminder>Turn to ON> Choose Medisafe from the list of apps to SHOW NOTIFICATIONS FROM. From that target on I have been getting consistent info. This release is very needed to see when you took your last pill, how many pills you have left, and is the finest one out there. Glad I hung in there and found the fix to the info not working because the release is really nice compared to others.
~ James Weeks
I am a liver transplant recipient. As such I am on many meds. PR&M has been quite useful in keeping my dosings on time and correct. It has also helped with the integration of my another meds of which there are many. If there was a idea to tool meds that are prescribed one dose and an alternate dose the next day PR&M would be great.
~ Walter Belovitz
Great! really supports hold me disciplined and can check history of times I've taken my medical treatment. allows flexibility to snooze until I now take it. Tend to forget easily so this supports remind me and akso has diary ti document. Also keeos track of refill time. Supports my family members not have to stress over a missed a dose. Highly suggest it. I've been claiming my fam and dudes about it. Simple to set up too.
~ Carmella Hoover
Love this release! Even with a pill sorter I forget to take meds & supplements. With this I never forget. I like that if a reminder pops up at a time I can't do anything about it I can snooze it to remind me later. Soft is especially useful if I have a short-term Rx (e.g. antibiotics/pain meds after a procedure) that I'm not in the habit of taking.
~ Karen Roth
I have used 2 apps before this one and I think this one is nice compared to the rest! I love the diary information, and that you can set the duration of a medication. It's nice for when you are one a 10 day course of a medication. I am usually reminded of my medication and the release has a awesome selection of info. It also has a snooze button for when you are busy so you be notified later to take that dose.
~ Patricia Seymour
This is one of the more needed apps for my device. There are days when I snarl at it reminding me to take my meds (when i am in the middle of doing something), but having my device remind me rather than relying on memory has helped immensely. Plus, it keeps track of how many pills remaining (if you set up refill reminders) which has helped immensely in tracking as required meds/ when i need to device in refills. (Previously just had a calendar within Google Calendar that i manually entered)
~ amalyn d
Love this release, but the newest modernization doesn't appear to allow me assign a saved doctor to a specific med. Hopefully this is just a glitch and the squad will have it fixed quick. As of 05/13 I'm still using and love this release, but want the medication and doctors relationship would improve. I currently can't search a idea to change the doctor who prescribed the medicine without deleting the medicine and dtarting over.
~ Roger Kale
I scheduled two times every day. I could have scheduled three times every day. The display still just shows twice per day although I do obtain three reminder alarms. The icon on the "cover" page frequently has a 1 on it. I think that indicates that I've missed taking my meds. But going to the medsafe tally page the indication is that I have taken my meds. Overall, using this release has been a support. Even with some erroneous displays, it has prevented me from missing.
~ John Marquis
I would normally give this release five stars as it provides each function I require to remind me about my medication. However since the last modernization the release continuously crashes anytime I test and set reminders for my medications. Modernization 05/10/19: since the last modernization everything seems to be working fine again however I'm still going to keep off subscribing for actually.
~ Daren Kelly
Last month the company made changes to Medisafe and it started destroying and freezing up. This month they seem to have fixed it. I am glad that it's back to working well again. I still hold claiming dudes and family to use Medisafe. Simple to use and supports to hold you on track which is very important for medicine for your loved ones. Peggy M.
~ A Google user