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PicsArt Photo Studio: Collage Maker & Pic Editor   
About: 500 million installs powerful, PicsArt is the #1 picture editor and pic collage maker on small. Download PicsArt and enjoy our softwares, results, collage maker, camera, nonpaid clipart library, millions of player-created stickers and our drawing softwares. PicsArts all about making nice pictures and having fun by remixing nonpaid-to-edit pictures into nice collages and memes. With our collage maker, drawing softwares, picture editor, camera and more, PicsArts your all-in-one constructive suite. And its FREE. Present off your nice edits on Ig with #picsart, we'll information our favoured ones! PICSART GOLD Go Gold! PicsArt Gold give you access to THOUSANDS OF PREMIUM STICKERS, FONTS, FRAMES, COLLAGES AND MASKS! These exclusive PicsArt equipment can be used in editing & remixing on PicsArt, and shared on and off PicsArt in your creations. Additionally, PicsArt Gold contains an ... Show more
Genre: Photography Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: PicsArt
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PicsArt Photo Studio: Collage Maker & Pic Editor Reviews and Comments:

it claim's a nonpaid release but doesnt allow you do anything with what you made. it's nonpaid to download but not nonpaid to use. its extremely misleading and led someone like me that doesnt have the type of dollars, disappointed. if you're going to it's a nonpaid release then dont create recipients pay just to use it
~ braw bliss bliss
this is a poor ap. it freezes up all of the time trying to present banners. that's really all it does is present banners and freeze up. if it blew up in your face it would be a more needed ap than it is actually.
~ Wheeler Darden
My son wanted pictures collaged for his graduation so the release was installed to do so... Was not notified that I would be charged over 50.00 dollars for a subscription to be able to use more informations on this release. Im pissed because that was part of my sons graduation dollars.. Asked for a refund and was claimed to test requesting a refund through google because pics art would not refund my dollars due to their so named policies.. I feel scammed. Dont take dollars without alerting the customer of your intent.
~ Christina Jones
Its simple to use, but I have this really irritating thing where I tap on the plus button on the top and then when I add an photo, it shows me the photo but then later on claims that "my device is out of memory" Which i have ALOT. please respond, I wish this fixed beacuse I really need to enter am editing contest.
~ B A S I C C H I X K
I love this release and have been using it for years. Memes and edits were my thing and it's very nice with that. my only dislike with it is how agressive they are with super (PicsArt gold). whenever i test to edit, the gold informations sorta obtain in the idea and it's a bit annoying. love the release, but chill out with super.
~ Clinton
Don't waste your time or dollars here. Refunds are not an option if you bought something by mistake or even if their expired boxes don't work anymore. You will obtain an error message, contact help, obtain an respond 3 days later just to claim you; we're so sorry we do not process refunds of any kinds!
~ Elias Santiago
the release isn't working for me, i've been waiting and waiting and i still can't use it, please fix this release. i used it a while ago, then after my first test it had some troubles. i tried downloading the release again and it just made it more worse. please fix this. i need this to create ebook covers for my dudes.
Destroying across ALL my devices :'(. I used to LOVE this release SO much. Had it installed on ALL 4 of my devices. Mobile, Samsung Galaxy of different, including tab... I'm so SAD it just keeps destroying and closing, not long after getting into a project. I had used it for years, actually I CAN'T. My life is destroyed :'( ~Thx for the speedy response 👍. I have fully cleared cache over and over, also reinstalls... don't support 😕. I'll test to correspondence ya🙏.
~ Shepherds Pupil
I search this release very interesting and fun you can edit pictures and post them obtain likes and views. But what I think is kinda mean is that it's a rip off: Ig does exactly the same things just with a several more graffics, dudes so on... So yeh that's the only thing u don't like about this release that much! But it's still cute nice! 😂
~ Adrienne Meier
just the worst! been on the release for 10 mins and haven't edited at all! not that i didn't wish to! it was just impossible! the release is too slow and there is too many banners and popups! fix and I might leave a better review!
~ dahunicornn _27
Scam artists on a subpar release. i downloaded this release & signed up for the nonpaid trial. I then learned it couldn't do what i required it to. that's fine. i cancel the trial an hour after getting it. 2 weeksish later i search that I've been charged $48. after some searching i search it's the subscription that i CANCELLED. i contact help, a girl keeps repeating policies while ignoring that i cancelled. they didn't give me my illegally charged $$ back. $48 for an release that really isn't that nice. trash
~ Ashley Nicole
I am using picsart for almost 5 years or more and i can see that there is no more facilities for your loyal players anymore, not that doesn't matter actually, all you need is dollars if you wanna test a filter buy it otherwise use those baby boring filters and confetti to those hella annoying banners. thats fully not worth it. if there is an option of "zero run"... then i am surely gonna give you that. very very very disappointed !!!
~ Aisha Wahid
i had just downloaded this release just to check. And today my 588/- got deducted from my profile claiming subscription fees. I have never subscribed for anything. This is a fraud. Please do not use this release. I m claiming for refund. Lets see if they refund me. By going through another reviews I can see most recipients have complained same about the unauthorised deductions. Im sure thinking about raising an FIR with this company!
~ Mohini Patil
I really used to love this release a couple years back. Actually regardless of my reports it still crashes which is frustrating. also got stuck with a year subscription even though I cancelled it after the first day of the nonpaid trial!? please dont fall for that ! I thought the gold would support with the troubles I had but it didn't. Had this release with 2 different devices too. Actually im stuck with these troubles and losing $ for a YEAR "im seeing another recipients with related troubles in the reviews" :( yikes
~ Local Faerie
each time i test to create a collage, after im done adding the pictures and the background, it makes the entire thing blurry and pixelated. i am beyong frustrated. fix this instantly
~ Emma Hipwell
this is HORRIBLE. each time i test to add a pic in, it restarts from the complete beginning! i can work for an hour on a piece and BAM! its gone and i have to run all over again. please Please PLEASE fix this!!!
~ Wendy, I Can FLY!!
this release is the finest editing release in the globe! nice for writing text and memes also useful for ig picture edit to create you more pretty! therefore you need to be patient for this release because it takes some time to understand what type of edits there are and what you can do and not do. there are some things you have to pay for but i dont test fro anything and everything works just great for me! i have had this release for over 2 years actually and its nice! 1000% reccommend!!!
~ A Google user
I have just been reading the newest reviews and I have to adopt with everything that has been claimed, loads more adds, not enough art to look at and I can only seem to scroll through about 4 equipment before it freezes and I have to force stop or test turning my device on and off. Really frustrating and disappointing as I love using the release. sorry but only a 1 star from me.
~ Rach Newall
I have really liked this release, the only trouble in the entire release is that it is a tiny bit too much per year for picsart gold, can you please create it at least £10 per year, at least. but another than that, it is an nice release.
~ Chris Targett
I used to really like this release for just making easy edits and I was fine with the advertising, even though it was cute annoying, but actually you can't even place text on your photos properly, because the release decides where to place the breaks between the lines and if you test to correct that by putting your own break there, it just creates more lines instead of the words in the number of lines I wish there, with the breaks where I wish them. that makes it hard to use it properly anymore.
~ Julia Baier
I had the worst experience with this company. worst. I subscribed to one of their boxes by accident. Contacted them within an hour to cancel the subscription and to ask for a refund, and I was within their policies. After almost a month of going back and forth, they refused to refund me back. Worst company ever. If there was a negative star I would've given it instead of 1 star. Horrible experience.
~ crazieson
literally had this release for years (I think I first got it in middle school and I'm in my second year of college) and I feel like it's gotten worse throughout the years. If you are willing to pay for filters, then its the release for you, but if not, then dont waste your time with this release. I remember when literally ALL of the filters were nonpaid and actually there not...And the banners obtain on my nerves so much. The editing is still nice, but again, I hate that you have to pay for filters.
~ Emily Gonzalez
Be careful! I only wanted the two-day trial yet was charged the full 59.99 for the year subscription. I contacted customer service right away and they have fully ignored my request for a refund. Be careful if you just wish the trial!
~ Kristina Daoud
so a several months ago I downloaded this release and it was really nice and did not lag. I had to uninstall it for some reason and I forget about it. but today I remembered it and I wanted to download it. so I did. but actually this is release is gltiching so terrible and is extremely laggy. seems like its because of the upgrades. the release is too massive. well must search a newest release actually :( :/
~ Aqua Chán
Used to be a really nice release back when. Key word is USED to. The trouble actually is each time you launch the release, you have to wait through an banner for "PicsArt Gold" which is useless and overpriced. You then have to click away from a 'nonpaid' trial and one more banner before being able to now run editing. Many informations have been taken and hidden behind a paywall actually as well. These informations they've hidden are nowadays readily available on another apps that don't force as many banners down your throat.
~ Andrew Pervere
I love this release cuz i can create any ordanry picture to a perf one!! i love this release ! at first it was hard to use cuz it countain so many informations but then i loved how it work i can create wattpad covers with this and more!! plese dont change picsart its nice as it is! i have no words to describe this release This is just unbelievable!!!
~ Mukund Sahay
stil the finest and flexible release I am used to for years. I don't even have to look for my laptop to launch Adobe photoshop for customizing or crrating newest pictures. It has so many options that is not only focusing on picture enhancement. The one I love inthis is the freestyl not limiting to 10 square size picture and can also give flexible adjustment when putting text. The finest so far the only trouble I got is being the finest making this release so massive makes it laggy and ruin.
~ Rhod Icyfreeze
By far the WORST experience I've had with a supposedly "nonpaid" release.. Like HUNDREDS of PEOPLE have already mentioned, the "nonpaid trial" is B.S. They charge you A FULL YEAR'S SUBSCRIPTION on the same DAY of your "nonpaid-trial signup" And even after trying to contact them and months of back and forth communication.. In the end they finally claim you that THEY DON'T GIVE ANY REFUNDS. EVER. In my entire life I've only written like 2 reviews, and this one was a MUST because of how disgusting the "service" is
~ MuslimMan M03
8gb of ram and the release is still so slow!!!! is when i paint, place a sticker, lens ect... i'm not homophobic but why to damn much "gay stickers?? they are everywhere!! " i'm trayiing to do a serious, nice work on pictures and there is i'm gay, proud to be gay, lgbt, ("alot of gay equipment"), is more gay equipment in this release for someone who wish to do serious work😐 same trouble sadly i'm going to end deleting the release. is a nice release to be delete. i already delete the cache and all that equipment
~ Abiezer Otero Ortiz
Crashes a million times, ridiculously laggy, I've worked on edits for 30+ mins just to lose it all bc the release will ruin randomly and doesn't save progress, has a hundred banners that create it lag even more. This release is INFURIATINGLY slow. Doesn't even have nice editing options and would have to supplement with other release for all the results I wish. Not worth it. Horrible release.
~ Sage Marshall
Rubish .Some of the apps work and if they do , sure enough the nonpaid release will search a idea to charge you or suck you in for a nonpaid trial. Stupid moronic contests . You can now create some nice to nice digital art if you can tolerate the click bait and forced fed banners. Overall , it had so much potential but falls short with the click bait , banners and ideas to suck a dime of you and the stupid , stupid contests , vacuous material for the stupid , vacuous contests .
~ Kes Doug
At one time I loved this release and used it often. However, I decided to give the pro ver a shot for what I thought would be a month. Instead they charged me for one entire year of the service all at once. This destroyed my monthly budgeting as I had not expected the $50 charge. After this they refused to give a refund despite filing for one through google. I was unable to file for a refund directly through the release because they have a "no refunds" policies. Be warned if you run the pro trial. CANCEL before they charge you.
~ Anna Copeland
This is yet other example of corporate greed destroying our creativity. It claims they have thousands of informations at your disposal but like 40% to 50% of them you can't use without getting bombarded with "subscribe to pics art gold to use this pointless filter that isn't even worth the dollars" banners. If I were seriously going to waste my dollars on a picture editor I would just buy photoshop. I used to love this release but actually it's just a constant reminder of my creativity being limited.
~ A Google user
paid informations not worth it. dont sign up for the trial. Recently cant use due to constant"servers busy, please test in a bit". It used to be cute nice and my go-to for speedy edits and a decent if somewhat limited set of filters, actually basically unusable and overpriced. UPDATE: They continue to take away from this release's fts and add lame paid fltrs that are all related and a hassle to sort through. They stole my $50 yr subscription after the 3day "nonpaid trial". Stay away, terrible release.. gimme my $50 back
~ Daniel Kieffer
This release was nice at the run. But actually with multiple upgrades, it is just worthless and waste of time. Not sure why does it even require to sign in... Just to collage my pictures. No full screen collage possible on cell device. Uninstalling the release right away.
~ Paresh Bari
This is a nice editing release. I like the filters, the softwares and all that equipment. But, THE MILLIONS OF ADS, THE CRASHING, THE FREEZING AND HOW DAMN SLOW IT IS, IS SO ANNOYING! So, I'm making an edit and then these banners hold bombarding me and those ones that claim "Receive PicsArt Gold!" No, I don't need that. I'm nice. Oh and when I'm making an edit, it freezes and crashes. I have sent maybe 2 correspondences about it, and they have done nothing. Honestly, I would write idea more troubles but I have no more zone.
~ Galaxy Gacha
This once brilliant release actually fully spoilt by persistant banners after every and each edit. I should just about tolerate the adds in previous upgrades but full page ads where you have to wait until a specified time has passed before you can close it is actually unacceptable. So terribly disappointed but have to uninstall and go back to previous favored editor.
~ Alan George
The release is cute nice for making photos, memes, and another equipment. One recommendation from me is to add an undo and redo button to the normal editing screen, because once i accidentally press an photo thats at the bottom, it suddenly gets pushed back to the top. I don't really know how to place it, but it's type of irritating.
~ Cheese Steven
Using this release from the past 7 years and actually it's just getting worse. Too many banners and too less informations. If you wish to test out something newest with editing, you have to buy picsart gold else stick to the limited informations which literally is provided by most of the picture editing apps. The price for Picsart Gold is high and not worth it. Picsart has surely lost it's charm and uniqueness. I'm sure Picsart is nonpaid but the informations have become limited and lesser than it used to be
~ Tanisha Pal
Stuck with this release through thick and thin, but it's actually got to the target where these upgrades has gone too far. Getting far too hard to use on a small device. Whatever they've done to adding text to photos makes it near impossible to do so without the formatting going bananas. Quite sad really, as this was once the finest picture editing release available on Mobile. Actually, I guess I need to search the next one.
~ The Real Llew