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About: Unlike all another piano apps, with this nonpaid piano release you are not forcing you to follow the fixed instructions (animated dropping bar or tiles or whatever), you can test with your own speed without any configuration change. With our piano tiles release, you easily test a song slow or speedy, all depend on you and your mood and your performance style. This piano release has 128 musical MIDI instruments and over 12 studio-quality, sampled voices for the keyboard. Expendable instruments are infinite with external Soundfont files (.sf2). There are more than 50,000 songs from our content partners are available. Pianist HD : Piano + can load any MIDI file (.mid or .midi) and Karaoke file (.kar) and test in an simple and comfortable idea. You'll learn about piano chords and how to read song notes with sheet page option. We will support you easier to become a virtual piano user, ... Show more
Genre: Music & Audio Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 15MB Developer: rubycell
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Pianist HD : Piano + Reviews and Comments:

Very fun, and useful, I just wish to read sheet song for an option also. Only started this release, so maybe I will search that information if it's there.
~ Theresa Mansfield
Super.... But tamil songs are not available in this release. This is the main draw back .. and we wish to add notes from eterna blog as we like... This release does not help his information.
~ Rainbow Ramesh
This release is a nice idea to see if testing the piano is something that would interest you. You can test along to songs, or just test whatever comes into your head. And with the ability to find for files online, you can search all kinds of songs.
~ honeebunny sapphire
thanks daddy and will not have the time to be in the same room with me I don't know how to do that daddy is so beautiful I love you so much and I will obtain back to you but I have to go to be in a relationship but I all ready for you to be in a relationship but I all ready to go I don't know if you have any more questions or concerns please feel to be in a relationship with a tiny bit I don't have to be in a relationship with a substitute I don't think I will be ok with me if it's still available and
~ Brian Leonor
This is a nice release! You can learn using this release, and it's very simple! And i found the piano pieces i liked! Thanks to this release it's so nice!
~ Inidutili Roblox
Hi joy and kisses for having u in dreams and kisses gkan nmo ping2 slep n ky schol and kisses for having u in our life is a ko palihug in chiness fung shui terrible thing to do with a super dad to me and I love u hon unsay the stats about your own personal and 4ever I love you too baby is number of the candles for your own personal and 4ever We want u nice health and kisses gkan nmo ping2 slep n c doc na ha ky 8eyr6fyrgrhfhfgrriai6b and kisses gkan nmo ping2 and the c the candles for your nice
~ Merylou Manapsal
this very fun, when I started I was nice at it, but after a week... it's simple for on the 100 speed!!! 😄😄😄😄😄
~ A Google user
The finest piano learning release available you obtain to practice some of the most known songs out there. It's better than most as most apps teach only theory this one makes gives you practical training any one can use it beginners and pros it's the quickest idea to learn the piano 👌🏽
~ BH YANSKi hEcTor
The release is nice but a lot of lag on Mobile 8.0 and Mobile 9.0 I purchased my device a several days ago it's newest and I don't think the reason is my device Galaxy S8+.
~ Petar Petrov
The app is well designed, the menu and UI are not busy, they are convenient and you can test almost each song on it. Liked the release and a suggestion is indeed given.
~ Ian Nagi
i searched for piano keys that had sheet song and the magic keys to learn on.... then i found the great release.... yours! TY.... love it!
~ Lori Parrish
After using other piano release I realised how weak quality this release and it's notes are!! 1. Loud video banners after a song ends gets annoying speedy too. 2. I sometimes transport the keys on accident want there was a hide button for the key mover. 3. I don't like that some songs have notes that test automatically, notes I can't even see! 4. Some instruments don't test vhigh - vlow notes, and some notes end testing too quick.
~ 0101Virus
awesome.pls instal this release.don't see the one star rating.it is very very very much better than another piano apps.only one disappoint that is no recording.but it doesn't a matter.pls install this.once again don't see one star rating.
~ Mani Mani
You have the finest mobile piano but there's a trouble in newest versions. You've removed 2hand testing mode. please add it again.
~ A Google user
It's fun for those who know the basics of piano and wish to either practice on holidays or test songs and play their rithum, so it's really a nice idea to create work fun! It also proves to be a obtain away for those who need quiet to focus on their composing like me
~ D Clemens
This release is working nice with OTG-USB-MIDI. instead of USB please deliever bluetooth, also deliever access of all buttons over Bluetooth.
~ Jayant Panhalkar
its one of the most coolest piano release ever seen. I really enjoyed this release, great work done by the developers of this release👍
~ king victor
Love it. Getting ready to uninstall Yokee Piano as this release is a lot better and I love that you can find in their online tab for exactly the song you wish to hear. They even had "Eyes On Me" 🎶 from Final Fantasy VIII!
~ Squeak Mouse
Nice can find online for my favored songs but how come I test quite nice, the score still 80 over, is 100% can't be reached in your release? Practice rating not accurate (disappointed)
~ Leo Starry Sky
Hi, it just happened to me or Pianist HD: Piano + doesnt allow the player to access the cloud sharing anymore? I cant search any song in cloud sharing like before; I even cant find online the song im looking for. Is it because of my internet connection or what? :'(
~ Luna Avarielle
nice release for nonpaid! even my grandfather can test and enjoy the sound of the piano keys. love that it allows you to add another songs. hope it would not be like the another release that has annoying banners or wont allow you experience its core information just because its nonpaid. hold it up!
~ Precious Joy Pacho
so far so nice. played a several songs. there is potential to earn bonus songs and instruments. And thus far no deal breaker banners swarming the page.
~ Matt Mac
great release I usually am a school woman but I usually have nonpaid time coz I don't usually obtain home works and all so what to do test piano on the device I really love to test River flows in you & Kiss the rain thanks to this release I don't obtain bored nowadays.
~ Ashely Rose
its truly nice! i can test this when im bored or when i wish to test the piano! very cheap idea to obtain a piano! i love it
~ KatePlays roblox-videos and more
Well, it wasnt as nice as I had expected but it type of came through. If it was more of a functional kind thing, I wouldve given it a 5 star but I had to give it a three. If you create the release have more cool songs then I might test it again. I'm really sorry for this.
~ A Google user
nice...would've rated it with more if there was more than 5 stars ...please upload BTS piano audios..I suggest please to have the ability to download the piano audio to audio playlists ...hope this suggestion is fulllfiled..thanx for ur efforts ...💜💜😁
~ Hazel Sd
it's so needed for newbies brcause they can learn more about piano and the piano's types. i'm s newbie and i tried to test some bta' songs and i still need to learn again. to the originator, thank you so muchh for making this nice release
~ Megumi and Gacha Jeon
READ THIS UNTIL END it's nice but you remember the hot songs when I wish to test I hot song that I'm really nice at it's named Faded I don't know where the hot songs are! it claimed's that No songs found and did someone ask you to take the hot songs away or did you think they are not nice enough then you took them away if it's something else just PLEASE PUT HOT SONGS BACK if you place the hot songs back I will rate 5 star if you don't fix I will rate 1 star so PLEASE FIX bye thx for reading this.
~ Valentin Eduard
Literally Nice.... This release is nice! The banners are never too much of a bother, and how I test it is so fun! I even found my favoured song! Coincidences! I also love that I acidentally freakin' place not English letters. Besides not putting my language, it's nice. I'd give a twenty out of five if I should.
~ quibbii
It's a nice idea to learn how to test a piano.. although sometimes the guide key is invisible and only the the color on the board is seen but not usually. Would support if there was a pause button so if I obtain a text or a call it and i stop it doesn't result my on time score
~ PipaPlays
god do I love this release!! Its nice for testing a piano on device. Sure, the banners are a bit annoying. Though, so is EVERY OTHER APP WITH ADS! There is a wide selection of song. I highly reccomend this.
~ A Google user
great release, but web web is non-existent. and after i liad a song to test, i cant search a idea to stop testing it. how do i turn the colors showing what key to hit next off?
~ William Macko
I used to love this but suddenly when i went to test all the songs from cloud sharing and the 50000 song library have gone! Claims there is none there when i was testing them just lastnight! Gutted, hope this gets fixed. edit - still not working, heavily dissappointed this hasnt been fixed.
~ Caryn Chau
I LOVE this release. finest piano keyboard release on mobile for learning and also connecting to a midi controller with hardly any latency. only trouble is I can NEVER log into my profile using google. it usually claims it failed to login. I have no concept why. please support. Thanks
~ Chris El
i will uninstall it because of the too many banners that create it impossible to enjoy the piano. i gave it 4 stars before, but actually banners interupt me many times during testing songs which is very disturbing to me, and direct me to google test which is terrible as well.
~ Mahmoud Mohamed
I am a pianist and out of all the apps I have tried,this one is the finest.The audio quality is magnificent,there are a gigantic amount of songs and even being a pianist I learned many songs.Nice release.I definitely suggest it.
~ M Ammad Ammaduddin
By the idea This release is nice :):)♡♡ Please the creater of the release don't listen to the comment that 0101 virus sent:):)♡♡ He should turn of the WI-FI & small time so the adds won't come to him :):)♡♡ And he should maybe turn up the voice so he can hear the sounds :):)♡♡ And should maybe have virus on his small so that's what is making the tiles not work :):)♡♡ And please the creater of the release again don't listen to the comment that 0101 submited to you :):)♡♡ This release is nice !!!!! lol lol lol
~ Adam Samir
Probably the finest piano release out there, has lots of another instruments and sounds you can look up any song/song for nonpaid to then have the bars to test it. sometimes what you wish might not be there but there is lots. because of this I was able to figure out the Skyrim theme song, and a several others on my actual piano keyboard. I test by ear so this supports. I'd still have it on my device if I didn't need the zone, but I suggest it on a device... sadly my device screen is cracked as of last year.
~ Ryley W
Nice piano. Is nice for learning speed and accuracy. I also love how you can add whatever song you desire. Testing this piano has helped me tremendously. The Classical song is awe-inspiring. Also there are many unbelievable Christian songs. God bless you for this nice opportunity to better my piano travel.
~ A Google user
I used to test with this release when I was 11. I usually loved the magic piano where I should "test" any song I wanted without any effort. After that information was removed, it forced me to learn more songs and eventually, I should test equipment on my own. I would test for hours at a time, paying by ear to learn different songs. Actually I'm 18, I've got a keyboard and a piano, I test them both daily as much as I can and I would not have this love if it weren't for this release. thank you for a unbelievable piano.
~ Brenden Ketchum