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About: *Picture Editor Pro is a professional picture editor with nice fun! It provides diverse beautiful stickers (e.g., emotional, emoji, etc.), art filter and nice collages! *Picture Editor Pro immediately beautifies your selfie by brightening your eyes, making your skin flawless, and reshaping your body as you wish, etc. *Picture Editor Pro offers comprehensive collages enabling you to own nice and professional pictures, even if you've never used a picture editor before WHAT CAN I DO WITH PHOTO EDITOR PRO? FEATURES - Variety of stickers (e.g., emoji, tattoo etc.) make extremely funny and cool pictures! - 30+ trendy & potent filters (e.g., Lomo, Artistic etc.) enable you to own more personalized and professional pictures. BEAUTY - Slim your body makes you look to be healthier and sexy! - Smoothen your face until your skin looks flawless! - Enlarger your eye ... Show more
Genre: Photography Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 18MB Developer: Picsgram
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About: Birthday Cake Photo Frames Birthday Cake Photo Frames add beauty to your image. With Birthday Cake Frames, you can add a beautiful images of loved ones and easily share with family and friends. Birthday Cake Frames Features: - Easy to use: Your creation in 2 steps! - Select a photo from gallery or take photo by using the smart phone camera. - Wide variety of styles and different frames for any photo. - Scale, zoom and move your gallery picture for a perfect fit Within the template - Co...

Developer: RamkumarApps

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About: Birds Frame is nice app that lets you customize your photos. Bird Frames for Pictures is designed to make your smart phone even more fantastic. This is a lovely app specially for bird lovers. It is completely free. Bird Photo Frames contains HD collection of images. you can customize your photos with Birds Photo Frame. Choose from number of frames in different shapes and colors and try them all out. See yourself completely different surrounded with variety of birds with this Bird Photo Frame....

Developer: Pavaha Lab

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About: Celebrating the Xmas holidays! >> Top Apps of 2013 / Editor's Choice - Google Play Thank you everyone for your support! Camera ZOOM FX Xmas Pack is a plugin for Camera ZOOM FX. Click here to install Camera ZOOM FX! Get 10 magical Christmas Cards to send to friends and family. Use Camera ZOOM FX to personalize the message Create vintage effects and bring your photos to life! Share your card via Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc This is the license key only....

Developer: androidslide

Similar Apps Like AR effect Alternatives
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About: Add fun AR (Augmented Reality) effects to your pictures and videos! Take pictures and videos with virtual scenes and characters with the AR effect application. With pre-loaded themes you can create pictures with growling dinosaurs, have fairies walk on your desk, attach masks to your friends faces and much more. Discover amazing augmented reality scenes in the real world with your viewfinder. Sony's FACE RECOGNITION Technology and SmartAR* engine automatically detect faces and 3D environmen...

Developer: Sony Mobile Communications

Similar Apps Like Day of the Dead 2018 Photo Editor  Alternatives
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About: Scary/Creepy Skeleton Makeup with Skull face paint and Sugar skull makeup. Decorate your home screen with these awesome Mexican skulls photo montage and enjoy creating spooky Halloween makeover and dress up for Halloween 2018. Still cant figure out what to be for Halloween makeup night? What about Day of the Dead 2018? Skeleton make-up is simple to do and can be done rather quickly using "Day of the Dead Photo Editor". Celebrate Halloween 2018, one of the most important Mexican holidays. ...

Developer: Earnest Apps

Similar Apps Like Dia de Muertos – Day of the Dead Photo frame new Alternatives
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About: Dia de Muertos Day of the Dead Photo frame new on all your Android devices and enjoy applying vibrant picture stickers and multiple templates over your images and selfies! If you like colors, makeup and holidays such as Halloween & Dia de Muertos Day of the Dead Photo frame new this is a must have free mobile app for you! Be the first one to download this unique day of the dead face photo booth software camera pro app and post cool calavera skull makeover pictures to social networks! Get ...

Developer: aplikace groups

Similar Apps Like Retouching in Photoshop CC Alternatives
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About: Taking photos is just the first step in the photographer's craft. Transform and enhance your photos into photographic masterpieces in this Photoshop CC course by expert Dan Moughamian. App Features: 166 minutes of video training Super clear explanations Offline Playback (no internet connection needed) Easy to navigate Course Outline: 1. Introduction (01:10) 2. Quick Setup: Preferences (05:42) 3. Quick Setup: Custom Shortcuts (03:47) 4. Quick Setup: Custom Menus (03:25) 5. ...

Developer: AskVideo.com


Similar Apps Like Piwigo Client - Paid Alternatives
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About: Use to browse a PIWIGO photo gallery. NOTE: EULA must be accepted on download. This app has all features in the free version with a few others too. No adverts. ** App is being Actively Developed ** ** If something doesn't work - email me - it'll be fixed ** See full list of features below. Connect to servers running on non-standard http or https ports Accept invalid (wrong host name) or self signed server certificates if required server Certificate pinning is supported (verify ...

Developer: Gareth Deli

Similar Apps Like ProxyPics Alternatives
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About: ProxyPics is the first-of-its-kind on-demand system for getting the location-specific pictures you need from wherever you are. Our simple-to-use app features an online marketplace, matching users needing location-based photos with local users, ready to take snapshots. Never before has it been quicker, cheaper, or simpler to get timely images from anywhere around the world. NEED A PHOTO OF A SPECIFIC LOCATION, ASAP? Enter an address, a few details about the job, and submit. Your order is ...

Developer: ProxyPics, Inc

Similar Apps Like Body Shape Editor - Fit & Slim Body Maker Alternatives
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About: -------------------------------------------------------- APP DETAIL: -------------------------------------------------------- This Body Shape Editor app which lets you easy resizes body parts. Re-shape your body and make a perfect figure, increase height, get slim. Lose Weight on Pictures like you did a diet. Body Editor it can help you reshape body curves with front enlargement, hip enhancement, face slimming & waist slimming. --------------------------------------------------...

Developer: Dhaduk Survil

Similar Apps Like Halloween Photo Editor - Scary Makeup  Alternatives
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About: Halloween Photo editor -Scary Makeup is a creative designer Halloween Photo editor App. Edit your photo for Halloween with horror teeth and horror mouth with Scary Makeup also devil lenses.Blend Vampire face on your face and add vampire weapons blood marks on your body in this horror photo editor app Halloween horror nights 2018. If you thought pumpkin carving was art, try our Halloween apps and tell North American country what you think! Turn on the scary camera and shoot some horrifyin...

Developer: Snap Selfie Cam

Similar Apps Like Fancy Blur  Alternatives
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About: Fancy Blur is the easiest photo editor blur to blur photo. Not only it creates a depth effect on your photos, blur photo app blur background too. It is the most advanced photo blurring app with zoom in feature to correctly identify areas of the photo that needs to be blurred. Blur photo editor helps you to: 1) blur background 2) blur faces 3) pixelate objects in your photos 4) add depth effect like portrait mode 5) add blurry backgrounds to your photos 6)Gaussian BlurZoo...

Developer: Wen Team

Similar Apps Like FishEyeVideo  Alternatives
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About: FishEye+Film filter, All in one. With this amazing app FishEyeVideo you can create a wide variety of unique eye-catching images. Both circular and diagonal fisheye styles are available with different levels of strength and vignetting. Main Features: 8 real-time fisheye lens effects Various kinds of film to add fantastic effects: mono,negative,solarize and so on... Supports switching Resolution Auto save your work to camera roll in high resolution when developing at Library (Ma...

Developer: Yubin Chen

Similar Apps Like Blue Hour (Solar Photography Calculator) Alternatives
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About: The Blue Hour describes a period of dawn and dusk, when the sky is colored specially which is very interesting for photography. The duration and timing of the Blue Hour varies depending on location and on the date. In order to achieve optimum results and to plan in advance the app Blue Hour (solar calculator) has been developed. The calculations are not only limited to the blue hour. Further information for sun and moon events can also be calculated. This includes information about sunrise, s...

Developer: Robert Ehrhardt


Similar Apps Like Pocket AC Alternatives
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About: Pocket AC is a collection of tools and reference tables for cinematographers, camera assistants, operators, DITs, and videographers developed by a camera assistant. It features various calculators and charts to help prep and execute productions. In addition, the included camera log allows ACs to quickly log shots and email the setups of the day. Tools: -Depth of Field and Split Focus -Digital Runtime, Filesize and Compression -Diopter and Split Diopter -Exposure -Field of View with pre...

Developer: Exim Labs

Similar Apps Like Eye Blinker Alternatives
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About: Eye Blinker is an application that detects human faces on photos and makes their eyes BLINK. Animated blinking eyes are automatically added to photos taken with camera or stored in your smartphone. If you don't satisfy with the results of automatic detection, you can edit them. The positions or sizes of blinking eyes, timing to close and open eyes, and so on. Moreover, you can export your eyes-blinking animation to video files and post them on Twitter or Facebook....

Developer: Llamabrain Inc.

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About: Create GIFs anytime using GIPHY Cam. Feeling creative? Add some filters or special FX then share the best ones in a text, Facebook Messenger, or post it on the web! Check back every week for new filters! -- ADD FILTERS & SPECIAL FX Enhance your GIFs using filters with everything from VHS to 3Dee Go crazy with face-tracked accessories, stickers, text, frames and more Fresh Filters uploaded weekly to help you keep your GIF game on point RECORD YA' GIF Press and hold the red butt...

Developer: Giphy, Inc.

Similar Apps Like PhotoFunia Alternatives
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About: PhotoFunia is the best way to add a spark to your photos, make them special and more original. In only a few seconds an amazing photo collage is ready, absolutely free. PhotoFunia is so straight forward to use, that anyone, at any age, can use it with ease. Would you like to see your picture on the cover of a magazine or on advertising billboards of Times Square? How amazing will it be to see your portrait on the walls of Louvre or Hermitage museums? Want to try out an astronaut or a Santa su...

Developer: Capsule Digital

Similar Apps Like Insta360 ONE - Simple, snappy 360 photos&video Alternatives
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About: Shoot and share awesome 360 video and photos, anytime, anywhere. The Insta360 ONE camera app lets you effortlessly capture 4K 360 video and 24-megapixel photos, or go live in 360 on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and more. -Use all-new FreeCapture editing to turn the best of your 360 videos into classic-sized 1080p video ready to share on Instagram, Snapchat and all of your favorite apps. -Capture and edit epic 240 FPS bullet-time shots, and customize the music. -Use SmartTrack to lock on t...

Developer: Insta360

Similar Apps Like Background Remover Pro : Background Eraser changer  Alternatives
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About: Want to remove or erase background of photo and change background ?Do you want to clear background of photo and add natural scenes , flower and animals ? Remove item from photo, use magic eraser , clear background , erase background and add color backgrounds by using Background remover app. Background remover pro is best photo background remover / eraser , cut paste app with lots of collection of backgrounds which you wont find in any other background eraser app . Photo eraser / remover ...

Developer: Appwallet Technologies



Photo Editor Pro - Photo Collage Reviews and Comments:

Nice release, and plus what it comes with is surprising to me, considering it's nonpaid. For a tiny while, I've been looking for a picture editor that includes something which I can edit words to look like they have that, "Bloody", font. This is the release I've been looking for. Plus its picture editor is nice, even though I'm not some professional photographer. Oh well, thumbs up on my end.
~ A Google user
Started causing full screen pop-up banners upon waking up my device. Didn't even have the release launch. Had to enable developer options and see running processes to track down what release was causing this. Do not download.
~ Wm. Lesniak
nice release. really simple to use and not that many ads.
~ Ryan Willis
Dont waste your time with this release. banners all over the zone, even when not using release. Full screen pop-ups, keyboard disappear while typing, fb videos pausing, this release made my device unusable. run far away from this release.
~ Chris Cole
the great release have bren searching for all this time..its simple and player friendly..i give it 5 stars
~ Joseph Kasongo
FULLSCREEN popup banners!. this release creates full screen banners that pop up at random times while your not using the release. I thought developers had become smart enough to not use these types of banners anymore but apparently not whoever making this release. u i stalling and would give 0 stars if should. the worst idea you should ever advertise to your players.
~ GloMouse
banners all over the zone since the modernization! 😠
~ Jenyfer Ewig
wonderful#fabueles#finest eduting from this release.so thnxx to create a this release........
~ Vishu Vishwakrma
More favourable than another editors.
~ Initial Entertainment
the release is nice but I'd rather pay and not have damned banners messing up my device experience.
~ Courtenay W. Brown
this is a fun release I enjoy using it
~ Sharon Cousineau
Can you obtain this release on iPhone?
~ Kanisha Coleman
gives random full screen banners actually when not using the release
~ Candice Robinson
Simple to use, overall a nice release!
~ Caz Pereira
player friendly and nice for touching up pics without losing integrity of the real picture!!
~ Kiersten Castellano CRDH, BASDH, EFDA
this was really fun to use, I was annoyed with the banners popping up in the middle of me typing, and it threw me off a lot...
~ HailerZtorm 14
I love making pictures of my babes and Grandkids. it's fun and the pictures are nice.
~ Valerie Briggs
Great software.. for a nonpaid release its nice !!!
~ Tonya Lovette
it works well. The picture come out very great they idea u wish them to look. I love it and u prolly will Love it too. Love u Picture editor.
~ Tyann Cottom
it makes my pictures look better than they did before i love it so much
~ Destiny Moore
I really enjoy using this release. It allows me to do things the idea I like them. Kudos to the squad!!
~ Marcela Nigro
I love this release. but hate the fact that if you wish to use a lot of the another options such as the create up enhancers, you have to download more apps.. it could all be included in one release...
~ Danielle Ebbrecht
this has cute much become the only release I use for editing actually!
~ Kelly Flynn
Lots of tiny troubles such as touch screen usually acting up when trying to transport around text, no undo options ake editing tough, also text options are very primary compared to another apps
~ Robbie Corbett
Nice release...but prepare for a flood of full screen pop-up banners. After uninstalling another newest apps one by one and consulting different tech forums to figure out the root cause of my troubles on Google Pixel 3, I was able to determine this one was reaponsible and uninstall it after hours of headaches trying to fix the trouble. Next time I will pay for an release to avoid the annoying spam.
~ Dione McGuinness
Its so needed, when you just wanna be constructive and fun with your pictures. It should be better, but who cares everything needs imrovement.
~ Naomi Tobon
Unless you wish banners to pop up often you test to go to a fully different release or launch your device. Don't download this release. There's another apps that work just as well and don't destroy your device with banners. The banners are there no matter what until you uninstall the release.
~ Onyx Lavellan
I do not like this release any more. It makes my device glitch when downloaded. I can be watching youtube or testing a release & it's like my device kicks me out of full mode view. Each time I delete the release my device works nice again. Very disappointed.
~ Sherri D
😠😠😡😡😡👎 it's a f****** rip off recipients don't test it it's a scam they charge I found a true Editor Picture Editor don't I found a true editor this one is a scam charging dollars don't they even care about cost and prices because the globe's corrupt that's so stupid that they're charging dollars don't you think about weak-income recipients
~ Helen Patino
It's reallt cool release. I would suggest it to anyone who wants to create a collage on their device.
~ Helene Baca
so before installing the april modernization my device was getting no stop pop up banners from this release. did the modernization and its gotten a bit better but i havent used the release in days so it could not be giving me banners often i go to use my device. app also wont seem to stop running in the background even though i havent opened it i have to uninstall it hopefully they figure out all their troubles but at the moment its a battery and banner aggressor.
~ Steph Lake
Do NOT download this it is hidden Malware. you will 100% obtain full page popup banners each 10 minutes and not just when using the ap. this is a very serious saftey concern also. it was very hard to search that this release was the one doing it. please report this release to google. this release tries to take over each release on your device, you will be driving and their popup banners will take over the screen, if you test a video it will minimize the video each 30 seconds to run in the background. please report release
~ Hilda V
i like the release but its constantly showing banners. otherwise i like how the interface of the release is set up. the editing is nice quality and there is variety of filter results, very great. i would suggest this release especially if it stopped showing advertizements all the time. still a needed release
~ Jamieann Ball
This release is incredibly annoying. Constant, annoying pop up banners that disrupt everything I do. As quick as I figured out where the banners were coming from, Picture Editor was the clear culprit. Also, the 5-star banners on here are clearly fake. Developer has no ethics.
~ Brennan Shippert
Right after the modernization on 4/1/19 today, I started to obtain full screen pop up banners the moment I signed into my device, and this release was the only one up, in the background, without me clicking on it. This release started to run by itself, with the banners. I uninstalled and no more banners.
~ Amy Steele
Picture editor supports babes and adults learn to allow their imagantions run wild! it also a policies policies that protects babes under the age of ten. I personally think picture editor is unbelievable news for all the young artists in the globe that dream of growing up to be a painter, photographer and videographers
~ Barrett
The pop up banners are horrible! The release itself is nice, but the pop ups are just horrible! You cannot obtain rid of them, or back out of them! Its very rude, and very irritating! If I didnt need this release for my artwork, I'd dump it! Just wrong! Adverts could NOT be forced down your throat with no idea to obtain rid of them!
~ A Google user
Took away 2 stars bc when I went to access the "FREE GRAPHICS" they weren't "FREE" 👌 wait.... couple were, U no..... the really "CRAPPY" ones that no-one uses❗😧 The only reason i'm giving 3 stars is bc I do like the cropping pictures information. Also, what is this "BOKEH" information, your questionare keeps asking me if U have it.
~ Carla Berkel
So far I like it. I think it will be worth paying for more informations eventually, but there's still a lot to do with out paying. I've made a several of my pictures look really cool and I enjoy making collage pictures.
~ Lauren Singer
I've been using this release for years and loved it till actually. This last modernization has allowed the release to place pop up banners on my device, even when the release isn't launch. I hate the pop up banners! It's not just one here and there it's one each 30 minutes or often I wake my screen. I'm unistalling the release due to the annoying banners, I'm so disappointed in this release actually.
~ Jodi Creel