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About: Newest nice Tablet Color Screen release is comeback. Receive this Tablet Color Screen release to enjoy more pretty & colourful caller screen themes in call flash style! This Tablet Color Screen is an nice caller screen release for incoming calls with more handsome themes. Customize your device with beauty caller screen themes. Are you boring with the default or old call screen themes? Or do you wish to change more different themes? The Tablet Caller Screen customizes your call screen with exquisite flash screen themes. Using Tablet Caller Screen release will create your device calls stand out with special styles and customize your calls as you desire actually! The Tablet Caller Screen release is customization app due to which player can replace old call screening with newest superb and elegant themes.The special caller screen themes create you be a star at your dudes party. Newes ... Show more
Genre: Tools Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 14MB Developer: Horoscope Tech Studio
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Phone Color Screen - Colorful Call Flash Themes Reviews and Comments:

does not male any sense. I hate this release
~ A Google user
I will have to uninstall! Unfortunately, on few occasions, when receiving calls the colourful screen pops up with the device nr that was calling me. However, there were NO buttons available to respond the call, absolutely none! I tapped/swiped all over screen but was unable to respond calls. I had to wait until ringing stopped, then call back the nr. Also, there's NUMEROUS banners (some with audio)! Even had the banners with audio run while I was on a device call. Must uninstall this release!
~ June Leitz
cute cool but it opens your device up to intruders! so create sure you do research on how to hold recipients from linking into your device. they can hear and see Everything you Do! I have had it happen to me from an ex boyfriend and I didn't know and so my camera flashed by self one day at night and then I started to freak out! So I ran a virus protector and found out he had linked alot of apps to my device to control my each transport. And also in aloud a hacker to obtain in and stole my credit card stats
~ A Google user
This release is nice. I am loving it so much.
~ Kara Bruss
it works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't
~ Margaret Reynolds
nice app,I'm satisfy with it.
~ Sierva Elizabeth Matos
it so pretty,I love it,hold the nice work up guys.
~ Sello Lelope
it is realy great actually i don't just obtain a ring ring
~ Lucille Volkwyn
I like the tunes of song.
~ Susan Foil
sadden the same time for the next week and students and teachers to the only
~ Ff Ff
u obtain to pick a back ground I love it a life geep it up please I are so nice at it
~ squshy master
I hold gettung annoying banners, and it makes my device hang just like actually
~ Oluwaseun Taiwo
just installed,i see what was happened when someone calling ...
~ Shanta Mahinay
I think it place a virus on my device.
~ The Codebreaker
cause you can see something when you call some body
~ Gladys Ramirez
it's not working on my device , my incoming calls are still the same, the Soft not functioning
~ Peace Aganyi
no experience in the field thank you last my ver. you release is nice and NYC .
~ All is one
this release does not give you anything it claimed it would this release is a scam and the banner is not the effects do not obtain this release
~ Maddie Pitner
How do I obtain that song that plays with the add
~ Brandon Burmeister
unbelievable release appreciate me know when you're ready to go back for the finest
~ Abdulhakim F Sani
this release is stupid all it does is create you have viruses and create you obtain a newest device and it puts stupid banners in between I suggest you do not download it
~ kayla kitty
i like it alot, hold up nice work.
~ Larry Evans
It's cool and k so love the release. hold the nice job rolling... more and more upgrade
~ musa muslino
l. like. the. glitter. one
~ joe Martinez
This release is just giving me adds even when im not on it
~ Louise Bowling
it works nice i thnk u guys could obtain this release and it might ask u if u can download other release to use this release
~ Justyce B.
it's great like how it calls there release could be raise i love it is the finest
~ julie vega
it's okay I like the release because it has different things on it that I like I hope y'all like it claim it is super cool I really like it because to me it rocks and it rolls I don't know about you what is nice to me
~ Lolita Lolita r
it is a very nice release for all the the devices but there is a lot of add when we are using the release
~ A Google user
It keeps on annoying me and disturbing me. Uninstalling!
~ Lorena Rivera
it has a bunch of diffrent options and has a flashlight qalpaper option too and in the calling section you can create your oqn qith a video you have and the ansqer buttons have options too love this release
~ Paula Reyes
it is a great release .it makes my device looks very colorful. when ever l received calls.
~ Sandra Isaac
~ Nancy Blalock
very great the only thing that when your on one call and you obtain a second call you can"t change calls both calls are dropped otherwise it's very cute
~ Zaza Wever
DEV any support on this ??? picked screen will most of the time autimatically change to something else after a short time. still 5 stars DEV any support on this???
~ Bill Fischer
This release doesn't work when i obtain a call, but it shows random banners in between. That means the release runs in background but only for f###ing ad. WASTE, DON'T DOWNLOAD
~ Mackral Gonsalves
five stars if the release has worked out, and I liked what I'm seeing. I'm going to add it with the Matrix live wallpaper I happened to dig,I think the green on Green is spooky cool that you have it and it will go nice with all the green oh yeah plus the custom Matrix'ish once again green custom keyboard I'm gonna download on top of it if it works well thanks guys!!... but if I waste all that time swear to God if it doesn't work I'll only give one star just to be a dick
~ Darrell Shoemaker
because when someone calls me like original screen I feel board on cause I wished that I can desine it then when I checked the test shop I searched it and I saw it.it was nice then I installed it then when it was done I check it.it was nice it even have a news each time when I do something else in my device the news from another countries came then I started to like the Tablet Caller Screen it's just what I need. even each time I picked a song to match the same screen to match the song
~ Daryl Romero
~ Ava Flounder
I thought it was really cool to change my caller background i just added the wolves one and it's cute nice. I love it.👍✌️
~ Jazmyne Hagar