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About: Clue is a period tracker and ovulation release that uses science and time to support you search the special patterns in your menstrual cycle. Use Clue to remind you about your period, PMS, ovulation and fertility. Clue is rated as the top nonpaid period tracker release by the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology, a publication of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). Use Clue to: + Track when your next period is coming. + Receive calendar reminders before your next period, PMS and ovulation. + Track sex, pain, moods, cervical fluid, and more. + Log your birth control, or plan for pregnancy. Clue also contains: + The guarantee of no flowers, butterflies, euphemisms or pink - ever. + In-depth stats about the menstrual cycle, complete with medical and scientific references. + Tons of ideas to track your health, including period, PMS, birth control, ovu ... Show more
Genre: Health & Fitness Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 19MB Developer: BioWink GmbH
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Period Tracker Clue: Period & Ovulation Tracker Reviews and Comments:

I love this release. I started my period quite early. This release supports me know when I can plan dates, meals, sleepovers etc because if I'm on my period or if I'm within the PMS cycle I know to not plan out socials as much. Love it x
~ Amy Aurora
Hey there! Simple to use release for period tracking and everything similar with it, also a great and clean interface you got there. How can I change the time I am being reminded of my pill? Thanks!
~ Nursen Yılmaz
I switched to this release after experiencing constant inaccuracies with my previous tracker. Already I am so impressed with Clue! I love the range of things I'm able to log, the idea it shows where I am in a cycle, and of course my period predictions are SPOT ON! I plan on using this release for a long time!
~ Krystal Taylor
seriously obsessed with this release. i like that the icon is obvious about what it is. There are a lot of genres to judge your mood, fertilization, and track your perioid accurately. i highly suggest!
~ Brooke Elliott
i love this release. Ever since I downloaded this It been a lot easier to track my moods, and notice I had a bit of a horomon in balance that's been keeping me from sleeping well since i got my period. I know when to plan around and just about how long my cycle is and its helped me when my period was i regular and its helped me actually not worry after being able to see my period become more regular. I would recommend this release to any girls. very very useful
~ Samantha Grippi
Since two upgrades ago, i think, the release has been destroying all the time, i obtain notices that claim it stopped working when i'm not even using it. I have to uninstall and install over again for it to work normal, and do it again after two days, i love this release, that's why i'm not unistalling it for nice.
~ Alejandra Cifuentes
This release has really helped me figure out my cycle and allow's me log information about how my body feels and how i an feeling so i know that when i feel like this again, it is a symptom of my cycle. I started using this release after i came off the POP/mini pill and my periods were all over the zone. The release also calculates your fertile window, which is useful to know whether you wish to obtain pregnant or avoid it 😀
~ C S
i have some positives and negatives about this release so i started my first period yesterday the day before my birthday😂 and i was really shocked because i didnt feel cramps and i didn't have any discharge this time. positives: it has a cute nice estimate on when your next period will be. negatives: i would like to know more about periods and maybe they could give solution on a nice diet for when im on my period
~ layla patata
This is a nice release and it really supports me track my symptoms. It allow's me know when I am going to obtain my period. It isn't exact on when my period is coming up but it gathers time on what I place and they predict!The informations on this release are very simple and I love how the time is place in to know more about my next period. I give this release a 5 star!
~ Yesenia Carrillo
I love this release and its accurate, science focused predictions, and the fact it concentrates on what its focus could be, rather than on community message boards like some another apps. Id like to be able to find for specific tags rather than simply all of them on the 'pick a selection' cycle history page though, to give it the full 5 stars.
~ Ellie Griffin
I love this release! I have been using Clue to track my period for 3 years and have had no troubles with it. It's easy and simple to use, well organized, and has many personalization options. This release also contains an abundance of education on the menstrual cycle and the changes it can have on your body throughout the month. I have suggested this release to family members and would highly suggest it to anyone! Track your period recipients, it will create trips to the doctor so much easier.
~ Makayla Porter
Finest release I have ever used. It's not pink, nor does it create light of menstruation with stupid flower graphics, and it's so freakin accurate! Clue knows my cycle better than I do! I have had a info pop up claiming "your cycle is about to run". And I've thought "uh, a tiny early, go home Clue you're drunk" only to have it run that afternoon. It's witchcraft! I have different length cycles depending on my Ovarys, and it was now Clue that pointed out the pattern to me!
~ Heather Thieson
I really dislike this release. perhaps I'm using it wrong but it doesn't claim me how late my period is. I added few months of cycles for a more accurate effects but It just pushes the run date back. It makes no sense. really disappointed. I deleted it because it's useless to me.
~ Shannon Rodriguez
I would give 5 but This release doesn't present on the tracker how many days left for my period to come like it used to. I have to check the calendar each time. I do obtain info so I guess it's alright. really like this release
~ Mell Victoria B
I really enjoy this release and have been using it for about a year actually. Two things that I want the release had are: a option when you have a pregnancy or miscarriage, in the release I have to track it as a period which made me more sad about the entire thing. Also being able to connect the release to my Samsung gear fit 2. I would love to obtain the release on my watch.
~ Michaela Tibbetts
I have very, very, very massive cycles! This release has been my lifesaver. When I am looking to plan an meeting, I use the release to see if I will be on my cycle. It is EXTREMELY accurate. If it's ever off, it is only by one day. I've tried another apps - but this is by far the finest. I've used it for years. My favoured part is that it can forecast the next 3 months of my cycle, not just one. And its FREE. like - nonpaid, nonpaid! If you have a massive cycle like me - this release is for you! ❤
~ Chrissy W
this release is wonderful! I didn't this a period trcaker should be so useful, but it's been a serious help and mental relief. it has simple to understand instructions and you can track literally each single pms symptom, how your period is, how long it is. it also has some useful explanations to why certain symptoms are important to track and what is normal and not normal. I definitely suggest this release to any girls, whether they've had their period for years or they just started :)
~ ZTao's Baby Panda
Trying Clue for the first time after using a different period tracker for a several years. First of all I love that there are no banners. The player interface is friendly and clean. The tracking options are extensive, and I'm looking forward to seeing patterns in my cycle. The only thing I would recommend to create this release better would be to add symbols on the calendar or the dial instead of just the coloured squares. Symbols would create it simpler to understand symptom trends at a glance.
~ Anthea Catopodis
Clue has been a wonderful tool for me. At first I used it to only track my periods. It is nice for that. You can even have clue set reminders to you that your period and another equipment is coming up. It also tracks your PMS and symptoms. And actually that I'm trying to obtain pregnant, I am paying more attention to my fertile time and have even set reminders for that too. I would highly suggest clue to anyone.
~ Danielle P
I love the release. My period is mostly accurate (might be 1-2 days out) and I also use it to know when I'm fertile so no accidentally babies occur. Have been using it for over a year actually and it has helped to teach me about my body. If I didnt have the release actually I should predict my cycle and fertility due to symptoms that I never took any notice of in the past, all thanks to Clue I know my body so well actually. Thank you.
~ Deyse Marques
I have been using Clue for about four years actually. This has been a very reliable release in terms of predicting my cycles, adjusting the timeline of the next cycle based on the previous 2/3 cycles. The UI is cute comfortable and simple to use. Finally, a couple of months ago I found out through Clue how the time entered is used in research by schools in Stanford. I really appreciate the clarity Clue provides with what it does with our stats.
~ sushmita khan
it's useful in keeping track of my cycle. it isn't exactly accurate, which I didn't expect it to be. That time of the month usually flips and flops for me deeping on a multitude of things, but it has helped me prepare for my cycle the most it's been early is a week according to the calendar. I'd recommend the release for those who don't place their entire faith into a release, yet still needs to track their period. it's nice for preparation, and understanding your cycle.
~ Amanda Rumancek
I am really enjoying this release. I won't be surprised by my cycle as much actually!! I like how it learns as you go... I would like more time points to enter, maybe how much I ate every day (appetite) and maybe some girls would like to track their morning temp for ovulation, stress lvl, headaches, back aches, sex drive... I'm having fun with this!
~ Anne Bruecks
I can't obtain past the screen where you pick the way of birth control, tapping "next" does nothing. This release worked fine on my another device so I have no concept what the sudden trouble is. edit: For some reason, it's fine actually??? I closed the release and then after a several hours I went back in and was able to pick birth control through my profile. Very strange bug I hope it gets resolved, I might contact help to allow them know when I have time. Otherwise, nice release.
~ Kat B
very nice release, works amazingly. I had no troubles with it practically at all and it's very needed. However I recently changed my device and I tried logging back into the same profile but I lost all my time. Is there anything you can do about that??
~ Nikola K
Simple to use and bith myself and my partner can share our cycles unlike another apps that assume the only reasom to track a period is because you wish to obtain pregnant and that you are straight. I'm starting to see paterns with how i feel associted with my period. Really like the release and it isnt pink washed. Just a practical release for recording lots of different asects that can be affected by your period. It is also informative, describing every term and references scientific journals.
~ Michelle Kent
An amazingly accurate and well-running release however I would really search it needed if there was an option to note the time that you run and finish your period, in order to create predictions even more accurate and to calculate the days, more accurately, by the hour.
~ K
Incredible release and nice feminist ethos - would be improved even more by being able to customise the tags of every tracked item, as i search my experience doesn't line up with some of what's pre-provided, and would be nice to have more scope for nuance. Overall though, nice, and so grateful for this nonpaid resource!
~ Sophie Barnes
This does the limited things it does quite well but it doesn't let for pregnancy, miscarriage, birth, breastfeeding, menopause, or tracking a babe's periods on their behalf as well as one's own. As it is, it would have been great for me from age 15-25, but I really need something for age 35-55.
~ Ailbhe Leamy
I love this release, has so many options you can hold track of, but, I just had a baby and things like run of pregnancy and giving birth could be included in the options so it doesn't affect my cycle, also kind of delivery would be great to contain so it can maybe estimate when next period might come. Thanks
~ Anna Kawecka
I love how you can personalize genres to create it pertain to you. it's an nice release, and I would suggest to each female. a nice idea to track everything from your period, to ovulation, and you can even set reminders so you obtain a info if your period or even your fertile window is coming.
~ Megan Clarke
Want you should customize some of the buttons more (tags aren't much use for me, re-labeling would be great, not just toggle on or off) but otherwise I'm very satisfied with this release. Alerts (that you can customize), and seems to create projections cute accurately, within about a day or two.
~ jennspade
I love this release I've tried all kinds but his is my favoured and will usually stay with clue. I have had clue for about 6 months and it's cute useful and I usually use it and I love that they ask you certain questions and you should add some questions such as how you hair was ot is that day and what type of foods are you craving etc. Anyways love this release you could download it.
~ Priscilla Rosas
A nice gender and color neutral tracking release. Very clean and easy, simple to use, but very customizable and it seems to give nice stats. Allows you to track what you wish and turn off tracking for what you dont wish to track or isnt applicable. Overall a nice release, and would suggest it to others.
~ Emily Anne Overholt
I love😍 this release because it really supports to track my period . . . It might not be specific when you run using it .. but after a while I'll obtain right .. other information of this up is that it Claims you all the stats you need 😏 and it also give you a warning( of when is about to came ) a several day before so you can obtain ready😗
~ A Google user
clue is great for tracking periods. I think I should use more of its functionality but for the primary it's nice. I am so glad to see my time for the last 3 years and learn more about my body. I want clue would add a "what to eat when" aspect so we should track what foods would be better to eat during our cycle phases.
~ Tiahnah Göbel
Wonderfully convenient, simple to use and personalise to suit your needs and concerns and super useful to have when talking with doctors to give a visual of your health and patterns. I have yet to use the super part, but even the nonpaid functions are wonderful and in depth. I suggest this to all my female dudes and family, especially the moment someone is concerned about their reproductive health.
~ FaunaTitania
They deliever many characteristics to track your cycle with, so overtime you understand it better. The release is simple to use and provides stats in a clear and concise language. The time is backed by and helps players and science. Use this release because they will never sell your cycle time and to help actual research. However, if your cycle still hasn't "settled down" due to puberty/changes in diet/environment, please do not expect this release to accurately predict your cycle dates all the time
~ Merelyl X
This is my only option for a period tracker for more than 3 or 4 years ever since I found it by chance. I suggest it to all my dudes. While the release in mobile displays less great than in iOS. All the months are not displayed separately, they stick together tight making me confused and hard to search which month it is. In iOS you can see it clearly by month, and simple to swipe and see the next month or the previous one. Please consider my recommendation kindly if you see this. Thank you in advance!
~ estella san
This release is so useful. It is like other calendar, but mixed with a calculator and a dude. I think it should be a tiny dude because, even though it is only asking how you are/were that day for calculations, that's what dudes do! Except dudes don't exactly wish to know how much your bleeding down there, and how sexually active you are, etc. I might only be on my second period, but Clue helped me understand what was happening, when it was going to happen, and idea more useful things.
~ Emmelya Smith