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Pedometer - Step Counter Free & Calorie Burner   
About: This pedometer uses the built-in sensor to count your steps. No GPS tracking, so it can greatly save battery. It also tracks your burned calories, walking distance and time, etc. All this stats will be clearly displayed in graphs. You can set everyday step targets. Consecutively achieve your target for 2 days or more will run a streak. You can easily check your streak details chart to stay motivated. No Locked Informations All informations are 100% FREE. You can use all informations without having to pay for them. Save Power This step counter uses the built-in sensor to count your steps. No GPS tracking, so it barely consumes battery power. Simple-to-use Pedometer Just tap the run button, and it runs counting your steps. Whether your device is in your hand, bag, pocket or armband, it can auto-record your steps even your screen is locked. 100% Personal No sign-in neede ... Show more
Genre: Health & Fitness Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 7MB Developer: Simple Design Ltd.
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Pedometer - Step Counter Free & Calorie Burner Reviews and Comments:

the release is simple to you use and works well, I required it for workplace Step Challenge
~ Patrick Galloway
the release is very okay, infact it was suggest by a doctor working in my office. it makes me healthy.
~ Hassan Adeyemi
counts calories, steps and miles. sets your targets. its nice what you achieve in a day. Nice release.
~ carol wheeler
Simple to use, accurate. Nice incentive, not too many reminders/pop-ups.
~ Janet Harvath
I am recovering from knee replacement, 8 months after actually. This release is nice! Thumbs up to those who made it.
~ Niccole Shrider
I really like the training option in this APP! This allows me not to use this APP all day daily.
~ Darryl Ross
i have been using it for a couple of days. it is simple to use. No need for gps or cellular coverage. very nice release. thank you
~ Görkem Demircioğlu
The release works really well but there are a moderate amount of banners and there doesn't seem to be an option to mute achievements
~ Andrew Lam
I'm really enjoying this release! It's easy, after the intial set up, all I do is walk and exercise it does the rest.
~ Sherry P Hamilton
works nice.. ! keeps track of distance and calories!; ). 👍 just what i required!
~ Jose Marroquin
As much as I would like to trust this release, somehow my steps went from 11 to 1500 in an hour while I was walking around my kitchen cooking. Too terrible it aint that simple
~ Don Newby
seems to work well and accurately - enough to obtain me to push for more steps so that's all i really required.
~ E Parnon
I love it it's accurate and I love how it shows your target steps and the lvl of steps(examples 7k,10k) it motivates me to reach the next lvl
~ neen wallace
Absolutely works for me! Keeping track of how far I walk puts a challenge out there for me. 72 years old and keeping active is important.
~ Judi Hunter
Nice release. Highly suggest buying the banner nonpaid ver. You'll be glad you did. Less frustrating.
~ Bill Lee
This release has really made me pay attention to how much exercise I'm getting each day. I have terrible leg circulation & this release has really opened my eyes to how much I wasn't walking. Thanks
~ Mike Moore
I like the release a lot, but... it doesn't count steps while you're walking and taking on the device.
~ Jim Carriere
Nice Pedometer. Claims you everything you need to know from your steps, how many you have left to go and calories 😀
~ Jenny Long
doesn't work in true time, there's a lag between when I run walking to when it runs recording a random number of steps. I don't feel it is accurate due to this, so uninstalled the release
~ B A
cool this release is nice, am really motivated & ensure to walk & burn full calories on day to day basis !!!!! This release is gotta have for all !!!!
Very nice release. It made me activer than before. I would suggest to hold it on high sensitivity option so each step counts.
Have uninstalled release. Keeps turning itself off! And even in "sensitive" mode, it seems to only count each 2nd or 3rd step.
~ daniela bhutia
Love anything motivating for health. We can have it all, but without fitness its mostly wasted. BIG THANKS...Phyllis Moon Roanoke'VA. Thanks for exercise apps.
~ Phyllis Moon
First night review, no complaints thus far. Seemed to track my steps accurately when observed. 5 stars for fulfilling the advertised function and my needs. grazie
~ Drew S
JUST as promised, SIMPLE!! & just what l was looking for. It does what it is supposed to 😊 & isn't usually trying to obtain me to upgrade or buy something newest 😑 I'd suggest it!
~ John Kavin
I used this release for four months and until this week it has been great. Twice this week all my steps for the actual day have disappeared. I uninstalled and reinstalled. Hopefully that fixes the trouble, but if the trouble continues I will change to other release.
~ Wayne Louis Williams
Very great release but it is using far to much battery. I have a device with a capacity of 4100 mah battery and since I am using the release, the battery is dead after 16 - 17 hours... before to use the release, the device battery was lasting for 2+ days... with the same usage.
~ xy yx
I have only had this release less than a week but I do like it a lot better than another pedometer apps I have tried. I especially like that this release has targets preset for me. Nice job on this release. Hold up the nice work.
~ Jonathan Beck
Nice release! Downloaded as a Fitbit backup and found it to be an awesome step tracker for my device. Tracks progress by day, week, and month and gives badges for your efforts. Is also able to sync with your Google profile.
~ Jay Turner
this a nice release for counting your steps around city. I've been curious to know all the steps i do, from walking the dog, to walking the job. from eyes are launch at 5:30am to closing time at 9 pm. thank you
~ Marc Latreille
It freezes up & stops counting :( i normally love this release & had worked nice, but its frozen at 5999 steps. i have it on normal sensitivity but i will test a higher setting. i have restarted my device & everything but still frozen & its not on auto shut off either.
~ Whitney Stevenson
If you are in a territory without a connexion (4g, wifi,...), this release doesn't count your feet... Often, I work in a warehouse or under world, my count doesn't go over 3500, even though I'm walking all day long... I uninstall.
~ Guillaume Mélix
BRILLIANT APP. Claims what it does on the tin. Also the calorie burner is a nice premium for me and my family which some of them are very keen on losing weight. So all in all a BRILLIANT APP IDEA
~ Truth Lies
Nice, stable release in general, but a bit intrusive. If you turn it off, it is not more off than it will still give irrelevant pop ups few times to claim you how many steps you had yesterday or which badges you got. Minus two stars for not respecting that when I claim off, then I mean fully OFF.
~ Thomas Søndergaard
Nice Soft, i especially love the info and badges it gives you after completing set milestones. It gives you the true challenge to exercise more. However, the true challenge is counting accuracy. I have set the sensitivity to tue highest lvl, but still it reads onjectively wrong effects. A distance thats clearly known as 1km and is marked so on the map, walk across it and this release will claim you you have covered 0.45km, giving you a much less step count.
~ Wonder Mahembe
This release I will definitely suggest but you have to place it on high sensitivity as it doesn't usually count each step. One another fault is that it, depending on your weight, will automatically decide on some things which you can easily change yourself.😊
~ Maryam Rahman
this release has been really needed to me. My daughter and i have been trying to be more active throughout the day. Using this release to be more aware of how many steps we're taking, the everyday step tracker, and the fun provided targets has been nice. I'd definitely reccomend it :)
~ marina
I love the concept behind this release however I downloaded it because the release I was using before doesn't let you to see your step counts from previous days. Thankfully I didn't instantly remove that release because this one doesn't count all of my steps. This release counts half the amount of steps that my another release does, sometimes even less and that's with the lowest possible sensitivity setting.
~ Alice Hopkins
Doesn't work reliably on my newest handset ☹️ Installed on Moto G4 to use from 1st Jan, and all went well. Changed to a Moto E5 Test at run of May, and have nothing (or very tiny) recorded on 9 (out of 17) days that could have had counts of 18k+ (I do a lot of walking). Haven't changed anything else, and need the counts for a virtual challenge so will have to search an alternative actually!
~ Cheryl Wainwright
Simple to use, precise release! Love this release. It's very accurate in recording my steps, also gives you an average of calories you've burnt, gives you a breakdown of your ovetall weekly/monthly activity and gives you badges when you reach certain milestones. It's certainly made me more aware of how much I'm walking and I've also found myself getting up and going for bonus walks to hit my everyday step count, which I never did before! So would highly suggest!
~ Fiona McCaskill