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About: Pandora gives you a personalized song experience that continually evolves with your tastes. Run streaming for nonpaid today by searching for your favoured artist, song, or category to make a station. Or find browse to search suggested stations for your mood or activity. ** The globes most potent song discovery platform a zone where artists search their lovers and listeners search song they love. We aim to make a globe inspired through listening. Using our proprietary Sound Genome Project, Pandora delivers billions of hours of personalized song tailored to the taste of every song listener, full of discovery, making artist / fan connections at scale. Take your song with you wherever you go and listen anytime, anywhere. ** Looking for more? ** Pandora Additional Enjoy personalized on-demand song for $9.99/month Explore and test your favoured songs, albums and playl ... Show more
Genre: Music & Audio Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Pandora
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Similar Apps Like CELINE DION | Top Hit Songs, .. no internet  Alternatives
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About: In this application you will find the best songs and novelties of "CELINE DION", download the free application on your smartphones for unlimited duration and enjoy the best hits with high quality sound and without Internet. >> You will find the following songs: =================================== 12 alone A cause All by myself Because you loved me Berceuse Eyes on me Femme comme chacune I drove all night Immensitei It's a man's world It's all coming back to me now Je ne suis pas ...

Developer: swordisme_dev [email protected]

Similar Apps Like YouMp3 - YouTube Mp3 Player For YouTube Music Alternatives
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About: YouMp3 is the best way to play youtube in background,Search play and manage free music. YouMp3 integrate a powerful youtube music player let you listen & enjoy free music in floating mode. Hight quality player support moving the floating popup window wherever you want on the screen while you're using other applications. Background play background player let you listen to youtube in background while you're doing other things in your phone. More :" Many functionallity integrated with t...

Developer: YOUMP3 - TUBE MP3 BY MOOBYTECH [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Netflix Movies & Shows Alternatives
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About: Netflix Netflix movies Netflix shows Movies now Movies review Short movies Comic Movies Free movies Free netflux Netflix Free netflix...

Developer: 4G storng LLC [email protected]

Similar Apps Like 酷Gou音乐 Alternatives
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About: Gou/ MV2018/ Gou / MV/ // youtube apiAPI V3 api ========================================================== API V3 APIhttps//developers.google.com/yo...

Developer: Daniel Schaefers [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Illuminati Sound Button Alternatives
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About: Very Simple Application for illuminati button sound. Just push and play! Enjoy :-)...

Developer: Web.Apps [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Music Player - Music Equalizer & Lite Sound Alternatives
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About: With powerful equalizer, beautiful background skins, free to get this perfect audio player and media player. The unique equalizer makes your music sound more professional. You are free to control the style of music. The audio player for music 2019 is an intelligent application that automatically organizes and suggests the songs you listen to most; The latest songs, albums, singers... added. Optimize the sound according to the genre - with improved bass boost and 3D surround soun...

Developer: Fancy.,Inc [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Musicana Pro Music Player Alternatives
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About: ****** This is not a music downloading app ****** The most advanced offline music player app yet. Musicana is an innovative, ad free music player app with superior 5-band equalizer, lyrics finder, fast song recognition & much more features that will give you an always-impressive music listening experience everything you ever wanted in a music player app. Not to mention the flawless UI & visually stunning customization features. This music player is sophisticatedly beautiful, super-f...

Developer: Sebin Paul [email protected]


Similar Apps Like Gumbo 94.9 Alternatives
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About: Get your favorite Classic Country here with the Gumbo 94.9 App! Gumbo as the name implies, has just the right mix of the older country with the not so old. People all over the globe are listening! You should too ! Get the Gumbo app and take your favorite Classics anywhere in the world!...

Developer: Bryan Rhodes [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Clemson Tigers Football Radio  Alternatives
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About: Download Free the new clemson tigers football radio application available for android devices. Your new clemson tigers football radio application is easy to use, fast and completely free. and allows you listen to local ncaa radio stations for games live. Listen Live Clemson tigers football radio Radio Streams clemson tigers football radio is the ultimate ncaa football radio app! Enjoy live streaming of football radio station and ncaa season 2018 Now you can listen to radi...

Developer: empireappsonline [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Florida Gators Football Radio  Alternatives
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About: Download Free the new florida gators football radio application available for android devices. Your new florida gators football radio application is easy to use, fast and completely free. and allows you listen to local ncaa radio stations for games live. Listen Live Florida gators football radio Radio Streams florida gators football radio is the ultimate ncaa football radio app! Enjoy live streaming of football radio station and ncaa season 2018 Now you can listen to radi...

Developer: empireappsonline [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Alabama Football Radio Free Streaming Radio Alternatives
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About: Download Free the new alabama football radio free streaming radio application available for android devices. Your new alabama football radio free streaming radio application is easy to use, fast and completely free. and allows you listen to local nfl radio stations for games live. Listen Live Alabama Football Radio Free Streaming Radio Radio Streams . alabama football radio free streaming radio is the ultimate nfl football radio app! Enjoy live streaming of football radio stat...

Developer: empireappsonline [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Voice Changer Voice Recorder - Editor & Effect Alternatives
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About: Want to change your voice to a robot , alien , superhero , female or man? Want to enhance your voice quality for singing ? Voice Changer with effects will change voice to lots of funny effects or improve your voice quality for singing. Recording your voice in high quality sound or opening a audio, apply effects, and share them with your friends. The application supports many different effects and you can customize custom parameters to get the best sound effect for you. ...

Developer: Handy Tools Studio [email protected]

Similar Apps Like WFFN 95.3 THE BEAR - Tuscaloosa Country Radio Alternatives
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About: Get the best music news, local alerts, weather coverage and traffic updates in the Tuscaloosa area with the new 953 the Bear app! Listen to the live stream of your favorite 953 the Bear DJs and tweet or call the show directly from the app. Get interactive with our mix shows, make instant requests and receive timely notifications on breaking news, contests and more! Save articles and viral stories for reading later and share on Facebook and Twitter. Key Features: Stream music, weather and t...

Developer: Townsquare Media, Inc. [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Update ỲouTubȇ ⏩ ỲT Updater  Alternatives
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About: If your ouTub app sometimes is crashing and you want to fix T you should update it to the newest available version. Our app is a quick shortcut to Googl Ply site where you can update Youtube in one click! Get our app and download actualization for ouTub app on your phone!... Developer: Fixit [email protected]


Similar Apps Like Free Music Download And Mp3 Player Alternatives
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About: Free Music Download and Mp3 Player for download high quality free music. Download is very fast. Free Music Downloader has clean interface. Just search music and download free music. You can listen online music without download mp3 music. Mp3 downloader and Music Download actions is very easy with this app. You will be very happy after download music in millions free music. The app makes you smile that it download music very fast. Just search music, mp3 download and listen offline. Feat...

Developer: MikmikApp [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Alexa guide for amazon alexa App amazon echo dot  Alternatives
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About: Alexa Tips for AMAZON ALEXA App : amazon echo app - ask for amazon echo skills for AMAZON ALEXA Alexa Tips for AMAZON ALEXA App : amazon echo app Alexa guide for amazon alexa App : amazon echo app amazon alexa . advanced amazon echo and amazon dot user guide: maximize your amazon alexa device and automate your smart home with recipes. and compatible devices Alexa Tips for AMAZON ALEXA App : amazon echo app - ask for amazon echo skills for AMAZON ALEXA Alexa guide for AMAZON ALEX...

Developer: Kimberly R Boyd [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Mastitime Radio Alternatives
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About: Mastitime Radio - Voice of the Community. MastiTime Radio - Voice of the Community is one of the Product of DesiPlazas portfolio, started in the year 2014 and became the most popular radio station in Texas by providing entertainment to South Asian communities. MastiTime Radio - Voice of the Community is one of the Product of DesiPlazas portfolio, started in the year 2014 and became the most popular radio station in Texas by providing entertainment to South Asian Community. MastiTime provides h...

Developer: Desiplaza LLC [email protected]

Similar Apps Like ���� Join Us For A Bite ���� FNAF SISTER LOCATION Alternatives
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About: Hello fans of FNAF ~ Five Nights at Freddys !! lets listen song Join Us For A Bite with lyrics !! This Apps is not official, it just player streaming app for fans!! but this app also work with offline mode, no need internet connection to listen song with lyrics :) So enjoy with this best app, with Join Us For A Bite FNAF SISTER LOCATION app you can only listen audio mp3 or streaming but no need internet connection if u just want to listen song with lyrics. if you need know more...

Developer: Edgar Nin [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Set Caller Tune – New Ringtone 2019 Alternatives
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About: Best way to express your mood with your song of choice. All Caller Tune Songs are fully filmy songs and full of enjoyment. If you set Caller tune from this song list, then you can make your caller happy when he/she is calling you. Caller tune is available at Free of cost. Now you can get all answer of your question after installing this free caller tunes app. Now it is easy to set caller tune in geo to make your callers listen your favorite Bollywood song by set as a Caller Tune for your ...

Developer: Media Mobi Tool 2019 [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Scripture Singer Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: A Little About the App Scripture Singer is designed to make memorization of the Holy Bible easy and effective. This simple app provides you with the opportunity to learn scriptures anywhere and at any time, and gives you the freedom to go at whatever pace you like. It allows you to effortlessly memorize parts of the Bible by combining scripture with music. A review setting is also available so you can refresh your memory on previously learned texts. Additional features include speed adjustmen...

Developer: Scripture Singer [email protected]



Pandora Music Reviews and Comments:

dang whats wrong with Pandora?? I have had the release for yrs and works nice. yes plenty of banners but I have grown to expect it fm a nonpaid release. however, last 2 wks have been terrible! it just stops testing. I press test and it will test one or two more songs and it does it again!
~ Christy Christianity
NOT A FAKE REVIEW. i had spotify for almost 6 months and not once did i accidentally skip or thumb down a song.. 1 day in and this has happened more times then i can count. (modernization) actually that Pandora decided to test three commercial adds back-to-back, not two. You know i just had to adjust my rating accordingly. If you know what type of song you enjoy but wish a POS song Soft. to recommend all sorts of nonsense.. look no further then Pandora Radio. who "annoys" you until you give in? this pos!
~ Dalton Ryan
The past 2 weeks pandora fully stops after 45 secs into the song. when I launch my device the release relaunches and plays a entire newest song. 45 secs later it shuts off again! It keeps doing it until I fully shut the release down...
~ Cassie McClure
Had a trial and its impossible to cancel. I've sent numerous correspondences to contact someone in order to support me cancel the subscription and they seem to not care and not wish to be bothered with any kind of customer service. DONT EVER PAY FOR A SUBSCRIPTION! USE THE FREE APP ONLY!!
~ Nicki Biernacki
I used to love Pandora, the selection of song based on originator or song. I used to love it even when I didn't pay for it and I had to listen to adds. I'm canceling my subscription because instead of adds I can't skip songs because of "licensing". I hate it, I pay to not have banners but they create me listen to songs I dislike. It's a pain, especially when I'm driving. Disappointed.
~ Fernando Alvarez
they were doing so nice. I regret that I have to uninstall due to having to listen to 2 mins of commercials after each song. I listen to oldies mostly which are only 3 mins long so that is 3 mins of song for 2 mins of commercials
~ Edward Dubois
I love the release so much I ended up updating to super. my only trouble is that all of a sudden I can't replay a song through my bluetooth device controls (car, headphones, portable speakers). I can skip a song just fine but not test it back. how can I fix this?
~ Dwight Gonzales
I have been using Pandora the last two years and was experiencing a pausing trouble as many others have. I contacted help after trying the primary troubleshooting steps and received a speedy response today claiming me to modernization the release, which fixed the trouble immediately! I would give a five-star rating if the soundtracks from Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Star Fights: Knights of the Old Republic were available. Another than that, I love this release!
~ Jaidynn Fohr
i pay for Pandora plus and i noticed since the modernization it removed my stations to listen to when in "offline mode" all but 1. i am pissed. i pay 4.99 for 3 stations and i only have 1. that was not the deal i signed up for. i sogned uo for 3 stations to have when i am on offline mode. AND, I talked my mom onto getting a Pandora subscription, she was offered 4 stations for the same price as my 3 stations. pandora, please fix this trouble. thanks
~ Victoria Hackem
normally i love this release. works nice with nest and simple to navigate however i hold getting the same error these days 3007 and 3008 Claims me to contact help.. i did... 3 days ago still no word... this is frustrating because actually o cant stream from my device rendering the release useless
~ Miechelle Juul Hwang
I recently just subscribed to pandora plus but it sucks I can't obtain into my profile to use it. I tried signing into my old device just to use pandora but I forgot my password. I click on forgot password and it Claims me restart instructions are being sent to my correspondence but I have been waiting 48 hrs actually for that correspondence...I experienced this 3 months ago but luckily i remembered my pw at the time. I have clicked on forgot pw for 50 times. I even wrote the help squad but have not heard anything yet.
~ LaToya Thompson
only giving it 3 stars until they fix the replay trouble. I'm currently unable to hit the replay button on my car or headsets. I'm only able to create a song replay by going into the release and manually hitting the replay button. I've tried everything possible on my side to resolve the trouble but seems to be an release trouble.
~ Zach Zieber
Newest modernization is garbage! I actually obtain constant info on my watch for nothing and the previous track button no longer works. it used to restart the track but actually I have to dig out my device and launch the release to do this which is not protected while driving. Hopefully they undo whatever changes were made or fix it quick because this sucks and I pay for it.
~ Duncan MacRae
Soft crashes consistently despite clearing cache and multiple uninstall/reinstalls. Stalls whenever searching and often when switching genres (all to playlists, playlists to songs, etc.). I used to be a large fan of Pandora, but these days there are better services out there, even if the radio algorithms are a bit weaker. I'm sorry I ever paid dollars for such a terrible service!
~ J Ko
It's truly a nice idea to have song testing and not have to be the DJ and now enjoy your time listening to your favorites or discovering newest artists and songs!! 100% No ADs at all on Additional. $9.99/mo. fully WORTH IT!!!
~ A Google user
I listened to Pandora all time while working and song for my tiny one while testing. Actually I can't even listen to one song without it stopping mid song. Please fix the release so it will continuously stream more than half a song at a time!!!
~ Andrea Hughes
This release has gotten worse and worse over the past several months. Each modernization has newest bugs that create the player experience annoying. From info not appearing or not closing, constant starting in offline mode, having to force close the release, and a several more it's getting old. I've contacted your help twice actually and am just met with responses of clearing the release, which doesn't work, and was now claimed to just force stop the release EVERY time...really??? Time to hire some QA or obtain better devs.
~ Mike
I've been using pandora for years and as much as I like it one trouble never seems to obtain fixed. for the past several months when I launch the release it automatically opens it in offline mode and I have to fully close the app and run it again just to obtain my stations to pull up.. dont understand why they cant seem to fix what I'm sure is a very easy trouble. it's gotten very annoying and actually I've ended up having to download spotify because I'm over it at this target.
~ Brandon Johnson
I used to love Pandora. That is until I started paying for it. Ever since I started paying for my subscription, my reception is spotty. Songs just slash out in the middle for no reason - repeatedly - and it never did that when it was nonpaid. The offline mode does not work 80% of the time. It would be a shame if I have to cancel my subscription and go back to nonpaid service in order to obtain continual song test.
~ onewapani
I used to love this release for years before they added such aggresive banners. I have since paid the monthly subscription to remove banners, but this release just can't hold up. No matter what signal I have, the release plays 1-2 songs before switching to "offline mode". I hold turning off offline mode, but the release keeps turning it back on. I can't even chose which stations I wish for offline mode. I'm only writing this review because the test shop loaded while Pandora was frozen. I'm cancelling my service.
~ Karlee Kurtz
i would've given a 5 star but i think yall could add the option to have the ability to have your playlist in ABC order, name of the song or by artist. It takes awhile to search a song when you cant remember what number it is.
~ Kallie Vinson
i want you should shuffle your song on the 9.99 plan like you can on the 4.99 plan. Another then that I love it. Just want I should pick it up at my home without internet or wifi, i live in the country and hardly any cell turrets.
~ Dark_Kitty Ronnie
Pandora is stuck in the past. In terms of customizability, there isn't any. No dark mode, you can't stop songs from immediately testing as quick as you launch the release, and there is a pause between the songs, which has usually irritated me. The entire release just looks outdated, and, while I'll still use it as it's better than spotify, but c'mon.
~ Josh Thomas
I use Pandora on a regular basis and love the release, but lately it's been buggy. I thought it was my old device but actually it's doing it on my Pixel 3 XL. Whenever I pause the release for more than about a minute, or if i take a device call or create one, the release shuts down and I lose the song I was listening to. This seems counter productive and does not happen on Spotify, which I've been using in Pandoras zone. I'll happily adjust this review to 5 stars once fixed.
~ Kevin Travers
Pandora USED to be my favoured streaming song release. But the last modernization, has it shutting down as quick as your screen times out. I've recently adjusted my screen timeout for the most it does, at 10 mins. So basically I obtain to listen to 10 mins at a time. I lose the song, I was listening to. the only idea to replay it, is to subscribe. It sucks.
~ Debbie Fulton
I like pandora, but with the newest modernization I can no longer even launch the release. fix and I will fix my review. edit, Finally got the release working again and I had a nonpaid trial appear. I was charged when I accepted. I don't mind that it's not nonpaid, but don't create an offer for a nonpaid trial I didn't ask fot and then charge me when I approve it. I will not be contacting your help squad, so don't bother recommending it again.
~ user unknown
Why is it turning itself back on when I turn it off? It's so annoying I'm using a galaxy s9plus so I know it's not my device causing the trouble.I uninstalled and cancelled my subscription btw. I've reinstalled it so many times hoping it's fixed but apparently y'all can't seem to resolve the trouble so I'm going test Spotify. They'll obtain my subscription from actually on. Sorry pandora I've been your fan for quite some time.
~ Van Slinger
I've been a Pandora player and subscriber for over a decade, and recently there has been this highly annoying bug which causes the app to restart after it has been closed. Please fix this ASAP, it is really annoying when I close Pandora, walk into the office and then song blasts out of my cell device. Once that horrendous bug has been fixed, I'll re-review. When I, the player of the cell device close an release, it could not reopen without me, the player, re-choosing the Pandora app.
~ Ross Gibson
1 of my favoured apps, can't be without it. I am introduced to song that was unkown to me on a everyday basis, from artists I have followed for many many years and from artists I had not heard of before. I have been familiar with and have been listening to pandora for over 10 years, and life would not be the same without it.
~ Steve Johnson
Sound keeps pausing itself each several seconds of test. Extremely annoying. I thought maybe there was an modernization available but there does not seem to be one. I'm streaming through another services more and more. Edited to add: from another reviews my trouble seems to be common. Its unacceptable.
~ Kristin Sprang
the release was fine at first but after awhile it just got so buggy. I've had to uninstall and reinstall it four times actually and honestly I'm just fed up. the release no longer plays song I pick and when I pick a radio station it just skips songs without testing any. super disapointed and honestly I can't see myself using the release again. 👎
~ Ellie Poehlman
I am VERY disappointed with Pandora. Overall, the release is fine (except if you like too many songs by a single artist then the artist will be played in EVERY station (Lindsey Stirling doesn't belong in Buckcherry Station and Sorry but Blackmill doesn't belong in Hypercrush.) BUT I signed up for the "Offline streaming" - It's usually glitching "You're not connected please retry" - DUH! THat's why I paid to have offline content!! Seriously I have spent hours trying to obtain it to just test the damn offline mode - and maybe obtain one out of 10 tries? It's not just the device because I've tried with 4 different older devices I use only for song.... at varying times and territories... Forget it. I'm about to give up on Pandora entirely!
~ Christine Stewart
after the newest mobile or pandora modernization, the release has turned from the finest to the wrestle. I have uninstalled and restart my device few times and this release still works intermittently. very frustrating since I am a super member and have few playlists that I can no longer test. I am canceling my subscription and going to spotify. This isn't the first time I have had troubles with pandora before. Tired of waiting for pandora to fix their troubles in a timely manner.
~ adam krey
much better options out there. ive been trying different super streaming services for the past several months and pandora was cute disappointing and lacking primary informations. The release is nice for those who wish to search newest song, but if you're more interested in now picking what you wish to hear pandora is an terrible choice. Cancelling was also a major pain, as the company purposely makes it hard to do.
~ rob block
Interface is clean. nice selection of songs. cute simple to use. But here's the 2 reasons it gets only one star: 1. It doesn't let collaborative playlists, which is important to me. because of this, i wished to cancel my subscription, which leads me to #2: you LITERALLY CANNOT CANCEL your subscription on a small device if Pandora is the merchant that bills you. you MUST use a pc. This is what they claim in their support section. it's unacceptable. Guess what? I don't own a frickin pc.
~ Joshua Marcoux
Pandora absolutely does not work on my Note8. I pay for the Pandora Additional service but cannot use it at all. It skips through songs without testing and each attempt to fix it only makes it worse. I will be cancelling and going to a different service if Pandora can't hold its soft functioning properly.
~ BlueNinjaPanda
Even if you pay for super you still have to deal with commercials if you're interested in specific songs. Certain songs aren't replayable even with super. And actually even after watching a 30 second add, some songs won't test at all. Basically, there's no reason to obtain super. Stick with the primary nonpaid ver.
~ Matt Seelert
(was 3 stars) Pandora Additional is filled with bugs NOT WORTH THE MONEY ($10/mo) AT ALL. You cannot edit your playlists at all cant delete them or transport the order after tapping save; with newest devices or old! You also cannot pick what stations to shuffle like on the nonpaid ver! The "im tired of this track function" is also not available in super. You have to go to the blog to do all this. I could obtain a nonpaid month or two for this hassle and bugs!
~ Michael Caprarella
I used to love the release, but this modernization is poor. I have it on a pixel 3 xl and my palm. It constantly turns on by itself. Even if I clear the release out of the background it will launch again at some target. Even while typing this it's come on five times. The fix needs to happen as of yesterday or I might have to search a newest option.
~ Ignacio Gonzalez
Adverts about each 2 songs, each skip, & channel change. It's getting worse each day. Sound cuts out w/spotty reception, banners never do even w/zero antenna bars. What's the deal with pushing Artificial Intelligence on players so heavily (85% of the banners). If you guys are using AI to judge the happiness of your audience, time to consider a change. As a 10yr player of your service, I've rarely been so disappointed. you're a screw up company actually, nothing's changed.
~ Sean L. Kraemer