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Panda Keymapper 64bit - Gamepad,mouse,keyboard   
About: With Panda Keymapper, you can test mobile releases with gamepad/mouse/keyboard. This ver is Panda Keymapper for 64bit releases. Highlight Informations: * No root or activator needed! * Help different brands of gamepads, keyboards & mouses, like Xbox One/360/One S, PS Dualshock/Sixaxis, IPEGA, Gamesir, Razer, Logitech... * Preset keymap for 30+ featured releases. Permissions Usage: Panda Keymapper needs the same permissions with releases you test. To run all releases properly it will request many permissions in the first zone. It's a protected and professional software, no permission will be abused.
Genre: Tools Rotten Tomatoes® score: 19 Size: 12MB Developer: wangjiji
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Panda Keymapper 64bit - Gamepad,mouse,keyboard Reviews and Comments:

does not work with fortnight. as quick as you jump it kicks you for cheating! bs charging for an release that does not work with the release it promotes it works with
~ Jeremy Fajen
it don't work on fortnite it will log u out of your profile and create u leave the release
~ Santana Mitchell
total waste of dollars for fortnite or pubg, quick as you buy it claims you need to buy other release to use properly. save your dollars DO NOT BUY!!!
~ slow grizz
The release works how it supposed to however fortnite deems it as a form of cheating.
~ Mario Navarro
I don't give any star ratings cause this release dond works and I wish my dollars back
~ A Google user
hey whats up lad what the mod fix the friking "internet lag error " that won't allow me test fortnite modernization the ap
~ Shehroz Butt
it kicks me out of fortnite cause It thinks I'm cheating and actually i don't like that i spent a dollar on a useless release
~ FortniteFinisher
didn't work, i downloaded a nonpaid keymaper that prompted me to buy this release and i added brawl stares and the release just Claims me that brawl stars is not installed correctly.
~ noah fennema
no longer works, could have listened to all the another abundantly clear comments warning me about the scam
~ KBabs
after buying this release when you launch it it claims that the release is not licensed.
~ Sarah Davis
When I tried Dolphin Emulator it worked but when I started a release the screen just went black. Please fix.
~ Nicholas Guerrero
its a scam u cant test pubg on this app, it will ask u to download 5$ app to be able test pubg, wasted my 1$ faking scam.. google shud do something about this fraud apps!!!!!!!!!
~ Carlo Contigo
Rip Off - i paid for the release and actually it ask for other higher paidment to create the release work with my release.
~ Michael Vaj
works nice! super glad. just note that bluetooth will usually have some minor input lag. usually be careful when trying to use controllers on online releases. developer's don't like that and you may obtain banned depending on the release. I love this for emulators!
~ Tyler Burtniak
Lad just click download if u r searching to test Fortnite or Pubg with contrlloer on Tablet .I love it, its Nice i am using S8 and it setup's with ps4 controller.
~ Said Mahumed
Wasted my dollars thought was the finest hope after u pay all releases just claim u need a 32bit actually I gotta pay R51.. And looked at reviews for that and still not promising.. Definitely a scam
~ K-Beats Smuggler
After the last modernization for the 32bit ver a several more releases are actually working, which actually makes the release worth it.
~ Karisa Soul
its nothing. you gotta got panda gamepad pro and then its working but this aplication is nothing. so terrible. dollars making aplication. this is large scam
~ data 2
Supercell Brawl Stars not working. Will even ask you to uninstall the release because it thinks it's corrupted. Please fix.
~ Michael Acosta
did not work for me,its trying to claim me Google test services is not supported on my device,what a load of nonsense.
~ damien
Need to fix the calibration with the PlayStation 4 controller , the release did not recognize some buttons , i would like to configure my ps controller to test fortnite.
~ Victor Gaming
not glad, I have been banned from pubg even tho this release claims you won't be banned. it does not work on pubg or fortnite with a ps4 controller. I've dryed mapping and does not work. I demand a full refund for both of your payed apps!!!!
~ A Google user
Why do we have to buy 32 bit & 64 bit seperately... I already purchased 64bit... Actually it asks to buy 32 bit also ?? Is this an release or joke ?? I wish refund.
~ Joheb Venesa
Panda release DOES work nice on my side - tested on Xbox 360 controller and War of Titans release. Maybe you guys sould read the reviews before installing this release? It obviously does NOT work with Fortnite "esport" release, because of Fortnite's developer decision. No reason to give this release 1-star review
~ Habun
Receive the refund before it's too late all you need to do is go to your Google test profile than go to order history after that search the release and it will have a refund option! if you need support contact me Through Ig its.ivan_
~ Ivan Hanna
I'm not sure what everyone elses defects were but I have used it perfectly fine for testing the several releases I do. it was very simple to figure out how to use it and set it up. as long as it keeps functioning the idea it does I think it's worth the $0.99. I am usuing it with an iPega 8063 bluetooth controller on my Galaxy S9+. only reason for 4 stars is I havent used it long enough to know if it will continue to work well.
~ Artie B
absolutely terrible I tried to test fortnite on my device with a controller and was promised nice effects but NOPE seems to be unable to complete the tasks that I wanted it to do
~ Galactic
Literally just purchased it and it claims I need upgrades. Came to the conclusion that you have no upgrades available essentially rendering the extension useless.
~ John Smith
I WANT MY MONEY BACK! paid for this and then it wants me to buy other release (which is the same) for $3.99
~ Koby Johnson
Purchased it for PPSSPP since it can't run on Octopus, doesn't run on this either. Tried different PSP emulators and still doesn't work. And can confirm doesn't work with Fortnite.
~ Zanny Pants
The advertisement doesn't match the app! false advertising and marketing this app doesn't help FPS releases and has a price mark on it.
~ Rimanson Rodrigues
Someone hacked my epic releases profile! they got in and set up my two step verification and locked me out. My whole profile is gone. Don't download! Don't install! and if you did, log out!
~ Bernard Rahn
its ok. but the direction button dont work in releases. the analog button work but the directional button dont work. if only it can work then it would be nice.
~ vang lor
Doesn't work for PUBG small. PUBG small has banned this aplication. Don't buy this aplication if you wish to use this release for testing PUBG small, but this release work on another release.
~ Nicolas Hanjaya
Claims me that brawl stars and another releases I tried to test with my ipega redknight are not installed successfully and I have to delete them and install them again via test shop... Even if I had already done it via playstore I did deleted them and downloaded them again... But nothing happens... Same message... I wish my dollars back... I am not glad with this release...
~ Μαριος Μανδραμπαζακης
Purchased this last night. As quick as you join a release it kicks you out and claims you'll be banned if using 3rd party tools. Works all the idea up until the target of jumping off the war bus then disconnects with claimed error. Fix the tool or give me my dollars back.
~ ianmcky
It's set up with xbox in mind; not playstation. Cannot test any known releases (such as Fortnite) without getting thrown from match for cheating. There is no idea to specifically map out your controller (odd for a KEYMAPPER). In short, the applicability and versatility of the Release was not thought out completely and should use a serious modernization. Since I purchased this release for $1 I am hoping someone makes this release worthwhile and worth a dollar because currently it is not!
~ A Google user
does not work with fortnite or anything!!! I downloaded the "nonpaid release", added fortnite to my list, then they charged me $0.99 to obtain the 64 bit, then once I got into the releases, fortnite kicked me out of each release because I was using this release. I finally gave up on fortnite and tried constructive destruction. that didnt work either because actually they wish me to buy a 32 bit ver for $3.99 in order to run it. Dont waste your dollars with this scam
~ Jake TheSnake
really terrible app. cannot obtain any decent releases to run on it. even if you manage the app to run the controller will disconnect in the middle of the release. better stay away from buying it. cheap trick to take dollars off you.
~ Nikhil patel
Claims it helps PS Dualshock, but when I connect my PS4 Dualshock controller to my device. The release still claims no device connected. Inconvenient because all I have right actually is a PS4 controller. It does work with Xbox one controller flawlessly. So if you have one you're nice.
~ Daisuke Kichigoru