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About: The Onewheel release connects your Mobile device to your Onewheel. The release uses Bluetooth 4.0 and allows you to monitor many important things about your Onewheel and customize your Onewheel's handling to suit your riding style. • Poor battery alert • Regeneration alert (battery overcharge warning when going downhill) • Target of no return message (50% battery charge left) • Battery completely charged info • Newest top speed message • Wheelslip detection • Consumption display: Claims you how much percentage of a full battery charge you have already burned • Regeneration display: Claims you how much percentage of a full battery charge you have regenerated (when going downhill or braking) • Estimated remaining range according to your actual riding profile • Total odometer display • Speed display • Board live movement display: shows the movement of your board • Auto connect to your fav ... Show more
Genre: Lifestyle Developer: Future Motion Inc
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Onewheel Reviews and Comments:

Soft could not force you to modernization. What if you need to ride instantly? Or you're in a risky case?
~ Brent B
Disabling the release to force the modernization is a large large no no. That's not how you treat your customers with respect.
~ Stryder Crown
S9+ takes a long time to connect & the google pixle 3 wont conncect at all. it only works with my iphone 6s immediately.
~ serina lesnar
Nothing but problem connecting my XR to the release. Still havent managed to create it work.
~ James Ball
Simple to use and the customization option is dope. U can have a bunch of different custom riding systems plus the default ones. Just want the range from the release to the Onewheel was a bit better
~ seijihaa daasian
Was nice but newest modernization made my board dissaper from the release and it wont reconnect
~ Austin Johnson
takes forever and a day to load most of the time. takes just as long to connect to my boards. sometimes works ok but usually its junk. if you have variety of time and just wish to check battery life before heading out it works ok for that but the release crashes all the time and is not needed when out riding most of the time.
~ Mark
its a great interface with my board on a note 9. set ur preferences on types of rides whether its cruising down flat top or carving up trails off way. although it needs a peripheral set up like a speedometer for Samsung watch or direct diagnostic during ride.
~ Metal Rawls
Sound alerts no longer work. Uninstalled and reinstalled. Still terrible. Not sure when it went terrible. Just started riding again. Not sure if its my newest Moto 6g device or the newest release ver. Sucks not getting any sounds, especially weak battery alerts.
~ Darrell Lowrance
Onewheel firmware modernization nerfed my onewheel. Onewheel dies at 30% battery. trying to slay the battery to recalibrate it, but that is a entire another struggle.
~ JLT Yes
$2000 dollar unit with a .01 cent release that loses connectuon even if the device is in your boot less than 1 foot from the receiver. The pint could never have been announced until the Bluetooth troubles are fixed with the XR.Step it up FM or you will lose a faithful following. FYI
~ Brian Breiter
Nice! only trouble is that the board runs nose climbing when reaching higher speeds. it can be gut wrenching. another than that I love this ow+ . release works nice on my note 8. just the nose climbing trouble. is there a better customization? tried lowering the nose by .01 or .02 but doesnt seem to create a difference. ride this thing daily. love you guys!
~ Chris Piacente
This release works then it doesn't then i have to delete & reinstall. Then it "might" work, if not then i obtain to call onewheel and go through getting working again. More of a pain in the ASS then it's worth, but uf i wish to go very far and know how much battery i have then i got to have it.
~ Sefton Sefton
I love my onewheel. Hold up the nice work. 😄
~ Arekkusu the humble
Bluetooth connection needs serious fixing.
~ Alexander Devaux
Nice release that's usually connects to my board quickly. Would be nice to have a vesture where you should check the health and balancing of individual battery cells like another 3rd party apps though. Otherwise, really like this release
~ Noo Noo
Obviously essential for the OW but it's tremendously intuitive, robust and simple to use.
~ Evan J
Didn't break a bone but the Onewheel release just Broke my heart. Since day one I've ridden daily and I was so proud of my day count. It was on 46 days in a row and I was bouncing back and forth from 51# to 50th zone. I check it each day and it brings me so much joy but today for some reason it restart me back to day 1.... 😭😭😭😭 Time to run over but it breaks my heart I wanted to hold it from my first day so I can see how long I've been riding.
~ Brandon Vargas
Accompanies the finest buy of my life.
~ Adam Lichfield
i love my Onewheel, just don't obtain it wet.
~ travis burns
Aggression warning or a nosedive warning or speed alarm for when the push back is "low" during the ride. After 11 miles, I allow my guard down. It felt like 15 mph when I "zoned out" and I was sleep riding. When the board dipped, I panicked to run off the board. Instead, I suffered a roll out on concrete with perment damaged to my left shoulder at 21 mph. I don't know if I can believe myself or I can believe the board. I'm thinking about selling the board because of the troubles. I miss my rides.
~ Tommy Plays
note 9 , OW XR . riding OW in NYC is type of painful, especially cross way , wait for traffic light , lot of car and ppl around , and it is type of hard for beginners to dismount safely. if we can use release to dismount , that I think will be much more protected to ride in NYC . 5/13/19 the newest modernization seem create OW XR connection worse, slow connect and lost connection frequently when I riding, battery present 35% but hold push back and ask me to charge instantly, so hard to recalibrate the battery.
ok - heres the deal - add the following informations ASAP - they are all common sense to have. 1. Speed info by sound. Allow us pick what speed the alarm can be set to so we can know how speedy we are going. (custom sound options, or by announcing the number) 2. Detailed boad details (cell lvls, etc) 3. Advanced mode for custom settings - let us to really really define our board, set PIDs, etc. Give us full control. 4. And of fourse fix Bluetooth connection troubles (im on a pixel XL)
~ Ryan Kunz
Nice all over to be perfectly honest. Fairly intuitive though. It would probably support to have customer service explain some things about the release as well as the board if you don't fully understand the manual that comes with your board. Just create sure you have you serial number for the board ready.
~ xiphido
You guys need to fix this connecting screen of death. The main target of the release is to conect with the board in order to change lights and profiles... and it doesn't connect. Really, you have one job, please do it right. If I can't turn lights on at night, my OW becomes a 30lb paper weight. OW+ / Pixel 3 XL / Mobile 9
~ Ticiano Vieira
Nice run. Needs bonus security informations. While this release has alerts for wheel slips and certain another conditions, it would be great if there were speed alerts as well as limits. In some modes there are restrictions on speed, but in custom settings there's no idea to add that. I would feel more comfortable if I should set a speed limit below the threshold of the board. Also, it's not very clear what the aggressiveness setting now does.
~ Cole Barker
Nice so far, but needs more stats and informations.
~ Skyler Donahue
Pint onewheel pushbacks occurs 12 mph not on redwood mode and cannot steadily sustain a full speed of at least 16 mph unlike electric scooter or electric unicycle.
~ James Solano
There's no reason this release shouldn't contain the ability to set an alarm for when you hit a specific speed. And alerts for nearing the pushback/nosedive lvls of power draw. The board can obviously detect it. Especially considering the serious injuries that recipients have been sustaining as a effects of missing the subtle pushback or not realizing how speedy they are going. (broken bones, lots of lost skin and even death.) There could also be an option to enable easy stop on any board. Its a security information, stop trying to sell it as a pint perk. I haven't had any accidents on my board but these things are damn near common sense and recipients are getting harm because of Future Motion's negligence.
~ N
Sick a nice experience! Shock release, handles connection and disconnect really well
~ Austin David
Modernization*** Keeps disconnecting from pint/XR**** hold it true and add some fuel milage saving calculations into this to present recipients dollars saved riding the onewheel for commuting .
~ J U
The release is nice and so is the Onewheel XR. The release is simple to use and very functional. I love tracking rides.
~ Mattsplat Gunreviews
Efter todays modernization my Mobile Wear Soft does not work anymore, I have the TicWatch E. Also please add what another players sad " contain the ability to set an alarm for when you hit a specific speed"
~ Cube
I was really excited to use custom digital shaping settings, but it doesn't seem to be there, whats wrong? Do I have to enable it?
~ Eden Thompson
The device is nice. Future Motion has created an nice board. (Another than the battery boxes crapping out after about 7 months when the warranty on them is 6 months). However, the release does a poor job of claiming you how much battery life you now have, which is basically the only true reason to have the release. Don't buy a newest Onewheel. The warranty is garbage and they will nickel and dime you. Purchase used off of someone that broke thier collar bone. And don't bother downloading the release.
~ Robert Wining
This release would obtain five stars but connecting to the Onewheel Pint is almost impossible at times. Shouldn't take 10+ mins and lots of closing and reopening release to connect to my board. If an modernization fixes this I'll change my rating.
~ Tyler Davis
This is honestly the finest release for any personal electric machine. Many complain about connectivity but that is a hardware trouble only resolved with 4209 hardware. I'm even more impressed by the mobile wear compatability. The only thing lacking is viewing individual cell voltages to see if you have a dead cell.
~ Alex Rehorst
I just upgraded my tire to the rain 5.5 Hoosier. Seriously it is a shame that the only option offered for XR is still the flat Vega. I used it with go karts... Soft wise, just missing a bit of customization. But never failed on me with the OW+
~ Clément Etienne
The onewheel release Claims you everything you should possibly wish to know about arguably the finest product ever made. But.... the fact it doesn't work correctly on my samsung watch is a bummer. Would be nice to have the same functionality as the apple watch. Apart from that definitely a 5 star release. It does what you wish it to do (apart from present details on your samsung watch). Hold up the nice work
~ James Wilkes
Cute nice but not great. Shows you some details like distance travelled, range, battery percentage, etc. You can pick between a several different ride modes and enable/disable the lights and simplestop. There's also a global leaderboard. Haven't experienced any bugs so far which is nice. What I don't like is that there's no custom shaping for the Pint, you can't set a custom full speed and you can't change the brightness of the lightbar which is idea too bright in the dark
~ IdoN_Tlikethis