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About: Purchase. Sell. Straight. Join the huge small marketplace for local buyers and sellers! OfferUp makes it simple to search nice deals on the things you wish and create dollars on the things you wish to sell. Ditch the Classified Adverts and garage sales -- this is the finest idea to buy and sell in your community or neighborhood with recipients you can believe. How it works: Purchase or sell anything; easily offer up your equipment for sale in 30 seconds. Search nice deals and discounts on clothes, furniture, cell devices, electronics, baby & babes equipment, sports equipment, used cars and more. Use reputation informations like ratings and profiles to see who youre dealing with and build believe. Browse local equipment for sale with thousands of newest postings everyday. Message buyers and sellers securely from within the release. Build your reputation with y ... Show more
Genre: Shopping Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: OfferUp Inc.
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OfferUp - Buy. Sell. Offer Up Reviews and Comments:

I used to love offerup but actually they have delete my profile. ihave lost dollars since they hold turning my profile off. They claim iviolated terms of use by listing animals for sale. my banners are for FISH TANKS ONLY as stated clearly in the banners ipost. *5/31/19 response to offerup comment below: ialready messaged at least 4 times. I will do it again* 6/3/19: To all future offerup players it is actually 4 days later still no response from offerup. their customer service is poor. idont suggest this release.
~ Felicia Williams
this release sucks I've been doing car audio since 1989 I test to sell by do another recipients's car audio system and for some reason OfferUp keeps blocking me they've blocked my wife they trying to claim we're doing unauthorized things when we don't do none of that I do is sell and fix into car audio for whatever reason they have they don't even have the decency to text back or correspondence back and they take forever just to obtain a response so if anybody out there and trying to sell or buy this release sucks 😡
~ A Google user
trash. letgo is better. offer up used to never charge you to sell equipment. actually they got greedy and charge you a fee just to be able to sell something locally. was trying to sell something and they kept removing my post claiming me I didn't pay a stupid fee. I've usually had better luck with letgo anyways
~ Fausto Uriguen
Remove keep information! what's the target of offer up if I cant offer a price. The order could be offer price, adopt, then have the keep option. Using the ASK button is actually the offer up route, just rename it of you are leaving the HOLD.
~ DIY with Petey
Offer up is a local selling/buying platform for mostly gently used equipment. Equipment usually sell extremely speedy w/many responses AS LONG AS THEY ARE PRICED PROPERLY. If your trying for top $ on ur used equipment, this isn't the zone. They use a fair & easy rating system, which doesn't favor any specific party, buyer or seller. You can pick firm pricing or let finest offers. There is optional nationwide selling via shipping as well. Finest of all posting an item is speedy & just about effortless!
~ Christine Porrino-West
This release works fine, but the recipients suck! No shows, ghosting, late recipients, just jerks jerking you around. Definitely not worth the time or the miniscule dollars, better to donate this junk than to deal with shady recipients.
~ Jessica Comfort
I've been using this release for years. I don't know what's wrong with the release actually but I've reached out to offerup but still haven't gotten an respond yet as to why i can't send or obtain messages. i tried to create a newest profile but still nothing works. I've even tried different devices. Can sometime from offerup support me out?
~ Morgan Nguyen
I made a buy, from Florida to California. the person accepted my offer, I never received my product the company just returned my dollars I'm upset because this app is just a release with recipients and I think the company could penalize with an bonus amount to waste our time and the last not have the product
~ Braga Dma
this release is perplexing. I usually have troubles, right actually I can't login..some type of server error, also I know 4 recipients who were banned or shadow banned for no reason another than they sold alot and didn't buy the bumps... I have no troubles with letgo, craigslist, mercari, ebay etc.. only offer up.. I really want recipients would vacate them and transport onto something else.. as I will admit alot of recipients do use the offer up..my sales are down .. why won't they allow me make some offers Discrimination?
~ Tony Zeno
Please create the automated shipping label to now be more standardized to fit and be ready to print on actual sticky labels... The alignment is fully off and the text is also unnecessary. But overall finally more contest than relying on just eBay, especially getting rid of junk locally. So far I like it... Being able to ship was a great addition. So far I have been very fortunate of not having flakes or being scammed. Usually meet in public territories!
~ Kyo Mocho
I been using offerup for 3 years actually and never once had I had a trouble. If i think the person that is selling or picking up from me is a scam or their not legit I just stop respond to them or hide their messages. but I do disagree with one thing with offer up, it's so hard to block seller or buyer. come on offerup create it simple for us that use the release
~ tiffianie nguyen
Legitimate item purchased directly from manufacturer was incorrectly flagged as a fake and taken down. Provided explanation and evidence to the contrary to no avail. Customer care was not useful at all and flat out claimed me there is no appeal process. I'm staying away until there is true customer service at this company.
~ Brian PDC
This blog is so simple to navigate and use! So much better than related apps on the supermarket. I have purchased and sold multiple equipment on OfferUp with ease! I love the step by step layout that walkthroughs you through the posting process and it's super easy to send messages and reply to buyers as well. 😊 I would give it 6 stars if I should.
~ Kari Attridge
When I posted this item you offered 3 nonpaid days of bonus. On the 3rd day you should opt to cancel further charges. It's very hard to contact your customer service. Maybe it doesn't exists. Do the right thing and return the dollars, $19.99. I've spent hundreds of dollars and I am a tru-member. No idea to treat your customers.
~ luis-fernando Acevedo
a lot of recipients tend to flake out they'll present interest, create an offer and then stop answering back. lots of weak ball offers which is annoying but not Offer ups fault. the only thing i would complain about is the shipping part. offer up takes a 9.9% fee to send u a label. so when u ship things create sure to factor in the cost of shipping supplies (box/bubble wrap) plus the 9.9%fee offer up will take from you. basically for a $100 item after the fee and shipping supplies youll only create about $80.
~ Heather Minchinton
One day the release was working nice and then one day it just stopped. It kept requesting that I verify my cell # to chat but when I tried nothing happened. I uninstalled to test and reinstall and then should only search tricks and walkthroughs. Tech help finally sent me the right feedback only to message that my device was not compatible. Can't use functions on the internet...you can only use within release that appears to be impossible to access actually.
~ David Washington
I test to clarify everything in a post for selling:I do not ship,if listed, it's available,price is firm, I give sizes & dimensions. Yet, I still obtain, all of those questions n begging to ship. It can be frustrating chatting for 2 or 3 days n when the meet-up is scheduled, I don't hear from them.They text week later, claim them such n ask if they are serious? they claim yes but do the same thing.To be FAIR the nice, speedy, serious buyers are a pleasure and simple to work with and so far, very friendlu!
~ Donna LeBlanc
poor. I tried to sell an rv oven. offer up decided it weighed 20lbs and printed a post office label. the post office claimed no idea. offeruo took $30 from the buyer and $30 from my dollars. total of $60 for shipping and I should not ship it. I finally talked to the buyer and we are doing transaction without offerup!! never selling on offer up again.
~ Catrina Jaramillo
I sold a CPU chip with the prepaid shipping then they ask for a bank profile number to deposit the dollars after delivery. then they wish debit card, ss # The debit card for my checking profile they wont approve. they claim it's a credit card but it is a checking debit card and they wont pay me.
~ Chad Henderson
I've been using this release since 2015 with no troubles until recently. About 2 months ago I noticed that on any item I was interested in and mesg about, I wasn't getting any response frm anyone. This has been an ongoing trouble and Yes I have reported it numerous times and yet still nothing.I've deleted,reinstalled,deactivated profile, reactivated,and even used a diff correspondence.I've missed out on so many equipment that it's very frustrating. I had to have fam members download release just to buy equipment.
~ Tanya Montes
[email protected] has not "looked into my profile" as of 6/1, despite feigning interest on google test-- works nice until they ban and ignore you -scammers (tiny is done to mitigate) -terrible help (no response, or not an employee) -10% slash off the top if you decide to ship -playing in production 😎
~ Trever Acosta
~ Jersey Jim
I sold my item to someone on the another side of the country and they paid using Offerup payment. I printed the label and went to drop it off at the post office and they rejected it because of the weight. I had to pay for a newest label in order to ship it. I contacted offerup with the newest tracking number and they claimed they can't approve the newest label and will refund the buyer! They cute much didn't give a damn that this guy is about to obtain a nonpaid $300 item. Thank God the buyer was a honest guy!
~ blok229
The release is nice because it allow's you see equipment nearby your zone. The thing I dont like is that it lets you pick if you wish to see the equipment you searched with "Latest listed, Nearest/Closest, Price weak to high" I usually click on latest because I wish to see the latest equipment but it doesnt change fully. You still see a lot of the old equipment on top and you scroll and you see equipment from 1 week ago. Please fix the searching options please
~ Jaime Gutierrez
ive been correspondence customer help daily for a week actually about the trouble ive been facing and theyve yet to reply. o havent been able to send a messages, post but im recieving messages. I have already been contacting customer and no one wants to reply or support so no i wont correspondence them again. Uninstalling this release isnt worth it
~ Davel Hocker
Useless release. Don't bother downloading. I have had numerous messages offering to buy equipment I have posted but never obtain responses to my replies. At first I thought it was the recipients being rude and unreliable then read the many reviews from others having the same trouble and the release messaging not functional. Complete waste of time. I was also stupid enough to give my driver's license copy to become a verified player. Really regret giving such personal stats to same random, poorly run release web.
~ Rashna Gee
mailed off item but OfferUp has so many technical troubles that after trying for a week I still have not been paid. have contacted help numerous times to no avail. $5 item and the were supposed to take $0.49 but apparently they took ALL of the dollars and refuse to pay me my $4.51. if you use this do NOT ship anything. I think they're scamming recipients trying to obtain you so frustrated that you give up and they hold it all.
~ Kassius Fine Art
I had hundreds of sales. a 5 star rating AND paying the monthly subscription of 20$. then out of nowhere my profile is not available. offerup has no idea of getting into contact with. it's very horrible. all the time spent and dollars and no customer service around to support. please re think before making any long term commitments to this release.
~ joshua garcia
So far so nice with the release. Its just some sellers on there like to test childish releases but its not the apps fault. I would really like if they had a number to call or have a live chat with someone to report certain things. It would he great to have like a "Strike" system. When someone gets reported and they look into the matter and verify that its exactly what was done they could obtain a strike in their profile. 3 strikes would have their profile banned.
~ JKO716
These are the three messages I obtain when I test to sell sometting on OfferUp. #1 "Is it still available?" and then nothing ever again. #2 An insulting 90% below asking price offer. #3 A scammer trying to obtain me to click a feedback. This release has been disappointingly useless so far.
~ Bobby Burns
everything is ok, but I don't understand why if I'm in Pomona the release keeps showing me things from Florida, Texas or another territories, other thing the history of my shopping it's gone, I used to be able to se the first thing I purchased, I lost a lot of my contacts.
~ martha rivas
This release IS A SCAM! It actually forces u to give ur license with ur home address and social safety number on it just to send msgs claiming that it makes another ppl feel safer about u, but they dont give them the stats. This makes no sense as I successfully made transactions before they added this. Its time mining and is a nice idea to obtain ur identity stolen handing super sensitive stats over to random blogs. Ppl please dont trust that this release wont sell ur stats and use it for personal gain
~ Jade S
they don't have a nice help system. they are hold sending me an automatic correspondence. Made an profile, used it for more then a year. 200 reviews 5*, and then suddenly my profile got banned for no reason. (they don't explain it, i did everything the same idea as 6 month ago, they claim i went versus their policies) really disappointed!
~ Szilárd Varsányi
The offer up release is a nice release but it has not been working in my zone of Hampton Ways Virginia for at least 3 days actually. What is wrong with the release??? It just keeps claiming "Please refresh the find. We had problem getting newest equipment." But when you refresh it just claims the same thing. I have tried upgrading the release, logged out then log back in and have even tried uninstalling the release then reinstalling it and nothing is working. Please fix. THANK YOU.
~ Brandy Nottingham
Love Offer up!!!Got a lot of treasure for bargain price,not shopping in the regular shop anymore,met a lot of great recipients and even made a dude!!! While looking for antiques on Offerup was search out a lot newest things I never knew about before,so its not only shopping,its self education!Also I like Offerup because I can buy from all over the States,not only locally and when accidently I recieved damaged shipping Offerup instantly returned my dollars for the item and shipping, thank you so much!
~ A Google user
very simple to use and practical release. only thing that needs improvement is the spamming of newest or unverified profiles and the amount of fake profiles. I do like the ability of the release to verify payment, print shipping labels, and confirm shipping of products, and disburse funds after shipment received all inside the release. No need to use PayPal as it is all done within the release. 4 stars and miles better than letitgo (scam of an release)
~ Dezak P
Wow, I've never had a worst experience with an release or a company before. My profile stopped working. I kept getting logged out. I tried my wife's profile and had related troubles as well. They have no device number to call and tech help don't reply to correspondences. Such a poor company. Your time shopping is better spent somewhere else. After researching this trouble I found this has happened to hundreds of recipients as well, and the company doesn't even care. Some have claimed it's done intentionally
~ Yamen Safadi
seeing a lot of very old photos ( like garage sale announcements from 9 months ago) when i find by price. Haven't figured out how to find for newest equipment or by price and see only equipment within e.g. 2 miles or five miles. Truyou would not approve my cell # for verification. No correspondence addr. in test shop or in support for cust. service to obtain my cell # accepted.
~ X Jf Chicago
app is a joke. full of recipients who wish to act like they wish to buy your item, but never commit to now doing so or a bunch of "recipients" who wish you to contact them outside the release and then ask you to ship an item, most likely to Miami, after accepting payment via paypal. Soft is full of scammers and recipients who don't really wish to buy anything.
~ boarderfalife
Please read this review before installing this release. I was removed from offer up after 3 years promoting their release. Their reason, well I'm not exactly sure. They claim a posting policies. I'm not sure what policies. Because all I obtain is automated messages. The same messages over and over. I had 470 Five Star Rating. Difficult work believe me. I urge you to check reviews on the web before making any long term comment to this release. There is no Customer Service. They send automated messages. No live support.
~ Wade Soll