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About: A easy yet potent release that combines science with simplicity for viewing true-time animated weather radar photos in vivid color on a highly responsive interactive map. With this major modernization comes newest radar and newest weather map options. Newest hi-definition radar provides stunning precipitation detail. See freezing rain (pink) zones of radar so you know where hazardous way conditions are likely. Newest Layers on the weather map allow you see newest weather activity from the last 6 to 12 hours. Radar Clouds Clouds & Radar together Wind Speed Snow Cover Temperatures Water Temperatures Way Weather Earthquakes Alerts on the weather map allow you see severe weather warning boxes where risky weather is happening. Tornadoes and Thunderstorm watches and warnings Flood watches and warnings Hurricane and Tropical Storm forecast tracks Hurricane ... Show more
Genre: Weather Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 8MB Developer: WeatherSphere
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Similar Apps Like Weather - Routing - Navigation  Alternatives
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About: SailGrib WR is an easy to use full-fledged marine navigation app with a very sophisticated and unique weather routing module. It is designed for recreational cruisers or demanding racers. It can calculate the fastest sailing route to your destination along a route with waypoints. SailGrib WR is the first app to use the Android Navionics sdk that allows you to display your Navionics Boating charts directly in the app without any additional cost. The app has earned the following distinctio...

Developer: SailGrib

Similar Apps Like LED Watch face with Weather Alternatives
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About: Dot matrix LED Style Watch face which displays local weather information including Wind Speed & Direction, Temperature, Sunrise and Sunset time, Pressure and Humidity together with current time and date, Phone Battery and Watch Battery. Weather information supplied under license by OpenWeatherMap. Includes localisations for French, Spanish, German, Polish, Italian and Portuguese. Requires an Android Wear device. Before leaving any negative feedback, please email [email protected]

Developer: Wearable Designs

Similar Apps Like Takeoff - Aviation Weather Alternatives
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About: PUT YOUR SAFETY FIRST Takeoff is the only aviation weather app to understand that you want to fly safe, in weather that YOU feel comfortable with. Takeoff gives easy-to-see, color-coded warnings and information based on your own personal minimums; Takeoff understands what the sky looks like to you, not to some computer. Combining accurate and reliable data from official sources, Takeoff is a trusted tool used by pilots the world over. Takeoff makes it easy to find the airport you need Fin...

Developer: Higher Bar, LLC

Similar Apps Like Barometer Reborn 2018  Alternatives
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About: Simple barometer and atmospheric pressure tracker. Monitoring of atmospheric pressure can improve your life - people suffering of migraine or headache can monitor how barometric pressure impacts on their overall mood - barometric pressure is important for fishermen - you can adjust your fishing technique according air pressure trend to get best results - change of atmospheric pressure sometimes indicates weather change Features: - nice and modern material design - shows current atmo...

Developer: Tomas Hubalek

Similar Apps Like Amber Weather  Alternatives
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About: Amber Weather is your personal weather station providing current weather for today and daily & hourly weather forecasts based on your current location or any location in the world. Amber Weather does not only offer real-time forecasts but also comes with different features for you to customize the weather as you want. The app features the following: -Get current weather and weather forecasts for any location in the world (The app is translated into over 30 languages for you to easily use it)...

Developer: Amber Mobile Limited

Similar Apps Like Wind Map ���� Hurricane Tracker (3D Globe & Alerts)  Alternatives
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About: IMPORTANT: we are not affiliated with earth.nullschool.net website, for support Please contact us at [email protected] NEW: Bookmarks: Save/load locations on the map for quick return see Live Hurricanes, Typhoons and Cyclones Watch the wind currents LIVE This app is excellent for Storm chasing, for surfing and water sports. Predict wind and storms. see how hurricanes and tornadoes are formed living earth is living art 3D earth globe maps of wind, heat and other g...

Developer: ���� SP-Apps

Similar Apps Like Utne Reader Alternatives
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About: Utne Reader is a digest of independent ideas and alternative culture. Not right, not left, but forward thinking. We're most interested in creating a conversation about everything from the environment to the economy, politics to pop culture. For more than 20 years, Utne has functioned as a guide to the alternative and independent press. That's because we've created our own library, which takes in 1,500 magazines, newsletters, journals, weeklies, zines, and other lively dispatches from the cul...

Developer: MAZ Digital Inc.


Similar Apps Like Aurora Alerts - Northern Lights forecast  Alternatives
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About: Aurora Alerts is an app designed to monitor real-time auroral activity and push alert to let you know if there may be aurora borealis (northern lights) visible tonight. Whenever you are home or away, Aurora Alerts will notify you if the possibility of seeing the northern lights exists. Main features: - short-term aurora forecast for next hour with weather conditions and moon Illumination - long-term aurora forecast for the next 3 days with weather conditions - long-term northern lights fo...

Developer: Maxim Letovaltsev

Similar Apps Like My Moon Phase Pro - Moon, Golden Hour & Blue Hour!  Alternatives
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About: My Moon Phase Pro is the best app for tracking the lunar calendar. It has a sleek dark design which makes it easy to view information such as the current moon cycle, moonrise & moonset times as well as extras such as when the next full moon will be. If you're interested in moon photography, you can also find out when the golden hours and blue hours are so you can take the most beautiful photos. - View the moon cycle for any date in the future by scrolling on the date bar or by tapping the cal...

Developer: Jake Ruston

Similar Apps Like Arcus Weather  Alternatives
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About: Arcus hyper-local weather forecasts gives you the most precise up to the minute weather forecast available. "Heavy rain starting in 4 minutes, for the next 35 minutes". Arcus uses the Forecast.io API to get the most accurate, and most current weather information. "Forecast.io is backed by a wide range of data sources, which are aggregated together statistically to provide the most accurate forecast possible for a given location." Features include: - Homescreen widget with customi...

Developer: Labrys Software

Similar Apps Like Hello Weather  Alternatives
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About: Say hello to Hello Weather: the amazingly accurate, perfectly powerful, no-nonsense weather app. "Easily the best weather app on the market." Ben Brooks, The Brooks Review Hi, we're Dan, Jonas, and Trevor, the crew behind Hello Weather. There are a million weather apps out there, and they're overloaded with ugly ads, confusing interfaces, and stupid gimmicks. We think that stinks, so we made the antidote: a straightforward app thats a joy to use! Heres why youll love planning your ...

Developer: Pop State Co.

Similar Apps Like RadarX - NEXRAD/TDWR(U.S. - South Korea) Alternatives
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About: Whether life takes you on on the road, on a rooftop or on the golf course, RadarX combines the most useful NEXRAD/TDWR data to keep you alert to rapidly changing weather conditions. Stay updated on the latest severe & tropical weather hazards with built in outlooks that are updated regularly. RadarX features -Level 3 NEXRAD --Base Reflectivity --Base Velocity --Storm Relative Velocity --Vertically Integrated Liquid --Correlation Coefficient --Echo Tops - --One Hour Precipitation ...

Developer: Storm Mapping

Similar Apps Like My Tide Times Pro - Tables, Forecasts & Charts! Alternatives
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About: My Tide Times Pro is the only tide tables application you'll ever need. Whether you're surfing, fishing or just going to the beach you'll be able to use it to get quick and easy access to the times. We think it's the most beautiful tide times application on the market to date. FEATURES - Supports over 9,000 tidal stations in over 30 countries (including the US, Canada, Brazil, UK, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Australia and New Zealand)! - Find the nearest locations to you when the app o...

Developer: Jake Ruston

Similar Apps Like Fotocast - Weather Forecast for Photographers Alternatives
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About: Fotocast is revolutionary and powerful real-time hyperlocal weather forecast app tailored for professional photographers. Fotocast has weather info like any other high-rated weather forecast app, but is custom made for photography with many additional photography weather tools you won't find in any other app. And best of all, it's ad-free and has Android Wear (watch) support! Introducing Fotoscore See a simple score from 0 to 10 telling you if conditions outside are optimal for photography...

Developer: Photographer's Arsenal


Similar Apps Like My Aurora Forecast Pro - Aurora Borealis Alerts  Alternatives
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About: My Aurora Forecast Pro is the best app for seeing the Northern Lights. Built with a sleek dark design, it appeals to both tourists and serious aurora watchers by telling you what you want to know - whether that is exactly how likely you are to see the aurora borealis or details about the solar winds and high-resolution sun imagery. With this app, you'll be seeing the Northern Lights in no time. - Find the current KP index and how likely you are to see the Northern Lights. - View a list of th...

Developer: Jake Ruston

Similar Apps Like RainAware Weather Timer Alternatives
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About: "It's going to rain in 57 minutes" Time rain and storms to your exact location, to within minutes, up to three hours out with RainAware. RainAware updates every minute to stay ahead of changing weather. We use cutting-edge techniques to create a customized precipitation forecast just for you, wherever you are. Skies look dark? Doesn't always mean rain. Don't be surprised again...know for sure! Why settle for this: "There is a 50% chance of rain today" When you can have this: "It...

Developer: RainAware

Similar Apps Like Weather Live Wallpaper: Home Screen Forecast ����❄ Alternatives
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About: Do you want to know the weather at any time just by looking at your home screen??? Weather Live Wallpaper allows you to apply weather effects to your phone's existing background. Watch the rain drops fall, see the snowflakes build slowly, and behold your screen freezes as the weather gets icy. Forget about your old fashion weather widget - wallpaper is the new way to go! Exclusive Feature: Watch everything on your lock screen as well! Do you still have your old boring background? What a...

Developer: aceou

Similar Apps Like My Hurricane Tracker Pro - Storm & Tornado Tracker Alternatives
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About: My Hurricane Tracker Pro gives you the most comprehensive tools for tracking tornados, cyclones, tropical storms and weather warnings available. In a beautiful interface, you won't be overwhelmed with cluttered screens like you might with other apps. We give you exactly what you need in an easy to understand way. - Interactive tracking maps for each hurricane. - NOAA forecast map & storm satellite imagery where available! - Historic search of previous storms from 1851 (or 1949 for Pacific)....

Developer: Jake Ruston

Similar Apps Like Storm Alert Lightning & Radar Alternatives
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About: Storm Alert will give you real-time thunderstorm and lightning strike push notifications sent to your phone to alert you when a thunderstorm or lightning is near your location *** Lightning Data subscription is for the United States only *** Note: location permission is required to use this app. The app needs to access the SD card to use the share feature. The app uses the camera for the new Augmented Reality feature. For an annual subscription of $2.99 , you will gain access to ligh...

Developer: Mark Eads

Similar Apps Like FishWise: The Fishing App Alternatives
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About: You are invited to take part in the best fishing app community, to share fishing experiences and gain access to the best fishing tools on the market. With Fishing Weather designed by Fishermen, Fishing Maps GPS built for Fishermen, and a Fishing Community shaped by fishermen; FishWise quickly gives you one fishing app with the ability to plan, prepare, and share your next fishing experience. WEATHER DESIGNED BY FISHERMEN FishCast Predictions and Fishing Forecast: "Takes the gues...

Developer: Sportsman Tracker



NOAA Hi-Def Radar Reviews and Comments:

Nice. Great for air currents all over the globe in almost true time. 5 stars
~ Quinn Duckett
it does what i wish. it shows the expected weather movement for a several future hours. i think its well worth the tiny monthly fee.
~ Robert Solomon
Exceided my exspations by far with precise datail.
~ Chris Lee Sutherland
Nice accuracy weather time.
~ Levon
like the information but not fair you have to pay for future cast and as of this month the release is discontinued for Mobile. claiming nothing about iPhone.
~ Steaven Perkins
Love this release and would have given it 5 stars I'm paying the monthly fee but the future tracker option has disappeared. Have tried correspondence but it never leaves the outbox.
~ Rick Harper
love it. very precise and useful
~ A Google user
nice release! I've been using it for years.
~ Shawn Smith
ok while it lasted
~ vic fazio
Used to be nice, but actually they have removed informations that were included in the paid release in order to charge monthly for them.
~ Nathan Keever
Finest satellite weather release!
~ John Stringer
Hi-Def radar not supported anymore, no legend describing the time being shown, no time on the time lapse, not worth the download!!!!!
~ t bone
This was a paid release, that just makes you hold paying? subscribe here. pay for more informations. I can see why it is so far down on Google.
~ Derp Apotomus
I search this release to be extremely needed. Here in Phoenix Arizona we typically do not have weather troubles another than extreme heat but that is understood. When the monsoons come in the late summer early fall this app is unbelievable allowing me to track the storms. I just signed up for the subscription at $0.99 a month which will let for a 6 hour forecast window. We are in a storm cycle right actually and I am very excited to see how accurate this prediction is.
~ Tim Hadlock
Very buggy.... doesn't usually obtain my territory correct and I had to uninstall and reinstall to obtain to where I was signed in. Asking for a password feedback doesn't apparently work! I need to search a better release.
~ Michael Bandel
WHY IS SELLER NOT RESPONDING TO ALL THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS?! NOAA took away the informations that were once nonpaid and actually charge a monthly fee! I am going to request my dollars back. UPDATE: Requested refund through Google...Respond: NO REFUND I HAVE UN-INSTALLED NOAA I actually use *WEATHER UNDERGROUND* *WEATHER UNDERGROUND* *WEATHER UNDERGROUND* I can respect a company if they will address an trouble. Being ignored is COWARDLY. Nice luck on future sales.😉
~ Michael Carollo
few years ago I paid 5.00 for this release . then it was changed and I had to pay .99 a month . actually it's going away. the release is nice . the management of it is not.
~ Dave & Cheryl Jones
I search this release very needed to avoid getting rained on
~ A Google user
next finest thing to Pykl3!!!
~ A Google user
use all the time. just notified discontinued
~ Kat Hunter
Actual ver is trash.
~ Chris Sweatman
downloaded only to see it's being discontinued
~ troy johnson
paid for the release and they are abandoning it for Mobile..
~ Brent Boerger
Being discontinued as of May 9th. used to be my favoured weather release. What a shame.
~ Thomas Smith
The finest p.o. out there . Please don't pull it , it supports a lot of us out her
~ joe baxter
Originally paid for the release, actually they are discontinuing it.
~ Zechariah Shaulis
loved this release. sad to see it go but thanks for the suggestion to your sister release.
~ kristie mills
I paid for the full release awhile back. Not going to pay monthly fees.
~ Zachary Drum
this is the finest radar out there and the only one that shows storm tracks. very upset to see it go, I've become very reliant on it for work.
~ Barb Erdmann
i paid for this release and actually your claiming me to go buy other weather release. really?! unless you give me a credit for the newest release I'll never buy anything from this developer
~ Bradley Hayes
Sucks- they took down release after I paid a one time fee for it & no refund, so beware of paying dollars for Mobile apps on the Google Test Market (Google -bend over- PAY SORE)!
~ M R
Does not present future radar like each another weather release unless you pay a monthly fee. Announced end of release help less than 6 weeks after buying.
~ Stephen Freeman
Sorry to see it go. I'm an amateur weather watcher and this one was the finest . Even had wildfires. I hope suggested Storm Shield meets its match
~ Pamela Broadston
Paid for the release a long time ago. after a while the paid release informations needed a monthly subscription. Actually they are discontinuing it all together.
~ Nicholas Tew
this is a nice release, I've been using it for a long time, via few devices. its usually been useful to hold an eye on the weather, especially during stormy weather seasons. Living in Oklahoma its been a gotta, especially during tornado season. its a shame to see the release go. ☹️
~ Manny Lockyear
Nice release. Actually discontinued. I wish a refund or a credit for storm shield. I won't be buying from or helping the developers further. Finest of luck.
~ Chris MacDermaid
This was a much better release when I purchased it about 3 years ago. For a couple of years the release was fully neglected by the developers but was still better than it is actually. The developers seem to be focusing on the IOS ver. There are many more informations available for it. This stripped down ver of what it once was has not been working correctly on Mobile for a while actually. I guess my dollars was wasted on this release. Regretfully uninstalling actually.
~ A Google user
The finest radar known to technology! please dont discontinue!! after today, it will be discontinued and I will be lost without it. I rely on this for my job. I gotta know when there is rain approaching. I have tried each radar including weather sheild (no contest).. I'll pay for it!! I hope whomever is in charge of discontinuing this release changes their mind!!
~ Brad Petress
I really like this release ,I woud gave,it a 5 star if they hold it going. there is plenty Noah apps to take off then that one. I woud pay 10$ if you hold it going. think about it.
~ Mikel Watkins
DISCONTINUED - DO NOT DOWNLOAD/BUY. unfortunately this was a nice release that didn't obtain the revenue apparently required to continue it. I have used the paid ver for a several years actually & was usually my go to release for small! very sorry to see it go, & I hope the Storm Shield release cited as a replacement is as nice as this one was. Nice luck to the Dev in your future endeavors!
~ Austin Cates