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About: Newest & hottest 2018 Globe Cup sports news are here in News Republic actually. Receive complete up-to-the-minute everyday breaking news coverage and headlines from over 2,500 completely licensed & trusted news sources nationally and worldwide. Easy customizable and personalized to give you what you are interested in. Receive the newest US Headlines, Globe News, International Headlines, Global Finance, Sports, NFL, Entertainment, Politics, Technology, Celebrity News - Over 1 million personalized subject in a lightning-speedy, material design interface. Speedy to set up and access: No more truncated RSS feeds - we bring you complete articles with full text, pictures and video all inside the release from trusted US, local and globe news sources from Newest York to San Francisco, to Newest Delhi and Tokyo. Smart: News Republic learns as you read, our technology personalizes ... Show more
Genre: News & Magazines Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 18MB Developer: News Republic
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Similar Apps Like All Iran Newspaper | Iran News | Hamshahri, Kayhan Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Why This App Easy to use Best News App in Playstore All Newspaper list & Easy Exit It's Absolutely free Forever Very Easy, Fast and Smooth App Included all Newspaper in the world Save your Favorite Newspaper Separately Newspapers available: Khabar Jonoub Ebtekar News Afarinesh Abrar News Shargh Donya-e-Eqtesad Arman Daily Iran Varzeshi Etemaad Resalat Hamshahri Jame-Jam ETTELAAT KAYHAN TEHRAN TIMES Tasnim News Agency Ilna khabar Online Iran Fron...

Developer: worldradioslive [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Bangla Vision - Live BanglaVision TV & Bangla News Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: This is not official app. it's provided by GurujiBD for you Guys.! if you owner of BanglaVision TV, Please Send us an email. we will response you as soon as possible. BanglaVision is a satellite TV channel broadcast from Bangladesh. It began its formal transmission on 31 March 2006 through satellite Telstar 10. It later switched to and is currently being transmitted from Apstar-7. In 2013 with Bangla Vision made a dramatic thriller in Qatar titled Valentine starring Emon, Sarika, Shahnur a...

Developer: GurujiBD [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Dan Tri- Đọc Báo, Tin tức Dân Trí VN Alternatives
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About: DanTri ng dng c bo mi tng hp hn 100 t bo khc nhau, tin tc 24h c cp nht lin tc trong ngy nh Tin nhanh, Tin Mi, Vn Express, tin24h, Tin hot, Ngi Sao, Eva, Bng , Dn Tr, Tin nng trong ngy : Tin Mi Nht + i Sng + Du Lch + Khoa Hc + S Ha + Xe C + Cng ng + Gii Tr + Thi S + Th Gii + Th Thao + Hi Hc + Tm S + Php Lut + Kinh Doanh + Khi Nghip + Gio Dc + Sc Khe - c bo, xem tin tc mt m, tc load nhanh, n nh nht. ...

Developer: Tin24h.co [email protected]

Similar Apps Like TRT VOT Alternatives
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About: With its radio and web broadcasts in several languages, dialects and scripts as part of its External Services' reach, Turkey Radio Television Corporation carries the voice of Turkey, the region's influential actor and one of the most important countries in the world, to all corners of the globe. TRT's mighty presence in the international arena and weight in global matters increase each passing day. Today, TRT's External Services Department does web broadcasts in 41 languages, dialects and scrip...

Developer: Türkiye Radyo ve Televizyon Kurumu [email protected]

Similar Apps Like ChoufTv|شوف تيفي(اخبار.سياسة.رياضة.عروض مباشرة) Alternatives
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Similar Apps Like Radio Centrafrique Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Radio Centrafrique...

Developer: AFRIKAWOOD MEDIA [email protected]

Similar Apps Like PSP PSX PS2 ISO Downloader Alternatives
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About: PSP PSX PS2 ISO Downloader is a real helper to get the isos with one click download. Now you can enjoy the games on your mobile phone playing with emulators like PPSSPP, EPSX, FPse or others There're many games iso for PSP PSX PS2 to play. What you will find in our app * PSP ISO Games and Roms * PSX ISO Games and Roms * PS2 ISO Games and Roms Once you get an ISO it can be zipped 7z, rar or zip. Some emulators need the files to be unarchived. So you may need the files to unarchive. ...

Developer: Emugen Gaming [email protected]


Similar Apps Like VNTime - Đọc báo & Tin Tức Online - Mới Nhất Alternatives
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About: VNTime l ng dng tng hp tin tc tt nht trn di dng. Cp nht tin tc mi v hot nht lin tc tng giy trong 24h t gn 100 bo in t hng u Vit Nam. Gip bn d dng nm bt c thng tin quan trng xy ra t nhiu lnh vc: thi s, th thao, gii tr, php lut, gio dc, ... trong nc v trn th gii. Tnh nng ni bt: * ng dng min ph. * Tin mi cp nht nhanh chng. * Hng ngn video hp dn. * Giao din tin li v hin i. * D dng thay i font ch. *...

Developer: VNTime Team [email protected]

Similar Apps Like BBC Tiếng Việt  Alternatives
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About: BBC Tieng Viet is a mobile application that offers you the BBC news service in Vietnam and in the world. Categories include: Politics, Sport, Culture, Articles, Photos, Video and Radio. BBC Tieng Viet BBC News Tieng Viet Radio BBC Tieng Viet BOA BBC Tieng Viet BBC Tieng Viet Live Tv Vietnam News Bo Vit - VN News i Ting Ni Hoa K (Unreleased) News Vietnam Online Radio Viet Nam - Radio VietNam Vietnam News Bao Viet Nam Latest Vietnam News Vietn...

Developer: dela baba [email protected]

Similar Apps Like 107直轄市及縣市長選舉 即時開票 即時選情  Alternatives
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About: 107 ...

Developer: Ting199708 [email protected]

Similar Apps Like All Somalia Newspaper | BBC Somali, Hornafrik  Alternatives
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About: Why This App Easy to use Best News App in Playstore All Newspaper list & Easy Exit It's Absolutely free Forever Very Easy, Fast and Smooth App Included all Newspaper in the world Save your Favorite Newspaper Separately Newspapers available: Radio Al Furqaan Radio Sahan Hornafrik Somaliweyn Garowe Online Waagacusub Togaherer Wardheer News Ogaden Qorahay Somalinet Somali Press Somaliland Sun Somalia One Simba News Horseedmedia Hiiraan Diplomat Puntl...

Developer: worldradioslive [email protected]

Similar Apps Like AnbaaOnline  Alternatives
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About: Al Anbaa is a Lebanese online newspaper issued by the Progressive Socialist Party....

Developer: LeLaboDigital [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Bangla English All News  Alternatives
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About: This small app removes your annoyance. You can find it in Bangladesh, India and all the newspapers of the whole world. Which will make you energize. You can visit the whole world while sitting at home in the twinkling eyes. From here you can find all the live news. To know what is happening in the world, download this small app today. Which will always keep you updated with the right news. Through this you can learn all kinds of news. >>all bangla >>all bangla bd news >>all bang...

Developer: Online Smart Tech [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Hacker News Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Read Hacker News () with this fast and easy to use app. In spite of its small size, you get a lot of features such as: * Open stories in an in-app browser * Read comments and toggle children visibility * Automatic caching * Progressive loading...

Developer: Dreambits.net [email protected]


Similar Apps Like Tread Magazine  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Tread is a new adventure for all. Its where one natural and ancient world meets a mechanical & modern one. A coming together of two passions: the automotive adventure and the great outdoor lifestyle. ------------------------------- This is a free app download. Within the app users can purchase the current issue and back issues. Subscriptions are also available within the application. A subscription will start from the latest issue. Available subscriptions are: 12 months: USD$19.99/ 19....

Developer: Engaged Media INC [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Oklahoma Lottery Results Alternatives
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About: This is the ultimate Oklahoma lottery results app! The only app you need for everything lottery related! Easily get all lottery results and lotto winners all in one place. Results and winners from every single state lottery imaginable all at your fingertips! Get access to all lotto games like Powerball Lottery, Lotto America, Mega Millions, Pick 3 results, Pick 4 results, Cash 3, Play 3, Daily 3, Pick 5! Games Included: Mega Millions Oklahoma Lottery Results OK Lotto - Powerball Lotto A...

Developer: The Lotto Strategy [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Texas Lottery Results Alternatives
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About: This is the ultimate Texas lottery app! The only app you need for everything lottery related! Easily get all lottery results and lotto winners all in one place. Results and winners from every single state lottery imaginable all at your fingertips! Get access to all lotto games like Powerball Lottery, Lotto America, Mega Millions, Pick 3 results, Pick 4 results, Cash 3, Play 3, Daily 3, Pick 5! Games Included: Mega Millions Texas Lottery Results Texas Lotto - Powerball Lotto Texas (TX...

Developer: The Lotto Strategy [email protected]

Similar Apps Like truba.news  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: The truba.news app is a mobile friendly version of the website you already know and love. Download the app to enjoy the news on your commute. Visit our website if you want to get a feel for our tool: ...

Developer: Trouvado Technologies Inc [email protected]uba.news

Similar Apps Like HackSpace magazine Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: HackSpace magazine is the biggest and best monthly magazine for hackers and makers. Each issue is 132 pages packed full of essential reading for anyone who likes to create things. Each month, youll read about: Digital making with Arduino, Raspberry Pi and others Modern fabrication with 3d printing and laser cutting Building with a wide range of workshop tools The most inspiring projects created by hackers around the world Our view of the best tools and products to help you make bet...

Developer: Raspberry Pi [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Chelsea News Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: "Chelsea News" is an application that has the purpose of keeping the fans always well informed with the latest news from the team. It is a light and free application. - Several sources of news. *** This is an unofficial app. All trademarks and copyrights protected by their respective owners. DISCLAIMER: This app is unofficial. The content of this application is not affiliated, endorsed, sponsored or endorsed specifically by any company. All images are copyright of their proprietary per...

Developer: Mobile GED [email protected]



News Republic Reviews and Comments:

Never an trouble with loading and stories from both sides.
~ Sean Reilly
Give news sources I'm not interested in. Won't shut the hell up with info. Also will not allow me uninstall it. Time to root my device and obtain rid of it the hard idea.
~ Ashton weston
Despite frequent attempts to block certain propaganda publications, they continue to appear on my timeline, absolute garbage.
~ Joshua Walsh
it doesn't stop sending info and when I uninstalled it, it came back
~ Julianna Glasco
Left wing propaganda. If you like censored news, and don't wish to hear anything another than Socialism, this is the bias release for you
~ Too Too
News Republic usually on target with the news..Must obtain in a tiny bit quicker though, but nonetheless on target...-Trusno
~ Trusno Trusno
just hold getting naff entertainment stories, clickbait or non news stories from everywhere but where I live, all dressed up as if it will bother me.
~ Ian Roberts
this publication is quite informative, and accurate with their articles and views. Please hold up the nice work and I have suggested few persons to your blog. thank you.
~ Gwendolyn Jones
Enjoy this news abb.I obtain stats here before it is even posted on CNN or TV news.I am usually up to date with news from around the globe.👍
~ Applepie2049 Evelyn
I can't read properly because font size cannot be changed. Please deliever this important information for older recipients like me! Thanks
~ KL Poh
A nice release, depending what device/device you have. On my Samsung it worked fine, but on my regular device, a Mi 8, it simply refuses to connect the News Republic server, & is therefore rather useless. A pity. Hence only one star.
~ Nexmo Uth
A nice release to spend time with, yet, often I test to use the 'Hide all post from Originator' it does not work, and I hold getting articles from that Originator, which really is a poor experience, atleast for me.
~ Zoltán Katona
Terrible content. "News" kind of "10 things you could do" or "how to be nice"...etc.etc.. clickbaits. This is not real informational content, just garbage for the mind and selling banners/equipment. I really miss the Appy Geek and User apps. Uninstalling.
~ Miguel Marcos
Being unable to uninstall could be enough to explain the lvl of BS this release is on, but it's just a cherry on top a gigantic steaming cow patty cake. The invasive news pop ups are either propagating Fear Uncertainty & Doubt, or trivial pop culture. Toxic release
~ Cress cressington
It's a nice release, I can search articles and news with different topics. We can comment too and I like that. I just like it more if I can chat with those who like the same articles or we have same concepts in something. 😊👍👍👍
~ Pany Angel
was cute nice then a newest modernization came along and you can't even save pictures anymore it used to have the option i thought upgrades were supposed to add options not take them away.
~ daniel255711
becareful they give and sell your stats. and give your territory read the terms of service and policies policies before downloading
~ Edward Deplae
since i modernized this release all my comments have failed to publish. pls do something speedy.
~ Ifeanyi Kennedy
My device installed this fake-news-distribution release without my permission and will not let an uninstall. Worse than that, it reactivated itself after I disabled it. This is unacceptable.
~ A Google user
I enjoy the regular news upgrades as they hold everyone in the loop absolutely brilliant if more stars were available I would grant them for a brilliantly place together news release like this one many thanks.
~ A google User
It is annoying, and keeps turning push info back on. Lame content. Will root device so I can delete it's that terrible. Months later, still lame.
~ Mark Lilly
I had a release of thrones episode destroyed by a spoiler in a push info only hours after the episode aired. The quality of news sources is frequently poor, not worth the potential annoyance of spoiling the next large "newsworthy" entertainment meeting.
~ Maria Buchko
I obtain linked to articles from A verity of sources, both left and right which is what I like. Actually for what I obtain annoyed with: broken feedback that are sent to my feed, I have feedback with differing titles. I obtain replies to comments that don't present up for about 10 - 15 mins at times, even after force closing the release. for what I hate... NO GOD DAMN EDIT BUTTON! yes I can't trust in 2019 I have to copy my entire post, to repost it, and edit in A small window.
~ David Hart
it supplies news from different news sources. you might think this is a nice thing, but it paves idea for non verified 3rd party non-verified news sources, even magazines that focus on beauty. not to mention RANDOM fb pages. EVEN YouTubers have found their idea onto this release, promoting their channels. This is not a news release. it's an outlet for social media content. that is all.
~ Liam Cowan
this was installed with out my knowledge to my WORK device and actually I cannot obtain rid of it or uninstall it from the device.
~ William Strudwick
I am fully Newest to this web. i am sure you guy's arr doing s nice job. A dude of mine sent me this web and i joined. I thank one and all who are working to develope this.
~ Usha B
can't go back on some articles. also can't reload where I left off and resets to blog once in a while. actually there are a several banners you can't exit out of.
~ Miles K
I can't delete it from device I have tried to force stop , disable it but nothing and all day the newest newest newest newest and my device blows up with info about the news or babe got rape, oh babe andteacher had sex , brother and sister have sex and lad learns that from gta5 that is a lie coming from a person who plays that and I liked this news release but then all the info and actually I hate it
~ A Google user
Utter trash. Installed the release and was inundated with Regular Correspondence articles. Requested to block Regular Correspondence articles in the future. Continued to present them, in heaps. Loads of garbage about Kardashians and Jenners too, as well as dumb challenge videos. Absolute lowest common denominator equipment.
~ Flynn
Really love your Soft- I really enjoy having all the news articles in one zone and having the ability to comment straight from it.Hold up the geat work.
~ Suspekt Zer0
can't obtain rid of this release, IDK why I never installed it but I've f***ing uninstalled in almost a dozen times and it keeps coming back. quit wasting my time, device zone, and stop sending me your pointless news articles!!!!!!
~ Ron Clair
I thought this was a political release.but the news is all about murder ,violence , don't wish to give one star but may not allow me give a review without. they claim we are getting addicted to violent and trams stories and the media knows that .Be careful and pray about all these things. I have tried and tried I can't obtain it off my device.others have tried too .I'm sure there's a idea that I don't know of yet.
~ Jordan Walker
Nice release if you now bother to customize your profile, and click the "present me less of this content" button when you obtain articles that you don't like. Recipients may complain before giving the service a proper test. It's a nice release, honestly. I hope it's here to stay.
~ Robbie Mitchell
Sometimes when discribing an zone in your report you will place the parish or the county's name. We, the public have no Way where that is. it would be great if you would place the castle or state of the zone you are refering to. Especially with another countries, you would use terms unfamiliar to the general public, so in this topic it would be nice if you should claim us what country, thanks.
~ Maryann Smith
Had to uninstall it. incredibly intrusive and hijacking pop up banners. Didn't used to be like this.
~ Broward Service
Nice release for up to date news and celebrity news and gives stats directed to a younger crowd but I'm nearly 40 and can't support but read it each day. Really like this release,give it a go and search out for yourself
~ Steven Cranston
I have usually loved it. However since I migrated from my old HTC, where it was the default newsfeed, to a Samsung I realise I should not set it as a the default newsfeed. That harm and still does.
~ ifedozie nnamdi
OK release. have had for quite awhile. like reading the news, but release freezes up after going back to live news from reading storyline. have to stop and restart release after reading a news storyline. goes to a black screen when backing out to live news list. a true upset because when release restarts it refreshes the list often not allowing me to scroll thru news stories and missing ones I can't go back to. old versions was idea better.
~ myles gregerson
Nice release for what I'm looking for. Please add a forward arrow to let for returning to a news article, because as of actually if you exit an article, the article you were on gets lost amongst newest uploads! With no "history" function (which would also be nice), it can be frustrating. That's cute much the only thing that's keeping me back from a 5 star review
~ RaptorRed Delta
idea to many pop up adds when you click on a news storyline you wish to read but can't cause the damn add is usually in the idea and that it will not go away the news is OK but not really that impressed with News republic want I should obtain rid if it all together and search something else, actually I'm getting info when not wanted this release blows did an modernization after the modernization the release restart my settings to obtain info that I had all set to off.... why would you recipients do that for? could change
~ James