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About: News Break - A news release powered by Interest Engine to hold you informed and focused around your interests! You can use News Break to stay up-to-date on everyday breaking news, local headlines and weather, global meetings, trending videos, funny GIFs and anything you are interested in. News Break provides over 10,000 trusted sources, including CNN, NBC, Fox News, BuzzFeed, etc to personalize your own news feed around your interests. All in one & fully FREE. NEWS BREAK FEATURES: Stay Informed - Never Miss Breaking News + News Break brings you the news on large meetings like the Hurricane Irma or local meetings. + Stay informed on globe news, national news, local news, celebrity news and weather news. + Youll usually have todays breaking news delivered directly to your device. Stay Focused News content tailored to your personal interests + Our artificial intel ... Show more
Genre: News & Magazines Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 6MB Developer: In Now
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About: Harari revival movement Our Organizations Vision Statement is: To be a democratic political party representing Harari Regional State and Harari people. To be a democratic political party that plays important role in Ethiopian politics by making positive and constructive contribution to discharge our share of responsibility....

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About: KRON4 News is now available on your Android! Watch 24-7 local news, weather, sports and traffic programming streaming live from the KRON4 team as we cover the San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose, Oakland and surrounding communities. KRONon offers 24-7 live streaming, exclusive breaking news and in-depth coverage, clips of the day's top videos and a searchable archive of all available content. When your free 7-Day trial is complete, you can choose to subscribe at $2.99 per month or save with a $29...

Developer: Nexstar Broadcasting [email protected]



News Break: Local & Breaking Reviews and Comments:

I love this release because sometime i leave early for work and miss the morning newest, So actually i can catch up on whats happening on my release.
~ anthony rojas
I like that I obtain news from my Zone and also national news, I don't like the constant info but some would be alright
~ Tyler Bowler
it's the first sting I see you in the morning with the newest news of the night before in my community as well as another territories with speedy breaking news articles that are relevant for the day. And I'm forms May quickly of what's Meeting in the globe around me in the United States at least. it is a nice news source and accurate to the target
~ Drue Hill
It just keeps me informed of what is going on in the globe so i like it. But I don't read them all just the subheadings on most of the them.
~ Narendra Wright
I had this release for about 6months.Enjoyed many articles, in past month the articles have fully taken on a different tone. From aliens, antiwhite to crazy pro conservative progaganda. I have no concept whats going on but some articles you can clearly claim were not fact checked much less spell checked. It's a true shame since I enjoyed this release a lot.
~ Lea B
Apparently Kenny V seems to think any release w/Fox news stories is loaded with Russian bots and conservative trolls. This release is ok on local news but like another nonpaid apps, be ready to scroll through banner after banner. I live in the North Dallas zone and the release has news from Dallas Morning News and another local Dallas zone outlets, 90% of which are liberally biased. BTW Kenny, did you know Fusion GPS - hired by DNC for oppo research - met the same Russians before the meet at Trump turret w/Trump Jr.?
~ Joseph Cruz
i like it! it has the same news paper articles as Google news however you can now launch the article and read it where you cant do that with Google news because the newspaper usually requires a subscription to read it and its not that idea if Newsbreak has the article. thats the largest plus about it!!! and its local!!!
~ Holly Irvin
I just felt that it was really dumb to tap on a news article, (because you intend to read it obviously) and be met with the title again, and the option to continue to read??? Stop with the nonsense and give us what we asked for. Obviously tapped on the article to read it!
~ ג'ון פלקון
News Break- is for Trumps supporters to obtain bashed on i repeat. the only news is all Trumps Hatred Democrats. when you think your posting ti the blog your only posting to news Break. Judicial watch is set up so you see fake news in it. dirty rotten recipients.
~ Diana Ryan
I MUST comment... I am listening to K. Clark, T.Martino and N. Garcia report on the young girl who came to Colorado via Miami, with an obsession of the Columbine shootings. They are reporting on her being found DEAD. Not Once did they comment that A Young, mentally Unstable Woman is DEAD! It was All About there no longer being a threat and How everyone was Place Out. While that's part of the conversation, So is what happened! I'm disappointed in these News Reporters!!
~ beth ephlin
THIS APP SUCKS!! Questionable sources. The spelling lacks much to be desired, which happens to be a pet peeve of mine along with inadequate Punctuation. NEWS PAGES TAKE FOREVER TO LOAD. Lock me out, from my folders so I can't switch screens; and, I obtain Correspondences that someone has responded to my comment, but I can never search what they commented on! ADS,ADS & MORE ADS! Plus stories are 90% about "celebrities & athletes." Buh Bye News Break! ¡Hasta la desinstalación!
~ iris watts
Poor. Per their Policies Policies "Private Description” means stats that identifies you individually, such as your name, address, correspondence address, device number, financial profile number, Social Safety number, or Driver’s License number. Outright Scary. Why would you give anyone access to your bank profile, social safety number and driver's license number?
~ Jim Scheiner
I have found out nice, very sad, disgusting and ugly stats that has been an eye opener for me. Thanks for your hard work!!
~ tina lamon
I would love to give u a 5 Star Review but the damn info r so annoying. I can't stop the push notications, I hate the release for that one reason only. Another than that I enjoy most of the news, sometimes the animal doesn't has a very nice ending or it just plain suffers. However, I can search another stories. Those 2 stars for the annoying, frustrating, wanna throw ur device anger but don't cuz u can't afford other device cuz u saving for ur newest bed and TV. ok bye
~ My TT Girl
I saw an banner for this release and I was offended. Showing the faces of the mug shots of two Black lads indicated that the only thing news worthy is the detrement of Black individuals. I am highly offended as facts state that more crimes are committed by white males. I see that this release will be very biased and not report facts but perpepuate negative stereotypes and fear mongering.
~ Tyrone R
I really like this release. getting ur local news is nice. You dont obtain this much any more.I have satellite TV and almost all the news channels are not news anymore .They are mouth pieces for liberal politics.They were not this idea just a several yrs ago! I thank you again for local news and what is going on around the country U dont obtain this much anymore esp on TV.
~ Jerry Burton
sometimes when you're reading an article or you click on where it claims something you would like, and you click on it well all sudden you're loaded with all kinds of bombarded ads in spam so you can't even read your storyline oh, because of this I am deleting this release and will never download it again!!! The push info settings, I am constantly somebody with info, season after setting the info settings, lowest
~ Karen Sylvia
It was my number one most used release on my device. However recently i have been getting pop-up adds for some ridiculous release that run with the volume blasted and it's happening much too often. The adds between the article titles were fine but this is over the top. I'm giving it a week and if they don't stop I am definitely uninstalling and using a more unobtrusive release. I would not suggest this release in it's actual state or any time on the future if they continue these annoying adds.
~ Eric Edwards
it seems it doesn't matter if I hold claiming them about the things I'm not interested in, because I hold getting post on the Jenners and the Kardashians and breaking news in Southern California I don't care about. I obtain some local news which is nice but to no avail i obtain eight post a day on the Kardashians and the Jenners . this is been going on for 6 months and I'm about ready to delete this release. more Kardashian banners deleting this release today
~ Robert Barger
3 clicks to obtain to an article are so time wasting, create many things not quite so important. 1 click on post. after the banners you can click to read. after a several words you gotta click to continue reading with a newest set of banners. I obtain constant local info of newest news that i as a local lived through 3 days ago. So it's not even relevant anymore. This is borderline click bait, but the article is usually there. Had to hold the release to launch feedback by dudes, but slash to off the useless info
~ Russell Brower
I was enjoying this release since getting off fb, hoping to stay informed about what is going on around me locally and in the globe. It didnt take long before reading an article about a local meeting that was laced with 2 paragraphs of biased opinion. the exact reason I hate the media and will be deleting this release. Why can no news source just claim the news and allow it end there!?
~ Brittany Long
Would give this release a "5" if there was an option to present a device landscape format for the display. Very inconvenient to turn the 10" device sideways in order to read it. While this has nothing to do with the release, I also discovered I didn't really care about 97.8% of the "news" anyway. Much of it is fake politics and the rest is boring.
~ Jim Hahn
This release is nice. Quick as I installed been reading about all the wrecks, fires, and robberies in my zone. Equipment I never paid attention to. Found out a teen was run over when speeding car hit her as she was crossing a residential way. Then learned about a restaurant closing due to insufficent staff. And later read house was on fire not too faraway and a cat and dog were rescused. Neat. I am enjoying finding out about my community.
~ Alan Vallazza
I never knew what was happening locally until I installed this release, super needed with info and offers many news scources along with Local news, Breaking news, and National news
~ SUMMIT Productions
hate commercials and banners on TV and here the globe has turned to greed and forgot about love and just doing nice for others!!!!!!!!! 🤔😒
~ Jeff Fellman
It's the News that we don't hear about is what I'm interested in ! We desperately need newest businesses coming into Lamar County . Paris is rapidly expanding East, but we also need an influx of newest Businesses opening up on both U.S Highways 271 North and South , just outside Loop 286 . And what about Stan Stamper Municipal Airport in Choctaw County, Oklahoma. Not much that we can claim about Cox Field just South of Paris Texas. We have Trax, but Hugo, Oklahoma has Tiny Dixie Transit. HELP ! !
~ Bruce Reed
Lots of local news and I like that I can finish an article & hold scrolling, instead of backing outnof the page! ;')
~ Maria Menz1
nice release. banners are easily bypassed by watching a video a day. Not sure if the release can be bought to eliminate them fully but I would be willing to buy it.
~ Charlie Caltagarone
well done news release. i usually obtain few news stories about chapin SC. then more stories from the zones surrounding chapin. more stories from the carolinas, then south east United States and finally globe news. i really like it, especially for local news. it also publishes stories straight from local law enforcement mins after happening. really appreciate this release. i dont know how they obtain stories so quickly. l cant reccommend it highly enough.
~ Scot l
I love this release! I obtain to read about unbelievable news along with not so nice news about all the sickos in existence. It definitely reminds me to be aware for myself and my family!
~ Karen Kelly
each time I test to read a storyline, it fails to launch.. your news release sucks. you give me news for everywhere else. don't wish to know who's doing what in the rest of the globe.
~ Robin Sacks
it's a cool release but I wanted to be more precise to what's going on because I'm on the run a lot and I can't really sit in front of the media and it seems like you have to sign in or something but I only use it and it is ding dings each 1 or 2 mins and it's something that I really not interested
~ Missy Ann
I like this release a lot but if I log out of my profile or doesn't give me the option or a spot for my dude to login to her news break profile . is there a idea to change players???
~ jessica gravelle
I like it because someone, or organization has to deliever the help, but not me.I generally pay dollars because I wouldn't wish to deliever my credit or debit card on the internet, I don't believe the millions of hackers who can steal personal stats, I'm paranoid about that, I've heard too many stories about the dark blogs. I don't wish to be a victim.
~ Verdova Bishop
I fully love this web, but want that I'd obtain more news from my actual hometown that I used for my territory, Winchester, VA. I don't like that I obtain all this equipment from the WWE, wrestling in which I block each web that posts an article, but yet some another web sends it to me anyways. I'm fully not interested in that fake garbage and hope that there's something that this release can do about it. If you can create that happen,give me more news from my hometown, Winchester, then you'd obtain 5 🌟's
~ Mark Moreland
I obtain on news break daily and check out the local news along with the news in another territories. It keeps me up to date with everything going on in the globe and tje finest part is that i obtain to pick what i wish to read about. Its a cute nice release!
~ Jamie Lankford
Most of the news stories are weeks to years old. A tiny amount of breaking news, however, sometimes reported too late to be beneficial. Recently, clicking an article will take you to a page for you to 'Subscribe' to a different platform to read the article.
~ Kai Allen
Decent release, but should be much better. Sends me alerts for things fully NOT news. I should care less if a house is foreclosed on 75 miles away. My main complaints are; 1 - it REGULARLY pushes "news" that is from 3 weeks to 3 years old. 2 - it regularly sends me news from cities in another states with the same name as my castle. So it seems the collation algorithm may need tweaked. Stop pushing me old news and non-relevant news/banners and I would gladly change my review to 5 stars.
~ Jeff Ragsdale
Personally I hate having to go through a bunch of apps and blogs looking for news that might intrest me or that I might enjoy reading or looking into. This release definitely makes all of that a trouble any longer, it does all of that for me and is doing it all day long, it usually sends me something intresting or that I like. I havent had any troubles so far or any troubles to complain about with this release,i definitely cant wait to see more upgrades and see the release grow and expand. 4 stars!!! 👍🏻💯
~ Christian Reed
News Break is okay, but after you read an article, days later, they'll prompt us to read the same storyline again, claiming it's newest news. If you like to read old news over and over, this release is for you. I'm uninstalling at this time, will endeavour to search a news release, that won't prompt us to reread articles we've already read.
~ Bob Stone