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About: Netflix is the globes leading subscription service for watching TV episodes and videos on your favoured device. This Netflix small app delivers the finest experience anywhere, anytime. Receive the nonpaid release as a part of your Netflix membership and you can immediately watch thousands of TV episodes & videos on your small device. If you are not a Netflix member sign up for Netflix and run enjoying instantly on your small device with our one-month nonpaid trial. How does Netflix work? Netflix membership gives you access to infinite TV shows and videos for one weak monthly price. With the Netflix release you can immediately watch as many TV episodes & videos as you wish, as often as you wish, anytime you wish. You can Browse a growing selection of thousands of titles, and newest episodes that are added regularly. Explore for titles and watch instantly on your ... Show more
Genre: Entertainment Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Netflix, Inc.
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Similar Apps Like Pagan Live Wallpaper  Alternatives
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About: Pagan Live Wallpaper for Android provides the best Pagan symbol customization on your home screen. Choose from MANY Pagan symbols and backgrounds to name the least. FEATURES/SETTINGS: 16 Paganism Centerpieces to choose from 11 Backgrounds Multiple 3D effects to add to the background Glowing pentacle mode Centerpieces include: Pentacles, Assorted Book of Shadows, and tons of Pagan and Celtic symbols, Celtic Trinity, Yin Yang, Runes, Ankh, Solstice Wheel of the Year, etc. D...

Developer: Shadowink Designs Technology [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Sherlyn Chopra Official App Alternatives
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About: In a never before seen avatar, Sherlyn talks about her journey & dedicates this App to all her lovely fans across the globe. Sherlyns app is an unprecedented level of access for her fans into her Bollywood life combined with the latest tech & personalization to make sure each & every fan get the attention they want. Stay connected with Sherlyn 24/7, 365 days a year. Top App Features: - Photos and HD Wallpapers: Check out exclusive Videos, Songs & Photos. - Travel Diaries: Travel arou...

Developer: Armsprime Media Pvt Ltd [email protected]

Similar Apps Like BeachLife Festival 2019  Alternatives
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About: BeachLife Festival is a lifestyle & highly curated music festival focused on celenbrating surfing, skating, and the Southern California BeachLife....

Developer: BeachLife Festival [email protected]

Similar Apps Like uHoroscope Alternatives
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About: Astrology is a great science of life. All signs of the zodiac have their place on the sky and almost every person who ever noticed any signs that life brings might have made sure destiny is something real and very tangible. The fate of every one of us had been written millions of years before we have been born and it is very useful to know at least a peace information about yourself with the help of astrology app to make the life more conscious. In our horoscope app you will find: - Daily Horos...

Developer: ����Horoscopo Space [email protected]

Similar Apps Like SQUARE ENIX Software Token  Alternatives
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About: The SQUARE ENIX Software Token is an application designed to strengthen the security of user accounts for playing online games by generating and requiring One-Time Passwords when logging in. - What are One-Time Passwords? - A Square Enix account is required to use this application (* You must also have purchased either FINAL FANTASY XI or FINAL FANTASY XIV and registered the accompanying registration codes to your account) - Getting a Square Enix account To register this appli...

Developer: SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd. [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Cookie Sweet Alternatives
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About: Why will you have to download and install Cookie Sweet on your Android smartphone or tablet instead of other crush puzzle games? Fantastic cookie wonderland, hundreds of well-designed free levels! We will update and add more free levels very soon! 100% Free! No need to spend much money to enjoy the best cookie game ever! It's possible because we support the offline game Want to play our cookie game anytime? you can enjoy playing on your android smartphone or tablet. ---------how...

Developer: Dream Future [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Loveeee Alternatives
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About: Loveeee...

Developer: Hoppopo co. [email protected]


Similar Apps Like Fartr Alternatives
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About: Your body makes beautiful sounds. But what are they trying to say? What if your phone could record these sounds and turn them into digital visualizations? And what if you could score these sounds on a scale from 1 to 100, and share your scores with friends? With Fartr, all of that is now possible. Once you install the Fartr app, just press record at the perfect moment, and three magical things will happen: * Youll see your farts Using the worlds first, fart-based algorithm, Fartr d...

Developer: Fuori, LLC [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Movie Downloader | Torrent Magnet Downloader Alternatives
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About: Movie Downloader is an app that lets you enjoy the best MOVIES directly on your Android SmartPhone. Not only can you stream episodes directly from the app, but you can also download them to your device's memory and watch them later without an Internet connection. FEATURES Movie Downloader has an Elegant and intuitive interface. Stream seamlessly directly in your Smartphone via Movie Downloader App. Search feature to quickly search your any Favourite Movie from Movie Downloader App. ...

Developer: Empire Technology [email protected]

Similar Apps Like DarkMEDIA pro  Alternatives
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About: DarkMEDIA pro is an Android Application based on Xtream Codes for End-Users that provides the facility to watch Live TV & TV Catch up on their Android Devices (Mobiles, Android Boxes, Android Tv's, and Fire TV Stick etc.). Features Overview : - Live TV and Catch Streaming - Supports: EPG - Uses default powerful player and option to choose VLC or MX Player - Attractive & Impressive Layout and More User-Friendly - Android TV ready IMPORTANT ANNOTATION: You will need to enter your ...

Developer: Oliver Jones [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Shellwave QuickDollars Alternatives
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About: ShellWave QuickDollars, This app is designed to Reward you in credit for doing Tasks in the app & the credits can be exchanged for money (dollars). the money is paid to your account within 5days. This app is 100% safe and it uses your google account to log you in, minimum payout daily for each individual is $50 while maximum payout is $200. HOW IS IT HELPFUL: Students use payment from this app to get pocket-money, new phones and cloths Kids & Adults use the payments to start savings Work...

Developer: Shellwave [email protected]om

Similar Apps Like Free Wallpapers for FF HD-4k. Fire Gamers  Alternatives
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About: If you are an unconditional fan of Free Fire, now you can customize your mobile with the best wallpapers of Free Fire with this application, in the highest quality. In addition, you can have unique wallpapers, which no one else has, as you can create your own wallpapers. Download the most amazing Free Fire wallpapers and create your own wallpapers. In total you have over 200 wallpapers and many more that will be updated in the future. Impressive Free Frie mobile wallpapers with many ultra-hig...

Developer: SebasEstudio [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Ellen DeGeneres Show  Alternatives
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About: For 15 incredible, eventful and sometimes life-changing seasons, Ellen has been making audiences laugh all over the world with her signature brand of humor and her powerful message of kindness. There's nobody better at making you laugh and brightening your day. This app provides you everything about the Ellen DeGeneres show or the Ellen Show - Latest videos - Popular playlists - Ellen on The Go podcast -Videos from EllenTube channel - All Episodes, past and present - Articles - Celebr...

Developer: Iphy Tech [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Free Classic Movies Alternatives
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About: Download this application and you will find and enjoy many quality classic movies such as: Night of the Living Dead, The Phantom of the Opera, His Girl Friday, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, A Star Is Born, Gulliver's Travels, The Terror, The Screaming Skull, Popeye cartoon series ... CATEGORIES: - Feature Films - Comedy - Drama & Romance - Science Fiction & Horror - Cartoons DISCLAIMER: All movies in this application are in the public domain. This means that no one holds a copyrig...

Developer: hieulele [email protected]


Similar Apps Like Summer Camp Music Festival  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: This is the official Summer Camp Music Festival iPhone app. The 19th Annual Summer Camp Music Festival is being held Memorial Day Weekend at Three Sisters Park in Chillicothe, IL and this is your official electronic guide for the weekend! Use this app to stay up-to-date with festival announcements, create your custom schedule, view a map of Three Sisters Park, learn about our vendors and on-site accommodations, and more! Be sure to turn on Push Notifications to be the first to know about cont...

Developer: Summer Camp Music Festival [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Free Slaker Music Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: nice music live ; nice music live Radio is the best-stayed discreet in music, giving you free access to profoundly curated music programming that you essentially won't discover anyplace elseand you can tweak it to accommodate your unmistakable tastes. Additionally, the Slacker application gives more than the ability to download and tune in to your most loved stations. Our protected disconnected mode gives supporters dynamic personalization while listening information f...

Developer: NOUH.ASDV [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Phone Information New Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Phone Information New helps you to view your information easily without losing your time. Help you check the details of each part of the machine. Your Android phone information is categorized into: - Equipment: Model, Manufacturer, Chipset, Number Build, Nuclear architecture and Android OS version. - System: CPU architecture, Motherboard, Number of cores, Clock rate, CPU feature, Information about Governor and Kernel. - Camera - Camera: Details about the front and rear cameras on your And...

Developer: Gamefunbird [email protected]

Similar Apps Like 2018 Soribada Best K-music Awards VOTE Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: The service is an official Global Fandom Award(Global Popularity) voting app for '2018 Soribada Best K-music Awards' (SOBA) sponsored by Soribada, as known as 'Korean representative music source platform'. The artists who won 1st place in each category by reflecting 100% of the official app voting result will be awarded the Global Fandom Award(Global Popularity). Support your artist who has widespread the status of world wide K-music beyond Korea and the world!...

Developer: StarDium . net [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Divination By Name  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Divination By Name Analyze your name with a calculation algorithm. Do you know each person's name is very special. The combination of your name will reveal a lot of their love secrets Or let us know your name and your loved one, we will analyze, calculate and figure out the specific number Give you what percentage and our love fortune-telling algorithm will reveal to you Do you two have fate together? Are you two first-minded couples? And the most important thing is the result of wha...

Developer: Gamefunbird [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Puppy Newborn Baby  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Hello!! help us to our puppy pet newborn baby. It's too much exciting!! New born baby is coming. Mom and the new born both needs your love and care. It's all about the journey to become a mom. No one can love like a mom do. Just help her to decorate new born baby's room. Give the mom better treatment and welcome her new born puppy. You have to do care of newborn because he needs extra care. Baby wants to play so play with him. Enjoy this fantastic Puppy Newborn Baby game. Features Mo...

Developer: IAP Games [email protected]



Netflix Reviews and Comments:

joke of an release. if you have a ps4 and you watch Netflix on it. you're forced to watch videos in hd . And you can't change it .... So if you don't have infinite time Netflix eats it up in a matter of hours as in hd it uses up like 3 gig an hour. which is beyond ridicuolus. how hard is it to give the recipients an option to change playback quality on test station ? what do we pay you for ?.? so you can force certain things on us ?.? congrats on losing other costumer.
~ Alex Petrea
This release is nice and i love all the tons of shows they have. right actually im hooked on a present named lucifer. the only thing i want they would have is some another videos like alice in wonder land or readyplsyer one or some others. but its really nice!!
~ Lilly Mannie
Very needed, nice for watching newest videos. However, there are 4 troubles : 1. When a video is out, it takes it at least one year to obtain on Netflix. 2. Whenever there is an error, you have to restart Netflix and then sometimes it doesn't present where you stopped watching a video. 3. You can't see the time you stopped watching at. You can only see how much time is left. 4. Some of the series (such as Harry Potter) are half in the babes' Netflix and half in the Adults' Netflix!!
~ דניאל גרנשטיין
There's an okay amount to watch, some Netflix Originals aren't worth the time. They've been cancelling all the nice equipment from their platform. The release keeps destroying. Each time i wish to watch something on my small it Claims me theres a trouble and wont allow me watch ANYTHING. I've troubleshot everything I can and even actually uninstalling and reinstalling the release doesnt work anymore. I'm getting really sick of it. Netflix please sort it out. You advertise a streaming platform. It isn't working.
~ Holly
it would be cool if you should turn off the screen while a video is testing! I kinda like the audio description information, it would be nice to LISTEN to a video while driving or something. blind ppl would benefit from it I think.
~ bACe in Yo fACe!
Watching videos and keeping up with television shows I love has never been this fun. Honestly, it's a thrilling experience. Netflix has made it easier to access original videos, TV shows and anime for those who love the Japanese culture. I love it
~ Sage D Gemini King
I was just wondering if you can add a teens section. leave babes for the babes, and the adults for the adults. Create a teens section for preteens and teenagers. add certain shows and videos that are appropriate for those age groups. Pre teens shpuld have shows on that section such as Liv and Maddie, Bunk'd, Jessie, etc... I think a lot more recipients will like the release better this idea. Hope u see this. I would really appreciate it.
~ K'Visha Johnlewis
i love how you can watch any choice of your present and it will save progress and you don't have to waste your dollars buying each video you wish to see. The only thing is sometimes they take away shows on there to create zone dor another newer shows and it night be a present you like or you are watching but over all Netflix is nice.
~ Angelina Lione
Nice release. My only trouble is that I would like to be able to remove certain videos from my suggestions and also never see them listed ever again in the release. For instance, I shouldn't have to see the video "Murder Mystery" in recently added or trending or romantic comedies. I would prefer the video not to exist. It just takes up zone when I am browsing what to watch. Also, it might be a nice concept for Netflix to suggest watching equipment in my list at random when I launch the release.
~ Thomas Gierach
I love Netflix! It is a nice release to use when you have nonpaid time and wish to watch something fun! I just want that some of the old shows it used to have were still there like "Jessie" or "Nice Luck Charlie". Another than that Netflix is awsome! 😍😜😃😘😎
~ Nina R Glória
why do i can't even sign up? it claims "sorry, we're unable to complete the sign-up process actually, pls test again later. What the F I've tried 2 days for trying and changing any correspondence bcs maybe something wrong with that BUT IT DOESN'T EVEN HELP. MY INTERNET CONNECTION IS GOOD BTW IM WATCHING V*U THERES NO BUG OR ANYTHING. HHH IM DONE
~ Puput Puspitasari
Not working. I can't watch video properly while using mcdonald wifi. This is sad since I live right next to it and therefore don't pay for wifi. I would like Netflix to fix this. Otherwise nice selection of videos, especially spiderman 3. 2 out of 10.
~ El Pruno
Everything works fine for me on Netflix actually that I learned how to do it right. I really do not have any trouble at all with it😎
~ John Molly
hey i know Netflix was just modernized, but i'm having a hard time with some of my favoured moves, take Goose Bumps for instents, this morning i was able to access all the goosbumbs seasons but know it only shows me season 1 & i know there's more then one season of goosebumbs so please please please fix this, thank you so much, 🌈
Modernization - finally got a newest error message claiming me to restart my device. Did and it works actually.... Soft has failed to launch on my device since newest modernization. Just hangs in the netflix splash screen and gets no further. Before that downloads regularly failed or errored before I got to watch them,and gave me an error code.
~ Liam J Ford
Who's concept was it to create it so I have to pick my profile EVERY time I launch the release on my own small device? I don't share my device with others. I am still the same person. Don't create unnecessary clicks because you're too lazy to implement a tick box setting to usually use the same profile on this device. In fact, just change it back to how it was - logs automarically into the last profile used on device. Why did you even change it!?
~ Patrick
Nice release overall. However, I've been claimed that one of my shows is leaving which I'm fully devastated about. And my release isn't claiming anything about it leaving Australian Netflix. Is there a idea you can fix this so that all device/chromecast players can see it? Thanks.
~ Megan Stalla
I enjoy having netflix for these reasons the ability watch everything in the comfort of my home and with family. I do have some recommendations like having more of the black and white classics( ie ) like charlie chaplin , comedy like orginal pink panther, more babes shows like seseme way and disney videos both cartoons and true characters, and more. Thank you.
~ Beach Queen
Dear netflix, I love your release, however, please widen up the payment option for the subscription. As someone who does not like to use credit cards when doing an online buy, I recommend you could consider adding a small payment option or payment via online banking. It's frustrating for someone who does not own a credit card but wants to subscribe to your nice contents. Please reconsider so that everyone can enjoy netflix. I rated weak just because of this.
~ Sprinklursss OhMaGawd
Feels like I'm the last person on World to cave and obtain Netflix. it's really wonderful. I'm shocked by the quality of the video and the sheer number of tools I wish you watch. This is June 2019 though. once the another streaming services splinter their content, will it be as nice? At least there is no contract!
~ David Duez
"Here are tools we think you'll like". Do you know what I like? GDPR. No unsolicited marketing. I could obtain to control marketing info. They're a distraction. Let me to turn them off. Got a info claiming I haven't watched Dawn of the Planet of The Apes and to WATCH NOW. Is this it actually, that we pay for a service and are claimed what to watch and when? You are not making my experience better. You openly admit your making recipients "worry" about what to watch next. Also do a CHANGELOG.
~ Antony Freelove
Love Netflix. What is not to love, a couple of things on newest interface modernization. Chromecast button is actually in the bottom right corner of the screen placing it on top of the Test button for the final episode of the season on a series. If no episode summary, then you cannot obtain to the test button. Work around had me picking the previous episode to test, then forward thru to the end allowing autoplay of next episode. 2nd change is a lighter more hard to read font on episode descriptions
~ Diane Dillard
This release sucks for me. I purposely purchased subscription and a Chromecast to watch Netflix on TV. But the cast icon is not visible on my Oppo F1s. The trouble is only with Netflix release, I can cast Hotstar and Youtube withouy any trouble. My dollars is being wasted because Netflix can't create an release which is compatible with all devices. The customer care shamelessly claimed me that there was no time estimate as to when they are going to fix this trouble. It's so frustrating!
~ Malay Jain
Cute solid release that needs work. I have been a NF subscriber for about five years actually and I've seen the release come a long idea. I would, however, like to see the following informations incorporated into future iterations. For starters, I'd like to be able to download whole seasons of shows at once as opposed to a la carte. And second, I'd like to have the ability to remove a present/video from the continue watching queu straight from the release as opposed to going through the blog. I hope this supports.
~ Milton Avalos
I usually had Netflix since before they began releasing their own Originals. I gotta claim they have grown tremendously when it comes to content. Me and my women usually look for Netflix Originals over any another shows they might have. The scripts for their shows are to die for. The release is unbelievable. One information missing though. Where if my babe decides to switch over to my profile there could be a pin to be entered. I hate when they watch shows in mines interfering with my recommendsd shows😤
~ Jameka Doctrine
There's usually something to watch!! With today's time constraints on a person, it's impossible to hold up with a present allow alone even search one worth watching. Netflix originals are the shiznitz!! There's each kind of interests you should possibly wish, AND you can watch at your liesure!! WHAT??? Receive Netflix. Receive entertained.
~ Patrick McTiernan
Netflix provides a lot of educational shows for babes and adults young and old. I recall that Netflix is used more than standard cable that you have to pay large dollars for every month. But Netflix you only have to pay a kow am out of dollars for a nice selection of shows and videos. I you have cable I high recommend use Netflix. Because you don't have to pay a lot of dollars and you obtain nice shows for babes that he'll them grow.
~ P. Davis
For the second time in the last two days, netflix has skipped the first episode to a newest series i watch. I got through episode two of a series, with no concept what was going on, thinking it was poorly written. It turned out that it fully skipped the episode. I had the same trouble at my dudes house on their netflix profile, but assumed that it was an isolated trouble.
~ Gaye Nicholls
release is nice! if you can run it on an brand newest device. if you can't afford to upgrade you are hooped. my babes devices are basically brand newest and the release worked on them a several weeks ago. actually it doesnt. even if we test the browser it Claims us to do the release and wont allow us watch on the device.. so u basically just block the terrible recipients who have no dollars?
~ Justin Verinder
first: great job deleting reviews. second: each title i test to watch claims "not available. test other title" even if i reboot my device, as quick as i exit netflix for other release everything stops working. dont waste your time on this release. also: newest "modernization" had no result. still wont work.
~ Erkki Tikkanen
Lad, I can't trust I was paying full price the whole time, only to obtain 480p. I knew something was fishy.. I watch videos all the time on my device, and because I'm rooted, I should not enjoy what i was paying for. No warning either. I'm paying for a lot of another streaming services, have they all been treating me the same? nonsense... They could figure some idea to be fair to the honest recipients who root. I've paid over 200 dollars...thanks for treating me this idea.
~ Dan R
I can't watch anything on the release ever since the latest modernization. There is a restriction for babes on it, so shows for adults need a pin to watch. Each time I place in the pin, nothing happens! I can't watch anything at all! I even tried removing the pin altogether and the release is still asking me for the pin? I have uninstalled and reinstalled the release multiple times too. Nothing is working. It's super strange and I hope you can fix this.
~ Madiha Ahmed
This newest modernization made it so you have to pick a profile each time you launch it. It's infuriating for a device release when I'm the only one on this device, especially since it never used to. Also, you can't obtain rid of "Continue Watching" equipment without going on the blog and deleting them from your history entirely. And the price keeps increasing despite less and less content from outside sources due to competing streaming services. I love Netflix but it's getting increasingly expensive and irksome.
~ Erin Farmer
My only complaints are that there aren't enough shows/videos, especially old videos, to pick from, and shows/videos I wish to watch disappear. Otherwise, it's a nice release that I use everyday for a reasonable monthly price. We don't even use our TV anymore, except to test video releases on it, and to watch an occasional video on DVD. TV shows and videos we take anywhere with us and use on our devices or another connected devices. Who needs an expensive cable or dish bill when you have Netflix?
~ Michelle Shahjhan
Can't remove videos from Continue Watching, please remove information from Viewing Activity, or fix it. + Please add year of version to initial view of title (when mouse is over the title), can't see it until you launch the title. + Removing reviews was a terrible concept. It's annoying to have to go to a different web to see title ratings/reviews so I don't have to watch titles based on percent match. + Please change rating system back to 1-5 stars, the thumb up/down and percentage match system is poor.
~ A Google user
they have a information where the release will test a trailer even if you don't wish it to (I trust its just on the TV release (Nvidia shield)). The trouble comes when you test and have a conversation with someone and you can't because the trailer is going (whether you wish it or not). I named Netflix and there is currently no idea to change the setting.
~ Christian W
Using this Netflix release this year of 2019 being able to watch newest videos, TV shows, documentaries you have never seen before but watching childhood videos & TV shows you have not seen in forever grew up watching as a babe it brings the babe out of you as a adult such as the magic school bus & another.... I highly suggest watching shot in the dark for coming season two it's really addictive, nice. highly suggest this release to anyone who loves videos & TV shows you can't obtain on DVD 🌻
~ Kalandra Petro
This release is all about TV Series (including Netflix Original Series of course), so it's extremely worth the price for specific audiences' taste . It does have single-test videos, limited to a several amount of known ones only. So considers you only interested in one-test videos, Netflix is not for you. Personally, I enjoys it. Using experience is cute decent with smooth transitions, efficient processing and stuffs. Thus, the testing screen on device doesn't present the full playtime. One minus target.
~ Elvis Van
I have been a Netflix player since Netflix had their DVD only plans. They have a cute decent present/video selection and paired with Hulu, I usually have something worth watching. HOWEVER, recently my Netflix release no longer has a Chromecast icon. So I cannot watch anything from this release on my TV. And that just isn't going to work for me. I use my device to cast while doing another things on it. I haven't been able to watch anything for about 2 weeks actually. It is really frustrating. Fix it or give refunds
~ Emily Bethke
Most recipients probably have this release installed by actually. My only gripe is the layout. I want they'd create it easier or more obvious to know when newest shows or videos have been added on the day. As it stands, I'll search a video or present has been added weeks after its arrived. They could give non-Netflix content the same attention and hype as their own equipment. Also, if you minimize the release to launch something else and then return the subtitles (if you have them on) often disappear. You have to close release.
~ A Google user