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NET SHIELD - WiFi Analyzer, Internet Speed Test   
About: Each zone and every target is under observation of WIFI spy, a valid path to optimize WIFI network and take WIFI view broadly. In a NET SHIELD - WiFi Analyzer, Internet Speed Play Checks out the available wifi address and scans all approachable networks with speed playing graph. WIFI analyzer and channel locator is connected with internet control factors and enhances the ability to approach all nearby wifi channels and informs you with their signal strength. You can easily search Wi-Fi players and speed meter. The threat of device hacking and time exposing is protected as Wi-Fi optimizer and widget analysis phenomenon is fully secured and policies controller. The functionality of NET SHIELD - WiFi Analyzer, Internet Speed Play Is also of Wi-Fi extender which broader its spectrum to obtain the highest time for surrounding Wi-Fi channels and strive for the updating of low signals. Al ... Show more
Genre: Tools Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 8MB Developer: Oscar App [email protected] undefined
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NET SHIELD - WiFi Analyzer, Internet Speed Test Reviews and Comments:

This sides is very great
~ Surendra Sharma
nice,it,gives us accuracy
~ A Google user
great release for network operations
~ A Google user
When I pick to install it loads an release named Net Sheild instead. Found this dubious, so removed it.
~ Dalek Dude
nice release i loved it
~ gold Song
I like it ,BUT speedtest not working
~ Rassie Pretorius
refuses to do the speed check, just goes back to the 'launch release' page. uninstall imminent!
~ David Richards
nice simple to use
~ jayceson pferdmitfahrer kemp
speedy and simple to use
~ Fernando P
AIN'T WE LOVE AND LIKE TO WATCH/ all equipment in the globe. HA /we just did AN ENJOYED. thankyou for making it. .....MORE/ THAN ABOVE. ..
~ Samiuela Tulikifanga
lam glad about mobile speedy. process function
~ Mr Sumit kumar
so terrible .. not useful at all
~ NeitZuA AibaRa
nice release, i like it
~ Dharma Kusuma
Very great ,be nice luck
~ A Google user
nice release,but too many add!
~ emm theboywonder
that's nice but not nice
~ Behnam Arezoomand
no nice can't do a play
~ paul clooney
very very terrible don't download my dude s
~ MONIR Companye
the banners are truly annoying
~ adam dwinanto
very needed more option is test to create the tool give alarm when hacking
~ mahmoud rashad
nice job well done to the programmer's
~ A Google user
When i check net speed it goes to shut down.
~ Sunand Jha
finest release used so far in this regard .....
~ A Google user
It's a very nice release, very useful. Thank you.
~ Robert Herbert
i really like this release. Dig deep into it.
~ A Google user
speedy, too many banners, $3.50 option, not for this player, uninstall
~ Robb Dee
this is a very nice release .but full in banners
~ A Google user
cleaning up old time in device and able tp process internet would be nice managable..
~ William Peters
waoo nice release net shield wifi router. accurate working 👌👌👌👌 great and alegent theme i think finest ever in the google test 😍 nice job✌️
~ Jadeed Gamer
Works, but the amount of banners is unreal. Nearly got a heart attack when the banner started shouting at me. And again. And again.
~ A Google user
nice release you obtain a lot for your dollars but any idea you can add black theme are a dark theme to it on your next up day
~ Jeff Arnold
how can i disconnect them if their connected in my wifi ? i only see who is using my wifi, how about if i dont wish to connect them ? pls respond asap
~ A Google user
When trying to do the speed play, the release shuts down and it doesn't work.
~ Domi Alvarez
like the display of all devices on my router, easier to see if anyone is there that shouldn't be.
~ A Google user
WIFI analyzer and channel locator is connected with internet control factors and enhances the ability to approach all nearby wifi channels and informs you with their signal strength.
~ A Google user
It's a nice release because it is speedy and supports you search easily the informations as it claims. It does what is on the tin. I want I should remove the advertising though by paying a nominal amount.
~ David Pearce
This is a nice release for analysing a fair bit of wifi time. I particularly like the Time Saving section... though still playing it out so cannot claim how well it works. It's also great to have a Speed Play function included. Well worth trying, it might just be the release you need.
~ Stephen Abell
Too much banner to even use. They didnt keep back at all. Id understand if you obtain like one each time you launch it, but each several mins? Really? Automatic banner pop ups that you must wait to skip?
~ Prinny X
Cute efficient... Respectful of permissions and policies.. lets you know whats suggested or not like... (ex. advanced) settings... So its overall sophisticated and even for beginners to use! i love this. And Norton of course. I combo it^^. THX Net Shield -- Wifi Analyzer. Interesting name modernization but o well.. The love is still the same biggg heart size. TY--
~ A Google user
the release does nothing another than shut down when i do a speed play. There are no instructions and no true explanation of what it is doing No standard menu. Some geek may understand it but as a programner for many years I can create neither head nor tail of it. will uninstall after this review. Recommend that you do the same!
~ Howard Walker