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About: The most complete, pretty and easy release to follow stock supermarket and financial supermarkets. Receive quotes of stocks, funds, ETFs, currencies,futures and supermarkets and manage your portfolios. Fully nonpaid with no limitations, you can remove banners with optional in-release buy. -Realtime quotes and charts of worldwide stocks, funds, ETFs, currencies, futures and supermarkets (funds, futures and currencies may be delayed). -Material Design interface. -Customizable interface colors can ease troubles of color blindness. -Mobile Wear release. -Alerts when stock hits goal price (in Mobile Marshmallow refresh should be delayed in doze mode). -Detailed financial time. -PreMarket and AfterHour quotes. -News. -Regular quote modernization frequency: save battery and time, refreshing time only when you wish to. During the weekend time sync is automatically paused. -All q ... Show more
Genre: Finance Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Stefano Baldi
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About: Stock Tracker has been designed to track your stock holdings smartly. This application helps you to track your stock portfolio effectively. You can calculate remaining no of shares and effective average price per share. Stock Tracker has been designed to address a real time problem with most of the trading service provider. What they do, they calculate their equity portfolio on FCFS basis. e.g. System marks the first bought stock as sold first so it ends up in an inaccurate portfolio. Exa...

Developer: Tanuj Agrawal [email protected]

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About: The ACE FlareTM Account by MetaBank Mobile App* lets you manage your account wherever you are. That means its convenient to do things like: Check your account balance and transaction history Send money to friends and family** Access optional Netspend Pre-Funded Check Service*** Add money to your account with Mobile Check Capture**** Manage your money on-the-go, its convenient. * No charge for this service, but your wireless carrier may charge for messages or data. *...

Developer: NetSpend [email protected]

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About: myAccess mobile App makes it easier for customers to conveniently apply for a loan, check loan balances, get updates and customer information. Download today and experience the ease of getting a loan right at your fingertips....

Developer: Access Financial Services Limited [email protected]

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About: Fox Trading is the automated Forex and Crypto trading platform that will lead you to success. The acquired experience in the market has taken us to take a big step forward to the Forex and Cryptocurrencies world. Our aim is the same as it was before, to offer an easy automated trading system to ensure long-term stable profits for our investors. Our smart platform and its tools make the trading easier than ever to let anyone be part of this project. Fox Trading App allows you to be informed, a...

Developer: Fox Trading SL [email protected]

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About: Visa credit card emi this application given about credit card visa emi and this application take permission phone state and another permission internet using this permission internet for update data and phone state permission for get imei number for unique registration....

Developer: Dolphin developer's [email protected]

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About: Do you need proof of income or employment? Welcome to my Paystub calculator. What is a pay stub? Federal Tax Salary Tax Calculator Sales Tax Calculator Social Security TaxCaster H&R Block Tax TurboTax Tax Return Simply put, a pay stub is a paper we keep after cashing our payroll checks. Not only does a pay stub serve as proof of income, it also helps you keep track of salary information, taxes paid, overtime pay and more. This app will help you generate one in a minute. Real Check...

Developer: Paystubscheck [email protected]

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About: Bill reminder K-Bill allows you to easily set a reminder for different payments so that you can reduce the chance to pay extra charges for your bills. Notification You are able to set notifications for the following days, on the due date, and set 3 different days and also the time you want it to go off! Works Offline K-Bill allows you to use the app effectively even when there is no connection. **** Awesome Features **** Backup & Restore Notifications Category management ...

Developer: Kaivanna [email protected]


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About: Smart application for all ages The application helps users to calculate 1 fastest way of calculation. Smart application for all ages The application helps users to calculate 1 fastest way of calculation. By installing this app you agree to the following privacy policies: '' '?package_name=com.wSmartCalculator_8402732'...

Developer: Trần Mạnh Hùng [email protected]

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About: By helping Gens X, Y, and Z make good/better/best purchase decisions and moving a predetermined percentage of their banking transactions to a designated, long term investment account, millionaireME empowers users to become after-tax millionaires in retirement....

Developer: millionaireME [email protected]

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About: A better way to save, manager and spend your money. Cashpass Mobile App is alternative to a traditional bank. A safe, secure and easy to use debit card. Check your balance, pay bills, Direct Deposit, transfer money, view transactions and make mobile deposits....

Developer: i2c Inc. [email protected]

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About: The Certificate of Deposit (CD) or CD CALC will help you determine the accumulated interest earnings on CDs over time. A Certificate of Deposit (CD) is a savings certificate with a fixed maturity date and specified fixed interest rate that can be issued in any denomination aside from minimum investment requirements. It also creates a detailed shareable results of your Certificate of Deposit's earnings, initial deposit and APY....

Developer: Francisco Nunez [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Global Stocks Widget Premium Alternatives
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About: A widget for all your stock market, cryptocurrency and exchange rate needs. Features: *Support of stock tickers on all the major markets. *Support of global exchange rates. *Support of major cryptocurrencies *An easy to use interface to add ticker widgets to your home screen. *Minimal mobile data usage *Very small install size(less than 2 MB) *Unlimited home screen widgets *No Adds...

Developer: Red Vector Studios [email protected]

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About: IntelliInvest - We strive to be the Best Stock Market App in the India. We believe in empowering investors with intelligent investment techniques. Our goal is of providing a simple and powerful Stock market analysis interface to all retail investors to go about their investment needs. IntelliInvest is powered by in-depth Share market analysis of equities. It makes stock picking very easy and is able to guide you through the ups and downs of the market with timely advice. The various analysis mod...

Developer: intelliinvest [email protected]

Similar Apps Like S&P 500 Stock Fundamentals Alternatives
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About: If you need a quick overview of the biggest and most important companies in the USA then you should try this app. It shows all the important key figures and also information about the price changes. There is also a filter which helps to structure the search process. You can filter the following key figures: Market Cap, Beta, Dividend Yield, Return on Equity, Return on Assets, PE Ratio, Profit Margin, 5 Year Change, 2 Year Change... You will also receive many other information like EPS, EBITDA...

Developer: BMT App Development [email protected]


Similar Apps Like Skraps Crypto Tracker - Coin Stats and Prices App  Alternatives
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About: Youre looking at the #1 free cryptocurrency tracking app for top performing crypto coins like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Lynx (LYNX), Ripple (XRP), and thousands others. Track prices at a glance, easily view stats, and find the perfect time to buy in or sell out. Available on macOS, iOS, and Android. Skraps technology provides instant access to always-updated cryptocurrency statistics. Access the coin tracker day or night for on-the-spot reports of prices and performance. Want to check...

Developer: Skraps LLC [email protected]

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About: This easy-to-use app prices bushels for you when prices are historically higher than at harvest. Avoid margin calls and brokerage accounts with AutoHedge - its free to sign up and you only pay one transparent transaction fee at delivery. Take some risk off the table now - download AutoHedge and enroll bushels today. Its simple: 1. Enroll bushels through the AutoHedge app AutoHedge works by selling an equal portion of your enrolled bushels on each trading day from February to July. 2. ...

Developer: AgriSight Inc. [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Dolar Mexico  Alternatives
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About: Lleve la cotizacin actualizada del Dlar Oficial en Mxico. Con esta aplicacin va a poder: - Conocer la cotizacin del Dlar Oficial en Pesos Mexicanos. - Ver y comparar la evolucin de la moneda oficial. - Convertir de Dlar a Peso Mexicano. Usa la calculadora para convertir de dlares a pesos y de pesos a dlares! Consulta el historial de cotizaciones!...

Developer: DoubleBond [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Tax N Go  Alternatives
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About: Free Tax Quote App. Get a free tax quote from a licensed tax professional in 24hrs....

Developer: 2505 Studios [email protected]

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About: Keep your pension in the palm of your hand with the official Michigan Office of Retirement Services mobile app. Retirees of and participants in Michigans retirement systems can use their existing miAccount username and password to log in to the app. Retirees and participants who havent registered or have forgotten how to access miAccount can get help on the miAccount login page. Listed features are user specific and are not guaranteed to be available to all users. Features: Account Deta...

Developer: State of Michigan [email protected]

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About: A platform for cryptocurrency and stock market predictions. Centuri is the platform where you not only put your cryptocurrency and stock market knowledge to good use, but get paid for your insights too. You can choose between cryptocurrencies or stock market assets, and share the best predictions you can, to maximise your payout each month. A staking token, SHP, entitles you, the platform user, to a monthly service fee payout for your insight on financial markets. A high reputation score over...

Developer: Sharpe Holdings Limited [email protected]



MyStocks Reviews and Comments:

So far so nice, love the organization, use it over my brokers release. Want the analyst opinions worked. Even on gigantic stock like Google or Apple I still havent seen any analyst opinions. Does anyone know how often if ever there are opinions place in?
~ Jonathan Wendland
Nice release. Straight and straightforward
~ A Google user
Lately, time has not been upgrading. It is not true time and some time is from 8/31. An average release when it is working
~ Francesco Lupis
Div yield does not populate. Nice release otherwise. Would be great if settings menu would let a choice of parameters to track
~ Raja Paranjape
Still can't see modernized stock prices. Note that it's due to Google. Any chance it will be resolved quick?
~ Candice
Incredible release, smart interface and very simple to use. Modernization: I had some questions and wrote a several correspondence to developer. He answered kindly and speedy. Nice!
~ Paolo Bertozzi
Had a tiny trouble that Stefano promptly sorted out. Nice service and a nice release! Emailed him on other occasion and he responded within a couple of hours. How nice is that!
~ Colin Jacobson
I love it
~ A Google user
Bug so cant add stock to portfolio
~ Troy Cook
Comsidering it is for a smart watch, it does now work cute well. The confused leaving terrible reviews have an awesome target however: it took 20 mins for me to search the magnifying glass and enter the ticker (or company name) and then I accidentally didn't hit the check-mark and had to do it all over again. And apparently there is now no idea at all to add any currency though it appears as if there is. Kind of confusing but works to obtain the watch to work.....
~ William Landreth
Straight and functional, but still a lot of things to fix. If the release does not consider currency the value of the portfolio is wrong when you have stocks in different currencies. Not needed.
~ Alberto Sierra
Excellent release for monitoring stocks and super player friendly. Well done.
~ Bernard Cusack
Soft stinks and very frustrating! A total waste of time trying to figure out how it works cause they create it hard! It sucks!!! Response: Soft didn't claim "watch Utube video" to figure me out! And if I have to watch a Utube video to figure out your release, then my original review stands... It stinks!!!!
~ Jorge Blackshaw
Thank you very much for this release. My request remains, that if you ever have that time, plz create this release for ios. That platform is really underdeveloped. Till then I am going to use it on my Mobile. Thanks again 🙏🏽
~ Joyee Basu
Improvements required: 1.the entire stock versus fund versus etf thing has nice intentions but it really just makes everything more confusing than it needs to be, create the portfolios more seamless. 2. Add dividends to the total P/L of the stock/fund. 3. It's a pain the @$$ having to add stocks and funds separately every time under every portfolio. It's not simple to use and needs to become more seamless. Another than these much required improvements for the actual active investor, this release has potential.
~ Navid Attayan
Cool push info information
~ Minerva Thomas
Its not all too easy, but once you search out the working, it's easy. It is exactly like "stock alarm" except this lets your set your own song to the alarm:), since you listened last time, I was wondering can you add a dividend tracker to this release, plus also a display of the dividend in decimal points $, not in percentages. 😁☺please, please would really support. plus if you can add a info if a stock changes it's dividend. have never found an release to do that, so you would be breaking newest grounds.🤞🙏then it would be a 5 star release.
~ Alfred Doe
Does anyone know of you can set alerts for multiple price changes of a single stock?
~ Ian
Nice, easy release. Works well and does what it's supposed to. Adverts are minimally invasive and do not detract from the experience as with some another apps.
~ Nathan Taylor
It´s perfetc
~ Marcelo Dorighello
Not what I am looking for. No dollars - linked portfolio and dividends tracking. Portfolio graph only does a year at a time. Does have some thoughtful informations for syncing time or smartwatch. Interface a tiny slow but acceptable.
~ Donovan Myers
Worked perfectly till last modernization, shares not upgrading?
~ Johnny Huysamen
Really solid release for tracking stocks in multiple currencies, and I've been using it for a very long time, but it should use some improvement: Charts are very primary, Blockfolio (cryptocurrency release) is an example of charts done well. Also, adding dividends doesn't do anything to the overall balance, and there is nowhere to see all dividends earned in one zone. A several years back this would be a top release, but it needs an overhaul if it is going to hold up.
~ Stephen White
Nice app. No time sync to cloud finest information.
~ shivashish maheshwari
Very well-designed release and all of the stats I need is right up front and simple to read. I'm having problem, though, with sorting. Sometimes it works, but most of the time I just can't obtain them to transport. Thank you for your respond. I'm trying to sort in the edit page, but I think I see what is happening actually. If I touch and drag quickly the equipment will transport, but if I long press they stay still.
~ A Google user
bamk on ''it':'
keeps on destroying with autoapps enabled
~ Mihir Thakkar
Quotes aren't syncing to smart watches
~ Shiva Raghunanan
widget are very transparent need some dark or may deliever pick to percentage wise
~ Gaurav shah
no london bt stock
~ Tommy Andrew James Stanton-Cole
How do I trigger the in-release buy? I wish to buy it, but there does not seem to be an obvious idea to do so.
~ Jens John
Use to be up to date but actually it's not. Some stocks are actual and others are dated from last year. It's not keeping up to date for all my stocks. Thinking of getting other stock tracker.
~ Jeremy Smith
Doesn't present any stocks on my watch. Using Mobile Wear 2.0. Just obtain a blank screen.
~ Odeki Kazusa
Does nothing just blank pages
~ Amit Thakkar
Does a terrible job of upgrading, and a poorer job communicating with my Wear OS watch, which is the reason I loaded the release in the first zone.
~ Richard Rohan
I didn't realize tickers werent upgrading since February... A notice could have went out, or better yet developer could have found a fix to automatically modernization. Tried to delete and add back in and system should not search my ticker. I will need to search other release - this release cost me thousands of dollars...
~ Jorge S
Great stock release, I've been looking for a stock release with price info on my device and moto360 2nd, Nice job. Actually create it work as a watch face for mobile wear, that would be nice!
~ A Google user
It's great but a several shortcomings. Many stocks prices stopped upgrading and the solution offered by dev is to delete them and add them again, but doing so also deletes the stock from all your portfolios and all buys, sells, dividends, you have to run from scrap. Can you imagine doing that for stocks you've held for years?
~ Sam B
Nice release. Straight and straightforward. No need to make profile. You can hold track of your stocks, gains, dividends, costs of operations and so on. Very handy. It just didn't earn 5 stars because it promised work with my mobile watch, but it did not. Just a blank screen appears.
~ Ulysses Almeida
Outstanding stock/fund/ETF tracking release. Alerts, multiple portfolio tracking with gain/loss, news and charts
~ Charley Gunter