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About: MyRadar is a speedy, simple-to-use, no-frills app that displays animated weather radar around your actual territory, allowing you to quickly see what weather is coming your idea. Just run the release, and your territory pops up with animated weather! The map has the standard pinch/zoom capability which allows you to smoothly zoom and pan around the United States and see what the weather is like anywhere. MyRadar shows animated weather, so you can claim if rain is headed toward or away from you, and how speedy. In addition to the nonpaid informations of the release, a several bonus updates are available, including true-time hurricane tracking - nice for the run of hurricane season - as well as a professional radar box, which allows greater detail of radar from individual stations. Download MyRadar today and test it out!
Genre: Weather Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: ACME AtronOmatic
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MyRadar NOAA Weather Radar Reviews and Comments:

I PURCHASED the AD Removal for this and NOW it will not work...what is the deal?!!! I did this BEFORE it was named "PRO". Someone from ACME AtronOmatic needs to MAKE GOOD on this.
~ John Giberson
Nice!!! I'm an otr driver and this is the finest release! I really like the dark mode, and that it follows your territory as you go. its got settings for temps and wind speed and direction and can be removed or added as you need it with the layers setting. its got an banner bar but It doesn't pop up or obtain in the idea. It has an option for pilots as an upgrade, It has never destroyed on me and my device's safety accepted it. Nice job!!! I would like to see a feedback to share with dudes and family...
~ A Google user
I NEVER RATE THINGS !!! This is the BEST Radar Soft I've ever seen! I use it Regular, somtimes for hours during storms. It is Unbelievably Accurate, very Customer Friendly & So EASY TO USE. Zoon In & Out Transport Anywhere Over the Whole Globe as Large or Tiny as you wish. W/in Few Miles or Over the Whole Country/Globe. I can see MY BLOCK or The ENTIRE US. You can spend seconds on MyRadar or Mins to Hours on Weather TV Channls. WORTH ITS WEIGHT IN GOLD !!! It's Unpaid or you can Upgrade. Receive this!
~ Dirk Papania
Finest radar release I've found yet. few choices in layers. I love the areal view. its very related to google world with almost the same zoom. you can pinpoint your EXACT territory! May upgrade in the future to expiriance the aviation portion of the release.
~ Lee Risinger
I downloaded this release for the storm chaser live feeds but 90% of the time the feeds won't load or they test for a several seconds and ruin with an exoplayer 404 error. The radar is magnificent and I like to follow it during storms but I'm disappointed I can't use it for my main purpose of watching the feeds.
~ Trena Stevenson
This radar works well enough on my Pixel2. It has everything a casual weather watcher needs. For me those things contain: A nice radar picture and zero cost. Trouble is, it doesn't take off the warnings you don't wish to see. For example, watching the storms tonight in the Midwest is impossible with all the river flood warning boxes littering the screen. The option is in the settings to take those out, the setting just doesn't work. If this gets a fix I'd certainly rate this a 5.
~ Sean Viale
bought the pro box to only use it a several time and claims once again gotta buy. correspondence the ppl few times with not one response. really loved this release but at this target they dont fix my trouble I will delete and search other Weather release.
~ Patty Vancise
The overlay feedback for Tornado Watch 74 displays Newest Jersey territories only. Tap on Delaware and hey, Newest Jersey. Potentially risky flaw. Also, alert did not sound. [So hard to reply kindly to such a condescending response. Yuck, yuck. You forgot to ask if the device was on.]
~ Larry Rock
this release is the one that I usually count on to present me the actual state of the weather. when I'm traveling, it's a gotta-have. And since I'm usually conscious of temperatures and another conditions in zones where I have interests.,.. it's better than anything else on the web
~ Brian Sullivan
Nice radar photo... though it's not true time. Soft is buggy with Samsung Note 9. Freezes upon leaving local conditional overlay. Will not locate, zoom or go into horizontal mode and adjustments no longer work. Gotta close & reopen to gain functionality. Another than that it's just dandy!
~ S. Rodgers
Usually Know the weather around me and my loved ones. Alwaya know the cuerrnt temp and anticipated temp for the day. Usually obtain alerts when severe weather is approaching or occurring. Thank you for giving me the ability to be ready.
~ Kim Collier
highly suggest finest weather release period. it has been so useful as ive traveled. the tracking does a nice job of pinpointing territory in true time. with weather that can be a release changer when security is a concern.
~ john heiken
on par with news channel 8 by 5 mins on the nonpaid ver a lot of informations you would use right off the bat like temp, clouds, rain classic or HD , wind direction covering the whole US and canada shows rotations of tropic winds and with a several dollars $3-7 you obtain hurricaine reports and angled mode . for $25 a year live aviation maps too! and supports out in star citizen with 3 planets and it even has mars surface map too! 5/5!
~ christian woodall
The release does exactly as advertised. i chand a serting and got some things on the screen that made it hard for me to see clearly. check your settings if there is a trouble. after sending notice of trouble to developer, they got with me cute speedy.
~ Edward Butler
Why can you not transfer radar box bought on nonpaid ver over to the (actually paid for and downloaded) pro ver? Actually, if I'm wrong and there is in fact an option for this in the settings, then please forgive me. If not, than yeah...that's some...bull honkey doo doo
~ Mike S
It's nice if you wish to know what happened 30 mins ago. Pushes info of severe weather alerts but can't search the alert in the release. Very cute but useless for tracking the timing of incoming storms. Purchase? Nope. Bye. The banners are unobtrusive.
~ Nita Younger
I like the release a lot but I do have a question. Is there any idea to set the radar to present future movement? For instance, at 10:40 am, it will only present me radar movement up until 10:30 am. I hope there is a idea to correct this that I'm just overlooking.
~ Justin Bentley
Honestly, for being a nonpaid weather release it's not all that terrible. Nice enough for me to use it for the last several years. However, with time the forecasting has became somewhat inaccurate and the radar isn't usually correct either. All in all I can really only depend on forecast accuracy for the next day, and radar accuracy if each county around me plus my own is experiencing the same weather. 🤷 in the meantime I'm trying another apps. Hope it improves.
~ ItzMrStealYoKill
I've had this release installed on my family devices for years. I live in zone where super cells and tornados are a high probability today. I just noticed my purchases have disappeared for radar pro. I am kinda bummed because accuracy is important when tornados run erupting.I am curious if this release is actually an annual buy model?
~ JD Martin
To developer, full screen banners were installed during an modernization. It gotta have been some playstore malware. I know google has had troubles with that. I unistalled release and banners went away. I just reinstalled release and it is GREAT. I give it 4 stars because it is 5 mins behind .
~ A Google user
I used the nonpaid ver for about one year and then I upgraded for hurricanes. I rely on this for home and work. The accuracy is magnificent. I would like to see is an icon for lighting instead of a strobe. It would be great to see where lighting is concentrated. eg one lighting bolt represents a certain time lenght.
~ David Gorski
Finest 3 bucks I have spent. visualizations are nice. cute speedy. slide down from top and obtain all the information. awesome presentation of detail in needed graphs. beats each another radar release I tried. even nonpaid the banners are not annoying like another apps. I paid to remove banners 'cause this developed deserves to be paid.
~ Gordon Mock
I have bragged to dudes and family about this release. I may have to rethink. I live in Oklahoma, tornado alley, and yesterday there where 3 tornadoes in my zone and was not notified by this release. When electric goes off, it's dark and you live in the country, all you have is your device.
~ Merna Sandvig
I would give it a better rating but I recently got a newest device and it didn't transfer. I paid for the full ver (2.99) and it didn't transfer. Very disappointed. i feel the maker of the release needs to fix the glitch
~ Jess Kirby
I loved this release. it never failed. actually theres no radar at all. I've uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times. the release loads, my territory is there, even the tiny weather icon shows... but never any radar. loading, loading, loading. I've missed two tornadic storms already. what nice is it?
~ Jennifer Ashba
my absolute go to radar release. thank you. better than weatherbug, and my local weather station. i even like it better than the NWS radar. I love that it shows the wind directions. i love the classic mode. I have been using this release for a couple of years and I haven't been upset with it yet.
~ Elysia Haley
I live at 10,000 feet in a tiny mountain city. Am quite surprised and pleased with the accuracy. The warnings are almost usually spot on. Have used this release since I found it years ago. It's been very dependable. I work outside and it's great to know if I'm going to have to place on my snow boots or my raincoat! I've turned a lot of my dudes on to this release. Check it, you'll like it.
~ George Hartt
Nice weather radar. I walk a lot, so I usually give this release a speedy glance if it's cloudy out - much easier to claim if I will need an umbrella. As much as I love this release, the UI certainly... leaves a lot to be desired. 😅 I'd love to see some visual updates going into the future.
~ A Google user
A really nice release for all things weather. Living in Florida, this supports me watch which direction hurricanes are going in, and if a Thunderstorm has the ability to conjure Tornadoes. You can completely adjust the map, what's shown, and what life saving info you obtain. Incredible, and they are constantly upgrading and making it better. A gigantic thank you to the developers for supporting me hold my Family and Property protected!
~ Casey Corbett
THEY REMOVED OUR PAID VERSION. We have had the paid ver of this release to stop those annoying banners. All of a sudden husbands is no longer the paid ver. checking his settings and choosing "remove banners" is requiring him to pay again. please fix this or claim me how to fix it. I'm not paying a second time. UPDATE: Nice how you can reply to some comments on here yet have not responded to any of my 3 requests (so far) to correct the trouble we are having. Non existent customer service?
~ bubbles
Finest weather radar release yet! The only things missing in it for me are front line plots (advancing/stationary fronts, dry lines, H/L pressure cells, etc.) and being able to switch the wind layer between ground wind patterns and high altitude jet streams. Perhaps these informations are there and I just haven't found them yet. These informations used to exist in an earlier ver of the IntelliCast release before they were removed. I would like to see them again in somebody's release. Otherwise, a nice release!
~ Ron Sheek
This release is 10-11 minutes behind before it upgrades. I like everything else on this release. But, I live in Oklahoma 10 minutes can be life or death during Tornado season, especially the season we are having actually. If the paid release upgrades often u refresh it, I will buy it. Is this a glitch with the nonpaid release? Or is the paid release 11 minutes behind as well. please reply. Like I claimed if the paid release automatically upgrades much faster or I have the choice of refreshing the release I will buy it.
~ Keith Sharp
Nice software for weather watchers. The upgrade gives you access to official NWS radar imagery from across the country. The HD radar is wonderful and is often needed for seeing the large picture. I would like to see an modernization to opt in/out of certain warnings. I wish warnings shown, but some (like river flooding) don't affect me and only clutter the screen.
~ Dustin Blythe
This release for a long time was bar none the finest and smoothest running 5 star radar/weather release. Actually though it's become glichy. The first time you pull down and up the forecast shade the release will lock up. I've tried clearing the cache. I've tried uninstalling and then reinstalling. Same trouble. It's been like this for a while. The developers need to address this cause it makes the release useless. Running mobile 9 (one UI) on galaxy S9.
~ Alex Craig
I've had MyRadar on multiple devices for the past 4-5 years! As a truck driver this is my go to weather release. Usually reliable, usually keeping up to date with bugs or minor troubles. Only one that shows true time wind speeds/directions! Also showing true time warning zones throughout the country. Thank you for making such a nice release.
~ Scott Caskey
Nice release! I can't rely on the TV weather-guessers because they focus on the large castle's weather (I love more than 50 miles away). With MyRadar, it's much more accurate. The banners are tiny; not to interfere with the apps' target. Oh, when traveling, the map is very accurate to use for directions.
~ Jakob Froisland
i like the release very much however i trust it was triggering my network (wifi and small) to drop. i restart my device to factory settings and everything was working fine till i opened the release. i have since uninstalled it and am playing to see if it resurfaces. is this something you have heard of (i have a pixel 2xl)? if it is determined that release is causing troubles and I'm unable to use, would a refund be possible? thank you
~ vipe d
This release is phenomenal and extremely potent. The radar, alerts, info, maps, and weak latency is a lot of punch in one small tiny release. The only con is that it kills battery, but when you see all of what it can do, you'll understand why. If you have a reliable means of keeping your device charged, obtain this release. Especially for travel, or motorcycling. When you are out in the middle of nowhere, eating at a cafe and the info pops up "Rain in 10 mins." You'll be glad you have it.
~ Bentley
I have enjoyed the release for few years. It has usually been a tiny unstable and I regularly lose it and have to go back and go in again. 4 Stars because recently I'm not able to obtain to the video that has the weather forcast lady giving the national weather report. I miss it a lot. It can't search my video user. HOPE TO GET IT BACK SOON. 03/2019, I changed this to 5 Stars just because it is so nice even without the forcast video! And it is probably my old device not My Radar's fault.
~ Russell Baker
Ive used this release across different devices for years actually. Recently, it became bugged. When you slide down the local forecast and then return to the map, the map becomes unmoveable. This means if you wish to check multiple territories forecast you have to completly exit the release and restart it. Uninstalling and reinstalling has not fixed the trouble unfortunately. It's still a nice release and if you're only checking your own weather it's a liveable trouble.
~ Melissa James