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About: Actually all of your favoured content is right in the palm of your hand! Its a customized experience just for you. Youll pick your favoured subject, bookmark top articles, stay up-to-date on important meetings in Israel, view a newest installment of Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis, or browse our numerous blog posts to learn more about Messianic Judaism and another subject. The MyJVMI release brings it all to you! Our Target and Vision We exist to transform lives and see all Israel saved. It is the target of Jewish Voice Ministries to: Proclaim the Gospel Grow the Messianic Jewish community Engage the Church concerning Israel and the Jewish recipients Jewish Voice carries out this target through a many-faceted ministry that contains humanitarian medical outreaches, gigantic-scale international festivals, congregation planting and leadership training, media shows, print m ... Show more
Genre: Communication Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 9MB Developer: Jewish Voice Ministries International [email protected]
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About: Listen to multiple REAL Live Ghost Box streams! Nothing is pre-recorded...no sound banks - ACTUAL ghost boxes streaming. Paranormal researchers & enthusiasts can use this tool during investigations and conduct built-in ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication) experiments. Reverse Speech and Forward Speech ghost boxes are on the app. The Live Ghost Box Plus app was created by Steve Hultay, a ghost box pioneer with over a decade of experience, and has worked with such legends as Frank Sumption an...

Developer: Steve Hultay

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About: Connect you watch to smartphone. No ads It's works with all china's watches...

Developer: OnSoft

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About: Futuristic digital watchface for WatchMaker with color changer and 12h/24h time. Tap the logo to switch colors and cycle through over 20 colors. Tap time to switch from 12h to 24h digital time. This watchface has key info at a glance including dual battery meters, weather, steps, day/date, and more. For Android Wear and Tizen watches with WatchMaker. Before you purchase this watch face, please note that you MUST have Watchmaker Premium installed (see below) on Wear or Tizen. This watch face W...

Developer: JMK32DIGITAL

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About: Welcome to use Whitelist It can block off advertising, marketing, market research, scams, pranks, all unknown caller and your mother or boss... except for the phone number that exists in your mobile phone contacts. This app can be convenient to record, query, and mark blocked caller name. * Features Small, power-saving, no ads. * Precautions (1) This is not a blacklist app. You do not need to do anything. It is just an automatically block off all unknown callers are not in your mobile...

Developer: MAUTOIN

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About: #1 App For WhatsApp Groups Links You Can Join Unlimited Groups Here...

Developer: mohd shoaib

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About: Skylex provides a listing of experienced Attorneys that are ready, willing and capable of solving your legal problems. Skylex staff searches for the most skillful legal professionals who know the law very well and at the same time, our listing provides lawyers who are technologically savvy and not arrogant. Skylex enables internet users to see the Attorneys status (online/offline), call them, email them or exchange messages in real time....

Developer: Skylex, LLC

Similar Apps Like Vibo Messenger Alternatives
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About: Collect and send 3D Augmented Reality Messengers back and forth with your friends and family. Take pics of your Messengers posing in the real world and post them on social media or share them with your friends. The Vibo Messenger app allows you to: Register as a Vibo user Invite friends into Vibo Send messages via Messengers to your friends Choose from dozens of categories and hundreds of Messengers Customize your Messengers by giving them different skins and different anim...

Developer: Ready, Set Promo!


Similar Apps Like RoD NeXT  Alternatives
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About: RoD NeXT solutions leverage AI engines to build models, natural language understanding techniques and deep learning networks to deliver personalized and intuitive augmented experiences to users via a variety of visual-, speech- or gesture-based interfaces. The bedrock of these solutions are self-aware digital platforms that leverage disruptive technologies for exponential benefits. Data is key to delivering all AI-powered experiences and hence RoD NeXT solutions are built to seamlessly ingest, p...

Developer: Zensar Technologies Ltd

Similar Apps Like pretty Easy privacy p≡p Alternatives
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About: pp is a cyber security solution which protects the confidentiality and reliability of communications for citizens, for public offices and for enterprises. It provides end-to-end cryptography in all common crypto-standards through the app that you install on your phone. pp for Android makes e-mail encryption easy on mobile devices for everyone by automatic and seamless integration of end-to-end encryption. Set it up with your existing e-mail address under a minute. Send and receive as many ...

Developer: pEp Security S.A.

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About: You have only 5 % battery life and hate the lagy moment. Then this app is for you to make your phones last moments exciting. Its a very simple chat app that let you communicate with other people in the world Only if you have 5 % or less than Battery Life. So Chat with other people who's phones are also about to die and die together . Any Queries ?? Get in touch with us: [email protected] Have a great day folks !!!...

Developer: Hexiotech Apps

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About: Are you frustrated with Nuisance calls and Spam SMS on your mobile? The CPR Call Blocker app will allow you to enjoy round-the-clock blocking of unwanted phone calls & SMS messages. It is simple to set-up and use, as well as being highly customizable and adaptable to your call & SMS blocking needs. CPR Call Blocker has a simple, easy to use interface and works with the vast majority of Android devices. It performs efficiently as a background process to block calls/SMS without slowing down y...

Developer: CPR Call Blocker

Similar Apps Like SOLOPIN APP (SOLO PIN) Alternatives
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About: Call Friends & Family Worldwide with a competitive price in the Market Super Low Call Rates with the Best Service Quality and No Peak Times With Solopin you can finally reach friends and family members with ease and at a competitive price. Calling with SOLOPIN App is faster, no need to dial long numbers, just use your contact list to dial. With Solopin Softphone you get all your Solopin benefits plus: - Excelent Call Quality - Call Using Your Contact List - Easily Recharge ...

Developer: Unlimited Recharge INC

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About: Emails are a familiar form of communication. On average 2.4 million Emails are sent every second, out of which 1 in 131 emails contain malware. Whether its for our personal or business need, if hacked then it can be a traumatic experience. To protect you from all these hassles we have made Siccura Safemail. Siccura Safemail is an email security and encryption solution that integrates with your existing email account to provide end-to-end email encryption. Siccura Safemail gives you total con...

Developer: Siccura Ltd

Similar Apps Like First Student Connect  Alternatives
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About: Designed specifically for First Student employees, First Student Connect provides you with access to local information and updates, best practices, policies and company news.Stay connected with updates and notifications directly from your manager. Also, view facility-posted news and information. First Student employees can link directly to tools and relevant content important to your personal success, as well as employee/company information via self-service functionality, including links to ...

Developer: Firstgroup PLC


Similar Apps Like TextU - Private SMS Messenger, Call screening Alternatives
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About: TextU - one of the best all-in-one messenger app to replace stock messages! It is a secured SMS & free text messenger keeping your messages from snooping. TextU Send text messages safely with private box, SMS blocker, even SMS backup & restore and schedule SMS! You can also register with your phone to unlock free online messages. ===== Key Features of TextU ===== - SECURE MESSAGES All messages are encrypted for secure purpose No one could take snapshot for your messages - FU...

Developer: Melons Chat Team

Similar Apps Like foxmate Alternatives
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About: FOXMATE user your phone 's internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE OR WI-FI,as available) to let your message and call friends. Its the all-in-one communications app for text and video calls,Moments,and photo sharing. In FOXMATE, you can share your life by picture,text,expression and so on. Creating your own private space. In FOXMATE,it is very easily to find your new friends and lover. In FOXMATE, open your social network journey .It is so interesting,you will be attracted and can not stop. You c...

Developer: Lanpingwu

Similar Apps Like Aloha Browser Lite - Private browser and free VPN  Alternatives
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About: Try Aloha Browser Lite - it is a fast, free, full-featured web browser that provides maximum privacy and security. Award winning private browser has a lightweight version now FAST as a lightning No Annoying ads FREE unlimited VPN SECURE encrypted connection LOCK app or private tabs LIGHTWEIGHT because sometimes size does matter PRIVACY: we dont log any of your activity and will never share it with anyone, because we have nothing to share L...

Developer: Aloha Mobile

Similar Apps Like Easy Chat Alternatives
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About: Mensajera pura e instantnea. Simple, rpida, segura y sincronizada a travs de todos tus dispositivos. Ms de 200 millones de usuarios activos en dos aos y medio. RPIDA: Telegram es la aplicacin de mensajera ms rpida del mercado. Conecta a las personas a travs de una red nica de centros de datos, distribuida a travs de todo el planeta...

Developer: FAlvarez

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About: Long time no see with your dear ones? Or maybe you are searching for a safe and free messaging app with video calling for every day use? Try our high quality, easy to use and reliable Video Calling Free. It has been called as one of the best face to face for android and video calling apps with no lags r instability. All you need is a solid internet connection and you can use Video Calling Free at any time for as long as you like! # FREE ONLINE VIDEO CALLS # Create an account and invite any o...

Developer: Moniko Moniko

Similar Apps Like 찐더피온4(zinthefion4) Alternatives
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About: ) . . . !... Developer: skybridgemedia



MyJVMI Reviews and Comments:

God is nice all the time
~ A Google user
Nice source of stats!
~ Michelle Baltz
I installed this release by seeing GOD television
~ Shalom S
It gives stats about the Jewish ministry and newest news.
~ Simon Furtado
This does, in no doubt bring Israel; indeed the Jew closer to our knowledge. I think it's a great idea.
Really important stats - love this!
~ Lynette Lewis
~ Belkys Haddad
~ A Google user
~ A Google user
Feel blessed
~ Connie C
Love and Peace for Everyone
~ Sunn Flower
Been blessed by this release
~ jemima sutherland
Love Israel and this ministry...
~ Rhonda Pearson
Very simple to use. Nice needed release.. thank you!
~ C B
I love this APP & the Jewish Voice
~ Ma D'arville
Very needed release .Glory to God
~ A Google user
I loved the tool on TBN u all have done excpetional love being in the nation of Iseral
~ Enkore evercore
I just got into it but it is awsome in what i have seen. God bless you brother an sisters
~ Dale Stearns
A nice release! The great connection for providing both prayer and financial help to Jehovah's chosen recipients!
~ Mark Priola
It's wonderfull as a Christian to be able to connect to my Jewish foundation, and learn of it.Thank G-D
~ A Google user
Having to sign up is ridiculous.We watch on TV all the time
~ A Google user
Thanks for your support and help in our Boss and Savior Jesus Christ's sake Name Name. Amen 1John I AMEN Phil. 1,2,3,
~ John L Cook Jr
Provides a lot of stats about Jewish Voice, upgrades on the Middle East, and is an nice resource for Jewish roots and Messianic faith education. Love the blogs too!
~ Celena Alvarado
Thanking Almighty God for His Provisions I am glad that this Soft to hold me posted all I need to K on about Israel.God is with us for sure..Amen & Amen.
~ Rison Varkey Isaac
Just found this nice release. 5++++++ .a nice software to reach our recipients, All recipients. .. I want for "ASK THE RABBI " section on. T.V. and on line .......so many questions for our travel in this globe. so many souls we touch .How we walking with Yeshua can create a difference. Shalom and G-d Bless All At JVMI.
~ Wanda Gilmore
Love it so much.
~ Douglas Lungu
cannot share on social media
~ Stephan Sante
Praise the Boss Amen 😇🙏
~ king Arthur
It's very wonderful
~ Gal math
Very accurate in detail and extremely moving
~ A Google user
nice to be modernized what's going on with Israel.
~ anna tp
Newest to this will be learning process for me
~ Diantha Hart
Praise our savior and God for the peace of Jerusalem amen!
~ terrence yura
I love the historical background on the Jewish holidays and wish to celebrate them more!
~ A Google user
The Holy Spirit has launch my heart to the recipients of Israel. Thank you Boss!!!
~ A Google user
Was working fine the first several days actually it just dosen't launch at all. Uninstalled and reinstalled but nothing doing.
~ Vic Jr
Have had usually a keen interest in the Jewish recipients since I was in high school. Actually that I am a grandmother of two young pretty grandsons it has continued
~ Karen Turner
love Jonathan Bernis and Jewish voice. plan to restart my financial contribution..love this release. just started, but what I have seen is nice. I have usually thirsted for more knowlege of Jewish Ministry. Cannot search one better than JVMI! love this Soft! I am excited about all I see. I love Israel and our Jewish Recipients. Israel needs our help here in America. Anti-Semitism is everywhere In America actually. Should write a ebook. Love you all. I pray everyday for Israel and Leadership. love PM Netanyahu!
~ Matthew Dow