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About: If you love to add text on pictures or quotes or thoughts, my name pics - name art is the finest release to add text, artworks and stickers on pictures. Need to obtain a constructive edge in your display pictures? Actually make or generate quotes on pictures with font and styles and any fancy text you like such as the greetings of your favoured occasion, festivals. Actually write any text on picture with different colors of your choice and different handsome fonts. Informations of My Name Pics - My Name art Select from different options to name out the photo and create a customized photo. Add fancy texts to the name using handsome name maker or my name art. Decorate 500+ templates using handsome text fonts and handsome name trends. 500+ different symbols used to decorate your name art. More than 200+ lovely templates to text on. Set Various kind of background and g ... Show more
Genre: Art & Design Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 14MB Developer: FormationApps [email protected] undefined
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My Name Pics - Name Art Reviews and Comments:

I love the release and the graphics, however, it's asking to modernization, and in the modernization the release wants access to my caller ID and contacts. Idk why it would need access to these things.
~ A Google user
It's super
~ A Google user
Soft shows you can place your signature to your pictures in cursive. That isn't real. The text looks like kind text! Lame!
~ A Google user
i dont like this appp
~ A Google user
just loved it. Incredible
~ Sharmila Syed
Finest release for making art. Its speedy ,simple to use and with very nice photo quality and its a seven in one release. Better than I expected👍☝😉😀😎
~ Evelyn Akrowiah
it was very great release previously but actually its worsen
~ satya prakash
i like this release and i think recipients could create this kind release this is nice release
~ A Google user
this is finest for me
~ A Google user
really magnificent and nice
~ surya prakash
yes it is very useful
~ K.ganapathy Samuel ganapathy
Old ver is very nice. It has pretty pics, stickers, backgroundsetc. Old ver is awesome. This newest modernization has very POOR PERFORMANCE. I don't like this newest modernization. Now this is my favoured release. Please again modernization with old pics, backgrounds and stickers. Thank you...
~ Sireesha Jillepalli
vera lvl release..... really nice.....
~ smillan sam
Great Soft very use. full
~ perumal perumal
I love this release 💞💕
~ Sonali Nair
very terrible with annoying banner..Uninstalled..save time.
~ Ashker kgd
its ok not too nice not too terrible
~ A Google user
but it would be great to have more symbols.
~ Debbie Winans
I love this
~ Sahithya Vidhuran
name art finest release to use
~ Pradeep Tomar
very great and to nice
~ satyajit vlogs
most stupid release ever. malifunktions
~ Alyssa Vermaak
very nice release its a lovley
~ Always Mojila
boring just 1 font available do not download.
~ Atiya Tarique
It is too nice to use...I like this release so much
~ A Google user
its nice idea to bring us
~ Ajay Dhrangu
verry verry cool release what a fabulous design
~ Azad gir Goswami
All Results are Nice, Nice Job... Add more newest Informations.. Great...
~ abir chaudhury
you could modernization ur app. newest year templet having 2018 as a year... wt a funny....
~ CA Pritesh L Hariya
So many cool designs to pick from! Absolutely love this release!
~ Siphesihle Hadebe
nice is more then what i need
~ Justean Kevin
very usefull release , cool fonts and i am setisfied . it will be better if you add more symbols and fonts😊😊
~ Mubin Afridi
Nonsense, Fed up with upgrades again and again. just uninstalling this disgusting release.
~ Aabid Ansari
This is the worst release ever!!!!!!None of the equipment ain't loading..It just makes me ignorant...Just a waste of zone
~ A Google user
uuuum it was ok but I can't send it to Youtube
~ Angel plays
TERRIBLE! Nothing but error messages, objects don't exist, terrible language, and a pointless release.
~ A Google user
Very nice release!! You can edit your pictures or create newest ones..fun and simple to use!!
~ A Google user
great..More thorough pictures could be given..
Your Symbols & stickers are not working. Also the BG of gradient & 2-3 others are also not working.. I have been using your release since last 2 years & all function were working well but since last 2 upgrades all this above function are not working.. So kindly work on it as quickly as possible bcoz your release is very nice & this type of error occurring are bowing down your preferences. So plzz work on it as quickly as possible.
~ Sohan Solanki
newest modernization is very terrible parfomance...old ver is very nice pics editing part is very bokas.plz deliever old ver this release is my fev release but this time is not....☹plz deliever old ver
~ Anuj Gupta