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About: The #1 song creation release. Join the song revolution actually! Millions of recipients use Sound Maker JAM to make, remix and share nice beats and tracks across a wide tons of categories like EDM, trap, hip-hop, house, pop, rock, and more. We create song creation simple! Pick from thousands of studio-quality loops, beats and samples to run mixing your newest track then share immediately with a worldwide audience. Submit your remixes to our global challenges - grow as a producer, gain a following and obtain discovered! More than ten FREE Mix Boxes with over 2000 loops available in the Sound Maker JAM shop. HIGHLIGHTS - Select from 300+ Mix Boxes with 500k+ loops including EDM, trap, hip-hop, house, pop, rock, dubstep, jazz, latin, techno, DnB and more - Make your own special sound: easily compose by combining samples from different song categories - You are the pr ... Show more
Genre: Music & Audio Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: JAM Just Add Music GmbH
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About: "Jay Adhya shakti Maa jay Adhya shakti" - Aarti for Hindu goddess Ambe maa. - This Aarti is very popular in GUJARAT (INDIA) - In next version it will be with Lyrics. May Ambe Mata bless all of you....

Developer: Smart App Array

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Developer: Music Studio Entertainment

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Developer: Dub Studio Productions ���� Top Music Apps

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Developer: Classical Music Streaming - IDAGIO

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Developer: Vicente Pastor Mateo



Music Maker JAM Reviews and Comments:

Nice Soft I have be able to produce really nice song audio ever since I was a babe... I however hadnt touched a mixer or drum pad for a several years actually and i just installed this and it was such a breeze to navigate I now produced a slay beat just learning to use it
~ Beth Eddy
They need someone to control the community. They never do and actually Jammers don't obtain recognized anymore. sad to see the release going downhill after being on it since it started.
~ DopeOnTapProductions SuMMeR
Finest small song release I've ever had it runs smoothly and its a nice idea to meet newest musicions. thanks to this I've done colabs with another players and I am haveing fun. thanks for making this a thing.
~ TJ O
Very great to learn song.......... Check it ones if ur r a song lover 😇😇..... I am very large fan of song....... So i tried this release very nice release😇😇.......... Check it and have a great and pleasant day...... Run and end the day by hearing ur song not others..... 😎😎😎
~ Kannan Jayaraman
Hi, This release is extremely nice. however I have encountered a trouble; when I installed this actual modernization, I have (on two consecutive occasions) lost all of the projects I was working on. I noticed that every time I am done working on a project, it gets erased after a several days- whenever I Connect to the internet. Please support me out. I've lost a nice number of songs.
~ udeokechukwu Chidiebere Geoffrey
l think you for creating song maker I don't feel there's any song making release that can touch it I had this release for about 5 years if not more I'm not sure but this is the finest release I've created 1000s of song I've tried another ones nothing can compare my name Nathaniel Williams aka gumbo masala you guys hold up the nice work it's also a stress reliever
~ NAthaniel Williams
first of all, either I can't create any song because everything I'm using is copyrighted (which I know its not) or one thing is copyrighted and this release doesn't claim you which one it is and it's extremely annoying to look for. second of all, I can't create song for my YT channel because NEARLY EVERY SINGLE THING is copyrighted! don't place copyrighted equipment in there if we can only use it in the JAM community, cuz if I don't obtain paid here (like I do on my YT channel) then why would I ever post there?
~ Sans Fans
just downloaded. seems cute tight and well place together. i know this isnt really in the interest of industry but itd be really great if there was a reputable recording and tracking tool that didnt completely depend on initial or in-release purchases. wouldn't even really mind adds as long as they weren't super spammy. love you guys, though, hold creating so we can hold creating, i love it.
~ Nathan West
this song release is okay. Not a lot of nonpaid sample boxes. the ones that are nonpaid are usually not so nice. But I have lots of troubles uploading my newest songs or releasing my newest songs to my page.
~ Adam zombie master mytiemouse
i love this release! im large into these song maker apps, my only only trouble is not being able to have access to more song boxes. too expensive and hard to earn. another than that, i love this release!
~ Scary Kangaroo
It was really cool, not as hard as I thought it would be. Very nice sound results & very intuitive & simple to follow. Hopefully will be cre8ting some more recent & original beats in the near future..
~ Harlan Thompson
I absolutely love this release I've been using it for probably the past 5 years and I've been a musician since I was the age of 16 so have a cute nice musical background it's very player-friendly and again a lot of selection and varieties so if you're a musician you'll be very glad with soft.
~ Jamison Packett
This release has allowed me to create song I listen to on a everyday basis. I would highly suggest this release and its sister release loudly. while loudly is not needed it still is cool. Anyways, to end LOVE IT.
~ Chaotic Cow
Its easy but also allows for a lot of personal creativity. Give it a test and test around with the release for awhile. it would be really cool if the release had a beat pad with different sound boxes so you can really add your own touch.
~ William Lee
I love it I love how you have all these instruments and all these options even the voice option and just gave me a chance to create some cool song but the only thing what I would do to this release is to add more informations in just a pop and rock star information like for example a jazz information or a electric information or even a massive metal information but overall I love this release I want recipients would create more apps like this!👍😄
~ BZK Channel yah!!!
Nice. Fun. Simple to Use. I downloaded this release for a project where I had to compose a easy jingle for my product; completed it immediately. I was really glad with the effects and the mechanics of the release. Would suggest.
~ Nagiby Kuri
all in all it's a unbelievable release I suggested if you are not a musician and wanted to have a several jam-packed sessions already under your belt without having to do any of the work yourself cuz it's already done for you I don't know I thought I was going to be able to create my own song but apparently you guys have so many Loops I wasn't able to really do what I wanted but I still appreciate it and it's a unbelievable Apple give me wrong I just need a tiny bit more time with it thank you.
~ Josue Sanudo
This release is nice. I have no musical talent, and all my life I've had song in my head that I should never express. actually I can. I can't trust I hadn't discovered this release before. So even if my song is only for me, at least I can compose it. Fully worth it, download this release actually.
~ Steven Markley
This release is exceptional. It has helped ke search my twlent as a composer and I continue using it producing studio quality song. I wiah for this release to explqnd and grow and to add more perhaps built in nonpaid ton s sounds to test with. I wish to see kore from this release it has such gigantic potential!!! I'm in love with it.
~ Liana De Laurent
i like it its a solid release... needs to share with YouTube and bitchute and minds!! it had malfunctioned when trying to upload to youtube and then the option to even share with YouTube fully disappeared from the release!! so that needs to be fixed another than that it's a cute nice release I like it!!
~ Matthew Henry
I think the release itself is nice but I would've given a 5 star if the release itself had a 'Direct Message' information as well :) Offline listening would also really enhance the release in my opinion however, I really love this release, it's the finest song producing release out there definitely download it you won't regret it.
~ TheOffiGamer TOG
it was nice...until a gigantic bug occurred. when I when on the release I was surprised to see an error that made lost all my mix boxes. I got most of them back (they were nonpaid) but I didn't obtain the tedd quantum mix box back. and that box happened to be my most used box so actually I can access my main projects.
~ Jose Esquivel
I honestly love this release. finest box selection ive ever seen on a nonpaid service. LOVE the social aspect. i feel it's missing essential informations such as live results like rollers, reverb, echo/delay, backspins etc. i would even pay a tiny one-time super for these. love the release but 3.5 stars until i gain some control.
~ Jonathan G Ferreri Jr.
newest device, newest jams! MMJ released the artist in me about five years ago and i can`t describe with words the awesomeness that comes from hearing one of your babes crying on the radio for the first time! thank you to everyone involved in the production and continual excellence of this magnificent release! the joy of song creation is much more satisfieing than the earning of a several bucks that record companies might leave for you beside thier plate! peace and pot!
~ Dylan K'wagner
I just opened the release and I enjoy the sound. I need time to feel it out. If it's any support to you, I would like to record tracks for way performing and tiny nightclub gigs. I'm going to invest some serious time on this release and give it an honest shot. Here I go!!! I'll hold you posted. Thanks fellow song lovers
~ Raven Lunatic
great release & samples but, the only trouble is one song I uploaded to YouTube from this release resulted in a copyright claim on my video why not allow us make our own samples so that we can avoid copyright troubles. most samples are copyrighted from what I've read up. since the copyright claim, I've no intentions of coming back to this release.
~ Aquaticfredkill 720
This thing is nice, love it, and it is really great that u can upload one to youtube through this release, its really simple to use. i started with pop, and hip hop, which are cool, but are related. ps, my youtube channel is named Ghost Rider, and ill be making a guide on how to do this. my lolg thing on youtube is a backwords G, and an R, with a colorfull background.
~ Reese Arnett
Love this release, just ² things would be great and really create this beond perfection.To be able go back and edit our published works and when signing into knew device's to obtain all our projecs loaded in as well. Now The second would solve first. That would be nice I've been using this release for quite some time and I think it's rather strange that you haven't made that a information. I go through devices like a tiny more than an average individual's don't usually sug. equipment but yeah. Thank you¡
~ Kody/Lucard Raines/Gore
This is more than an release. This is a school in a nice idea. Sound Making Jam supplies us with the softwares. And I myself along with millions of recipients from all over the globe are the students who become the teachers with the support and help of our peers. Nice Soft. And I'm not paid to claim this. I just love song. Come join me. Insane Magnus RRR
~ Murky Waters
this release was nice before the modernization. frequent crashes as well as time to time freezes for the song visualizer. Not only that but my song "wasnt found". well your release is now retarded because I just made it and was about to version it. I HAVE THOUSANDS OF FOLLOWERS ON THIS APP AND THEY WERE WAITING FOR MY SONG WHICH TOOK 2 DAYS TO MAKE. I actually have to wait 2 more long days to create other one which contains song video editing, song editing, lyrics writing etc. Fix your release. NOW.
~ Sage Samurai
I started out with a 5 star review for this release. After using it I'm changing that here's why. Although I enjoy arranging loops and samples the idea this community interacts within the release doesn't work, imo. The trending section is the same uploaders almost weekly. This I can only imagine is either due to the amount of followers every person has or that there are staff pick who to be trending. Recipients commenting on trending tracks just to obtain noticed is a joke. So if you enjoy arranging have fun.
~ Brad Roland Music
The release is very great for making song and sharing, with a very intuative platform to create songs and upload them. My trouble is how to gain Beatcoins (in-release currency to buy newest song boxes), when you finish the guide, you gain a total of 180 beat coins, and the only idea to obtain more is by serveys, downloading sponsered apps, among others, plus buying them. Most song boxes go for +200 coins. I think if you should just watch an banner or and gain a several coins, it would be much better.
~ Zeke250
Having used the Magix Sound Maker DAW for the last 10yrs, I search this a breath of recent air for song production. I love it. I'm a classically trained muscian and until I found Magix had no prior experience in making Dubstep or EDM. I wanted to transport with the times, and not be stuck in a rut. This Soft is absolutely brilliant. Dougie Doug.
~ Doug Bower
It's a nice release...very inspiring and easy to operate. Unfortunately it does have bugs. Probably the most irritating of these is its habit of triggering the 'Shake to Shuffle' function when you are holding your device perfectly still, which is especially galling if youve just found the right instruments for your song part. I think there could be a setting to fully disable 'Shake to Shuffle' ,and obviously a fix so that ,when it's enabled ,it ONLY triggers via a very deliberate shake .
~ toddbulky
I think your release is nice, and Idk if anyone important now will read this, but I've just got two nice concepts 1. Bring back the FX button for the pitch shifter thingy. 2. There could be like an online deal kind thing where you sign up with it, and can use all the sounds for nonpaid, because I'm not reasonably paying 1000's for sound boxes. That's all, thank you.
~ Satirical Implosion
This release is nice. They run you off with a speedy guide and some nonpaid boxes to run making some tracks. Url layout is pro looking yet player friendly. I also like that it's a community and everyone can share their tracks. The release makes for a constructive song session. The only thing I want for is that they add more chord progressions. Thank you Sound Maker Jam! I recently remixed Blur by MØ. I slowed down the tempo, added drums from a different box and rearranged the synths and vocals.
~ Fabio Alesna
Finest release for making song. Only release ill use. it is worth taking time to learn the technic. So many beats sounds and fx no another release can compare. Love it!!!! Still Loving it still going powerful got the Beast going on I refer this release to everyone I know that wants to create beats song Etc how about a nonpaid sound box call me LOL
~ A Google user
ive been with release for 5 years so my review last was terrible cuz glitches and what not but i have acknowledge it took a while but things are idea better. thank u. i still lost $50 cuz of ur server being over capacity in which i made a buy during that but things are improving. actually all u need is newest not repetitive in a different note but newest never heard sounds. i sample from YouTube sounds, acapellas, video intros, vocal chants
~ CinCoCent CC
Its a really cool release, and meant for jamming as opposed to straight up creation of content, but at the end of the day it takes considerably more patience than it ought to; there is no idea to adjust the scale of your song from inside the release. I've found workarounds, like changing the code of the project, but they are unreliable. Its a nice release, but underwhelming and useless to any musician that lives outside the key of C. If I were to go so far, its a tiny embarrassing it's not already there.
~ Patrick Grogan
Hello the release is nice but I have a trouble with logging in, each time i wish to login it claims"your correspondence address is not valid or is already being used"and I have a trouble with recording a track with my own lyrics. It doesn't sound nice when i record, all i hear is the beat, the lyrics don't come out as wanted they kinda sound like this (blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah) more like a dying ghost. support me on how i can merge my beat with my lyrics so it sounds like a song
~ Princess Chinkuli