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About: Enjoy meal that moves you forward™. Actually it’s easy with the Modern Supermarket release. Like our belief that meal fosters growth and has the power to inspire, the Modern Supermarket release is just as straightforward - order ahead, pay and earn rewards both in-restaurant and online. Convenience is actually at your fingertips. Simple navigation lets you transport effortlessly between finding your closest Modern Supermarket and placing an order to paying and checking your rewards. The in-release menu with useful entree and ingredient photos also let for simple browsing if you just can’t decide between the Tender Belly BLT+A or the Curry Salmon Bowl. Register today and earn $5.00 automatically. Earn $10 for each $100 you spend using the release. And obtain an ongoing 10% off reward within five days of your last visit. You think that’s a lot of rewards? We’re just getting starte ... Show more
Genre: Food & Drink Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 17MB Developer: LevelUp Consulting [email protected]
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About: The Sandy Bottom Bagels app is a convenient way to mobile order ahead and skip the line. Order ahead Why wait in line when you can place your order and have it ready when you get to the store. Find our store Get directions, store hours and contact information....

Developer: Poppin Pay, LLC [email protected]

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About: Find all the Happy Hours in tel-aviv - Allows to find the best deals in the city - Allows to navigate to the right bar. - Allows to contact the place and order a table. - Updated about all the new deals. - Divided by a categories: Beers, Wine, cocktails etc... Developer: Chug [email protected]

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About: We will serve you the real food delivery service that you've never experienced before. # Crazy discounts Enjoy our countless sales & promotions. # On point We most probably have all of the food you want. Say it, and we will deliver to you! (BAEMIN is now available in Saigon) Let's eat with BAEMIN!...

Developer: WoowaBrothers Viet Nam [email protected]

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About: Food Connect Driver Application...

Developer: Thomas Mitchelson [email protected]

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About: "What Can I Cook?” is designed to help you minimise food waste, and unnecessary trips to the supermarket. Fully offline, so no internet access is needed - use it anywhere! Simply put in any dietary preferences you have, and enter the ingredients you have, and you will be presented with a variety of recipes that you can cook with these ingredients. The app also has the ability to show recipes with ONLY the ingredients you have - but please note at present the app only has approximately 75 ...

Developer: Steve Crossin [email protected]

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About: Cooking Recipe android app with add recipe by chef is complete app where user can find all the food recipes category wise, user can search recipes, search recipes by ingredients, search recipes by name & most popular recipes User can also become a chef, to add their own recipes and other users can follow you and your recipes,...

Developer: Freaktemplate [email protected]

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About: Local Deli is serving the best tasting sandwiches in town! Each delicious creation is served on scratch-made bread that's baked fresh every morning (and yes, love is the secret ingredient). Established in 2014 by North Idaho native Shelly Carhart, Local Deli prioritizes freshness and flavor with love and appreciation of customer service. We offer delicious sandwiches, salads, wraps, and more. We also feature 4 rotating taps for those over the age of 21! The faces you love, the places you...

Developer: Scanned MEDIA LLC [email protected]


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About: Android TV Application To Show Menu List of Beer. This TV App is to display the list of the beer....

Developer: Landshark Design & Conquer [email protected]

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About: Dengan Yummy App, kamu bisa bebas masak apa aja dengan bahan dan budget yang kamu punya, karena #MasakituGampang Temukan banyak inspirasi resep mudah hanya dengan 5 step memasak! Sering bingung mau masak apa dengan bahan yang kamu punya di kulkas? Temukan pilihan resep berdasarkan bahan yang kamu di kulkas dengan fitur “Masak” Tanggal tua melanda, di dompet cuma ada Rp. 10.000, bisa masak apa? Tenang, di fitur “Filter Resep” kamu bisa mencari inspirasi resep berdasarkan budget yang ka...

Developer: IDN Media [email protected]

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About: We love good beer and everything about it. After years of working in the beer industry making craft beer for other companies, the natural progression was to open a brewery of our own. Our founding members come from a wide range of backgrounds and locations from around the country, but we have the same goal, to make amazing beer and share it with our community. We are proud to be brewing beer and sharing our love of the golden age of radio in Kellogg, in the mountains of Northern Idaho. Becom...

Developer: Scanned MEDIA LLC [email protected]

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About: Goddess and the Baker is a fast-casual, fun cafe. We serve breakfast, sandwiches, salads, baked goods, and, of course, the best coffee around all day, every day. Our food is seriously good, our coffee is creative and delicious, and our culture is fun with a welcoming vibe. We are passionate about great food and service. With the Goddess and The Baker app you'll be able to: - Browse - check out our menu and coffee - Customize - add menu items to your order & customize as you like - Order & ...

Developer: SpeedETab [email protected]

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About: With the A Little BBQ Joint app, ordering your favorite food to-go has never been easier. Simply open the app, browse the menu, select your items, and voila! Special features include: restaurant info, full menu access, order ahead, special instructions, tipping, and saving your account info as well as Android Pay for easy checkout. Download. Order. Eat. Repeat....

Developer: ChowNow [email protected]

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About: Bring Me That is the largest food delivery ordering app in the US. With more than 100,000 restaurants in over 2,000 cities you’ll always find your favorite restaurants wherever you are. Ordering is simple and only takes a few taps of a button. No more calling up restaurants, getting put on hold, or busy signals. Our app features include: -Over 100,000 restaurants with menus to order from -Coverage in over 2,000 cities. We’re not one of those apps that only cater to large, urban areas. -...

Developer: Bring Me That Inc [email protected]

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About: Popcorn & Ice Cream shop with over 75 different flavors. We sell popcorn by the bag or tin. 2600 W. 7th Street, Suite 135, Fort Worth, TX, 76107 Hours of Operation: Mon-Thurs: 11 a.m -9 p.m. Fri-Sat: 10 a.m -10 p.m. Sun: 12 p.m. -7 p.m....

Developer: Agent Quoting Tools [email protected]


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About: Newport Restaurant Group, a 100% employee-owned collection of restaurants throughout Rhode Island & Massachusetts. A fan of the Newport Restaurant Group? You’ve come to the right place. The Fare Rewards loyalty program is designed to reward its members for dining in any of our unique restaurant locations. Earn $15 for every 200 points. For new AND existing members: -Browse our locations -Find your nearest location -Sign up for an account -Login to an existing account -Seamless checkin to o...

Developer: Paytronix Systems [email protected]

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About: we have improved the app so that you can have a simple, hassle-free experience while you deliver. Here’s what we’ve done:...

Developer: Thomas and Thomas Media [email protected]

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About: Sorprende a tus familiares y amigos preparando las mejores recetas Dominicanas 2019...

Developer: Apps Moviles Nativas [email protected]

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About: With the Thai This Express app, ordering your favorite food to-go has never been easier. Simply open the app, browse the menu, select your items, and voila! Special features include: restaurant info, full menu access, order ahead, special instructions, tipping, and saving your account info as well as Android Pay for easy checkout. Download. Order. Eat. Repeat....

Developer: ChowNow [email protected]

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About: The official On My Way Cafe app allows you to use your phone to order online from On My Way Cafe....

Developer: Spoonity [email protected]

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About: Join us in the fight against food waste. Food retailers often have end of day unsold surplus food which they unfortunately have to throw away. However you are now able to prevent this from happening by joining Y Waste where you at the same time will be able to save up to 80% on your food budget, eat well and save the planet. Follow your favourite food outlet and help reduce food waste. Y Waste is a great way to discover the culinary treasures in your local eatery community. Are you a foo...

Developer: Y Waste Why Waste Pty Ltd [email protected]



Modern Market Reviews and Comments:

This release is absolutely poor. They hold offering nonpaid rewards if you order on the release which I am unable to access; I end up having to scan it in-person, which defeats the entire purpose of an online order. I saw an correspondence offering $5 if you refer a dude to download and use the release to order, and I just deleted it. There is no one I hate enough that I'm willing to topic to the crappiness of this release; not even nonpaid dollars/meal can incentivize me to do that. Soft developers - fix the LevelUp functionality ASAP!
~ Jessica Molina
Trying to online order was infuriating. Same trouble as all the others using release to pay online. Never had troubles in shop but no reason online ordering could be impossible.
~ Gwen Vindell
The release still doesn't work properly for online ordering, as it will not allow you pay through LevelUp. When you test to do that, the release claims 'Waiting for approval, please approve the request on your small device through the Modern Supermarket release.' You then obtain an correspondence asking for confirmation that comes after the release request has timed out. Then, when you test to confirm the correspondence, you obtain a message that states 'Sorry, this permissions request has expired.' It is an infinite cycle on my Mobile and my dude is experiencing the same exact trouble on her iPhone. Selecting to pay with a credit card doesn't let you to use credits or accrue rewards on the release, so please fix this. Side note: the release works nice if you are paying in shop.
~ Phil Langenfeld
Useless release for small ordering. Don't even wish to eat there anymore after dealing with this. It's 2018 for God's sake, do a modicum of quality control on your release dev
~ Cleveland T. Miles III
If I should offer ZERO stars, I would. It flat out doesn't work. You have to use the release to obtain the usual 10% off, but the release doesn't work. That's named a scam. The horrible release is costing them millions of dollars; FIX IT!
~ Dave Umphress
Absolute garbage release. Impossible to order online and use the release. What is the target of having rewards and online ordering if you can't use them? Lvl up customer service is a joke. They've known about these troubles for months. Modern supermarket needs to obtain a different developer who now does their job.
~ Rebekah Kelman
You have to install the LevelUp release along with this in order to create a buy. It will take a several moments for the request to come to your device, but once it does, everything goes smoothly. The release is very slow and they are not forthcoming on how to obtain that request sent over. Mod Supermarket, you are better than this.
~ Katie Holden
No territories. Soft is very terrible
~ easypeasy
Hey, release finally worked. 👍
~ S Kimball
Nice meal, poor release! It constantly resets to the beginning, doesn't navigate well, and won't save my payment stats. I've tried to order through the release many times and have been successful 0 times. Please fix your small release
~ Stephanie Erichson
The REWARDS section crashes the release often.
~ Achraf Elhassouni
Very time consuming and it doesn't work for rewards
~ Shirin Etezazian
Horrible release. Very hard to use.
~ Matt Schaeffer
Super buggy. Faster to go into the shop and order.
~ Douglas Bakken
The worst release ever. Takes forever to load the menu
~ Teresa Yang
The release is too frustrating to use. Doesnt work most of the time. They are losing business here.
~ John Woody
Purchases arent added to my rewards. Only the very first buy was added to my rewards tally. The past 5 trips didnt obtain added
~ A Google user
It's great because rewards are worth it, you can pay using the release but the release keeps destroying so it's not worth it to hold it installed
~ Ben Petersen
The release barely works at all. When it works occasionally you obtain nice deals through the rewards but more often than not it stalls or crashes.
~ zach biggs
this release is worthless not only do you not obtain any discounts but it also erases your passwords each tome it upgrades. I never seen a benefit from the release yet. Don't waste your time
~ A Google user
crashes often i pick rewards
~ billy hense
Won't allow me add my credit card stats. Claims it applied my newest customer discount but I was charged the full price. Tried multiple times.
~ Margaret Shipley
Why is online ordering so broken on the release and the blog. The release doesn't allow me create an order. The blog takes the initial order but won't checkout. Love the meal but this keeps me away.
~ bajji sw
I would think by actually that the kinks in this release would have been fixed by actually, but I am wrong. Doesn't save anything. Can't use the back button. Won't search territories based on your physical territory. I've tried to modernization my profile 3 times, but every time I look at it, it's almost blank. Worst release I've seen in a while.
~ Nichole Norton
It sucks. Added my payment way 3 times and it just deletes it off and Claims me it cant zone my order because no payment way. I've made sure I hit save. Cant redeem my loyalty dollars rewards. It's a waste of time.
~ Miranda Davis
I don't know why this release has such horrible reviews... Maybe it used to be a lot worse. I found ordering through the release simple enough and the meal was ready 5 mins after I placed the order. The ability to obtain nonpaid rewards is ultimately why I enjoy and will continue to use it.
~ Chris Mendenhall
Very clunky and time- consuming. Just order on the blog or in person. You can't set a preferred territory or order, so you have to re-enter that same stats ever time. Also, the back button empties your cart takes you all the idea back to the beginning and makes you run the order over.
~ Laura Shipley
It's worth using this release for the rewards. Paying with the QR code is faster than running a card too, and I have less things to carry when I go out for lunch. Ordering ahead is stupid because it is usually made to go, and you won't know it's ready unless you ask at the counter. Also about 3 mins after each transaction the release crashes in the background, without fail lol
~ Max O
Ridiculously slow. It took 15 mins to make an order for my husband and I, signing in few times but I stuck with it. Went to checkout and add a payment, it refreshed and everything was gone. I had some choice words. The blog is just as slow. One choice and it thinks for 30 seconds. Each time. Order in shop or not at all, your blood pressure will thank you.
~ Leah Omar
Modernization: Soft menu too sensitive. Almost impossible to scroll thru w/o adding/deleting equipment. Item check boxes would be better. Each time I zone an order, the release defaults to Boulder, CO. I'm a long idea from Colorado but it usually tries to zone my order in Colorado. I was pressed for time today and it succeeded. The manager got it sorted but I recommend if you don't have it yet (or I haven't discovered it yet) adding a information to save my shop as my default shop.
~ K. Murray
Ordered online to eat in the shop. No tracking option was available. Got to the shop and still waited ten mins for them to call our order. They never named our name and there was no tracking so how should I know my meal was ready? We had to ask, and it was given to us to-go. Why is there a separate 'order pickup' and 'order online if the order online option is just considered pick up? Poor ux. The release is also super hard to use and confusing.
~ Hanna Jones
Allow me sign in with Google, FFS.
~ Brad Wilson
I have had zero troubles since I started using this release so I don't understand all the negative reviews.
~ A Google user
keeps force closing. and i can't see my rewards.
~ Karla Leopold Wilson
Do not download this release it does not work! It does not take payment stats will not keep in order and generally is a very terrible player experience.
~ Andrew Bourne
crashes constantly, tried to zone an order, instantly obtain a 401 Authorization Requires after pressing the Order Actually button. also won't allow me order no outside of shop hours.
~ Bill Herf
worst release ever. login and password does not work. credit card was entered but not saved. cannot zone an order as guest. dont waste your time.
~ Sudarshan Rajagopal
the scrolling function on the release sucks constantly revert you back to the top of the screen. Is not simple to search your territory that's closest to you. Not very needed.
~ Tim O'kelly
love Mod Supermarket but why do you have the worst ap in the industry? And Levelup Consulting, quit pretending to care by commenting here and do some primary usability playing. This ap is so far off the mark you could be embarrassed to ask for feedback at this target.
~ Keith Knowles
This release is very buggy. I play small apps (my job is to break them) for a living. If you wish specifics on the bugs, allow me know. The firm you used did not use QA with this and it's quite embarrassing. You're getting there, but could not be proud of this release - it speaks negativity towards your brand.
~ Ann Ungerland